A screenwriter is working on a list of every hit film you can’t stream

We've all had moments trying to hunt down films that just don't seem to be anywhere online, whether on streaming services, for rent or to purchase. Screenwriter John August (Charlie's Angels, Big Fish, the upcoming live-action Aladdin) noticed that R...

‘Minecraft’ movie delayed amid director changes

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Disney’s Streaming Service May Not Offer The Original Star Wars Movies

Just like every other major company and network these days, Disney is launching its own standalone video streaming service. And why not? The company has a large catalog of content. They own Marvel, The Muppets, Star Wars, and have decades worth of their own movies. Unfortunately, there may be a slight problem with showing the original Star Wars trilogy on this streaming service.

Back in 2016, Disney sold exclusive television broadcast rights of the original trilogy, the prequels and four newer films to Turner Broadcasting, and those rights last until 2024. Ooops. Of course, now the company wants the rights back. Disney has already made inquiries about repurchasing those rights, but Turner is resistant. Naturally. They have to get both money and programming that is equal in value to the films. They’ll probably want something extra for the inconvenience too.

Hey Disney, if you were thinking about launching your owns streaming service, you shouldn’t have sold exclusive rights, right? It’s almost like they are making things up as they go along and have no plans – which is also how they seem to be handling the new Star Wars movies, so I guess that’s the case. Disney, what are you thinking these days?

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

[via Engadget]

Fox AI predicts a movie’s audience based on its trailer

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