K100 gives an extra set of eyes for the K9 Dog squad

Dog squads have been helping the police force for a long time now, however refinements in their functioning have not been very significant. Hoping to give this a boost is the K100, K9 Dog & Police Communication System by Lu Zheng and Pontus Edman

Essentially, this two-way device sets up a camera on the back of the canine and provides a live feed to the receiving display that is strapped onto the forearm of the K9 officer. It aims to give a better view of what the lead police dog is seeing, when it is in the forefront.

It also allows the trainer to communicate with the dog, which can be helpful in stressful situations.

Designers: Lu Zheng, Pontus Edman & in collaboration with FLIR.


“When we visited the K9 Police force, it became clear that they had the interest and need for better equipment. Still using the whistle, paper maps, compasses supported by simple GPS-tools and com-radios,” Zheng told Yanko Design.

“Whistle works well over short distances but couldn’t be used over larger areas. The GPS-tool provides the live position of the dog, nothing more. They were talking about how to remove unnecessary processes in the workflow to give them the freedom and mobility they would need to execute their duties.”


“We built over 20 prototypes with different materials to test the best way for the product to fit on user and dog. The prodoucts are compact and all element are integrated in the backpack and monitor on the arm. All parts were milled for 3D printed, 72 different parts come together and made the final prototype.”

Final – Police & K9 Dog Communication

The K100 is an office-to-dog solution that allows police office to see the position and a live camera feed of both natural and infrared imaging from the dogs perspective.

A stabilized camera unit is mounted on the dog. The unti also has vibrations control and voice-commmand speaker to give the office a certain communication with the dog in a free-running situation over larger areas.

The K9 office on the other hand carries a controller which all datas collected by unit on the dog are displayed.

The PetNow is a first perspective camera for your pets!

Giving your pet some serious filmmaker chops, the PetNow turns your dog into a director of their very own film! The camera attaches to a harness, capturing your dog’s POV, while even filming the dog’s ears as they perk up every time the animal sees something interesting!

Made to be a GoPro for your dog, the PetNow captures video in 1080p and can take still pictures too! It comes with its own mobile app that lets you view and capture footage directly from the PetNow in realtime… both in the day and at night, thanks to the built-in night-vision. It packs two-way audio too, so not only can you hear your pet, you can talk to it too, watching as they animatedly dart around the house wondering where your voice is coming from! The camera can either be strapped on your dog’s vest as a POV cam, or can be placed anywhere around the house to serve as a security and pet-observation camera. Created to suit all breeds of dogs, the PetNow’s vest comes in multiple sizes, ranging from XS to XL, and the camera module can even be customized with tiny bespoke dog-ears to suit your pup’s persona! Designed ideally for wireless use, the PetNow packs a stunning 3 month battery life when kept on stand-by, and even comes with a fast-charging ability. The PetNow connects to your home Wi-Fi to stream audio and video to your phone, but comes with its own 2.4G Wi-Fi hotspot when outdoors, so you can directly connect to the PetNow camera at the beach or in the fields to capture the world through the unique perspective of your furry friend. “Dogs see the world in a different way than people and love to sniff out new adventures. With PetNow, users can see the world through the eyes of their pets and capture all the fun adventures that happen. PetNow keeps dogs safe and provides a totally new look at the world”, says Tony Huang, designer of the PetNow.

The purpose of the PetNow is multi-fold. Not only does it act as a camera that captures fun events from your pet’s perspective, it even works as a security device, allowing you to keep tabs on your pet and your home while you’re away, or even a device to know your animal’s whereabouts when it’s out of the house. You could even use it to populate your pet’s Instagram with funny/quirky videos and images, because let’s face it, your pet obviously has its Instagram presence!

Designer: Tony Huang

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PetNow: Wearable High Definition Smart Pet Camera for Dogs

The world’s first pet camera that monitors your dog with the first perspective. See what your dog is doing at home with a unique dog’s perspective through your phone anytime, anywhere.

