Tranquillity Embodied in A Table


For the majority of us, our living rooms are a place of calmness, they are a place for relaxing and recovering after a long day. So, with this in mind, surely the items of furniture that reside within it should enhance the level of peacefulness.

Lake has been designed to do just that! As the name would suggest, it has been inspired by the tranquillity that comes with the body of water; their beautiful silence, crystal clear depth and composed nature have been embodied in the form of an undeniably unique side table.

Three plexiglass vessels, each identical in size, form the transparent legs, onto which the circular top rests. Molded into this are three ‘drops’, all of which can be filled with water, flowers, fruit or other small items, to add an element of interest to the otherwise minimal design. Much like a calm forest lake on a peaceful summer’s morning, this table opens up space for imagination to be set free.

Designer: Maya Prokhorova






An unmanned rover for Earth!


The Bend Unmanned Cross-country vehicle looks remarkable for quite a few reasons. Its tires, for starters, are made from scrap metal and are modeled in a manner that feels almost like a combination of Michelin’s 3D printed tires and NASA’s chainlink tires. The hollow metallic construction makes the wheel less susceptible to puncturing, while the organic design makes it look rather unique. Made from scrap metal, the wheels are easy to replace and repair.

What’s also interesting about the Bend (and also the reason behind its name) is its form. Looking broadly like a ball and socket joint, the Bend is pretty much exactly that. Designed as a massive magnetic ball-socket joint, the Bend can literally twist and contort itself to work around any sort of terrain (its hollowed-out tires would then come in use for gripping onto the ground, I suppose). Designed for applications in construction, research, and agriculture, the Bend works unmanned, and can be modified to suit its application. It runs on a battery that may need replacing from time to time. The designer proposes a drone-based battery replacement system, but I don’t see why we couldn’t use solar panels instead!

Designer: Maya Prokhorova





A Backpack Made for Sleeping On


With each new device that gets released, and with current devices get smarter each month, it’s easy to get swallowed up into the ‘always active’ mode. We don’t have enough time for proper relaxation anymore. We find ourselves trying to take rest where we can find it – whether that be up against the rattling train window, a strangers shoulder on an airport bench or the office desk. Leave those days behind you with the Backpack – Relax, designed by Maya Prokhorova.

The Backpack – Relax is a gorgeous, innovative backpack that once you hear about it, it becomes an instant ‘must-have.’ With an internal air container, this backpack transforms into a pillow within seconds. Not only this, once inflated, the air container creates a barrier, protecting your valuables from outside damage. Not to mention the ability to fill this container with hot water and warm yourself up if you decided to bring your Backpack – Relax with you camping. Ideal for the workaholic, this backpack will transform your day in more ways than one.

Designer: Maya Prokhorova





Out-of-this-world Audio


Inspired by our closest celestial body, the Phase8 speaker is iconic in shape, elegant in appearance and sweet in sound. This powerful single-point music system streams your favorite tunes or syncs with your entertainment system. In wall and pendant versions, it sports superior sound in 360 degrees and can be pointed in almost any direction with the touch of a button.

Designer: Maya Prokhorova




Minimalist Modular Light Art


The 2017 Red Dot Award Winning Vector Light is a modular system of sculptural units that create intriguing shapes and patterns against any surface in addition to providing illumination. Each connectable section exists in the form of a folded square with a built-in diode. This unique construction presents unlimited possibilities for the intentional direction or concealment of the visible light edge. Use them in a grid and create your own artistic sequence that perfectly fits your intended space or use them singularly to light corners and ceiling edges.

Designer: Maya Prokhorova






The Most Versatile Scooter Ever?


Tripod is a scooter that functions as more than just a tool for personal mobility and leisure… it also works as a portable platform for transporting objects! When you’re not using it to move yourself around, you can easily move a heavy potted plant, a bookcase, or even a heavy filing cabinet. Try doing that with your Segway!

The scooter comprises a metal plate that is coated with silicone rubber. The roller balls have inserts that are made of Caprolon or a similar fluoroplastic material. Its main design highlights are the safety features and the versatility of application.

Designer: Maya Prokhorova