Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Bundle Comes to the U.S.

After being available overseas, Mario fans waiting for Super Mario Party and Nintendo Switch Joy-Con bundle to hit the States can finally order it on Amazon. The bundle gives you a copy of the game and some bright neon green and yellow Joy-Con controllers. They may not have images of the characters on them, but this is still a pretty cool and unique  color combo that gamers should love.

You’ll be glad to have an extra pair of Joy-Cons for playing the game with friends too, since it only supports unattached Joy-Cons. The bundle sells for $99.99 and will ship on November 16th. If you bought the game and Joy-Cons separately it would cost you an extra $27, so you’ll be saving some money. It would have been nice if the bundle had been available when Super Mario Party launched last month, but at least it is here now.

You’ll want to grab this while you can because I’m sure it won’t take long to sell out. Super Mario Party is always a lot of fun to play with friends and family. The party never truly gets started until you fire up this game.

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8BitDo GBros. Wireless Adapter Brings GameCube Control to the Switch

The Nintendo Switch has interesting controllers in the form of the Joy-Cons and the Switch Pro. For games like the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter, launching December 7, some gamers will want a controller with a classic feel. 8BitDo has a new wireless adapter that is called the GBros. wireless adapter that lets you use your good old GameCube controller with your Switch.

The adapter will also work with controllers from the NES Classic and SNES Classic, as well as the Wii Classic Controller if you have those lying around. The adapter has home and screenshot buttons on it and connects to the Switch via Bluetooth.

One potential catch is that the adapter connects to the classic controllers via a short cable that might get in the way for some users. The GBros. wireless adapter ships on December 7, the same day that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches, and costs $19.99. It should be available for pre-order on Amazon any day now.

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PowerA Nintendo Switch Diablo III Joystick: Eternal Controller

If you are a Diablo fan rocking a Nintendo Switch, you’ll like this news. PowerA has unveiled a new wireless controller for the Switch that has some cool Diablo III art on it. The controller is black with red buttons, triggers, and D-pad, with some very nice artwork and the Diablo logo.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection will arrive on November 2, and Nintendo Switch owners will be able to get in on the action this time around too. So Nintendo devotees are naturally excited and to make the occasion that much cooler, they can purchase the new PowerA controller to play the game with.

This is one good looking controller. It makes me wish that I could get a similarly designed version for my PS4. These joysticks will be available exclusively at GameStop and you can preorder them now for $49.99. You can get the controller in your hands on November 2 when Diablo III: Eternal Collection arrives.

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Fortnite Switch Bundle Arrives October 5th

Back in June, Fortnite fans were thrilled when the game arrived for the Nintendo Switch. But if you haven’t bought a Switch yet and love the game, October 5th is the date for you. That’s when a Nintendo Switch bundle featuring special items and currency from the game is arriving. This bundle retails for the same price as a regular Nintendo Switch console, which is $300.

Sadly, this Fortnite Bundle won’t feature a custom-designed console, which isn’t surprising at that price. They certainly would charge more for that. You do, however get the red and blue Joy-Cons. So what else are you getting in this package? Well, this set comes with 1,000 V-Bucks that you can use to purchase in-game items and the Double Helix set, which is a unique Character Outfit. There’s also a Pickaxe, Glider and Back Bling to round it all out.

Fortnite itself is free to download, and will stay free to play after the launch of the Switch’s online service. This game has been hugely popular, and the phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down. You can pre-order the Nintendo Switch Fortnite Double Helix Bundle on Gamestop now.

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One designer made his own Nintendo Labo kits out of Lego!

Both LEGO and Nintendo’s Labo have something in common. The joy of creation and the infinite possibilities associated with it. Industrial Designer Vimal Patel decided to combine the two, by making some incredibly drool-worthy Labo Kits out of Lego pieces. The results are much stronger than Nintendo’s cardboard kits, and bring Nintendo’s stellar gaming experience to the world of Lego blocks. Recreating everything from a fishing rod, to a bike’s handlebars, to a beautifully functional steering wheel, Vimal manages to make kits that are much more robust, and are capable of doing much more, by using Lego’s rotating/swiveling parts, or by creating complex mechanisms using gears and such… and in doing so, gives the humble Lego block another feather in its hat! Lets hope this leads to a more official collaboration sometime in the future!

