Mercedes Benz is building cars that know the road better than you

As we approach a blind corner on a twisty mountain road above Sunnyvale, there's a moment when I'm sitting in the passenger seat of a pre-production Mercedes Benz S-Class and I'm not not sure that the updated Intelligent Drive will really slow the ca...

This Mercedes concept is fire!


Mercedes has been teasing us with the AMG Project One for way too long! However, until then here’s something that’s truly electrifying! This Merc coupe concept by Ivan Venkov has a certain electric quality to it, don’t you think?

The virtual absence of straight lines makes the car look voluptuous and aerodynamic at the same time. A quality we saw last with the AMG F1 Road Car. Plus the reflections off the body are so incredibly mesmerizing, they look blinding yet beautiful. Plus, with those aggressive looking headlamps, if looks could kill… we’d certainly be dead by now!

Designer: Ivan Venkov









805HP GT Concept hints at the future of Mercedes hybrids

If you're Mercedes, how do you follow up the SLS AMG and AMG GT coupes? With this GT Concept, which, as exec Tobias Moers says, is Mercedes "giving a preview of our third completely independently developed sports car." Like so many other current high...