MagSafe makes a full comeback for your USB-C MacBooks

One feature that seasoned MacBook users may miss is the good ol' MagSafe connector, because no one wants to accidentally drag a pricey laptop off the table. Alas, ever since Apple made the jump to USB-C, it decided to retire its handy magnetic invent...

Space Putty Is Oooey, Gooey, Magnetic Fun

Did you know putty can do more than be smooshed around and stretched into weird shapes? It can if it’s Scientific Magnetic Space Putty.

Like regular play putty, this stuff is still viscoelastic for all the funky stretching and stress-relieving. But this putty is also embedded with magnetic properties, so you can use it to interact with magnets. It even bounces, so the possibilities for play and fun are virtually endless.

Wow your kids (or even your coworkers — magnetic putty doesn’t discriminate by age) with Scientific Magnetic Space Putty. Try it out for only $9.99(USD) at the Technabob Shop.

RIZE Ferrofluid Display Mesmerizes with Magnetism

Lava lamps are so 40 years ago. If you want a cool moving display for your desk, you’ll want to check out RIZE, a slick desktop plaything which uses the power of magnetic ferrofluid to create a neat, spinning design.

The RIZE consists of a small glass chamber that sits atop an anodized aluminum base, and is filled with ferrofluid, an unusual liquid with magnetic properties. A structure rises from the center of the glass, and the magnetic fluid sticks to it and spins around, forming a sort of upside-down tornado of metal goo that rises from the base of the glass.

Since the fluid isn’t actually attached to the center, you can pull and push it around using the included magnetic wand, and it’ll just find its way back to the center when you stop messing around.

If there’s anything disappointing about the RIZE is that it’s pretty tiny, measuring in at just 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 4.5″. Still, it’s a pretty sweet desktop toy. You can get your hands on the RIZE ferrofluid display in a variety of fluid colors too, and it’s available now for $135(USD).

Newly discovered magnetism is a big boost for quantum computers

Until now, humanity has only known two forms of magnetism: ferromagnetism (the kind you see on your fridge) and antiferromagnetism (a sort of negative magnetism found in hard drives). However, MIT researchers just confirmed the existence of a third...

Stacked Wood & Acrylic Lamp with Reed Switch: Attention Magnet

Etsy shop PaisleyGarbage is selling this beautiful desk lamp made of U-shaped poplar and acrylic pieces stacked side-by-side. They took to Reddit to share how they made the lamp.

stacked_poplar_wood_acrylic_lamp_with_reed_switch_by_paisleygarbage_1zoom in

PaisleyGarbage used a 35W laser cutter to prepare the wood and acrylic parts, including the base. They then threaded acrylic rods and used construction adhesive to assemble the wood and acrylic pieces.

stacked_poplar_wood_acrylic_lamp_with_reed_switch_by_paisleygarbage_2zoom in

stacked_poplar_wood_acrylic_lamp_with_reed_switch_by_paisleygarbage_3zoom in

Despite its homey aesthetic, the lamp has a geeky touch in the form of its power switch. Paisley Garbage used a reed switch and included a small magnet to toggle the lamp’s power.

Here’s PaisleyGarbage’s full build log:

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You can order the lamp from their Etsy shop for $250(USD). They’re also willing to customize or sell you a ready-to-assemble kit of the lamp. Just send them a message to discuss the specifics.

[via Reddit via Hack A Day]