Corsair gaming mouse detects its center of gravity for better tuning

Gaming mice have long had adjustable weights to offer your ideal balance between speed and heft, but you're frequently asked to determine that balance on your own. You won't have to put in quite so much guesswork with Corsair's Nightsword. The peri...

Here’s what the mice and keyboards of the future should be scared of

Teasing us with this conceptual device, Benny Lee is sort of pointing to the future of mice and of productivity. Why are we still using these blockish, left-click-right-click devices? Trackpads (as much as I despise using them) brought us a step closer to a palpable future laden with possibilities, but then pulled back almost immediately, giving way to the touch-bar with its very limited potential. So what is the future of the mouse? Mustn’t it change? Lee says it should. He’s created a concept of his vision too… meet the Kosmos.

The Kosmos is, broadly putting it, a desktop controller. Designed for designed for 3D artists, industrial designers, engineers, video producers, and architects, it unleashes what the mouse is capable of. For years we’ve seen software upgrades to make life easier… the Kosmos is a hardware design upgrade. It puts everything you need right under your hand, from a joystick-esque controller with a scroll wheel and 6DoF movement. It even packs a touchscreen on the top for intuitive control, giving you precision and power-usage in just one half of the mouse, because the other half is all about productivity. The left-half of the Kosmos is a dynamic display, divided into four quadrants. These quadrants are almost like a dashboard in their own right, giving you tools and shortcuts you need right under your fingertips… and the touchscreen display itself feels intuitive, and allows you to work without even looking at your monitor. All the control and information you need lies right under your hand, be it a shape-shifting keyboard/display, or a joystick/mouse that gives you incredible precision over cursor movements, making work a breeze. Now that’s a future I’d bet on too!

Designer: Benny Lee

Logitech updates a trio of gaming mice with high-precision sensors

Logitech is contributing to the flood of gaming peripherals at E3 with three of its own. It's updating its G903 Lightspeed, G703 Lightspeed and G403 gaming mice with the same high-precision 16,000DPI HERO sensor you see in a number of its higher-end...

Microsoft’s latest IntelliMouse revival is a pro model for gamers

If you pine for the nostalgia of Microsoft's revived IntelliMouse but want the performance of a thoroughly modern gaming mouse, you're in luck. After months of availability in China, Microsoft has released the gaming-oriented Pro IntelliMouse in the...

Let’s Hope Razer’s Stormtrooper Accessories are More Accurate Than Their Namesake

Star Wars fans, Razer has taken wraps off of their Stormtrooper Edition accessories, which include a BlackWidow Lite mechanical keyboard, the Atheris wireless mouse, and Goliathus Extended gaming mouse mat, each featuring an Imperial stormtrooper theme. Let’s hope they don’t affect your aim in game and make you get ambushed by a pack of wild Ewoks.

The special edition BlackWidow Lite Silent Mechanical Keyboard features a stormtrooper top plate, a black-and-white braided cable and an Imperial crest on the Escape key, while the Atheris Wireless Mouse sports the iconic Imperial stormtrooper helmet on the mouse itself. The Goliathus Extended Gaming Mouse Mat has an image of a squad of stormtroopers against a partial Imperial emblem and a cool black-and-white design.

Gamers who ally themselves with the Dark Side and the Empire now have some cool new gear to buy. They are available now with the keyboard costing $99.99, the mouse and the mouse mat selling for $59.99 and $34.99, respectively. These accessories look pretty sweet and all have great designs.

[via Mike Shouts]

This Eames Inspired Mouse Is Like Furniture for Your Desktop

Fans of Eames era furniture are probably sad that they don’t have a computer setup to go with all of their other mid-century modern furniture. Well, this mouse inspired by Eames furniture would be the perfect compliment to your decor.

It’s called Lounge Mouse, and it is a concept design for a mouse created by industrial designer Shane Chen. Its curved wooden base and black top resemble the iconic Eames lounge chair, and especially its ottoman.

The idea was to create a mouse with the ergonomics and style of Eames furniture and I would say that this was a success. It isn’t easy to blend electronics and furniture in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

If produced, the mouse would be made from bent plywood, and feature a leather surface just like the iconic Eames chair. For the moment, it is only a concept, but you never know. Maybe one day we will be able to use a mouse this stylish. I’m just hoping that it won’t be too expensive if it ever does become a reality.

It’s always nice when our electronics don’t actually look like electronics.

[via Yanko Design via Mike Shouts]

The Eames Chair-inspired “Lounge Mouse” is also a luxurious arm-rest

Claiming he was tired of ‘electronic-looking electronics’, Shane Chen designed what one might consider an awakening for the tech industry. Taking inspiration from an iconic chapter in furniture design, Chen envisioned the Lounge Mouse, a hat-tip to Ray and Charles Eames’ Lounge Chair. The Lounge Mouse follows the form and visual direction of the ottoman footrest that comes along with the chair. The base of the mouse is made from bent plywood, while the upper half is an incredibly soft leather clad with a scroll-wheel in its upper center. “The design addresses the ergonomics and style of a computer mouse from the perspective of designing furniture”, says Chen, who designed the Lounge Mouse as an entry for Render Weekly’s online rendering challenge.

Designer: Shane Chen for Render Weekly

Taxidermy Mouse Chess Set: These Meeces Are Pieces

Do you like chess? Do you like dead things? Today’s your lucky day. Etsy seller and TheCurious13 has combined lifelike deceased rodents with a classic game of strategy with their taxidermy mouse chess set.

Every single chess piece is a dead mouse that has been lovingly dressed up and decorated to match the pieces from the game. These mice are hand stuffed. You get 16 light colored mice and 16 dark mice. The set also comes with a wooden handmade chess board and storage boxes.

You can even customize this set and request different costumes and colors. I’m thinking Star Trek set with mice as the Enterprise crew and Klingons with those tiny ridges on their mouse heads. Maybe Game of Thrones. That would be cool.

This mess of dead mice doesn’t come cheap though. The complete set will cost you a cool $750. Of course, you could always make your own for much less if you have a rodent infestation, but I doubt it will look this cool and creepy. Just do yourself a favor and don’t play a game of mouse chess if you have cats, unless you want to see your hard-earned money go down the drain.