Know Your Dog Better by Understanding Their Perspective

Record the funniest moments of their day and share it on social media. Understand your dog better by seeing the world through their perspective. You will feel closer to your pet than ever before. Share their adventures on Youtube or Instagram and make them a star!

Monitor your furry loved one through a variety of perspectives

Live Streaming HD Video

Keeping track of one’s pet can be difficult with energetic dogs. In a moment they can be out of sight and out of voice range. Having a way to monitor them is essential. We provide a 1080P HD live monitoring system that you control from your smartphone. Switch from 1st POV to 3rd POV by simply taking the camera off and placing it on the base to monitor a large area.

Capture the funniest moments

Photo and Video Storage

Using the PetNow app, you can instantly capture pictures and videos of your pup that can be saved directly to your smart devices or TF card on board. Whether you want to capture a cute moment or record evidence of some naughty puppy behaviors – you’ll never miss an important event.

Create a superstar with PetNow, your dog can be famous

Social Media Sharing

Your dog can be a superstar by going viral on social media. There are so many hilarious and funny moments of your dog’s life that you can capture and share with your friends and family. PetNow supports real-time social media sharing.

Communicate and pet them even if you have to work overtime

Night Vision

Built-in night vision makes seeing in the dark possible. Emergencies like sudden power outages won’t affect your ability to ensure your dog’s safety at night because PetNow has an on-board battery.

Communicate with your dog anytime anywhere

Two-way Audio

Convenient 2-way audio lets you easily communicate with your dog and hear what is going on around them. With PetNow, you are never far away.

Stress-free and comfortable camera harness

Ultra Comfortable

The secure fit PetNow camera harness is made of material with soft padding underneath and breathable lightweight mesh lining for a comfortable fit for your dog. The customized mount holds the camera in place and won’t slip even on active dogs. It’s easy to put on and take off with fast-release buckles. Select an appropriate size for your furry loved ones and adjust the strap to get a perfect fit.

Buy one get three styles!

Playful Styling

Replaceable camera ears come with three cute styles to fit your dog’s personality and look: little demon, hamster or bear. Easily change by swapping out camera ears.

What’s In The Box

Their Story

Our story started years ago, when I had my first Shiba dog. He was great, but also very energetic and a bit naughty! I always wondered what his day had been like while I was away. So I decided to buy him a pet camera as a birthday gift. Unfortunately, pet cameras at that time didn’t work too well and gave disappointing results. So I decided to create a better one, which would let me see through his perspective and communicate to my dog directly from my smartphone.

The results were incredible and I finally learned about the unique way that my pet sees and interacts with the world. Now, I can share this special camera with the world and help to bring pets and their owners closer together.

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The LavvieBot S cleans up after your cat does its business

Our relationship with our cats is quite different from that with dogs. Dogs are like children that need constant care, love, and affection, while cats are like your chilled out roommates who can live their lives pretty independently, with an occasional helping hand from you. Whether it’s feeding, sleeping, playing, or visiting the loo, cats don’t necessarily need much from the humans. They can often feed themselves, entertain themselves, and even relieve themselves without you needing to take them for a walk. The only bit where humans need to intervene is in filling the cat’s food bowl, and emptying out the litter.

LavvieBot S helps bring autonomy to one of those two activities. You can, to a good extent, regulate meal-times for a cat, but there isn’t really a way to regulate when you need to clean the litterbox out… and that’s where the LavvieBot S comes in. Designed to be smart-litterbox for your cat, LavvieBox S cleans up after your feline friend does its business. Shaped like a private cabin for your cat, the LavvieBox S encloses the litter space giving your cat privacy, while keeping your space free of litter and odor. The smart-litterbox even cleans out your cat’s waste for you, filtering it through the sand and discarding it in a separate compartment that you can clean out every few days. You can pre-load the LavvieBot S with sand too, so the bot fills up its litter tray autonomously, giving you and your cat the freedom to go about your day.

