A collar-based Motorola tracker that brings IoT and Smart Tech to your furry-friend!

I imagine that smart-gadgets for pets could just be a very hot category nobody’s picked up on. People are going to great lengths to deliver great care for their pets, so imagine being able to leverage smart-technology to make their life better? It has the potential to be massive!

This is the Motorola Activa, an IoT Device that sits on your dog’s collar. It uses a GPS sensor and a temperature sensor to help you know the whereabouts of your dog, and whether they’re feeling hot or cold. The Activa lets you track your pet’s location if they ever escape, and even gather information on how they’re feeling. Moreover, as a preventive measure, you can set up a geo-fence too, so when your pet does happen to wander outside its territory, you receive an instant notification alerting you of your pet’s whereabouts.

The Activa is a pretty basic approach to what IoT can do for pets, but imagine how far we could go. You could make phone calls and talk to your pets, capture their POV using an image-stabilized camera, and even play music to calm your pet down when they’re angry, anxious, or scared. The opportunities are limitless!

Designer: Sebastien Sauvage for Motorola Mobility LLC.

The Pebble Doorbell is exclusively made for your pets to ring!

The Pebble Doorbell arose out of a pretty interesting design brief. While you’d probably think the doorbell was made to give pets the ability to let you know they’re at your door, its starting point wasn’t quite that. The guys who made the Pebble Doorbell built it to combat a different problem. Scratched-up doors. Pets, by instinct, either claw at doors to let themselves in, or bark to get their owners’ attention. In the former, you’re left with a nicely polished wooden door that’s absolutely ravaged by claw abrasions. The Pebble Doorbell gives your pets a better way to communicate their presence, and gives your door some peace of mind!

Training pets to use the Pebble is pretty simple. The doorbell comes with a circular trigger surface that rings the bell when pressed gently. You can condition your pet to tap their nose on the surface by simply putting a treat in a crevice behind it. Do this once or twice and your dog links the pressing action to the sound. With further use, they’ll link the previous two to the opening of the door. Soon, your pet will possess the class and courtliness of a cultured individual who prefers to ring doorbells rather than claw their way into buildings!

Designer: Pebble

A showering station for our four-legged friends

Our four-legged friends deserve a life that is full of love, compassion and comfort, things that should come as second nature to any animal lover. Like humans, dogs love a bit of pampering sometimes, and that is exactly what this intriguing product offers! The Petstyler concept is an all-in-one, self-contained dog-shower that keeps our furry-friends looking perfect!

Contained within the waterproof housing is all the necessary components for a clean pet; the shower solution tank and mist injection gently cleans their fur, whilst the efficient drying function provides a complete, mess-free result. Whilst cleaning a dog can be a regular task, the decision was made to give the large device a more day-to-day use… this came in the form of a pet house; when not being used for cleaning, the sleek container becomes a stylish house for your dog, giving them a place to rest after a long, tiring day of adventure!

Designer: S2VICTOR Design Studio

Petdali’s pet wheelchair gives Lassie extra feet

I’ve had the good fortune of having pets at home, and during their growing years, I’ve seen their mischief getting them into trouble. One of my Alsatians was quite a perky guy and would love running and jumping the fences. On one occasion, I remember him injuring his hind leg and had to limp around for several weeks. Back in the days we didn’t have pet wheelchairs, and the one like Petdali’s pet wheelchair, would have been godsend. Although designed for pets with hind-leg disabilities, and with the ability to adapt to a growing pup, this pet wheelchair is not radically different than the ones we see in the market today, but is a refined version of them. The harness looks a lot easier to use and so it the construction of the back limbs straps. Comfort and adaptability being the key words here, I’m looking forward to seeing this in the market soon.

Designers: hs2 studio and Kim Hyunsoec for Petdali

This self-cleaning litter box is a flipping joy for the humans!

One of the undisputable downsides to having a house-cat is the need for a litter tray and everything that comes with it. The unenviable task of emptying the litter tray is a messy, odor-creating and inconvenient one can make you question the up-sides to being the carer of the fluffy creatures. Fresh Flip is here to change that… as it becomes the first litter box that can clean itself in just a matter of seconds!

