China grants Qualcomm a ban on some iPhone sales

A Chinese court granted Qualcomm an injunction against Apple that halts sales and imports of most iPhone models in the country. The court ruled that several devices, including iPhone X, violated two Qualcomm patents related to resizing photos and man...

Is Sony Bringing Cartridges Back for the PS5?

Back in the day, all the game consoles used cartridges. We had to blow on those things regularly, or dust got in the connectors and things didn’t work correctly. Dutch tech site Techtastic is reporting on a supposed Sony patent application that hints the next console could ditch the discs used for games today and return to the cartridge format.

Filed in late 2017, the patent application’s illustrations appear to show a cartridge that combines elements of flash drives with old-school cartridges. A Sony exec previously stated that the company needed a link between a console for home and a handheld, and this format looks like it might do that job. Keep in mind that in our searches of the USPTO database, we can’t locate this listing, so it’s also quite possible that it’s a hoax.

Assuming this is real, it could mean that the PS5 has a portable gaming component like the Switch, or perhaps Sony is cooking up a refreshed PS Vita that will play the same games as your PS5 at home using the same media. Perhaps each of these cartridges will have all the storage needed to run the game you are buying without filling up your internal drive. This also fits in with rumors of a disc-less console future that we had assumed to mean downloads or streaming games only – but not everyone has the bandwidth or patience to download 10 GB of game data before they can play a game.

[via TechTastic via ComicBook]

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