Designed as a much more decor-friendly solution to your litterbox, the LavvieBot S sits in any household looking more like a stylish white basket rather than a tray full of sand. It auto-cleans itself after your cat’s visited it, while keeping track of your cat’s visits and overall health. Created around your cat’s lifestyle, the LavvieBot’s even working to communicate with your smart treat-dispenser and water dispenser, creating a holistic map of your cat’s health. Compatible with the PurrSong app, the smart-litterbox lets you monitor your cat in real time, checking its weight, frequency, while even getting notifications when the litterbox runs out of sand.

Whether you’re a cat owner with an active lifestyle, or a cat owner that’s overly affectionate and loves giving your pet the best facilities, LavvieBot S helps your furry feline friend go about its life independently, while giving you more time on your hands and and your giving your house a much better alternative to those pedestrian litter-trays that leave sand around your floor and an odor in your living room. Purrrr-fection!

Designer: Tae-Gu Noh of PurrSong

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LavvieBot S: The Most Intelligent Litter Box

LavvieBot S is the smartest litter box with IoT functions that automatically cleans your cat’s excrements and refills cat litter from own storage, as well as check the status of your cat in real-time from the App called ‘PurrSong’.

Auto Clean

LavvieBot S is able to efficiently get rid of the excreta just through a patented rotating rake mechanism. When the cat’s done its business in LavvieBot S, it automatically starts cleaning. The time can be set by users from 15 to 90 minutes and this gives enough time for excrements to get harden so even diarrhea can be perfectly taken care of.

LavvieBot’s waste drawer is designed large enough to collect waste for up to 3 weeks.


LavvieBot S automatically refills litter from its 6.5L extra storage after cleaning so it keeps the inside of LavvieBot S in top shape for your cats at all times.

Compatible with ‘PurrSong’ App

LavvieBot S App, ‘PurrSong’ enables you to monitor your cat in real-time and provide you other information needed.

Through the App ‘PurrSong’, users are able to check the status of LavvieBot.

The app keeps track of how often and how long your cat uses LavvieBot S so you can always stay on top of your cat’s health. LavvieBot S also recognize each cat in a multi-cat household if their weights differ by more than 1.5 lb.

LavvieBot S keeps itself clean for up to 21 days per cat.

Below: Highlights

Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

The footrest is properly placed inside of LavvieBot S to prevent cat litter tracking.

Prevent Odor

LavvieBot S effectively neutralizes odor through its activated coconut carbon deodorizer. The deodorizer absorbs up to 93.3% of ammonia and also functions as a dehumidifier.


LavvieBot S’s noise level is only 26.5dB (Decibels), which is less than the noise level of an average residential bedroom, so the noise wouldn’t bother your cat.

20% Less Space

Compared to other litter boxes on the market, LavvieBot S takes up more than 20% less space. Furthermore, it is designed considering the optimal size and shape that can go very well with the house.

Comfy Enough for Privacy

Due to its inner dimensions (12.5 x 17 x 14.2), LavvieBot S can be fitted comfortably for most of the cats. Besides, the tray contains up to 6L of the litter, which is 50% more than other automatic litter boxes.

Easy Control

The LED display enables the users to easily see the internal and operation states of Lavviebot S. Plus, the operation buttons associated with the indicator lights are placed directly on the lower part so that the users can recognize the functions of the buttons.

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Entice and Entertain your cats with these product designs!

If you have a cat, you know you probably spend a lot more on your glorious feline than you would ever care to admit. We can’t help but try and entice these furballs, forever hopeful to get some extra affection from them! And we sure hope they do so after being pampered with these designs. Gloriously plush beds that make us want to curl up in them, a modular wall-mounted system that you can add, edit or just shake up when your kitties get bored to gadgets that monitor your pet’s health, we are sure that there is something in this collection that is sure to set your heart and your kitten’s paws pitter-patter! Or just the box it comes in will work.

