Researchers say some Android phone makers hide missed updates

A number of Android phones have a tendency to skip the occasional security patch while making it appear that the device is fully up to date, Wired reports. Researchers with Security Research Labs (SRL) looked into 1,200 phones from manufacturers like...

My word, Motorola!

Motorola has been the phone of my youth! I’ll never forget the days of flipping open my Motorola Razr and the level of excitement that I would get was second to none. That was then, so what now? The Livermorium Moto Z Keyboard Mod might just bring some feelings of nostalgia back, maybe even start their own memories for users now.

Avoiding the annoyance of currently having to sacrifice half of the screen to the keyboard interface, this keyboard mod makes texting a whole lot easier. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of the keyboard to make it more comfortable in your hands. If the screen just isn’t bright enough for you, it even comes with a backlight that you can turn off.

Slim, discrete and practical, this Moto Z Mod may just be what the doctor ordered. In a world where phones are being manufactured to have fewer buttons, fewer openings and conforming to the less is more way of life (literally), it’s nice to see a change in the tide now and then.

Designer: Livermorium





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The best phones under $500

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Get More with Moto Mods


Phone accessories/modification cases have always been a grey territory for design – it’s easy to design something in the hope that your users will adopt it and run with it, but the reality of them actually to embrace it, that’s tough. We’ve seen the likes of LG try this tactic with the G5 in April of last year, only to be short-lived and discontinued a year later. One company making strides in this space is Motorola and their fantastic Moto Mods. Motorola’s Moto Mods are snap-on extensions that can greatly expand what the Moto Z family of phones can do, enhancing their functionality.

Originally released in 2016, the Moto Mods have gone from strength to strength, releasing an array of add-ons; moto 360 camera, moto gamepad, JBL soundboost, moto turbopower pack, wireless charging case and much more. Now, Motorola has taken another big step by unveiling the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa. Possibly their best addition yet, the Alexa mod responds exactly like Amazon Echo would – just ask and Alexa responds, Alexa mod also responds to your commands over the music and what even better yet is the built-in battery powers the speakers for up to 15 hours, without draining your phone. Offset at an angle; this Moto Mod is tilted to give the user a better view of the device and opens up the surface area of the speakers to output the best audio quality possible. Good move Motorola, it’s nice to see significant innovation which isn’t a face scan or more glass added to a phone.

Designer: Motorola

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