A modular spice/mix/oil rack that makes food-prep lightning fast!

I’ve always wondered how those vertically-shot Buzzfeed Tasty-style videos manage to prepare their meals so seamlessly. Everything they need is always at an arm’s length away, in their own convenient glass bowls. While it isn’t really practical to own twenty glass bowls to make your food-prep faster, the Chef Caddy proposes a pretty nifty solution.

Meet the Chef Caddy. It is to a chef what a well-organized CD rack is to a deejay. Designed to be modular, the Chef Caddy holds spices, curry-pastes, pre-mixes, dried herbs, seasonings, and oils in its magnetic body that allows you to snap elements together. Designed by Casey Moulton, a speed-chef in his own right, Chef Caddy uses a system he developed years ago, to make food preparation blitzing-fast by simply organizing your seasoning by cuisine. Clubbing seasonings and oils into cuisines like French, Thai, Mexican, Indian, or Italian, Casey found it was much easier to sift through spices without having to dig around in a cluttered spice rack for that one badly-labeled bottle. Chef Caddy allowed you to group similar seasonings together, to make it easier to locate and access whatever you need. The caddy’s body features four docking stations for seasoning-jars, and a bottle-cozy for storing a bottle of cooking or seasoning oil. Each caddy unit comes with magnetic labels that let you easily organize your mixes and spices, as well as a cheat-sheet on top of the caddy to help group your ingredients together, sorting them by cuisine.

The modular, magnetic spice rack doesn’t just organize your kitchen, it de-clutters it too. Keeping everything in a vertically-standing column of jars, the Chef Caddy occupies lesser space than a messy spice-rack and even keeps things aligned, thanks to the magnets that automatically snap and align individual caddies together. Moreover, for smaller apartments, the Chef Caddy even allows you to mount individual cuisine-caddies on cabinets, keeping your spices organized and counters clear.

Based around popular cuisines, the Chef Caddy allows you to organize your spices in a manner that’s sensible and relevant. A Basic Caddy set comes with the essentials like salt, pepper, onion, garlic, and cooking oil, while other individual caddies club spices together based on how often they’re used simultaneously. Magnetic tags allow you to easily label individual spice jars as well as add cheat-sheet spice-lists to caddy columns (and on oil bottles too), while blank tags let you add your own labels if you’re the kind to use special spices or self-made mixes. To preserve your seasoning for longer, all jars and oil bottles are made from glass, while the caddies are crafted from powder-coated aluminum, allowing them to be light, easy to clean, and keeping them from getting rusted.

The pleasure of owning and using the Chef Caddy goes beyond just having a marvelously organized spice rack. The magnetic, modular feature allows you to easily attach and detach spice-groups to be used at the kitchen, at the dining table, or even outside at the barbecue grill. Chef Caddy lets you choose from 15 different world cuisines to organize your spices (and even make your own bespoke super-secret spice-racks) putting all necessary ingredients right at your fingertips, so you don’t have to dig through a cluttered spice cabinet to find the right condiment, and you can prepare your meals with lightning-speed without investing in a whole bunch of glass bowls like those guys at Buzzfeed Tasty’s studio.

Designer: Casey Moulton

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Powder-coated aluminum shell with glass bottles.

Meal prep better.

BBQ better.

Host better.

Pancake better.

Eat better.

Store it easily.

Here’s their recommended strategy for storing your caddies:

– Caddies containing seasonings used nearly every time you cook should stay out on the counter, as handy as can be.

– Caddies containing cuisine-specific seasonings should be stored in easy to reach locations: on the counter, under cabinets, in a top drawer or an eye-level shelf in a cupboard.

– Bulk and rarely used seasonings don’t need to go in Chef Caddy units and can be stored out of the way in a dry, cool place.

The complete label set comes with:

– 15 cuisine groups, each with four spice cap labels and seasoning list.
– 60 total spice cap labels covering the 60 most common spices.
– 12 bottle collars for the most common oils, vinegars and non-perishable sauces.
– 5 blank label sets to write your own variations.

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A modular shelving unit that requires no screws!

Each person’s home is individual to them. So, what they require from the furniture within it is also unique, yet we make-do with generic ‘off-the-shelf’ units and work around their flaws. But what if this was reversed? What if the shelving changed to suit our everchanging needs? Well, that’s exactly what Kurio was designed to do, as it offers a beautifully simple, modular shelving solution!

Targeted for use by individuals in modern and sophisticated dwellings, Kurio is a decorative piece of wall-art that caters to the individual’s needs; the thin aluminum panels interconnect when placed within the vertical and horizontal slots. What makes this so appealing and clean is the absence of screws and fixtures, allowing for the configuration to be adjusted on the fly!

Not only does Kurio carry an element of functionally, but it also acts as a striking piece of wall-art that introduces a pop of color into the room!