Cat Window Perch by Martha Stewart 

The Cat Mod is a system of modular feline furniture that users can customize for their kitties by CatastrophiCreations 

The Adventure Tent Cat Bed by Tinker that lets your kitty rest in style

The Ascend wood desk has been crafted with multiple ramps and landings for cats to perch up and play by Dan Devine

LavvieBot S is the smartest litter box and is integrated with IoT functions. It automatically cleans your cat’s litter and refills it from the storage bin by Tae-Gu Noh of PurrSong 

KATRIS is a cat-bed with a removable base that turns the bed into a massaging+scratching toy to keep the cat entertained by Team KATRIS 

Catcube by Standard Architecture

The TailTalk comes with a built-in water purification system that allows for the continues flow and circulation of water, eliminating water scale build-up, whilst four layers of filter remove any large particles from the water by Rice Mak 

Kyali Square Cat Bed by MADE Studio 

Then side-table is designed like a mini-maze for your cat to relax and play by RuiQiong Huang for MoFFan

LavvieBot S is an IoT enabled, self-cleaning litter box for cats

When my son rescued two-month-old Clio (our current pet) from being pecked by crows, we took to her immediately. Although deaf, this munchkin knew her ways around ‘hooomans’ and had us wrapped around her little claws! As I had never kept a cat at home, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they automatically do their stuff (pooping and peeing) in a litter box, and don’t need training!

Truth is, I’ve always been a doggy-mommy and had dogs as pets. I know how painful it is to walk them every day – sometimes you’re just too tired! To my delight, Clio took to her litter box in a jiffy and it’s been two years now, the only complaint that I have is, that it needs to be manually cleaned. I’m looking at switching to automated litter boxes, and the LavvieBot S looks to be a good fit.

Keeping the litter box clean is very important for the health of your cat, and I know how lazy we ‘hooomans’ gets. Cats are self-sufficient beings, let’s not stress them out or keep their litter boxes dirty, instead get the next-generation model of LavvieBot.

LavvieBot S is the smartest litter box and is integrated with IoT functions. It automatically cleans your cat’s litter and refills it from the storage bin. You can check the status of your cat’s business (bowel movements) in real-time via the App ‘PurrSong’. The one thing that you can be assured, is that the refilling of litter will not happen, if your cat is in the bin. As the cat enters, the sensors capture the movement, and hold-off refilling.

Designer: Tae-Gu Noh of PurrSong

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LavvieBot S, The Most Intelligent Litter Box

LavvieBot S is the smartest litter box with IoT functions that automatically cleans your cat’s excrements and refills cat litter from own storage, as well as check the status of your cat in real-time from the App called ‘PurrSong’.

Auto Clean & Litter Refill with App

LavvieBot S automatically cleans your cat’s excrements and supplies / refills cat litter, as well as check the status of your cat in real-time with the App. LavvieBot S is genuinely designed for cats and owners to give full-happiness and satisfaction.

Guarantees to keep the Litter Box Clean

Cat’s done their business in LavvieBot S, it automatically starts cleaning after a certain time. Time can be set by the users from 10 to 60 minutes, so even diarrhea can be perfectly taken care of.

LavvieBot S keeps itself clean for up to 21 days – per cat

Compatible with App ‘PurrSong’

LavvieBot S App ‘PurrSong’ enables you to monitor your cat in real time and provide you other information needed.

Below: LavvieBot S Features

Easy to Empty

Intuitive UI/UX

Perfectly automatic.


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This scratching post + bed is everything our furry feline overlords need

It’s a common belief that cats have basically three primary emotions. Curiosity, displeasure, and sass (I’d say hunger too, but hunger isn’t an emotion). Don’t expect cats to display gratitude for the stuff you give them because they aren’t empathetic beings. They’ll ignore the scratch-post you got for them, and they’d rather sleep in someone else’s bed than their own. However, surprise them with something that piques their curiosity and they’ll probably give it more attention. The KATRIS Nest combines a cat-bed with a scratching post to create something new that should truly surprise your feline companion. Created with a 100 corrugated sheets lined up to form a highly textured ring with a comfy felt base, the KATRIS Nest is a tactile delight. Designed for rubbing, scratching, and resting, the Nest uses sturdy but lightweight materials, and comes with a removable felt cushion to reveal a periodically-replaceable corrugated scratching pad at the bottom.

