‘StarCraft’ gets the cartoon makeover nobody asked for

When you think of kid-friendly video games, StarCraft might not top the list. But that could change. A new version, StarCraft: Cartooned, reimagines every unit, structure, map, menu and mission with art by CarBot Animations. The usually dark game is...

The UK’s high-energy lasers could zap drones and missiles out of the sky

The UK wants to take down enemy drones and missiles with high-energy light beams. The Ministry of Defense (MOD) announced that it's developing laser and radio frequency weapons. Referred to collectively as Direct Energy Weapons (DEW), they're powered...

This 65-Inch TV Is a Giant Nintendo Switch

Look at this crazy thing. Some super Nintendo fan has gone and turned this 65 inch TV into a giant Nintendo Switch. He goes by the name Suprman9. This Nintendo fanatic has created what he calls “Nerdvana”. A gaming room that has a Superman arcade machine, Mario emerging from a warp pipe, a cool mural and all kinds of nerd decor that we love.

The best thing in this nerd sanctuary, however, is the giant Nintendo Switch on the wall. Wait. What now? Yeah, that’s right. There’s a giant Switch that used to be just a plain old 65 inch TV. Come on I know you couldn’t have missed that thing sitting on the wall. It’s the centerpiece of the whole room.

So just how did he make this epic geek masterpiece? Supes shares how he did it over on his website.

It took a lot of wood and paint to make those giant joy-cons, but it was all worth it. It’s the highlight of the ultimate game room; one where Xbox and Sony consoles are probably still welcomed, but feel very outranked and out of place.

I wish I had a game room like this one. This guy really did an amazing job. That thing looks awesome. Though it’s gonna be a real pain taking those joy-cons down and putting them together. Just saying.

[via gonintendo via Nintendolife]

Fan-made ‘Half-Life’ remake ‘Black Mesa’ is nearly complete

Want to feel old? The original Half-Life has turned 20. Valve released its definitive shooter on November 19th, 1998, both stretching the possibilities of the genre (both in technology and storytelling) and laying the groundwork for the company's g...

World’s Smallest Nintendo Wii Fits in an Altoids Tin

The Nintendo Wii has been modded countless times, but this particular build is an especially wee Wii. This isn’t some kind of Raspberry Pi emulator. What you’re looking at is a fully functional Wii gaming system crammed into an Altoids tin, dubbed the “Kill Mii.” I doubt if anyone can go much smaller than this.

So how exactly did Shank Mods manage this? Well, much like the Atari 2600, you can cut off the majority of the Wii’s motherboard and still have a functioning system. Sure you are ditching things like the GameCube controller ports and SD card slot, but who needs those anyway? After that, you just need to install a new firmware that tells it to ignore things like a lack of disc drive and load games as ISOs from an attached USB flash drive.

The system has a battery that can run the device for about 10 minutes per charge, which is longer than you would want to play on this thing given its wonky controller setup. Still, it’s an impressive build and wasn’t designed to provide a great user experience. Like many other mods, it was simply done because it could be done. So what’s next? Who wants to build an even wee-er Wii? No doubt someone will eventually take up the challenge.

[via reddit via HackADay]

You Can Play as Magneto in Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V already has a lot of ways that you can be destructive in the game, and now here comes one more. You can now play as the X-Men villain Magneto thanks to a mod from JulioNIB. So if you ever wanted to see Magneto let loose in Los Santos and just destroy everything, you can live that dream.

The video below pretty much shows off what Magneto can do. This includes basically every power that we saw him use in the X-Men films like the “steal your guns and shoot you with them” power. And obviously picking every damn thing up and throwing it. You can also super punch vehicles, create a tornado, and rip things out of the ground.

You can rip stop signs out of the ground and impale people, make planes crash into each other and a whole lot more. When you think about it, Magneto is basically just a kid with superpowers throwing a tantrum and breaking his (and everyone else’s) toys.

PC gamers can get the installation instructions here. This just proves that they could make a kick-ass X-Men game if they wanted to, using the GTA engine. I would love to see the whole team against Magneto.

[via PC Gamer via Kotaku]