Nike’s ‘PlayStation’ shoes make hypebeasts out of gamers

It's not often we see a shoe that appeals to both the sneakerhead and gamer communities. But Nike managed to do exactly that with the PG2, the second signature model of professional basketball player Paul George, which features a design inspired by S...

Nike PG2 PlayStation Sneakers Have DualSock Support

Nike’s PG2¬†shoe was created in collaboration with Sony and is obviously inspired by the PlayStation. It is basketball player Paul George’s new signature shoe. George plays for the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder and is also an avid gamer. So naturally, he wanted a sneaker that shows his love for his Sony console. And these kicks have all of the right details that Playstation fans will recognize.

One tongue has a “PS” light-up logo in blue, while the other tongue has George’s own logo. There’s a button inside the sneaker that turns them on and off, and the wearer will feel a pulse when pressing it. That pulse mimics the vibrations from a DualShock controller. The batteries are built in and you can’t charge them, but they will last over 150 hours. The insole has a galaxy-themed graphic that looks like the company’s PlayStation wallpapers. The lace locks are the same light colors as the buttons on the PS controllers: blue, green, pink and red.

Lastly, there’s a PlayStation Network barcode on the right shoe that will give customers access to a Paul George dynamic theme on the PS4, plus a mystery surprise. There’s a lot to love about these sneakers if you are a gamer. The PlayStation PG2 will hit stores on February 10th for $110(USD). They are a limited edition, so get them however you can.

[via Engadget]