Giant LEGO Han Solo Minifig Gets Frozen in Carbonite

A group of LEGO builders recently built a giant 8-foot by 4-foot LEGO Han Solo in carbonite. Because why not? It was made to promote the 2020 release of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3.

The sculpture was made from 49,735 individual LEGO pieces, took 38 hours to design, and 210 hours to build. Too bad I can’t hang this up in my palace. Then again, it’s also too bad I don’t have Slave Leia kneeling beside my throne either. But I do have my own Salacious Crumb sitting nearby and cackling every time I make a joke. Long story.

Large LEGO Model – Han Solo in Carbonite – E3 2019

Save your strength! A large LEGO model of Han Solo in Carbonite is celebrating the reveal of the new LEGO Star Wars video game at E3 2019.

Posted by LEGO on Thursday, June 13, 2019

So far I haven’t heard any reports that a bounty hunter snuck into E3 at night and defrosted Minifig Solo, but I would be very disappointed if this didn’t happen. Maybe a Jedi like me should go rescue him. Nah, I’m not up for fighting a Rancor monster and battling on several sail barges. Let someone else handle it.

[via Geekologie]

We Want to Play this LEGO Donkey Kong Arcade Machine

LEGO makes some really cool kits, but has never released a set that looked like an arcade machine. But after seeing this awesome build by brick-building expert Frostbricks, we really hope they consider it. What you’re looking at here is a LEGO version of the arcade classic Donkey Kong.

It’s got everything you know and love about the classic Nintendo arcade game, including those wonky red girders and blue ladders, and figures of Jumpman, the Princess, and a brick-build version of that annoying barrel-tossing monkey. I hope that Frostbricks submits this to LEGO Ideas, as I’d love to see a whole series of LEGO classic arcade machines. I’d certainly buy them.

Be sure to check out Frostbrick’s gallery and Instagram page for more awesome LEGO creations and some of his sweet toy photography. I especially love the fast food stands that look like a burger, fries, and a shake.

LEGO Godzilla Is a Monster Creation

LEGO doesn’t make an official Godzilla set, but it should, and it should look exactly like this guy. He looks awesome, and is pretty smooth considering he’s made entirely of LEGO bricks. This LEGO MOC Godzilla by Redditor u/frenchybricksjunky is just amazing, and arrived on the scene in time for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. 

This monster model is massive too, packing in some 4,000 pieces. Even better, this model is also fully articulated, allowing it to be adjusted into various poses. This isn’t some small action figure, which is why it took him an entire 4 months to complete. I have to say, the end result is pretty impressive. Especially considering that studs-not-on-top texture, which isn’t easy to do with LEGO.

If you want to create your own LEGO Godzilla, you can because Frenchy Bricks Junky is selling instructions for this version of the famous kaiju. It will cost you 20 euros (~$22.40 USD), and of course the cost of the LEGO bricks you need.

Let him stomp around your home, maybe build a Mothra for him to fight too. This giant LEGO Godzilla is truly King of LEGO monsters.

[via Rebrickable via Mike Shouts]

This Working Drone Looks Like a LEGO Helicopter

Drone designer Adam Woodworth has created some cool drones in the past like Imperial Star Destroyers for instance, but this one is even better: a giant LEGO helicopter. It looks like it came out of a genuine LEGO set, except it’s much bigger.

The drone was shown off at this year’s Makers Fair in San Francisco. This thing looks like a real LEGO copter. It even has a minifig pilot. Tested recently checked it out in action, and it looks pretty cool. Charming actually, as the rotor moves way too slowly. Of course, if it weren’t a drone, this thing would never fly in a million years since ABS plastic bricks are not very aerodynamic. That’s why he built his jumbo version from foam.

The drone is about ten times the scale of the LEGO set that inspired it. LEGO fans already know this, but in case you don’t, it is based on the classic set 6396 International Jetport, which includes Woodworth’s favorite LEGO helicopter. He did an excellent job here. This thing looks authentic and I love the way it flies.

[via Tested via Tomsguide]