Wireless Audio for the World’s Favorite Gaming Console is Here!

As the world of mainstream consumer electronics has made a casual, 2-year transition into wireless audio after killing the jack, it seems odd that Nintendo’s Switch, one of the most advanced handheld gaming consoles, capable of sheer versatility courtesy their Labo kits, isn’t compatible with wireless audio. The Switch can do quite a lot. It can work as a handheld unit, or with a television; can be used in single and multiplayer modes; and most importantly, can be transformed into pretty much anything, including instruments like the piano… but at the end of the day, the fact that it still relies on wired audio seems primitive and limiting.

The Genki, designed specifically to solve this nagging problem, adds to the already-laden feature list of the Switch, giving it the ability to go wireless in the audio department. Its design beautifully complements the Switch, with an all-black outer casing, a soft rectangular form, and two buttons on either side, colored blue and red to match the Switch. These buttons literally are the only interface you need, and to connect to a wireless headset or earphones, just press the button and you’re all set. Using Bluetooth 5, the Genki pairs with headphones, delivering high-quality audio with zero latency, up to a distance of 60 feet!

Turning the Switch wireless doesn’t just upgrade the console, it makes sense. The Switch was designed to be more than just a handheld device, made to be used with televisions as well as multiplayer gaming, so providing an aux input literally feels being bound by a chain. The Genki’s wireless-audio dongle for the Switch doesn’t just make gaming from afar (as one would with a television setup) easy, its design also lets you route audio to two headsets, making the multiplayer experience easy too. The two colored buttons at the base of the dongle match perfectly with the colors of the two controllers, intuitively allowing you to pair with two Bluetooth headsets and turning the multiplayer audio experience wireless too. Besides, let’s not forget the great things it does for the Labo kits too, allowing you to engage with the Switch without the primitive hassle of wired headsets… or better still, broadcast the audio to a powerful wireless speaker to make your gaming experience larger than life!

Designers: Christopher Yue, Eddie Tsai & Andrew Geng

Click here to Buy Now: $39.00 $50.00 (22% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left and over $450,000 raised!


Together at last, GENKI gives you the freedom and convenience of using your favorite wireless Bluetooth headphones when you’re gaming on the go.







GENKI is the first and only Bluetooth audio transmitter built to the USB Type-C standard. Why USB Type-C? There have been some workaround solutions that we’ve tested but none of them were a satisfying solution for the Nintendo Switch. These workarounds introduce extra latency, static noise, lower fidelity and volume and many do not support newer devices such as the Apple AirPods.


This led us to create a better solution – through the USB-C port we’re able to simply remove the redundant audio conversions providing gamers the best latency and audio quality.



One of the things we love is detaching the Joy-Cons for an instant transformation into a two-player portable console. But chances are you’re waiting around in a pretty noisy place so one of the coolest features we have is multiplayer support.


So maybe you’ve noticed that the two buttons on GENKI are labeled 1P and 2P. With this setup we actually stream stereo audio to two separate headphones, neat huh. So you can better enjoy SnipperClips or Hulu with loved ones.


Supporting the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, GENKI is compatible with all the Bluetooth headphones out there today (and tomorrow).

But what if you wanted to unleash the full potential of your Bluetooth speakers? We know those built-in speakers are pretty weak so we got you covered.


If you’ve ever experienced audio where voices don’t seem to synchronize with what you’re watching you know it can be quite distracting. This is even more important in games where your reaction to a sound can mean success and game over.


To combat this, they made sure GENKI included the fastest industry leading audio codecs. With aptX Low Latency we can achieve sub 40ms latency. Typically, the human ear can not distinguish below 100ms so rest assured you’ve got the best.



The dock adapter is a simple USB adapter enabling you to use GENKI with your Nintendo Switch docked. Just plug it into any of the three USB ports in the dock; it can even be safely tucked inside the back panel to be hidden.


Playing late into the night without disturbing others.



