Canada says Facebook broke privacy laws in Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook is facing yet more legal trouble over the Cambridge Analytica scandal after Canada's privacy commissioner said it violated federal and provincial privacy laws. Daniel Therrien plans to take the company to federal court in the hopes of forcin...

Jury decides Apple violated three Qualcomm patents in iPhones

Following a two-week trial, a jury has determined that Apple violated three Qualcomm patents in some iPhones. The jury awarded Qualcomm $31 million, the full amount it was seeking, though Apple had won a ruling to limit the potential payout.

US charges Huawei with stealing trade secrets and violating sanctions

The US has filed 10 trade secret-related charges and 13 linked to sanction violations against Chinese telecom Huawei. Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Commerce Secretary...

China grants Qualcomm a ban on some iPhone sales

A Chinese court granted Qualcomm an injunction against Apple that halts sales and imports of most iPhone models in the country. The court ruled that several devices, including iPhone X, violated two Qualcomm patents related to resizing photos and man...

Nintendo Rage Quits on Tokyo Mario Kart Attraction

In June we talked about an awesome tourist attraction in Tokyo that let people explore the city driving a Mario Kart inspired go-kart and wearing Mario or Luigi costumes. It might have taken longer than expected, but Nintendo has tossed a banana peel at the firm behind the attraction.

I’m surprised it has taken this long for Nintendo to step in and put their foot down. Nintendo is notoriously protective of its properties.¬†Nintendo and the cart company have fought it out in court in Japan, and the kart firm lost.

It has been fined the equivalent of $89,000, and now the future of MariCar is uncertain. It’s possible they could continue on without the Nintendo costumes, but that might not be enough to keep them out of hot water. After all, the idea is still inspired by a Nintendo game.

It would be cool if Nintendo stepped in with their own version of the attraction, but the odds are not good of that happening.

[via Kotaku and Hypebeast]

US court rules that using online photos can be considered ‘fair use’

In the real world, copyright legislation seems simple enough -- don't steal something and claim it as your own work. Online, however, things are murkier. The EU Parliament recently passed a law that would stop users from uploading copyrighted content...

Donald Trump really wants to be allowed to block people on Twitter

If there's one thing President Donald Trump has made clear during his time in office so far, it's that he's a big fan of Twitter. And that includes -- as recent legal battles demonstrate -- blocking users that disagree with his views. And even though...