I could totally go for this sturdy, collapsible paper bed

Just a mere 100mm thick when folded, the Extendable Flatpack Paper Bed is quite incredible for a few reasons. Made entirely from paper, the bed uses an accordion-style folding mechanism to allow the bed to extend and collapse when needed. The paper’s vertical layout gives it incredible strength, allowing it to easily take the weight of two people (up to 300 kilos, or 661 lbs) sleeping or sitting on it (the mattress helps distribute the pressure too). The bed’s foldable nature may give it the advantage of portability, but its foldable mattress allows it to also turn into a sofa and an ottoman stool when you need. Just fold the base and mattress along and you’ve got yourself a simple, sturdy seating device, with or without a backrest!

The bed’s corrugated cardboard construction allows it to be eco-friendly (paper’s quite recyclable, no?) as well as light. Weighing in at just a mere 14.5 kilograms (32 lbs), the Extendable Flatpack Paper Bed is probably the lightest bed (or even sofa) for its category. And it can literally slide behind your cupboard when not in use.

Designer: Pro Idee

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Twelve South made this discreet looking picture frame that also charges your phone

Turning a pleasant, memorable piece of home-decor into a useful product seems to be this year’s general consensus. Twelve South’s PowerPic is, outwardly, a photo frame, but it also happens to hide a wireless charger within it. The PowerPic sits on side tables, mantelpieces, workdesks, or coffee tables, and can hold any 5×7 photo of your choice within it. When not in use, the PowerPic is just another photo frame with a picture of your dog, parents, kids, siblings, or favorite artpiece. However, place your wireless-charging-compatible phone into the PowerPic’s thick-lipped frame and your phone instantly begins charging. Twelve South even went the distance by programming your phone’s screen to stay awake and display your wallpaper while charging, so your photo frame doesn’t get covered by a blank, black smartphone. The frame even uses authentic black or white New Zealand pine to look absolutely dapper, and conceals all unnecessary wires and cables into the photo frame’s footstand at the back. The things people think of these days!

Designer: Twelve South

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Apple made the AirPods, Pitaka made them better!

The AirPods are pretty great the way they are, but ask any designer and they’ll say that they could be much more. Ask designer Tang Gan of Pitaka and he’ll straight up tell you that the AirPods should A. Wirelessly charge, B. Have a longer battery life, and C. Not be so difficult to find inside a backpack. Combine those three insights and you get yourself the AirPodPal, an attachment that augments the abilities of the AirPods… or as Tang says, “Makes your AirPods easier to carry, charge & find”.

Designed as a neat looking carbon fiber bodied module that attaches directly to the base of your Airpod case, the AirPodPal gives your favorite earphones wireless charging abilities… a much-needed upgrade, considering the iPhone and Apple Watch both support wireless charging. Its slender body also happens to house a 1200 mAh battery which not only extends the life of your AirPods by three whole days, but also serves as an emergency power bank for your smartphone, proverbially knocking two birds with a single stone.

The AirPodPal comes housed in a sturdy carbon fiber body, giving it a visual contrast when plugged into the white plastic AirPod case. The carbon fiber makes the AirPodPal both lightweight and resilient at the same time, because after all, it needs to be as portable and sturdy as the AirPods themselves (you can conversely opt for the AirPodPal Essential, which comes with a PolyCarbonate plastic body). Snapping the AirPodPal onto your AirPod case does double its length, but not without reason. Tang justifies this increase, saying that the volume increase makes the AirPods easier to spot in a backpack “without compromising on portability”. The module comes with the same width and depth as the AirPods, still allowing it to slide into most pockets, and it even comes with a built-in clip to securely fasten it to your clothes, belt, or your backpack straps while on the go. It also means you don’t need to carry a separate power bank on you!

Designer: Tang Gan of Pitaka

Click Here To Buy Now: $29 $49 (42% off). Hurry, limited stocks for Early Bird!

AirPodPal– Makes Your AirPods Easier to Carry, Charge & Find! They are the world’s most powerful AirPods wireless charging case with power bank inbuilt. The anti-lost design and easy to carry.

AirPodPal is designed to make your AirPods easier to use. It extends the possibilities of your AirPods: making them safer to carry anywhere, switching the wired charging to wireless charging, and increasing the battery life to one whole week.

Not only does it improve your AirPods, AirPodPal also doubles up as an emergency phone charger.

The metal belt clip keeps your AirPods safe, and allows you to access or find the AirPods easily.

Now getting the headphones out of your bag becomes easier than ever before, thanks to AirPodPal.

AirPodPal charge your AirPods case and can also act as an emergency power bank for your phone or other devices.

AirPodPal is also your EDCP – Everyday Carry Power Bank.

Crafted from high-end materials, AirPodPal’s premium carbon fiber cover also provides the military-grade protection and has no interferences with the wireless charging, protecting your AirPods.

How to use the AirPodPal.

Click Here To Buy Now: $29 $49 (42% off). Hurry, limited stocks for Super Early Bird!

