Mario Boo Ghost Bean Bag Chair: Boo Bean

If you are a fan of all things Super Mario, I just found the perfect seat from which to play your favorites games. This is the officially licensed Super Mario Bros Boo beanbag chair and it’s just the right throne for Super Mario fans.

Sadly it doesn’t play dead until you look away, then come up behind you so you can sit down. That would have been cool. The technology is almost there. I’m sure of it. This comfy ghost chair will cost you around $140, and measures about 38″ wide x 28″ tall x 38″ deep. Wait. That’s not big at all. How small is that child?

I was hoping this was a boo that I could sink into and relax. Oh well. If you are a tiny person, you’ll find this ghost more comfortable I guess. Myself? I demand a giant Boo bean bag chair. And not because I have to go on a diet either. I just like big Boos and I can not lie.

Boo is one of Mario’s cutest enemies. He’s supposedly a bad guy, but really he just wants to snuggle. And he’s shy. That’s why he freezes if you’re looking at him. This ghost is totally misunderstood.

Game Boy Air Jordans: Nintenshoes

Take note, sneaker collectors. Game Boy Air Jordans are here. They may not have a cartridge slot, but these kicks look great. Johnny Barry’s Freaker Sneaks produces super-small runs of custom sneakers and fans can’t get enough of them. Their retro Air Jordans IV’s include NES versions and now there’s a Game Boy pair that looks amazing.

The shoe backs have the handheld’s d-pad and two face buttons embedded on them, while the front flaps have Super Mario Land’s box art and an image from the Game Boy’s green-tinted LCD screen.

One nice bonus is that the buttons are press-able and they include a Game Boy cartridge as a hang tag. So sneaker fans who are also Game Boy fans can only drool over these bad boys. One interesting fact that collectors should know is that both the Air Jordan IVs and the handheld were released in 1989, making this a perfect pop culture mashup.

Just be prepared to pay up. They’re $1,350 a pair, and only 10 pairs will be made. Sadly, that means that most of us mere mortals will never hold them in our hands, let alone put them on our feet. I’m jealous, but congrats to those lucky 10 buyers. Now you’re playing with power.

[via Attract Mode via Kotaku]