The three-step process makes the undesirable process a breeze; simply flip the contents of the box into the strainer, remove the collected waste, and then flip the collected sand back into the litter box… it really is that simple! There are no fragile components, electricity-requiring motors or complex mechanisms to go wrong, just a simple, clever and user-friendly process that works in the real-world! If that wasn’t enough, it also features powerful deodorant that is automatically discharged to mask any unwanted smells… purr-fect!

Designer: Daniel Pearlman for Fresh Flip

Remove the anti tracking plate.

Flip the litter box to filter the cat’s sand.

Remove the strainer to get rid of your cat’s waste.

Flip back the clean litter.

A Lead for Style Conscious, First Time Dog Owners

Despite being a fundamental accessory for dog-owners, the extendable lead still carries significant flaws that impede on the safety of both the dog owner and their four-legged friend. Amble and its series of safety-addressing features offer a solution to these issues, whilst also carrying a form that elevates the appearance of what is conventionally a rather mundane product.

Amble increases safety by encouraging the user to be more engaged and aware of the location of their dog; a revised braking system operates in the opposite way to a conventional lead, as squeezing the trigger releases the break and forces the owner to be aware of where the dog is traveling. The tape itself also plays a significant role in increasing safety, through both the visual indicators of the pin striping, and the audible feedback as it passes through the ‘clicker’.

This, and more, is all housed within a compact and sophisticated form that is sure to grab the attention of passers-by.

Designer: James Hoare & Calum Marriott-Manning

The ideation process led to a substantial amount of sketches being created. Starting from initial thumbnail sketches and continuing through to in-depth development eventually saw Amble’s final form coming together. This was finalized through a combination of sketch modeling and rapid prototyping.

Starting from cardboard mock-ups and progressing through to more refined, 1:1 scale models, the ergonomics were continuously tested to ensure for a comfortable user- experience when using the device. 3D printing allowed for multiple iterations of the device to be created rapidly.

The Clicker mechanism, housed just before the tape exit point, provides audible-feedback on the leads movement; it is argued that extendable leads offer a degree of lack-of-control that is often caused by the user not understanding or realizing the distance that the dog has traveled away from them. The tape features folds which, when passed through the Clicker, make the user aware of the dog’s movement.

The tape has been split into three distinct sections that are identifiable by their colored pin-stripes. A bungee section is present at the end of the reel. Unlike traditional bungee leads, which can never offer a complete stop as the dog is still able to stretch the elastic, Amble allows for a harsh stop when braking, but a soft stop when the lead is fully extended, minimizing the risk of injury to both the owner and the dog.

The inner components have been carefully configured to use the space efficiently. The image above shows the Auto-Brake System; rather than pressing the trigger to set the brake, which is the case with traditional leads, Amble uses a revised trigger that releases the brake when pressed. This engages the user and makes them aware of how far their dog has traveled.

The clicking mechanism can be turned on/off using the only button on the facade of the device. This may be desirable as the user grows in confidence.

The subtle surface detailing indicates the hand position to the user, whilst creating a tactile surface.

The monochromatic color scheme leads to a sophisticated and instantly recognizable product that confidently stands out from its competitors. This, paired with its unique form, ensures for a product that will grab the attention of passers-by.

A Healthy Cat, Is a Happy Cat

Monitoring every aspect of our pet’s health is no easy feat… just keeping up with our four-legged friends can be a challenge in itself! However, you can tell a lot about a cat’s health from their intake of water, as changes in this can be warning signs for certain diseases. Existing water bowls may bring with them a series of additional health risks, such as scale deposition and hair sediment accumulation.

These problems have been eradicated with the rather ingenious TailTalk water dispenser! The built-in water purification system allows for the continues flow and circulation of water, eliminating water scale build-up, whilst four layers of filter remove any large particles from the water. All of this occurs whilst the Intelligent Water Quantity Monitoring System simultaneously tracks the intake of water; a gravity sensor that’s housed within the base of the device monitors the water volume, which is then clearly displayed on the side of the product!

Designer: Rice Mak