Amazon adds Moto G6 Play and Z3 Play to Prime Exclusive phone lineup

Amazon already has quite a few Motorola phones in its Prime Exclusive roster, and now it's adding two more to its lineup. The e-commerce giant now offers the Moto G6 Play and Z3 Play as unlocked, Alexa-enabled devices that you can use with Verizon, A...

After dropping $18,000 worth of phones, these are the toughest

We all know that feeling. You're walking along the street, answering a text message, when someone bumps you, and your phone goes flying onto the concrete. Will your phone hold up, or will it crack under the pressure?

Motorola’s walkie-talkie mod lets you “Hello Moto” anywhere on earth

The Moto Z, although lesser known in the commercial electronics circuit, has created an incredible eco-system of mods completely uplift the phone’s functionality, making it nothing like its competition. With everything from a snap-on projector to a snap-on qwerty slider keyboard, Moto Mods are exactly what makes the Moto Z so great.

To that rather incredible list of mods, Fandom Dynamics adds its own… A walkie-talkie mod that lets you remain in contact anywhere on earth, no matter the coverage. Simply snapping onto the back of the Moto Z, the LINC mod turns your smartphone into a smart-walkie-talkie that lets you talk, message, and share GPS coordinates over a radio network five miles wide that’s independent of a phone carrier’s cellular or Wi-fi coverage. The LINC even sports an emergency alert button that can transmit an SOS signal and it can also communicate with two-way radios from different manufacturers using its radio-over-IP gateway. With the ability to make mobiles much more universal communication devices, the LINC can be used by professionals on-site, holidayers in remote locations, or even abroad, to communicate over radio rather than relying on an international sim. A winner of the MotoMods Challenge, the LINC is a truly remarkable mod with the ability to keep people connected no matter what, and the potential to save lives. Don’t have a Moto Z? No problem. The LINC can even work wirelessly with other smartphones, pairing with them via bluetooth. Now that’s just incredible. Over and out!

Designer: Fantom Dynamics








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A number of Android phones have a tendency to skip the occasional security patch while making it appear that the device is fully up to date, Wired reports. Researchers with Security Research Labs (SRL) looked into 1,200 phones from manufacturers like...

My word, Motorola!

Motorola has been the phone of my youth! I’ll never forget the days of flipping open my Motorola Razr and the level of excitement that I would get was second to none. That was then, so what now? The Livermorium Moto Z Keyboard Mod might just bring some feelings of nostalgia back, maybe even start their own memories for users now.

Avoiding the annoyance of currently having to sacrifice half of the screen to the keyboard interface, this keyboard mod makes texting a whole lot easier. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of the keyboard to make it more comfortable in your hands. If the screen just isn’t bright enough for you, it even comes with a backlight that you can turn off.

Slim, discrete and practical, this Moto Z Mod may just be what the doctor ordered. In a world where phones are being manufactured to have fewer buttons, fewer openings and conforming to the less is more way of life (literally), it’s nice to see a change in the tide now and then.

Designer: Livermorium