Heels on fire!

As flashy (literally) as they may look, the Power Spurz were designed to be a signal of sorts, letting you be visible to people nearby as you walked, jogged, trekked, or cycled around. Made to be taillights that you wear on your shoes, the Spurz let people from a distance see you, which works rather well if you’re on your own, jogging or cycling down the road in the dark and you’ve got a vehicle speeding towards you, saving you a potential ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ moment.

Made to bend around your heel and fit onto any shoe of any size, the Spurz come in a wide variety of colors and can be configured to either flash a steady light or blink continuously. With a run time of 70 hours when on steady light and 100 when blinking, the Spurz will need a battery replacement probably once every 3 months. They’re even designed to be absolutely weatherproof, so whether you’re out in the sun, rain, snow, you know you’re visible, and literally ‘marked’ safe!

Designer: 4id

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Be Safe, Be Seen


Road safety is paramount; there are no negotiations with that. What’s been most impressive the past year is the increased awareness around being seen with spray on reflective materials and various lighting solutions for cyclists, but Marc Sapetti’s Blinkers are by far my favorite concept of them all. The next generation bicycle lights – whatever the angle and the situation, Blinkers can be seen and alert those around you.

The operation of Blinkers is simple, which makes them highly efficient – the rear blinker indicates the direction of the turn, by blinking to the right or the left. The front Blinker is synchronized with the back Blinker, while also incorporating a strong white head light.

Accessibility is also a massive factor with Blinkers, incorporating a magnetic snap-on, snap-off system making them easier to dismount. Quite an elegant design, Blinkers is a gorgeous addition to any bike and is sure to keep the rider safe given any conditions.

Designer: Marc Sapetti







GE hub connects its smart lights to Alexa and Google

When GE introduced its latest C-series smart light bulbs, the focus was on affordability -- as they talked directly to your phone through Bluetooth, you didn't need a bridge device. That kept them out of touch of voice assistants, however, which mean...

Hang Up Light: No More Getting Dressed in the Dark

It’s something I experience here almost every morning. I wake up about an hour earlier than my wife, and it’s still pitch black in the bedroom when I’m getting dressed. I could turn the lights on, but then I’d end up waking her up, and that wouldn’t go over well. So instead, I do everything from crack my closet door open just a tiny bit with the light on, to turning on the light on my iPhone to see what I’m doing. Even then, I occasionally end up grabbing the wrong pair of socks. With this clever invention, I might just be able to see what I’m doing without lighting up the whole room.

The Hang Up Light is a clothes hanger with built-in LED illumination. It’s produces a soft white glow of light, just enough to see your clothes, but not bright enough to spill into the room. Its hanger-shaped design means you can keep it at the ready in your closet or on a door knob, and of course can be used for hanging clothes.

So if you’re ready to stop getting dressed in the dark, head over to Firebox today, where you can grab the Hang Up light for about $30.

7 Best LED Lights for Halloween

Spread the thrilling Halloween feel in your home with these LED lights that would surely glow to add a sense of mystery (if not horror!) to your abode. Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or you want to give your guest that haunted house feels, getting these LED lights will leave them with that Halloween feel.

Amazlab Halloween Orange lights

Planning to hold a Halloween costume party? Brighten up the atmosphere with the Image via: AmazonAmazlab Orange Copper String Lights with its 30 LED bulbs that will incredibly brighten up your occasion.  The lights can illuminate in a 360 degree angle in whatever direction. Run it with new batteries and it will run for up to 72 hours nonstop. These small but very handy LED lights in your hands will give you countless of illuminating possibilities!

Yunglights Halloween String Lights

Image via: Amazon

Add some glitter this Halloween season with this fun and cute 3D LED lights. This warm white lights released by Yunglights look really cute with little pumpkin-shaped casings that come in 3D. They are the deal adornment for your porch, front path or yard! Yunglights are available in eight lighting modes. You will love how they flash, twinkle, wave, brighten in sequence, slow-glow, chase, slowly fade and or even just remain steady on. The choice is yours! Since the lights are battery-powered  (and remote control-operated), the lights consume safe, low-voltage power.

