Digital binoculars with real-time weather updates to keep you ahead of the storm!

It’s always refreshing to see a product that’s design has gone stagnant receive a rejuvenating makeover. That’s exactly what this design has done to the humble binoculars, as it brings them straight into 2019! Carved into the beautifully designed product are informative capabilities that aim to provide a more seamless and engaging user experience; an LED matrix that is positioned beneath the sleek outer casing, displays real-time updates regarding the weather, time and even direction the user is facing. The consideration to the usability of the device goes even further than just its function; the touchpoints have been positioned on the top surface of the device to allow for quick, reliable access to the controls; not only meaning the hands do not need to move out of position, but the binoculars do not have to be directed away from the user’s eyes!

Designer: Jung Hee Won

Microsoft brings Dark Mode to Outlook mobile apps and

Microsoft's Dark Mode support in Office was just really just the start of a much larger (and darker) trend. The software giant has started rolling out Dark Mode to its Outlook mobile apps on Android and iOS, not to mention There's not m...

An external Numpad that also acts as a USB hub and a shortcut keyboard!

Now here’s an external numpad with some real purpose. Rather than just being your run-of-the-mill 21 key number pad, Voamoko’s Type-C Numeric Keypad’s design shows that it really knows and understands its end-user. The portable, external number pad plugs to your laptop or desktop, turning into a powerhouse of functionality. It packs extra USB ports on its rim to function as an accessible USB hub you can plug your pen-drives into, or even charge your phone with. Moreover, it comes with a few extra keys that let you instantly trigger functions like searching (useful for those incredibly long documents and spreadsheets), as well as apps like the calculator, to make number-crunching faster and more convenient.

Designed for professional use, whether you’re an auditor, programmer or analyst, Voamoko’s Numeric Keypad does more to enable your workflow than a regular number pad would. Plus, it can charge your phone too!

Designer: Voamoko

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Office spaces designed to de-stress and bring joy to the workplace!

We spend most of our working hours in our office, and many of us end up spending our week, looking forward to the weekend when you can look at the open skies and be free of the concrete jungle. Thankfully, more and more companies are aware and are working to reward their employees by making them as comfortable as possible, to keep them refreshed and rejuvenated to ensure their success, as they know if the employees are happy, more chances the company will truly succeed. So imagine this, your office building has an area with a lawn for you to walk on, a work booth that helps you and your co-worker cut off from distractions while focusing on productive outcomes or even a nap room, coz you’ve gotta nap when you gotta nap! These offices will inspire you to begin making small changes that will inspire your employees and bring joy to your workplace.

Japanese Studio Happ and 07 Beach’s collaborative design for the Vietnam offices of the tourism company Office E includes green spaces inside the office for the employees to unwind

Selencky Parsons adds cork-lined pod with pegboard walls to its own office with pegboard walls for storing stationery, displaying models and hanging plants

London architect James Whitaker depicts a proposal for a low-cost studio space in Germany comprising a cluster of shipping containers, which are arranged to direct sunlight into the interior at different times of day

Work lounge at Indeed’s Tokyo offices by Specht Architects

Waiting area at the Spreetail offices in Austin by Perkins+Will 

Collaboration and brainstorm space at the Diageo offices in Singapore by M Moser Associates 

This Sydney Office Tower design was conceptualized to appeal to the “millennial worker” that the newly developing district aims to attract – innovators in the creative, technology and finance sectors by the Architectural firm Grimshaw 

David Chipperfield Architects completed office building with “hanging gardens” in Seoul for the Korean beauty giant Amorepacific’s cube-shaped headquarters

Work booths at a confidential Israeli energy company in Tel Aviv by EN Design Studio 

GRT Architects creates New York office with millennial-pink kitchen and dark “nap room” 

Desk setups that maximize productivity: Part 2

If your job requires you to sit at a desk, you probably spend more waking hours at that desk each day than you do in your own home (or in any other part of your home, if that’s where you work from). If you love your job, this may not seem like such a bad thing, but it’s still worth maximizing your small space for ultimate productivity. Check out this Part 1 of our desk setup series to get you inspired!

Home office setup by Naufal Zuhdi

Michael Soledad shares his desk setup for productivity 

Sneaker Dreams by Edmonton Photographer and Justin Tse 

Pegboard office setup by Tomek Koszyk

Classy workspace that utilizes its surroundings by thedesigner2011 

Shared workspace goals by Valezrina

Travel Bloggers setup by Sam Ciurdar 

Editor’s setup found via Artlist 

Walking Workspace found via iSetups

Minimal dark grey setup by Nikolay of Beauty of Technology 

Gaming Room setup found via Desktop Wars 

Vertical screens rule this desk setup by Milad Atefi

Just rotate this unbelievably simple world-clock and it shifts time zones!

This Lexus Design Award winning clock goes to show that sometimes the solution to a problem can be just oh-so-simple. Ditching the idea that you need to have multiple clocks to tell the time in different time zones, Masafumi Ishikawa’s World Clock is just ridiculously simple. The clock comes with a dodecagonal (12-sided) form, and just an hour hand. Each face of the dodecagon has the name of a famous city, corresponding to a time zone, on it. Just face the city’s name up and the hour hand tells you what time it is there (you’d probably have to use your common sense to tell if it’s am or pm). The only catch is that the World Clock doesn’t work with daylight-saving time, given that not all countries follow the practice of turning their clocks back and forth.

As the hour hand rotates on an axis, the world clock’s form was designed to be rotated and placed on a surface. Change what face it rests on, and the hour hand points somewhere else. Ishikawa uses this rather simple fact to turn a regular clock into a world clock! Give it a try, you can turn your table clocks into world clocks too!

Designer: Masafumi Ishikawa

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