Nreal’s mixed reality glasses will cost $499 and ship this year

First unveiled at CES 2019, Nreal's Light mixed reality glasses are almost ready for their commercial debut. According to the Chinese startup behind the glasses, they'll cost $499 and a limited quantity will ship to customers sometime this year. They...

The three categories of lighting designs to light up your day

Did you know that there are 3 major categories of lighting designs – ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting! Ambient or general lighting is the most commonly used form of lighting that brightens up the general area and its main purpose is to guide you and show you all the elements present in the room. Task lighting, on the other hand, is a light dedicated to helping you fulfill a particular task, be it reading, writing, cooking or anything else within your home or workspace. That brings us to the third one, accent lighting! Accent lighting is what adds a touch of drama to your home. Usually, a bright and focused light, the job of an accent light is to draw the viewers attention to the part it is highlighting. So whatever type of light matches your needs, our collection of light designs will be sure to inspire you to innovate and create your own lighting solutions to light up your space!

Doolight by Doosan Baek

Helios Touch by James Vanderpant

Contour lighting by Pablo Designs

Memory Ceiling Lamp by Brokis

Nebula Ellipse Kinetic Light Sculpture by Ivan Black

Mobius floor lamp by Ovuud

The Luciole floor lamp by Pauline Plus Luis 

Cubo Lamp by Joeny with Linteloo

Lykke Lamp by Ronny Buaroy

Portable Accordian Lamp by Paer Design

Wall Light Formation by Sulkin Askenazi

Cerine Lamp by Trueing Studio

Holographic tech could be key to future quantum computers

A breakthrough in studying light might just be the ticket to the future of quantum computing. Researchers at EPFL have found a way to determine how light behaves beyond the limitations of wavelengths, opening the door to encoding quantum data in a s...

YD Design Storm #34: Lighting Designs trending this week

The YD Design Storm takes a look at products, services, and spaces that are storming the internet. The idea? To turn internet-storming material into brainstorming material! Scroll down for our collection of handpicked works from design websites, portfolios, and social media. Get inspired, save projects, pin images, or share links with fellow design enthusiasts! This edition of Design Storm focuses on the best lighting designs that are trending right now!

Watch this space for your digest of design brain-fodder… and an ever-evolving map of design trends!

Chain Reaction by Studio Stallinga

Corner Bright Light by Scott Klinker Design

Meshmatics Chandelier by Rick Tegelaar

Ferro Vitro Chandelier by Cox London

Sorry Giotto 3 by Catellani & Smith

The Twist Pendant Light by Leah K.S. Amick

Grappolo (Grape) wall lights by Dr. Light

Balance Lamp by Victor Castanera

PREN handwoven lighting by Louise Tucker

Junit Lighting by Schneid Studio

An ambient-lamp is built right into the switch that controls it!

Unlike most switches that have an ON and an OFF, Pasque Mawalla’s Switch behaves slightly differently. Designed to be a lamp in itself, the switch rocks upwards, downwards, and rests in a neutral position. While in neutral, the light stays off, but the minute you rock it either upwards or downwards, it turns into an ambient lamp, casting light in the direction it’s been angled.

What’s remarkable about the Switch is that it’s a different product with the same UX as its predecessor. Designed to be switched on and off just like a normal switch, the lamp explores new ideas, making it rather innovative. Plus, it only seems natural that the lamp should go off when the switch is in its neutral position, flush against the wall!

Designer: Pasque D. Mawalla

Floating Astronaut Light: I Want My MTV

Who says your desk lamp has to be boring? You could get an old school brass lamp that says “I’m lame,” or you could get this lamp that has a moon base and a floating astronaut that glows. The design reminds me of the old MTV segues back when the network was about music.

The astronaut is attached to a flexible metal arm that allows you to position the glowing space traveler wherever you want it. Since it just runs on 3 AAA batteries, it doesn’t appear to glow very brightly, but it still looks awesome.

While it might not be good for people actually trying to work, the muted glow will be perfect for anyone trying to decorate a kids room with a soft light to keep the monsters at bay. ThinkGeek will sell you an Astronaut Light for $29.99.

This Light Sconce Is Literally Rainbows and Unicorns

Sometimes you just need joy and wonder in your life. If you feel the need for something colorful and whimsical in your room or office, this Unicorn Light Sconce is just the ticket. You can even rip its horn off without fearing ending the world or having to marry a fairy princess Legend-style.

It’s larger than it looks in the images at 15-inches tall with the horn, 5.5-inches wide, and 8-inches deep. The sconce is white with a festive rainbow mane and illuminated horn.

It’s made of resin and includes three LR44 batteries to power its horn. If you’re ready for more rainbows and unicorns in your life, ThinkGeek will sell you one for $39.99.