By popular demand, an iPhone with an audio jack!

I love my Google Pixel 2. I, however, hate the absence of the audio jack. I don’t understand why phones are embracing this absolutely unnecessary trend… well actually I do. It’s solely to boost wireless earphone sales. Unfortunately, I’m the person who’d rather spend 30 seconds untangling a wired earphone than 30 minutes charging a wireless one.

The iPhone was the first to set the trend that every consumer hates but every manufacturer loves. Inconvenience the population into needing an expensive add-on… and undeniably, it’s the new status quo. Which is why I present to you the resistance, aka the Audiomod! The Audiomod is a case that snaps around the unfortunate, disabled iPhone, and gives it its 3.5mm port again. Not just that, it also acts as a secondary/external battery (doubling your iPhone’s battery life) and uses the same lightning connector your iPhone uses.

The Audiomod comes with a 3200-4600mAh battery backup that automatically switches to power-saving mode once your phone reaches full charge, and begins using the external battery for power when it senses your phone needs a boost. What’s more, better than any dongle, the Audiomod offers a pretty remarkable 24-bit high-resolution audio quality. With its slick form factor and the much-needed 3.5mm jack, you won’t physically notice the difference, but you’ll experience the difference for sure!

Designer: Encased








Guy Builds a Singing Furby Organ to Haunt our Dreams

Furbys may be fun for kids of a certain age, but to the rest of us they are slightly terrifying. Now they’ve become even more nightmarish in the hands of Sam Battle, the hacker and musician behind the YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer. He hacked together 44 Furby toys to build the world’s first singing Furby organ. I will be seeing this when I close my eyes tonight. No sleep for me.

While I’m impressed at Sam’s technical expertise, to be able to build something like this, what the hell has he unleashed onto the world? Watching this Furby choir and hearing their nightmarish wails just feels like I’m watching a scene from a new Gremlins movie. Like maybe they got together in a church to sing some songs before they torch the place with everyone in it.

Sam had to lots or rewiring and create custom software so that each toy would respond to commands from the keyboard, and produce specific notes and vowels on-demand. Ohhhhh, their high-pitch squeal… This is the soundtrack of a trip to hell and these sounds will stay with you all day. Hey, I had to hear it, so you do too.

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The ‘Spire’ portable recording studio is all about spontaneity

Inspiration hits you at weird times -- usually when you're in the shower or about to fall asleep. Basically, moments when you have very little chance of putting it down on paper or recording it. The $350 portable Spire Studio from iZotope probably wo...

Improve Your Focus By Listening to the Right Music

Distractions are a sure-fire way to kill your focus, and believe it or not, the music you’re listening to might be causing more harm than good. If you’re looking for music that will actually help you concentrate, Focus@Will has the solution.

Focus@Will is designed to boost productivity exponentially, thanks to 50 specially curated music channels formulated to help improve your focus and efficiency. Choose from channels like alpha chill, focus spa, electro Bach, ambient, and much more. You just might find that you’re getting more work done more quickly with Focus@Will playing in your ears.

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Music that’s beyond be-leaf!

You know how they say if you play Beethoven to plants, they grow better? Well, turns out your plants are pretty good musicians themselves! Yes, I mean that literally. The GreenNote is a speaker that connects to your plants, turning the micro-voltage energy that they give off into audio. Two biosensors are clipped to the plant’s leaves, and the extremely tiny amount of energy they give off, is converted into digital music. Touch the plant and the change in energy levels can cause the audio to change too, allowing you to be a part of this seemingly magical, music process!

The GreenNote separates into two parts. The upper part houses a wireless speaker which can be detached and carried around the house, while the lower part, aptly made from wood, connects to the plant via two biosensors. The lower hub is responsible for turning that negligible amount of electric current into beautifully calming ambient audio that is sure to soothe your soul. If you don’t believe me, watch the video above! Maybe this was what Julie Andrews meant when she said that the hills are alive with the sound of music!

Designer: GreenNote