Bring your yard to life with these inspirational product designs!

Summer is beating up on our heads, and I know most of us just want to lounge around in our nice little backyard, basking in the sun to make the most of being sunny side up! As we all know, summers represent the sun, barbeques, watching movies and basically being out, so we created a list of products that will make your backyard the perfect hangout zone, for you and your pals, making it your little alcove you will always have at the back of your home for a getaway!

Cineorama is an outdoor viewing space with projectors by Erika Hock 

Swimming Pool Bus by Benedetto Bufalino of Studio Benedetto

At once sculptural and organic, Helen Kontouris’ Botanical Planter Screens provide a sense of natural visual separation to indoor and outdoor spaces alike

The iconic Anglepoise® desk lamp gets an upgrade to make one that is triple the scale of the original iconic lamp by the team at Anglepoise

A Nap Swing is a perfect addition to the shared family home by architects Melana Janzen, and John McMinn 

The Weltevree Dutchtub, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, is an upgrade on the iconic Dutchtub with a new wood-burning attachment, giving you  a portable hot water tub wherever you need 

A free-standing minimal outdoor shower by Tarantik & Egger 

Outdoor cat shelter’s Cat Exploration Program named the Lunar Cat Lander created by Know How Shop for the Architects for Animals “Giving Shelter” 2017

Panama Banana: A Quirky, Rocking, Outdoor Hammock by Agota Rimsaite 

Spanish studio ERA architects present the simple, adventurous, and distinctive ‘pinea’ camping suite that is designed to live in harmony with its natural surroundings. the project gathers the best elements of the cabin, the tent, and the treehouse and stands without damaging the environment

A portable fireplace that ditches the age-old flame for a fiery vortex, the SPIN is absolutely alluring to look at. The portable fireplace, or fire vortex if you’re the technical kind, can be used indoors or outdoors by Christian Wassermann and Thomas Kaiser of höfats

Meet the unnecessary designs that have taken the internet by storm!

Form and functionality – these are the core factors that define any good product design! But this one innovator has us scratching our heads with his ingenious take on some problems we may or may not have, with solutions that are as innovative as the trouble itself! Meet Matt Benedetto, creator of the Unnecessary Inventions page on Instagram who creates solutions, from his recently viral Croc Gloves, a version of Thanos’s gauntlet that comes with sauces for all your chip dipping needs, to even a Pizza Fanny Pack, that to be honest, would be a fun carry-on for those days when you just need that slice of pizza to make everything better!

Crocs Gloves™ feature all the best things from the shoes, including that thick foam material and safety strap. Start getting all your household chores done in style.

Incognito Kicks™ lets you feel the ground beneath you where ever you go. Just slip on these comfortable loafers and enjoy the sensation of walking barefoot while maintaining the appearance of appropriate attire. 

This Avengers-inspired Infinity Saucelet™ brings all your fast food dreams to life in one snap of your fingers. This extremely powerful gauntlet can wield the power of all of your favorite fast food sauces all at once. Cover everything in sauce… whatever it takes.

The Pizza FannyPack™ lets you carry your precious pizza, anywhere – anytime! Strap on our futuristic fanny pack that features two transparent pouches for your favorite slices on the go! The rugged waist strap has a high impact resistant buckle and reflector for a safe Pizza Party on the go. 

Meet the TetherPods™ If you are sick and tired of your Apple AirPods always falling out or getting lost, then I have exciting news for you. Those issues are now a thing of a past with our signature iPhone Case that features an attached flexible cord that easily slides onto each AirPod. Always have a secure lifeline directly to your phone.

The UtilityNails™ are here for any home improvement job. Simply secure these rugged steel nails with superglue and have all your tools at the tips of your hands. It features wrenches, screwdrivers, and an Allen key! 

The Digits Comb™ for the times you just don’t want to run your hands through your hair, simply use our silicone fingers comb. Breeze through your hair as if you would be doing it with your own hands to get each strand back in its place. 

Scooter Computer Commuter™ lets you grab your electric scooter and get those TPS Reports done before you even get to work. This stand-up desk is designed specifically for your electric scooter to ensure you are making the best use of your time. Now back to work and don’t be late! 

Wearing the FlopFlips™ means you can reverse your steps to ditch that stalker on the beach. These sandals feature a backward sole to ensure all your footprints always appear to be traveling the opposite direction you are walking.

With EyeWiped™ you can swish and say goodbye to those annoying raindrops on your sunglasses. Outfitted with water detecting sensors, automatically wipe away any water that gets onto your lenses when you are out and about. Finally no need to take your shades off during that class 5 hurricane. 

The SockLocker™ is a solution for all who are sick and tired of always losing just one of your favorite socks! Completely turn your life around with our handy little sock storage device so you never misplace any of your precious socks. Three proprietary sock hangers are included to neatly and safely hang your sock collection.

