Amazon tries hiring lawyers for sellers claiming patent infringement

Amazon has been battling counterfeits for years. It's tried charging merchants large fees, creating a registry of approved vendors and launching a self-service tool for removing knockoffs. Now, according to The Information, the company is testing a p...

Jury decides Apple violated three Qualcomm patents in iPhones

Following a two-week trial, a jury has determined that Apple violated three Qualcomm patents in some iPhones. The jury awarded Qualcomm $31 million, the full amount it was seeking, though Apple had won a ruling to limit the potential payout.

Court says Apple is not guilty of the Google patent infringement

Apple Balla reports that the US appeals court found that Apple was not guilty of any Google Motorola Mobility patent infringement in the design of the iPhone. In 2013, the International Trade...

A Danger Lurks In The Righteous War Against Patent Trolls

Judging from events that have already occurred, and others that soon will occur, righteous forces are gathered against patent trolls as never before. It is an impassioned pursuit of a coherent legal...

Google’s Efforts to Ban Microsoft’s Xbox Failed by ITC

The patent owned by Google was tied up with wireless one-on-one links. Google began finger-pointing at Microsoft regarding acts of copyright infringement. It wanted to ban the Xbox 360 which...

Oracle begins appeal process in its Java patent case against Google, Android

You should know by now that it's never truly over when tech giants resort to legal warfare over their technology, and just as it said it would, Oracle has filed an appeal of the US District Court ruling in its case against Google. In case you'd forgotten, back in May Judge William Alsup found that the structure of its Java APIs were not copyrightable so Oracle had to settle for $0 in damages over its claims that Android infringed on its patents and copyrights. FOSS Patent's Florian Mueller has a full breakdown of what he sees in the case, meanwhile we'll be preparing our fallout shelters for potential Android Armageddon... again.

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