Here’s an iMac stand that’s well worth its price tag!

Much more in tune with the needs of the general masses, the Monitormate ProBASE X comes with the kind of functionality one would need from a laptop/monitor stand, with a price tag that’s definitely public-friendly!

The ProBASE X is the latest stand to escape the minds of Monitormate. Designed to do more than just elevate your laptop or desktop display, the ProBASE X puts power at your fingertips by housing multiple ports that help unlock your machine’s true potential, while boasting of a price tag that’s about the same as a pair of AirPods. On the right of the ProBASE X lie a hub of ports, including two USB ports, a fast-charging 18W USB-C port for your phone, an Ethernet port to boost your internet speed, and not one, but two card readers (one SD and one MicroSD) to help bridge the gap between multiple devices.

The ProBASE X plugs directly into a power supply, and connects to your machine via a USB3.0 port, located on the underside of the stand. Its multi-port setup works well with desktops by putting ports where they’re easy to access, and with laptops that have a shortage of ports to begin with. The stand even packs a sliding tray on the left for storing various desktop accessories like thumb-drives, dongles, etc!

Pairing perfectly with the tech that rests upon it, the ProBASE X is sleek, and comes with a robust machined-aluminum construction. Elevating your laptop or monitor by as much as 9 inches, the stand helps you look at your screen at a much more natural angle, preventing fatigue and neck-aches from long work-hours. Besides, the space underneath the ProBASE X is useful real-estate too, allowing you to slide your keyboard and mouse underneath it when you’re done, leaving your workspace neat and clean!

Designer: Monitormate

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It looks like there are some more new Apple MacBooks on the way

It looks like there are some new Apple MacBooks on the way as some unreleased model numbers have been discovered at the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission). These new model numbers were discovered by MacRumors and they are A2141, A2147, A2158, A2159, A2179, A2182, and A2251. According to the report all of these new model numbers […]

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Here’s what the mice and keyboards of the future should be scared of

Teasing us with this conceptual device, Benny Lee is sort of pointing to the future of mice and of productivity. Why are we still using these blockish, left-click-right-click devices? Trackpads (as much as I despise using them) brought us a step closer to a palpable future laden with possibilities, but then pulled back almost immediately, giving way to the touch-bar with its very limited potential. So what is the future of the mouse? Mustn’t it change? Lee says it should. He’s created a concept of his vision too… meet the Kosmos.

The Kosmos is, broadly putting it, a desktop controller. Designed for designed for 3D artists, industrial designers, engineers, video producers, and architects, it unleashes what the mouse is capable of. For years we’ve seen software upgrades to make life easier… the Kosmos is a hardware design upgrade. It puts everything you need right under your hand, from a joystick-esque controller with a scroll wheel and 6DoF movement. It even packs a touchscreen on the top for intuitive control, giving you precision and power-usage in just one half of the mouse, because the other half is all about productivity. The left-half of the Kosmos is a dynamic display, divided into four quadrants. These quadrants are almost like a dashboard in their own right, giving you tools and shortcuts you need right under your fingertips… and the touchscreen display itself feels intuitive, and allows you to work without even looking at your monitor. All the control and information you need lies right under your hand, be it a shape-shifting keyboard/display, or a joystick/mouse that gives you incredible precision over cursor movements, making work a breeze. Now that’s a future I’d bet on too!

Designer: Benny Lee

GPD Pocket 2 mini laptop now supports Chromium OS

If you are considering purchasing a GPD Pocket 2 or have already taken the plunge you may be interested to know that the pocket laptop is now capable of supporting the Chromium OS operating system. Earlier this year a preview of the first generation GPD Pocket was demonstrated running a copy of Chromium and now […]

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Asus ROG Glacier Blue gaming laptop finish unveiled

As well as unveiling new additions to their range of Asus Tinker Board mini PC systems, Asus has also unveiled a new finish now available to apply to the range of Asus ROG gaming laptop systems. Glacier Blue is coming with cooler weather later this year in the Zephyrus S GX502, Zephyrus M GU502, and […]

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Samsung Notebook 7 and Notebook 7 Force announced

Samsung has announced a range of new Windows notebooks, the Samsung Notebook 7 and Notebook 7 Force. The Notebook 7 comes in 13 inch and 15 inch models and both comes with a Full HD display and the latest Intel 8th generation processors. The Notebook 7 Force comes with a 15.6 inch display and an […]

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PC makers are getting better at copying smartphone innovation

For a long time, the PC industry was stagnating. Computer makers had grown comfortable with iterative annual updates to their devices, relying on yearly processor advancements to push consumers to buy new laptops. But recently, things changed. PC mak...

Intel’s latest laptops turn the TouchBar into a full-blown secondary display!

I’d totally sign up for this laptop Intel believes is the future of computing. Meet the Intel Honeycomb Glacier, the company’s vision for the direction for gaming laptops of the future. It features not one, but two hinges, and not one, but two displays. Ditching the trackpad (who games on a trackpad, honestly?) for that extra bit of real estate, the laptop shifts the keyboard down, and fits a secondary screen into the area above the keys. With a rather unique hinge system that uses a tiny, one-way roller-clutch, the Honeycomb Glacier can be opened up and arranged in a unique format, allowing two screens to face you in a way that actually feels ergonomically sound, relieving neck pain. Unlike the TouchBar that actually needs you to look down while working it, the secondary screen adjusts upwards, giving you the visibility you need.

This secondary screen, in context, is actually heaven-sent. It can be used to run productivity tools or secondary programs like Slack or Discord, giving you the ability to chat/communicate while you work. You could possibly run an instance of Skype on one screen, and work on another, or even lay out timelines on the lower screen while you’re editing videos on the upper display. Things get even more interesting with Intel’s integration of the Tobii eye-tracking system. A camera on the top of the display keeps track of which screen you’re looking at, allowing you to toggle between them, so you can use the keyboard to control your game, and then to type something into chat just by looking at the secondary screen. Your eye movement dictates what screen/program gets focus, so you’re not scrolling between displays to select an active program, or alt+tabbing your way through your applications.

The Honeycomb Glacier is Intel’s pet project, and there’s a great deal of work yet to be done. Made from a standard set of parts, the 12.3″ secondary screen comes with incredibly fat bezels (and was apparently sourced from an in-car entertainment display supplier), and the hinge mechanism itself makes the laptop rather thick and bulky. Nevertheless, the Honeycomb Glacier is an incredibly unique, innovative, and honestly amazing proof-of-concept that I genuinely hope sees the light of day… and if you’re wondering where the trackpad disappeared? Don’t worry! It’s where you’d expect the numpad to be, although not very ideal for a left-handed person!

Designer: Intel

Image Credits: The Verge

Intel dual screen gaming laptop prototype unveiled at Computex 2019

At Computex 2019 this week Intel has been showcasing its new dual screen gaming laptop prototype. Check out the video created by the team at the Verge for a more in-depth look at what you can expect from the “Honeycomb Glacier” gaming laptop and its unique dual screen configuration. Intel’s dual screen Honeycomb Glacier has […]

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