Your Pet Can Travel in True Comfort and Style!


For animal lovers, their pet can be their world and their pet’s comfort is quite often a top priority for them. One of the most stressful activities for animals is travelling due to the discomfort that is causes and the separation from their owner. The Aroma Pet Carrier aims to create a calmer environment through the introduction of clean, fresh air.

A ventilation system allows purified, fresh air to be introduced into the carrier, instantly creating a more pleasant environment. This clean air is then infused with the fresh and calming scent that is peppermint; this aroma reduces the nauseating feeling that comes with motion sickness, something that pets are prone to getting. A second aroma also flows into the cabin, the scent of soil; this natural fragrance relaxes the animal and reduces tension.

All of this is contained within a modern and rather elegant design, ensuring that the pet travels in true style!

Designer: Chi-eun Jang & PDF HAUS











A Bathtub for Our Four-legged Friends!

If you’ve ever had to endure the undesirable task of washing a dog, you will be familiar with the inevitable struggle that occurs each time. However, for some individuals it also brings with it significant levels of physical discomfort and pain that is caused by bending down for prolonged periods of time. This is the exact issue that designer, Seung Hyo Lee, identified, and the solution came in the form of Bath Cradle.

Bath Cradle essentially creates a bathtub, within a bathtub; the dog-specific bathtub is elevated slightly to reduce the distance that the user has to reach down, while also providing a comfortable place for the dog to sit.

The design also includes a second feature, a seat just for the user! Just like the doggy-bathtub, it too spans the width of the bath and rests on the top. It provides a comfortable place for the user to sit as it takes the strain off their legs.

Designer: Seung Hyo Lee




Home is Where the Paws Are

The cleverly designed “Κέρβερος” (don’t ask me how to say that) is a pet and pet owner’s dream! Perfect for traveling, the three-in-one design transforms from a cozy, open-air pet bed into an enclosed domicile in seconds. Simply pull on the cord and its unique folding construction will automatically snap into place. Zip up the mesh cover and voila. You’ve got a pet carrier you can take with you just about anywhere. Better yet, it can fold flat so you can store it away or pack it when you need! DO want!

Designer: Shih Wei En