Dolby’s latest headphones bring the cinema to your ears

Dolby, the company famed and revered for its cinematic audio technology, and the company that practically pioneered surround sound, is now entering the headphone market with the Dimension… a wireless, noise-canceling pair of cans that come with touch-sensitive controls on the headphone’s body.

It’s worth noting that while this isn’t the first wireless pair of headphones on the market by a far stretch (or even on this website), this is the first pair of headphones powered by Dolby’s audio tuning software, so you can expect some spectacular sound. The headphones come with volume controls accessible by the touch panel on the headphones, as well as the ability to pair with and alternate between 8 devices. Toggling between devices is as simple as pressing down on grooves in the leather trim on the headphone’s body.

The Dimension comes with audio technology that truly speaks of Dolby’s decades of audio software development. The headphones come built with 40mm drivers and ANC (auto noise cancelation) that can be controlled via a mobile app, letting you quite literally choose what sort of noise to cancel, and by how much. The headphones work remarkably well to deliver an expansive sound experience (content created in Dolby Atmos especially shines through with the promise of spectacular audio quality), and even feature a head-tracking experience that allows you to move your head around, while maintaining the relative position of the audio source. For example, a sound coming from the left stays on the left, no matter where your head is facing. The head-tracking feature would be promising when VR content begins rolling out.

Dolby’s Dimension is the perfect cross between pure entertainment headphones and smartphone-ready headphones. They feature decades of Dolby’s engineering capabilities to deliver a remarkable media experience when paired with your TV or home theater, while at the same time work well with your smartphone too, allowing you to accept and reject calls, play/pause music, or even toggle your Voice Assistant. The headphones come with a wireless charging dock (which have a rather unique way of nesting the Dimension headphones) and on a full charge, the Dimension can deliver an incredible 15 hours of continuous playback… which can only be a good thing because with Dolby’s world-class audio engineering nestled right against my ears, I probably wouldn’t notice the 15 hours fly right by!

Designer: Dolby









This Wearable was designed to make you a better musician

The Soundbrenner Core is perhaps the world’s first profession-specific smartwatch (or second, if you consider diving to be a profession rather than a hobby). It comes with features packed to give musicians an edge while they practice or perform, allowing their skills and sense of rhythm/tone to be heightened.

Like most smartwatches (or even smartphones) that take external products/experiences and internalize them – case in point, the Apple watch now serving as an ECG – the Soundbrenner does the very same thing. It combines a metronome, tuner, and decibel meter into a product that’s also a smartwatch, giving you something that is potentially a musician’s biggest wearable lifehack. It simplifies the music-playing process with a vibrating metronome that sends vibrations directly to your body (with the ability to change and set time signatures too). You can even set the BPM by tapping the screen of the watch. The watch even works as a tuner, allowing you to tune your stringed instruments to perfection without spending money on and carrying extra gear. In an ingenious move, the wearable can detach itself from its band and magnetically attach to your guitar to guide you through the tuning process. Lastly, a decibel meter gives you real-time feedback of your surroundings, letting you know if the sound around you is too loud, so you can take steps to prevent hearing damage, or tinnitus… a musician’s biggest nightmare.

The Soundbrenner Core’s rather industry-specific approach is exactly what makes the product such a winner. Rather than shelling out money for metronomes and tuners, or opting for a smartphone app that isn’t reliable or effective enough, the Soundbrenner Core gives you your tools in a device that’s accurate, specifically tailored, and delivers cues effectively through both visual and haptic mediums. The Soundbrenner Core can additionally even be strapped to your chest, arm, or even leg, based on what suits your musical needs!

Designer: Soundbrenner

Click Here to Buy Now: $159 $229 (30.5% off). Hurry, less than 3 days left!










Click Here to Buy Now: $159 $229 (30.5% off). Hurry, less than 3 days left!

Bit Brigade, the rock band that plays classic NES games on-stage

Bit Brigade could be more famous if they wanted to be. They're a five-man rock band, but one of their members doesn't play an instrument -- instead, he speedruns through a classic NES game while the remaining four bandmates play its soundtrack, live...

Lexon Terrace: A bluetooth speaker, but also so much more!


What do a Bluetooth speaker, a lamp, and a power bank have in common? They’re all items that you’d want to have around you any and everywhere. They’re also the three items that come together to form the Terrace, by Paris-based Lexon.

More than just your average Bluetooth speaker, the Terrace is, in fact, something you’d carry around with you not just because it’s an absolute treat to look at, but also because it’s so useful. The size of an Amazon Echo, the Terrace comes with a Bluetooth speaker at its base, and a lamp at the top that works wonderfully as an ambient light. With two control-knobs at its base, you can toggle the lamp with one dial, and control the volume of the audio from the Bluetooth speaker with the other dial. The Terrace comes with a third, rather indispensable function. It works as a power-bank too. A great way to charge your phone as you listen to music from it, the Terrace comes with two USB ports in its back that connect your phone to its in-built 4000mAh battery that can give your spartphone a day’s worth of juice. On full charge, the Terrace gives 25 hours of illumination/audio playback, and with its four absolutely beautiful matte-metal colors and its Parisian design-aesthetic, Lexon’s Terrace makes a great case for how much potential a Bluetooth speaker has for being so much more than just a plain old Bluetooth Speaker!

Designer: Lexon

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Paul Chen’s Radio Speaker quaintly combines analog with contemporary


Chen’s Radio Speaker is the kind of keepsake I’d keep in my home. It’s tech that I vaguely remember growing up with, bundled in an avatar that goes well with my aesthetic sensibilities. It’s also a beautiful combination of old tech with a new, sleek, desk-friendly avatar.

The slim radio feels reminiscent of a portable Bluetooth player, albeit with a wood-based construction and the analog tuning knob and a physical frequency meter. It even does come with Bluetooth connectivity and an aux input, for when you want to go back to choosing the music you play, rather than having a radio jockey select tunes for you! The product can even be used in both vertical and sideways formats, with the speaker facing forwards, or upwards with the tuning dial and meter facing forwards instead. Quite a retro-chic little speaker, this! I wouldn’t mind gifting a few to friends and family!

Designer: Paul Chen