Lava Music’s semi-acoustic guitar is made in a single piece from carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber lends a very different set of features to a guitar. Aside from making it practically unbreakable and possibly quadrupling its lifespan, it lends a unique timbre to the guitar. Carbon-fiber’s all-graphite construction brings a crystalline and detailed tone to the guitar while also allowing the instrument to have greater acoustic volume. The result is a better build quality (without glue, braces, or any additional fixtures) as well as a better sound. The Lava Me Pro guitar comes crafted in single piece, entirely out of carbon fiber. With a curved single-piece construction that goes from body to fretboard without breaking continuity, the Lava Me Pro is undoubtedly strong as well as lightweight.

Aside from being an acoustic guitar, the Lava Me Pro comes with pickups that allow it to function as an electric guitar too. A preamp and pickup control panel sits right at top of the guitar’s body, where the player can fine-tune the sound of the electric signal produced by the guitar. When used acoustically, the guitar produces a crisp and loud sound, courtesy the carbon fiber build, and an oddly located sound-hole right above the strings… a detail that gives the Lava Me Pro an instantly memorable aesthetic.

Designer: LAVA MUSIC Design Team

Crowdfunded Nanoloop synth doesn’t need a Game Boy to make beats

Nanoloop has been a cornerstone of chiptune music for years, but using one has meant either owning a Game Boy or making do with a mobile app. You won't have to make those compromises for much longer. Developer Oliver Wittchow and crew are crowdfund...

OhMiBod’s next remote-controlled vibrator promises to last a lot longer

Sex toys have come a long way since the early days of crudely-shaped, buzzing hunks of plastic. They're sleek, discreet and boast all kinds of features designed to give your sexy time a techy twist, from connected cameras to VR compatibility. But the...

Turn your wired Bose headphones into a truly wireless headset!

There’s a higher likelihood of your headphone having a 3.5mm jack than your phone having a 3.5mm input… but don’t ditch your headphones for wireless ones yet! It’s exactly what these large corporations want! To have you adopt standards that help them further their vision. Your wired set of headphones are more than capable of being your primary headphones, the only hurdle is turning them wireless. The AirMod by Bolle & Raven helps that happen. Designed here for the Bose QuietComfort QC25 headphones, the AirMod just conveniently plugs into your headphone where the aux cable wood, and turns them, with a simple touch of a button, into wireless-enabled headphones. The AirMod is quite literally a Bluetooth receiver, catching audio from your phone or playback device and playing it through on your headphones.

Designed to fit snugly around the profile of the earpiece, the AirMod sits on your headphone pretty innocuously, without gathering much attention. It delivers up to 7 hours of constant playback on a single charge, and features a built-in mic and controls to make switching from phone calls to music a breeze. The AirMod currently comes in three variants, for the Bose QC15, QC25, and the Beats Solo 2, and are designed to exactly fit the profile of these headphones, but maybe Bolle & Raven will release more variants with time! After all, isn’t it better spending a quick buck to make your great headphones wireless than to burn a hole in your pocket trying to buy a good wireless headset??

Designer: Bolle & Raven

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Spotify Family plan subscribers in the UK can get a free Google Home Mini

Last year, Spotify gave away a free Google Home Mini speaker to US users, and this year, it's bringing that offer to the UK. Starting today, both new and existing Premium for Family Plan subscribers can sign up to get a free device -- normally priced...

Recommended Reading: Beto O’Rourke and Cult of the Dead Cow

Beto O'Rourke's secret membership in America's oldest hacking group Joseph Menn, Reuters Beto O'Rourke: Democratic presidential candidate and... member of a hacking group? Reuters reports the former Texas congressman once belonged to Cult of the D...

Facebook helps you host viewing parties for live TV

Facebook's Watch Party won't just help you help watch online videos with friends -- it'll soon help with old-school TV. The social network is launching a new Watch Party experience that will let you host live TV shows, starting with sports. Start a...

Wearing headphones at a concert isn’t as weird as I thought it would be

One of the worst concerts I've ever attended in my life -- in terms of pure sound quality -- was at Barclays Center. I get that arena shows are never going to be known for their top-notch acoustics, but the concrete cavern that the Brooklyn Nets call...