Add a touch of Japanese innovation to your life with these product designs!

The land of sushi, sake, and ramen has slowly and steadily created an impact on our daily lives. With minimalism becoming a huge hit, we have always been inspired and enchanted by what makes the Japanese style of design and architecture so unique, in a way that it can be easily identified, yet carry all the functionalities we ever needed and then some! The Japanese design style has evolved and the products curated here today aim to bring a small slice of that wonderful culture into your everyday life with these innovative designs.

Japanese studio Nendo presents a collection of black wire furniture with Phillips de Pury & Company  

Japanese minimalism gets a geometric spin with German-influenced Bauhaus design in this timeless unisex shoes by THEY New York. Japanese Sneakers 

Gerardo Osio created a series of transportable objects that were inspired by Japanese culture and traditional crafts designed to be taken from place to place, as a way of always having something familiar with you

Arc coffee table designed by Ditte Vad and Julie Begtrup for Woud Design 

The SAND clock’s hand creates ripples in the sand as it moves along in the first 12 hours of the day, and then erases them over the next 12 hours, by Studio Ayaskan 

Kuroi Hana is the fusion of London design with premium Japanese AUS-10 steel with a dark floral pattern that is unique to each blade by Edge of Belgravia

The Babu Chair comes inspired by the traditional floor-sitting arrangement by TORU

Miniature Cat Furniture produced by Okawa city hopes to promote the area in Fukuoka, a hub for professional craftsmen specializing in traditional crafts such as woodworking, hardware, glass, and cutlery 

The Omotenasino Otomo are disposable paper plates employ an Origami-esque pattern, and their innovation lies in the treatment of the paper, which makes it washable and reusable by Otomoshikki 

The Magemono tumbler comes made with a Hasamiyaki porcelain inner vessel, and a Magemono Japanese cedar wood sleeve around the outside, in signature fashion by Tomoya Nasuda 

The Wabi lounge by Guilherme Torres

The Sushi Shopper by Ben Liu of The Daydreamer Studio 

An Indian designer turned pine-needles into a bio-composite raw material

Pine trees litter a large part of our world, forming a bulk of our evergreen forest cover. They hold immense cultural and religious significance for a better part of the world, and aside from the odd Christmas Tree, Pine Wood, and Pine Nuts, the trees don’t offer much. Their thin, needle shaped leaves are designed and optimized to minimize transpiration, and don’t give off much oxygen, because of their low surface area. There’s nothing much you can do with the vast abundance of pine needles that gather on the forest floor when they fall from trees. In fact, they act as kindling, often accelerating forest fires, causing widespread, unstoppable damage to their ecosystems.

In order to combat this, Gaurav Wali gave Pine Needles a new purpose. He separated the fibers of the pine leaves and bound them together with natural binders and waxes, turning it into a completely natural, bio-degradable composite material. The material has the appearance of Low Density Fiber or reclaimed wood-ash, while also being recyclable, fire retardant, water repellent and causing no pollution or waste in the process. It can be formed into sheets, or pressed into molds to create objects one would create with either wood or terracotta, and aside from looking remarkably raw and unique (and possibly giving off a wonderful aroma of pine), it would rid the forest floor of potential fire-starting dried leaves!

Designer: Gaurav Wali

The piggy-bank gets a stunning visual upgrade, turning currency into art

Rather than encasing coins in an opaque container, the Numizmatus highlights them! A derivation of the word numismatics (the collection of coins), the piggy bank uses two sandwiched pieces of glass to trap and showcase the coins, placed one upon the other. You slip the coin from the opening in the top, and it drops down to randomly sit and collect with the other coins, facing either headwards or tailwards to the user. The Numizmatus works best with a variety of coins, spanning different values, currencies, and even ages. Old and new coins sit alongside each other, showcasing a stellar variety of a metallic chrome sheen or the patina of aged metal, with details like famous figurines and foreign numerics. Collect enough coins, and the Numizmatus becomes worthy of being mounted on a wall with other pieces of art, possibly even being a metaphor for the price of art itself!

Designer: Andrey Fabishevsky (Art. Lebedev Studio)

Just rotate this unbelievably simple world-clock and it shifts time zones!

This Lexus Design Award winning clock goes to show that sometimes the solution to a problem can be just oh-so-simple. Ditching the idea that you need to have multiple clocks to tell the time in different time zones, Masafumi Ishikawa’s World Clock is just ridiculously simple. The clock comes with a dodecagonal (12-sided) form, and just an hour hand. Each face of the dodecagon has the name of a famous city, corresponding to a time zone, on it. Just face the city’s name up and the hour hand tells you what time it is there (you’d probably have to use your common sense to tell if it’s am or pm). The only catch is that the World Clock doesn’t work with daylight-saving time, given that not all countries follow the practice of turning their clocks back and forth.