The Kurio is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Markus Hofko of Von Morgen

“The basic idea is inspired by the Cabinets Of Curiosities (hence the name Kurio) of the late renaissance. These wooden cabinets were shelfing systems with various boxes of different sizes, to hold objects of wonder from all around the world and juxtapose them in intriguing arrangements. These and similar concepts of showcases of the 70s and 80s were fixed in their design. Kurio in comparison is a modular system and can be changed and re-arranged with ease,” said Markus Hofko.

Uplus is the ultimate modular office system

It’s probably fair to assume that, like us, you spend an unhealthy amount of time at your desk. Whilst this is far from ideal, we may as well have a desk that allows us to work efficiently. The last two decades have seen a significant shift in the usability of the technology we use at work, but a lot of the time our desks don’t effectively reflect or accommodate this change. Until now.

The Uplus is a modular office system that beautifully blurs the lines between furniture and technology, to create a productivity-inducing work zone! The height adjustable platform features gently curved edges that create a softer, more approachable aesthetic, but it’s beneath this panel where the magic happens! A network of carefully positioned channels holds an abundance of power sources which help transform the desk into a work zone! Screen modules can be clipped into the edges, removing the need for a bulky, intrusive monitor, whilst wireless charging removes the need for distracting cables. This is certainly a desk we wouldn’t mind sitting at!

Designer: Christoph Andrejcic

Organize your workspace with this 12-in-1 modular desk organizer

Throughout the working day, our desks can become cluttered and deeply unorganized messes that limit our potential through creating distractions and reducing efficiency. This is only made worse by the abundance of cables that weave around our desks. We need something that contains all the essential items and places them within one organized location. The Stealtho Desk organizer is here to do just that; It carries an array of features that keep everything you need in one tidy place!

Stealtho is the combination of both a humble desk organizer and Qi Wireless charger. This allows for easy access to essential writing equipment, whilst your phone can be simultaneously charged on the upright stand. With Stealtho, annoying dongles are a thing of the past; built-in to its base is a USB hub that enables efficient data-transfer or the charging of mobile devices.

This is certainly a productivity-increasing desk accessory that is packed full of functions to make your working day pass-by as smoothly as possible.

Designer: Vitaliy Savriga

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The Stealtho is a 12-in-1 modular desk organizer that pulls everything you require into a single, customizable and more functional location.

The first thing they combined was a desktop organizer and Qi Wireless Charger. This component gives you an easily accessible station for pens, markers, pencils and more, all while serving as a convenient charging station for your phone.

Their wireless charger is based on the Qi standard 10w output, which makes it compatible with a large range of Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and other devices.

Get rid of wires and adapters for your MacBook, Air and Pro and save some cash!

Built into the utensil organizer and charger component is a USB hub. The hub allows you to quickly charge your tablet, laptop and power bank, and to use USB flash drives. You also can read micro SD cards from other devices, getting the data directly to your computer for your projects. The standard HDMI 2.0 port brings you the best in audio/visual quality.

The complete 12-in-1 STEALTHO organizer includes the following on the USB hub: 2 x USB3.0; 2 x USB type C; micro SD card reader; HDMI 2.0.

The tilt of the charging station is designed to give you the perfect viewing angle for device screens, making hands-free communication on popular platforms like Skype physically easier and more enticing. No more being distracted by an achy neck or grip!

Non-slip and non-scratching magnetic base.

A snap-and-fit style design that allows you to rearrange each piece of the organizer.

When your mobile phone is already charged, you can use the charging pad as a quick notes and writing board.

The sticky notes stand is also multifunctional. Use it as a copyholder to keep documents at the ready for reference. If you’re a music lover or just need some white noise to concentrate, use the stand to hold a pair of high-quality headphones.

Need a place to hold pushpins, paper clips and other small supplies? The sticky notes holder offers the perfect tray. The other side features four slots for your most valuable business cards, money or similar items.

Great idea? Need to remember a fact? The Post-it holder means paper is always there when you need it. If stickies aren’t your style, use this space to hold keys, earbuds or other items.

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Speakers that let you design your own surround sound

The Museg is a pretty neat looking guitar-pick-shaped speaker. Unlike most speakers that are either squarish, cylindrical, or circular, the Museg’s use of a triangular form feels slightly unusual, but makes it deservingly eye-catching.

However, it isn’t Museg’s shape that’s worth lauding, it’s its ability to use its shape along with modularity to be portable when you want it, and an immersive music setup when you need. When used individually, the Museg is a slim speaker that’s great to use solo. It throws audio in a 120° wide cone, making it ideal for carrying around with you. However, snap two speakers together and you’ve got a synced audio unit that fits well in corners, throwing sound in a conveniently wide 240° cone. The Museg, in its dual-setup works great when placed against a wall, like on a cabinet/mantelpiece. If you want the Museg to be placed in the center of a room, pair three of them together to get an immersive 360° experience. The Museg’s ability to be used in a single, dual, and triple setup means it can be used as a personal audio device, or a space-specific audio device too. The units conveniently pair when near each other, and the logo on the upper part of the speaker grille even has a pretty intuitive way of letting you know when two or more speakers have synced together. Pretty nifty, no?

Designer: Jake Naish