The ProCarSaver is your car’s very own black-box

The Black Box plays a very important role in every aircraft. Given how complex (and incredibly expensive) aircrafts are, even a small malfunction can have large ramifications, causing everlasting losses and damages. The function of this black box is to gather every single bit of data during the flight and comprehensively present it to anyone surveying the data to see where the malfunction occurred. This black box helps engineers and technicians understand exactly where the malfunction occurred, and help them take measures to make sure something of the same nature never happens again.

Think of the ProCarSaver as your four-wheeler’s black box. Sitting inside your automobile (in the OBD2 port located beneath the car dashboard), the ProCarSaver measures energy consumption broken down by car operation, and can then categorically document a malfunction. While car dashcams can record events unfolding, like an unfortunate collision, they don’t give an internal view of your car during the time of the accident. The ProCarSaver can provide an insight into what truly was the source of the problem. Whether it was a brake-failure, an engine malfunction causing sudden unintended acceleration, or improper airbag deployment, the ProCarSaver provides that chronological data to technicians to help them ascertain whether the accident was caused by a technical snag or human error.

The data provided by the ProCarSaver can ultimately aid in recovering insurances as a result of these malfunctions. The ProCarSaver comes with a gyro-sensor that can detect accidents or collisions. When it does, it automatically saves data from 30 seconds before the collision, and 60 seconds after the collision. Beyond the occurrence of an accident, ProCarSaver can also detect airbag deployment and car speed. All the data captured by the ProCarSaver can easily be accessed and viewed on your smartphone. It keeps records of your last 9 trips, also allowing you, the driver, to take a look at your driving habits and fuel economy, enabling you to become a better and more conscientious driver, so that your car (and even its passengers, ultimately) stays healthy for longer!

Designer: BLUECAL

Click Here To Buy Now: $69 $115 (40% off). Super Early Bird – Limited Time Offer.

Think of the ProCarSaver as your four-wheeler’s black box. It records the car function abnormality, in the event of sudden unintended acceleration or accident.

With full vehicle diagnostics stored automatically to the ProCarSaver connector, both optimized car management and accident analysis can be confirmed through the companion application. The data provided by the ProCarSaver can ultimately aid in recovering insurances as a result of these malfunctions.

Until now, drivers had no way to prove vehicle fault, including unintended acceleration or airbag malfunction. ProCarSaver can act as your witness in these sudden emergencies.

The ProCarSaver comes with a gyro-sensor that can detect accidents or collisions.

In the event of any crash, ProCarSaver will automatically save a record of 30 seconds prior and after (60 seconds total).

ProCarSaver Core Functions:

Sudden Unintended Acceleration Detection. The unit can detect sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) and save driving status information before and after a unintended acceleration, and upload it to the app easily.

Accident Detection. The unit can detect a car accident and store the car driving information before and after the accident and upload it to the app easily.

Real-time Energy Consumption Display. The unit shows real-time energy consumption for each element from engine to vehicle wheels such as engine loss, transmission loss, acceleration loss, air resistance loss, tire rolling loss, etc.

Car Malfunction Code Diagnosis. You can view the vehicle malfunction codes for the engine and transmission, chassis, and body.

ProCarSaver can be easily attached to any OBD2 port located beneath the car dashboard.

ProCarSaver is currently only available with Android apps.

ProCarSaver keeps records of your last 9 trips, also allowing you, the driver, to take a look at your driving habits and fuel economy, enabling you to become a better and more conscientious driver.

Click Here To Buy Now: $69 $115 (40% off). Super Early Bird – Limited Time Offer.

Flectr’s Award-winning bike-reflectors are back with color variants!

You may remember the FLECTR 360 OMNI from last year. The German Design Award and Eurobike 2018 Award-winning sticker promised to make bicycling safer without any extra effort than installing these film-based, adhesive reflectors on your bicycle rim. Using a microprismatic film, these stickers reflect ambient light in all directions with full intensity, making them instantly visible. Just attach them on the rims of your bike and they enhance your visibility manifold, making your otherwise silent and unsuspecting bicycle immediately noticeable to pedestrians and oncoming traffic in low light conditions.

The FLECTR 360 CL now comes back in a set of colors. With a wide variety to choose from, the FLECTR 360 CL comes in colors like yellow, amber, red, blue, and even daylight black, which reflects silver in the dark, and becomes a regular discreet sticker at other times. The reflectors come pre-cut and can be further trimmed down with the help of backside cutting aids, allowing them to fit universally on all bicycles. The stickers come in a pair of two for each wheel, maximizing reflection and ultimately visibility.

The FLECTR 360 CL’s ultimate design brief remains to continuously make bike riding safer in low-light conditions. The reflectors work without needing a power supply or source, relying on the scattering of light to emit a powerful glow. Weighing a mere 2 grams, the reflectors also make sure that they don’t affect the bike’s performance or aerodynamics, but in turn provide high visibility, drastically cutting down low-light bicycle accidents.

Designers: Kai Wiehagen & Jorg Neugebauer

Click Here To Buy Now: $27 $29. Early Bird Special Re-opened Exclusive for Yanko Design Readers. Hurry! Sale Closes in 48 Hours!


