Hackers in Microsoft’s webmail breach could read some users’ messages

For some users, that Microsoft webmail breach was worse than first thought. Microsoft has confirmed a Motherboard source's claims that the hackers had access to a portion of the email content, not just email addresses and subject lines. About 6 of...

Yahoo Directory closing while stockholders demand repayment

Yahoo will be phasing out the directory part of the company on December 31.After the quiet announcement on Tumblr, a Yahoo product, tech blogs picked up the story. After all, "Yahoo was started...

Microsoft updates Music app on Windows 8

Just because Windows 8.1 is coming doesn't mean Microsoft will abandon Windows 8. In fact, Microsoft is still agreessive in updating Windows 8 and the apps that come along with it.Today's update is...

Microsoft reportedly looking to revive ‘Heroes’ TV show on MSN/Xbox

Microsoft reportedly looking to revive 'Heroes' TV show on MSNXbox

It may not be remembered quite as well as Arrested Development, but it looks like Microsoft is aiming to bring back another big network TV show on a service that's decidedly outside the bounds of traditional TV. According to TV Line, that show is Heroes, which was cancelled by NBC in 2010 after a four-year run, and the video service is MSN (itself part of Microsoft's broader push into original programming for Xbox). While the talks for Heroes are still said to be preliminary, the revived show would apparently focus on new characters and stories, with some of the original cast only making cameos in the new series. Of course, this wouldn't be the first time that Heroes found its way onto an Xbox 360: the show was one of the few series to be released on HD DVD, and briefly found its way into some bundles with Microsoft's HD DVD player add-on for the console.

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Source: TV Line

Editorial: FTC and Google — why the right decision feels so wrong to so many people

Editorial FTC and Google  why the right decision feels so wrong to so many people

The Federal Trade Commission's absolution of Google after a lengthy investigation into alleged abuse of market power induced expected reactions from the principle players. Microsoft was infuriated. Google was triumphant and exuberantly overstated the FTC's exit. ("Google's services are good for users and good for competition.") Lawyers and lobbyists bunched on both sides of the fence to issue scathing or praiseful statements. The court of common opinion is now divided between nodding approval and eviscerating censure. The comment hate being hurled at Google is partly derived from general monopoly-busting sentiment, but there is also a stuck-in-the-past misunderstanding of what Google has become.

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