Two major eSports players associations are in the works

There are two players associations being put together for professional competitors who play Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Sports Business Journal reports. The latter will include players in the ESL Pro League and the FACEIT ECS leag...

Overwatch League team releases player over hateful speech

Overwatch League player Felix "xQc" Lengyel has been suspended twice for using both homophobic and racist slurs, and he's now bowing out entirely. Dallas Fuel and Lengyel have announced that they've "mutually agreed to part ways" in the wake of his...

The best weapon for digital warfare!

Aptly named for the kind of activity it’s made for, the Hunter 1.0 is a keypad designed explicitly for FPS (first person shooter) games. Putting everything you need under the span and within the reach of your left hand’s fingers, the Hunter can be used along with your mouse to become your most effective gaming gear. Built with arrow keys, a space button, a joypad, and 8 more programmable mechanical keys, the Hunter puts everything you need right at your fingertips.

The Hunter 1.0’s bullet mechanical keys are designed to provide a tactile experience most gamers die for. Spaced apart to prevent accidental pressing, and designed to be entirely backlit, the keypad even comes with an anti-slip underside and even haptic feedback, vibrating when you fire or get hit, to provide an immersive, undistracted experience. What’s worth noting is that the design is great to look at, but the minute you begin using it, its aesthetics recede into the background and it becomes a hardcore performance device, providing only one true function… a high competitive edge!

Designer: Iaroslav Neriubov







‘StarCraft’ 20th anniversary brings freebies and a short film

Blizzard is keeping up its habit of marking the anniversaries of major games. The original StarCraft is turning 20 on March 31st, and the studio is promising a slew of extras across its games to mark the occasion, including the classic real-time str...

Can legislation fix gaming’s loot box problem?

Last year's gaming controversy has turned into this year's legislative battleground. Fans were outraged when Star Wars: Battlefront II launched with buyable loot boxes that unbalanced multiplayer combat, and other games like Need For Speed: Payback a...

College esports is set to explode, starting with the Fiesta Bowl

As executive director of the Fiesta Bowl, one of the largest college football tournaments of the season, Mike Nealy was more familiar with shoulder pads than mousepads. Six months ago, he didn't know people were making money playing video games profe...