Novoup  Waterproof Halloween LED Lights
Image via: Amazon

The Novoup Halloween LED Lights boast of 10 lighting patterns that come in one unique scene after another. Aside from Halloween, you can use these lights in other special occasions, like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s, and other events.  This is a waterproof material, which makes it ideal for outdoor use even when there is rain. Just don’t let it submerge in water! It can also cover a huge area, probably around 12 x 12 foot plus the 16 ft cable cord enables it to reach to its power source. The lights’ rotating projection moving shower projector makes it very easy to install.

Somuns Halloween LED Lights

The Image via: AmazonSumons Halloween LED lights are great whether for indoor or outdoor decoration. Their high quality fine bendable wire strand may be conveniently deformed to suit your eyes’ fancy. It imbues soft orange light that seems very comfortable for the eyes.  It is safe and emits no heat and no pollution. It also comes in three different functions: twinkling, steady on and twinkling Steady.

Puzgic Waterproof LED Lights

Image via: Amazon

The Puzgic solar panel and rechargeable battery are available to illumine your indoor and outdoor celebrations. The warm, blue led bulbs create enhance the warm atmosphere in your Halloween celebrations, spreading cheer across to everyone around. The lights can work for up to 8 hours nonstop for just one fully-charged battery. Puzgic’s lights function either steadily or in flash.

LEVIITEC Solar Halloween LED Lights

Image via: Amazon

These solar Halloween LED lights are manufactured with a light sensor, which makes it work even in the dark. They also charge in bright conditions automatically. Since these are solar powered, you don’t have to put AC input. It is charged by sunlight so it is environmentally friendly. Its built-in rechargeable battery will keep the lights working for up to 8-10 hours after 6-8 of straight charging. The lights come in 7 different flashlight modes while the high brightness LED is designed to save energy with a long lifespan. The LED lights are also waterproof and work well even under light rainy condition. You can decorate these lights on your porch, patio, lawn, or on the trees. What a spectacularly Halloween outdoor party you can have with these LED lights!

RECESKY Purple Spider String LED 

Image via: Amazon

Don’t let the dark mood of Halloween also keep your home in the dark! Get the Recesky spider string lights and lighten up your home for this year’s Halloween party ! This 3-AA spiderteries-operated lights  work either on steady-on, flash, or off modes. Place them beside your jack-o-lantern and what a picture-worthy outdoor décor you have.

Aside from it’s cute, the spider string light are sturdy because they’re made of durable plastic.  Because they’re string lights, you can hang it on your window, place them on your table, or decorate them anywhere inside or outside your house! If you are thinking of what nice alternative to choose for a candle, then, these spider lights are the best options you have.


LED Photo Clip Light Strings Are a Fun Alternative to Picture Frames

These days, most of us only have our latest photos in digital form. But sometimes it’s nice to have prints of our pictures so we can frame and display them around the house. Whether you snap traditional 35mm images, get your digital images printed, or use that shiny new-old Polaroid camera that just came out, here’s a fun and different way to hang your images.

These LED photo clips are basically just like Christmas lights, but each light sits behind a see-through clothespin. Simply hang up the light string, clip them to the corners of your photos, and you have a fun and instant display that doesn’t require any of the hassle of putting pictures in frames and carefully hanging them up.

I love the idea that you can change the pictures whenever you want too. So when your family comes over, you can swap all your embarrassing, drunken party pictures for your embarrassing, awkward childhood pictures. They’re also a fun way to brighten up a party with photos of the honored guest(s).

There are a few different companies selling these LED photo clips over on Amazon, and the prices range from about $10 to $20 (USD) for a string of 30 or 40 lights, so they’re not expensive at all. If you’d rather do something more splashy, there’s also a multicolor string available.