Designer: Vimal Patel









The Nintendo Switch Gets Official NES Controllers… With a Catch

The Nintendo Switch has been getting a lot of cool accessories lately, but they aren’t done yet. The console is about to get some classic NES accessories. A few days ago the publisher confirmed that it would be bringing specially designed NES wireless controllers to the latest console, that will work with the 8-bit classics that will be offered on the new Nintendo Switch Online network.

The Nintendo Switch Online lineup will include classic NES games like Double Dragon, Gradius, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, River City Ransom and many more. The controllers work specifically with the NES games that are offered through the online service, so sadly you can’t use them with games like the Hamster vs. Super Mario Bros. and upcoming Excitebike and Ice Climber games. That stinks, but at least we can use classic controllers with the old games. Plus, they charge on the sides of the Switch console just like you can with the Joy-Con.

These controllers will sell for $59.99 for a pair, and for now, they’re exclusively available to Nintendo Switch Online members. Pre-orders are supposed to start sometime today, with shipments starting in December.

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Civilization VI Takes World Domination to Nintendo Switch

I can say with ease that the best video game I have ever played, and have played for years, is Civilization VI. When I feel like playing a game on my PC, that is normally the game I go to. While Civ VI has been out on computers for a long time, it hasn’t come to all the consoles like you might have expected. That’s about to change for Nintendo Switch.

Switch owners will get the turn-based strategy game on November 16, 2018, and can expect updates and improvements to the original game. It also comes with content packs that add scenarios and leaders to the original game that PC gamers had to buy separately.

That includes the Vikings scenario pack, Poland civ and scenarios, Australia civ and scenario, and Persia/Macedon civ and scenario pack. This game is awesome and if you have never played it, add it to your list of must-own games.

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Nintendo Switch Online Release Date Confirmed

Fans have been waiting for Nintendo Switch Online since the system was first released. In August, we heard that Switch Online would launch sometime in the second half of September 2018, but that was about all we knew about a timeframe. Well, Nintendo finally gave Switch Online an actual release date making Nintendo fans very happy, because guess what? It is right around the corner.

Nintendo confirmed that Switch Online will launch on September 18. That’s next Tuesday, so it will happen in less than a week. Once Switch Online is launched you will need an active subscription to play games online. At the moment, there aren’t a ton of games that will require a Switch Online subscription, since most don’t have an online multiplayer mode. However, some key Switch titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2 will require the subscription. So will Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Pokémon Let’s Go when they launch later this year.

Naturally, you’ll want it for those games. A subscription to Switch Online costs $20 a year for individual users, so that’s really not bad at all. You’ll also get access to a library of classic games that have been updated to support online multiplayer and cloud backup for game saves.

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The Original Valkyria Chronicles Coming to Nintendo Switch

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be available on the Switch soon, but the original is still a classic. Obviously. There’s a reason we are up to number 4, after all. Well, if you never played the original and want to see how it all began, don’t worry. SEGA has confirmed that the original Valkyria Chronicles will be available on Nintendo’s Switch on October 16th for only $20 – or just $15 if you have their latest title for the Switch.

Just be aware that this isn’t the remastered edition from 2016, so visually it will not be updated. That’s okay, this is a game that doesn’t need fancy visuals. Besides, you can always use the Switch’s handheld mode and it will look way better on the small screen than on your schmancy 75″ 4K TV.

For Nintendo fans, this might even be your first chance to play a classic Valkyria game on a handheld. VC2 and VC3 were only available on the Sony PSP, Valkyria Revolution was only portable on the PS Vita, and Valkyria Chronicles D was a browser- and mobile-based game, but that had different mechanics. So this will be an interesting treat for players.

Trust me when I tell you that this is a fun one if you like military strategy games. This one just has an animated angle and isn’t too serious.

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Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Switch Bundle Leaked

Nintendo has been all about the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hype for a while now. It has revealed new characters to the game, introduced several new items, including a GameCube style controller and a limited edition Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Now it looks like Nintendo will offer a new system bundle as well.

French retailer Carrefour has apparently listed a special Nintendo Switch package that includes the game, along with a limited edition system and JoyCon controllers. It’s not a great image, but it looks like the system will come with a console and JoyCon controllers that feature the Smash Bros. cast.

Nintendo is keeping quiet about a bundle for now, but if this is true, it’s no surprise. Nintendo has previously said that it has several bundles in mind for the holiday season, and this is a game they are hyping heavily. This would be the first time that both the JoyCon controllers and the system would have a matching custom design, by the way.

We don’t have any other info at the moment, like where it will be available. Hopefully, it will come to the US.

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