As the hour hand rotates on an axis, the world clock’s form was designed to be rotated and placed on a surface. Change what face it rests on, and the hour hand points somewhere else. Ishikawa uses this rather simple fact to turn a regular clock into a world clock! Give it a try, you can turn your table clocks into world clocks too!

Designer: Masafumi Ishikawa

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Gadgets and products designed to organize your workspace and amplify productivity

With work-life balance literally hanging in the balance of our daily life, productivity is the key to attaining your work goals. Research from Warwick University indicates that people are more productive when they’re happy, specifically, 12% more productive. So it seems logical that we should devote some time to making our workspace work for us! How do we do that? Some simple tips are to be organized, clean and utilize gadgets (say noise-canceling headphones) to optimize the space around you, which is exactly what our curated collection of products aim to achieve. So go ahead and optimize your space and maximize your productivity!

The Retro Compact Keyboard by Azio Corp 

4WCDB Charging Drawer by Rev-A-Shelf

The EXOvault Mouse by Jonathan Schipper & EXOvault 

Levimoon is a levitating moon-like orb that can float, rotate, and even light up in mid-air by Coocepts 

The MX Vertical mouse tilts at an angle of 57° off the horizontal plane that is your table, feeling halfway between a mouse and a joystick by Logitech 

The DuoFlip opens in two ways, one like a traditional laptop with a backward hinge, and another, like a book with a hinge on the side by Compal Electronics 

The Intel Honeycomb Glacier is Intel’s vision for the direction for gaming laptops of the future. It features not one, but two hinges, and not one, but two displays 

The Desk Collection by Grovemade 

The Clamp Basket by Seungwan Kang & Seonhee Shin of Kyungnam College of Information & Technology 

NIOXSMN, a conceptual device that ingeniously combines three essential desk-top items, the desk light, multi-socket, and phone charger, into one sleek and space-saving product by Engyang Zhu

Netflix gave Gwyneth Paltrow money to make a ‘Goop’ series

Whatever you think about the authenticity of Goop's health offerings, you're about to see a lot more of them online. Gwyneth Paltrow's outfit is launching a documentary series on Netflix that will examine "physical and spiritual wellness" issues. Goo...

These 2D perspectives unfold to form 3D furniture

Remember all the time spent creating a perspective drawing and trying to get those angles right? Well, this 2D form turned furniture will take you back to those moments with pure nostalgia!

South Korean designer Jongha Choi has created a line of space-saving furniture that can be hung on your wall when not in use. The collection, named “De-Dimensions” plays with visual forms, transforming a two-dimensional form into a functional three-dimensional object. Comprising of a stool and a table, each element can be folded away when not in use, making it an ideal choice for the increasing micro homes we see in the future. The furniture uses of mechanical fasteners that pop out to hold the aluminum frames in place and hold the three-dimensional form.

Describing his design process, Choi states that with the advent of 3D printing and moving towards more complex forms and structures, his idea is to challenge the older yet persistent flat dimension by questioning an images’ confinement to a flat surface.

Mr. Choi’s inspiration for this design comes from a weakness in one of his eyes, that compelled him to observe the world in a manner unique than the others. And as we see, De-Dimensions artfully plays with the objects, seamlessly transferring and blurring the lines of perspective, by looking like an interesting visual element when hanging on a wall to converting into a functional object when needed. A very interesting twist to the non-physical Virtual Reality space with these designs in play!

Designer: Jongha Choi






A rare occasion where geometry and alcohol pair well together


On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most popular, and one being the least, it’s safe to say that most humans would score geometric solids on the lower side, while scoring fine alcoholic spirits an average of a 9 or a 10. That being said, combining the two isn’t something that really sounds like a winning idea, but Restoration Hardware seems to have pulled it off with their Polyhedron Bar Cart.

Designed as a modernist sculptural element that adds flair to any drinking room, the Polyhedron Bar Cart is a hat-tip to mid-century Italian design principals, utilizing a faceted, geometric shape and a matte black wooden construction to complement any sort of interior space. The cabinet comes in the shape that one would technically refer to a Pentakis dodecahedron, or a dodecahedron where each pentagonal face comprises 5 isosceles triangles. The geometric minibar comes with a smoked-mirror-lined internal storage and built-in platforms/racks, while the 3 topmost pentagonal faces open outwards to reveal the libations within. The pentagonal lids also double up as countertops for pouring, mixing, and display purposes. This design layout means that the Polyhedron Bar Cart doesn’t have a front or a back. It can virtually be oriented in any way, looking identical (and remarkably eye-catching) from most angles. I hear it looks even better after you’ve had a couple of drinks…

Designer: Restoration Hardware