First Time Pairing:

– Plug in GENKI to the Nintendo Switch USB Type-C port
– Hold the 1P button to pair with your audio device
– Activate pairing on your audio device
– Enjoy wireless Nintendo Switch audio

Reconnecting Next Time:

– Press the 1P button to reconnect with your audio device
– Enjoy wireless audio, again

Multiplayer Mode:

– Hold the 2P button to pair with your second audio device
– Enjoy wireless audio, with a friend



Click here to Buy Now: $39.00 $50.00 (22% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left and over $450,000 raised!

Genki Dongle Lets You Use Wireless Headphones with Your Nintendo Switch

Chances are that your smartphone made you upgrade to wireless headphones, but you have to swap them out for a corded pair when you want to play your Nintendo Switch. That’s a pain in the butt. The Switch console doesn’t support Bluetooth audio, but a tiny dongle called the Genki can help.

Now your Switch will play nice with your wireless headphones. Yes, they just solved one of life’s little first world problems for you. The Genki plugs directly into the Switch’s USB-C port, where it has direct access to a digital stream of the game’s audio. This approach should result less lag than a Bluetooth adapter plugged into the headphone jack because that requires digital-to-analog and then analog-to-digital conversions.

And you won’t have to charge the Genki at all because it draws all the power it needs while connected. It allows two sets of wireless headphones to be connected at the same time, so that’s pretty cool. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to snag one for yourself.

If you pledge $39 you’ll get just the Genki dongle, but for $10 more you can get it with a USB adapter so it works while the Switch is docked.

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Anker Nintendo Switch Portable Charger Offers Official Nintendo Power

As much as we love our gadgets, they depend on a never-ending supply of juice. They always run out, and you always have to charge them up. Nintendo’s Switch is no different. So it’s a good thing that Anker has a solution to keep your hybrid console juiced up.

The Anker PowerCore Nintendo Switch Portable Charger is the first Nintendo-certified portable Switch charger. Of course, since the Nintendo Switch charges via standard USB-C, you could use just about any power bank to keep it charged up, but Anker says that its PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition is “optimized for flawless compatibility with Nintendo Switch” and besides, each battery pack is branded with the Nintendo Switch logo, making things official.

You can choose from 2 models: a PowerCore 20100 and a PowerCore 13400. The former delivers up to 15 hours of additional playtime per charge while the latter gives you 10 more hours. Both models can be fully recharged in as little as 3 hours, plus you can charge it while you are playing so it’s all good. As an added bonus both chargers are also compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8, MacBook Pro and other mobile devices.

Yeah, it is basically just another battery pack but if you want one that is officially certified by Nintendo, this is the charger for you.

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You Need These LEGO Accessories For Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s upcoming Labo accessories for the Switch should be a hit with fans since they’ll introduces some unique gameplay mechanisms. The problem is that at $70 to $80 per kit, they’re pricey. That’s a lot to pay for cardboard. But you could build your own similar accessories using LEGO pieces.

That’s exactly what Vimal Patel did. He created a short video showing off a few useful Nintendo Switch hacks using LEGO Technic pieces. He made an improved kickstand, a better approach to mounting the Switch’s Joy-Cons, and a pair of steering wheels that look like they work great for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

There’s one caveat to these builds, however. They use one LEGO piece that you probably don’t have, and can’t buy in stores. This 3D-printed adapter connects to the side rails the Switch’s Joy-Cons, allowing LEGO pieces to be attached to the console. Keep in mind that you also have to modify your Switch adapters to make them LEGO Technic-friendly too.

Also, you don’t get the Labo software so maybe you do want to spend the $70 after all. Then again, LEGO is much cooler than cardboard. If you have the time and money, this is a cool way to interact with your Switch.

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Guy Hacks Nintendo Switch to Work on an 80s Sony Watchman

The Sony’s 1986 Watchman portable TV and the Nintendo Switch just got together, and the result is pretty awesome. What’s great is that this hack is collector-friendly, because you don’t have to open or make any modifications to the classic portable TV to make it work.

YouTuber My Mate VINCE came up with this interesting pairing. First, he took the Switch controller and wrapped it around the Watchman, securing it with a cable tie. He then connected the HDMI output on the Nintendo Switch’s base station to an analog converter, then piped that into an old VCR which converted the signal to RF. He also wired the VCR to an antenna with a signal booster, creating a low-power pirate TV station that the Watchman could be tuned into. How clever is that?

