One Wicked Sharp Smartphone


Bust out the plastic NOW because Prometheus is on its way and you’re not gonna want to miss 50% off the pre-order! It’s the latest smartphone from Brandeis and it even has me thinking that it’s time to ditch my iPhone.

Its super sharp aesthetics are Lambo-inspired. However extreme, that angular design is actually quite functional as far as ergonomics are concerned. Holding the screen feels natural and comfortable thanks to the narrow point at the bottom. How are you ever going to find a case for it? Don’t sweat it. It’s tough, durable, and features shatterproof Gorilla Glass!

As for the tech, it’s power-packed with an unbelievable amount of features including an innovative OCTA-LED flash that’s gonna help take INSANE selfies, a battery that charges to 50% in 15 minutes, a piezoelectric speaker system, and more! Get your pre-order HERE!

Designer: Barnabás Brandeis










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This Phone is Bananas

Bananas are a roughly phone shaped fruit that begs someone to hold it up and try to talk on it. If you want an actual banana phone, this is what you need. Its shaped like your favorite yellow fruit and connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It’s perfect for conducting all of your monkey business.

The Banana Phone has volume buttons and an answer and end call button as well. The mic is on the bottom and looks like a peeled banana, the speaker is on top. An LED indicator button shows connectivity. It can also activate Siri or Google Assistant. Features aside, what’s important is that it looks like a banana.

The Banana Phone is on Indiegogo and part of the proceeds to to Gearing Up 4 Gorillas, a charity supporting mountain gorillas. A single Banana Phone sells for $40 and includes stickers and a charger. Assuming they reach their funding goal, they should start shipping around September.

[via Laughing Squid]