The Nest isn’t like most cat-products. It taps into a slightly bizarre side that seems pretty cat-appropriate. Given how cats are obsessed with cardboard boxes, the Nest pretty aptly chooses corrugated cardboard as its primary material, with a felt base for comfort. The bed’s shape and size is perfect for a cat to comfortably snuggle into, while the removable base turns the bed into a massaging+scratching toy to keep the cat entertained. You could even sprinkle some catnip into the corrugated paper slats to give your cat yet another thing to be surprised and amazed by. The cat isn’t a conventional animal, and the KATRIS Nest isn’t a conventional bed… that’s your match made in feline heaven!

Designer: Team KATRIS

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KATRIS Nest – The Multi-Functional Cat Lounge

A multi-functional cat lounge fit for rubbing, resting, and scratching. The team has worked to design the KATRIS Nest into the perfect bowl shape, constructed with high density eco-friendly material to ensure that your cat has a reliable place to spend their day.

The Nest is built with 100+ side panels that slightly shift when your cat rubs their back, giving them the perfect back rub all at the same time. The felt material that covers the center of the KATRIS Nest is perfect for cats to comfortably lounge on all day long.

The center scratching pad is replaceable, and it’s especially great for scratching. With the KATRIS Nest, your cat has a great outlet to relieve stress! Unlike similar products, the KATRIS Nest is breathable and is the perfect spot for your cat to keep cool, even on those hot summer days.

Below: 3 Key Features


The 100+ side panels move slightly with your cat’s body to provide the perfect back rubs.

The removable felt cover in the center provides added comfort for your cat.


The replaceable center scratch pad is made with high-density material to help your cat relieve tension. Premium selected corrugated material lasts longer than typical cat scratchers.

Both the center fabric and circle pad are replaceable!


The unique design is the perfect shape for curling up on a hot summer day and is designed to be breathable and to prevent overheating. The 19” bowl shape design is the perfect size for any cat to lay and sleep comfortably.

PS: Also fits for small puppies, there’s plenty room!


KATRIS Nest Development Journey

The idea for the KATRIS Nest started when our founder Jeff noticed that his cat Ceo was always rubbing his back on the carpet. Jeff knew that KATRIS had the materials and the passion to produce it. At that time, KATRIS only specialized in cat furniture, but today, they are beginning to explore a new kind of product with the KATRIS Nest.

The hardest part in developing the KATRIS Nest was finding the perfect bowl shape. The team tried various shapes at first and went through various prototypes to find the right one, but the nest shape proved to be unbeatable.

This perfect shape includes 100+ side walls that are corrugated to form the rounded structure. With this complex design, the KATRIS Nest became a comfortable cat lounge, as well as a unique design piece in any home.

The design is perfect for cats to rub their back on because the material has a slight give that moves as the cat rubs. After the design, the next step was perfecting the material used in the making of the KATRIS Nest.

The eco-friendly corrugated material the team decided to use is durable, lightweight, and breathable, ultimately making it the most obvious choice.

The second material that covers the center of the KATRIS Nest is made with felt, and the soft, but slightly textured material offers a soft place for cats to lay.

Below: How to Assemble the KATRIS Nest

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A modular dog leash that is actually pet-friendly

Unless you are a dog owner, you really don’t care about advancements in dog leash-design, and understandably so. For most of us, it’s just a lead that you hook your pet on, and take them out for a walk. In reality, dogs find leads very uncomfortable and folks like me melt when we have to maneuver them on the streets – it just feels very restraining. The Nestle Purina Lead is a modular lead that hopes to make the leash a lot more comfortable both the pet and the pet owner.

Crafted from stainless steel, the lead features a quick-release system, that allows you to open up the loop in a jiffy. Anchor it around a pole and then open the T connection or slide it along the rope, to increase or decrease the size of the loop.

This premium looking lead also comes with a running grip crafted from silicone molding, so that you can use it with ease when you run with your pet.

Designer: Sam Weise for Purina