Sure you could just use the Nintendo Switch’s own screen, but where’s the fun in that? It’s a hack, so you have to hack it. It’s kind of amazing to see modern Nintendo games on that tiny black and white screen. The images look much better than I would have expected them to. I think this is proof that the Sony Watchman’s screen was indeed ahead of its time.

It looks great, but the hardest part of playing games on this thing is the size of the screen. You’ll definitely want a magnifying glass to enlarge the action if you decide to try this.

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Atari Raising Crowd Investments to Make RollerCoaster Tycoon for the Nintendo Switch

Rollercoaster Tycoon has some serious fans. The question is, do Nintendo Switch owners want a version of the game badly enough to claim a direct stake in the game’s success? Atari seems to think so. The company’s Game Partners division has launched a crowd investment campaign to raise money for a Switch version of the theme park construction game.

For once you could actually make money by backing a game’s release. If you pledge at least $250 into the project, you will get a proportionate share of 50 percent of profits until you recoup 120 percent of your investment, and then a proportionate share of 25 percent share of profits for the 18 months following the game’s worldwide launch. Sounds intriguing to me.

If you are a fan of the game, it might be worth the risk since you can actually make some money. Of course, we don’t know which version of the game they are porting either and even if it is the best version. What could go wrong? Possibly quite a bit. And should you be worried that Atari is counting on you to make the game happen? All good questions.

Atari is aiming to raise approximately $1 million from individual investors, and pitch in the other $1 million for development. Their goal is to release the game sometime in 2018. You can read more about the offering on Start Engine.

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Dark Souls Coming to Nintendo Switch This May

Usually when I think of Nintendo, I think of cartoony games like Super Mario Bros. and Splatoon, so when I hear about a more adult and darker title coming to a Nintendo system, it sounds weird to me. Nevertheless, a very cool and very dark game is on it’s way to Nintendo consoles. A remastered version of From Software’s genre-defining classic Dark Souls is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 25th. It’s also headed to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dark Souls first launched in 2011, and the updated game will run at up to 1080p resolution at 60 fps, add general visual and performance enhancements, and include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. You have to explore a very deadly world filled with strange monsters and you will die often, which is part of its charm. The game’s combat can be difficult. It’s all about patience as you refine your skills and advance.

This will be the first time the series has come to a Nintendo Platform. How well it will do on Nintendo is anyone’s guess, but at least Nintendo fans now have the option of picking this up.

Get ready to see YOU DIED often, Nintendo fans.

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Reddit Helps Guy Find His Lost Nintendo Switch

There’s nothing worse than losing an expensive gadget, especially when it costs hundreds of dollars. When that happens you feel a sick feeling in your stomach and you can already see the dollar signs leaving your bank account in order to replace it. Basically, it sucks. And as careful as you try to be, it can happen to the best of us. A traveler named Juan recently experienced this, but his story has an ending that didn’t result in him reaching back into his wallet.

While in the airport at Frankfurt, Germany, Juan was playing his Nintendo Switch, but on the bus ride to his gate, he noticed that his Switch was gone. It must have fallen out of his bag. So Juan filed a lost-and-found report with the airport, and when he landed in Madrid, he decided to try a longshot. The Nintendo Switch Reddit community.

Juan knew it was a longshot when he wrote, “I lost my Switch at Frankfurt International Airport. Please if you’re the driver of the bus, I’d be eternally grateful and bring you chocolates. I know this has 0,000001% possibility to work.”

As it turns out, it did work. Redditor XxPyRoxXMaNiAcxX responded to the post with a link to another post, where Redditor Itchybun posted about his friend finding a lost Switch on the airport bus, and was looking for a way to reunite it with its owner. It was in fact Juan’s Switch and now it will be returned to him. Just goes to show you that despite the negativity that frequently takes place there, Reddit can be an amazing and helpful place too – even against all odds.

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Nintendo Switch on Sale at Amazon Without Prime Requirement

Amazon has the Nintendo Switch in stock since last Friday. No online store had the standalone Switch console in stock that long since the release of the Switch in March. As predicted, Amazon has...