Zuckerberg apologizes for Facebook’s response to Myanmar conflict

Mark Zuckerberg has been accused of keeping too quiet on the many issues affecting Facebook recently, so Myanmar activists were surprised when they received a personal response from the chief exec following their open letter criticizing his approach...

Facebook accused of supporting ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Myanmar

Facebook stands accused of censoring information related to the ethnic cleansing currently taking place in the Republic of Myanmar. The Guardian reports that the social network has essentially blacklisted posts from, or supporting, insurgent group th...

Hundreds of Migrant Bodies Found in Malaysian Mass Graves

As the issue of migration and refugee recovery generate choppy waters along the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Malaysia is facing a backlash as two mass grave sites of migrants forced into human...

Solar Airplane entered Chinese Air Space in Around the World Flight

Can we fly in the future just with solar power? We could be closer than we think. The Solar Impulse 2 solar powered airplane is in the midst of a mission to fly around the world without a drop of...

Myanmar Beauty Queen seeks Redressing of Wrongs

A Myanmar beauty queen who was dismissed from the competition due to behavioral issues has decided to fight back against the accusations. She wants a written apology. She has also said that she...

HTC Droid DNA vs. J Butterfly vs. Butterfly: fight!

HTC Droid DNA vs J Butterfly vs Butterfly fly!

HTC made quite an impression when it launched the Droid DNA with Verizon a couple of months ago, and we're happy to say that its Butterfly variants on the other side of the world -- namely Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), India and China -- have achieved similar success, with some areas struggling to keep up with the surprising demand. Still, if you're in the market to pick up one of these 5-inch quad-core beauties, it's worth noting the subtle physical and technical differences between them. At HTC's Frequencies event this week, we had the rare chance to get all four (yes, four!) models side by side, so read on for our detailed comparison.

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NASA captures red sprite, puts it in a jar

NASA captures fiendish red sprite, puts it in a jar

Lightning doesn't always shoot downwards. Just occasionally, a thunderstorm will be accompanied by a red sprite: a huge, momentary electrical explosion that occurs around 50 miles high and fires thin tendrils many miles further up into the atmosphere. Sprites have been caught on camera before, but a fresh photo taken by arty astronauts on the ISS helps to show off their true scale. Captured accidentally during a timelapse recording, it reveals the bright lights of Myanmar and Malaysia down below, with a white flash of lightning inside a storm cloud and, directly above that, the six mile-wide crimson streak of the rare beast itself. Such a thing would never consent to being bottled up and examined, but somehow observers at the University of Alaska did manage to film one close-up at 1000 frames per second back in 1999 -- for now, their handiwork embedded after the break is as intimate as we can get.

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