The award-winning FLECTR 360 (the only 360 degree reflector that also features highly reflective microprismatic design) is now in eight vibrant colors and new comfort features on top.


FLECTR 360 CL is the first line of defense for your night ride. This reflector wraps razor-thin around your rims and from wherever car headlights are approaching, it grabs the driver’s attention. All around, without exception.

Many cyclists do without reflectors for aesthetic reasons, but you can now ride safer and choose what suits your beloved bike best. The design makes the difference; total visibility from any viewing perspective.


Choose from unicolored, colorfully mixed or in the proven highly reflective silver color.


From left to right: Silver (high microprismatic reflection), Amber (high microprismatic reflection), Citrus Yellow (standard reflection), Azure Blue (standard reflection), Orange (standard reflection), Ruby (standard reflection), White-silver (standard reflection) and Daylight Black (standard reflection / reflecting silver in the dark).


FLECTR 360 CL is the only wheel reflector with 360 degree visibility for bicycles, which overlaps the rim vertex twice and doubles the reflective effectiveness by its form factor. The two-piece FLECTR 360 CL overlaps the rim vertex and guarantees double gapless reflection.


FLECTR 360 CL comes with an enhanced adhesive for better repositioning during application. It is also equipped with an optimized rear cutting aid for easy size adaptation.


Installing FLECTR 360 CL is also very easy!


FLECTR 360 CL fits almost every rim with its protected and registered design and is made from 3D formable custom films. No wrinkling or lifting-off. It offers a reliable bond and a dirt-repellent surface.

Reflectors have an advantage over electric lighting – they do not require maintenance and are still there for you even if your lighting fails. But both, reflectors and bicycle lighting form a system and should always be used together.



Click Here To Buy Now: $27 $29. Early Bird Special Re-opened Exclusive for Yanko Design Readers. Hurry! Sale Closes in 48 Hours!

YD Talks: Should I follow my passion? Or the paycheck?

The irony of me being an Asian posing this question doesn’t escape me. I fully get that I’m absolutely following the cliche here, but let’s stop and really think about it. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this too at some point of time. Do I continue doing what I love, if it doesn’t pay me much? Or do I do something that I absolutely dislike, but feels more stable?


Let’s just dive right into the topic and get to the point I’d like to make, and that Chris Do (in the video above) makes too. Chris says “If you don’t feel it in your bones, don’t waste your time. I know people who pursued money, who aren’t happy… and who aren’t rich”. Here’s a secret that most people won’t tell you: You’re not presented with a choice. You’re presented with the illusion of choice… Passion/love, and money/stability. You can choose to do something you love… but you can’t really choose how much money you make. The amount you earn isn’t entirely within your control, but the ability to do something you truly enjoy, is. Your pay-package is controlled by external forces. Passion for what you do, is completely internal.
(And everything is linked to one big parameter. Effort. More on it below!)


Here’s a scenario. You’re a passionate designer who sketches every day. Follows Ted Nugent on Instagram, participates in the Render Weekly challenges and is always on the lookout for Esben Oxholm’s Keyshot videos, or Sam Gwilt’s sketching tutorials. Your dream is to work as an industrial designer in one of the world’s most reputed design studios, but on the other hand, there are a tonne of UI UX jobs available that pay a lot and provide a comfortable life. The flipside is that somewhere, there’s someone who’s equally passionate about Web Design. They’re on Dribbble, always updated with everything UI/UX, and dreams of being a top-notch UI/UX designer. What’s worth noting is that if you’re pitted against them, there’s a massive chance that they’ll outgrow you professionally. UI/UX is your backup plan, but it’s their passion. They’re constantly bettering themselves, going for conferences, learning the latest tricks, staying up to date with all the news that makes them better in their field, whereas you’re doing it for the paycheck. You see the big flaw there? If you’re not passionate about it, you’re not going to put in the effort it takes to be the best, and to subsequently earn the most.

There’s a video out there (quite oddly titled “Don’t follow your passion”) by Mark Cuban where Cuban’s words somewhere after the 20-second mark go something like this, “The things I ended up being really good at, were the things I found myself putting effort into”. Cuban, although outwardly ‘against following one’s passion’ ends up making the point everyone is trying to make. The things you find yourself putting the time and effort into, are the things you become really good at. And nobody quits something they’re good at, because people inherently always crave, and enjoy being the best at something. That’s ultimately passion, right?

The moral really is that you can’t choose to make big money off of doing something you don’t enjoy. That isn’t a sustainable business model, because ultimately, it isn’t something you want to do! You can, however, choose to do something you love. Something you look forward to doing everyday. Something you’ll eventually get better and better at because you’re putting in the effort… because you want to!

Video Credits: Chris Do | The Futur

The Tanuki Ninja fly-fishing rod brings the ancient Japanese art to the mainstream

Tenkara, or Japanese fly-fishing borders on pure artistry. You don’t reel a line out or reel a fish in. You rely purely on physics, mechanics, handwork, and an understanding of your gear. Just a rod, a line, and some artificial fly lure, or ‘kebari’ as the Japanese call it, and you’re set to go.

Designer and Engineer Luong Tam has devoted a significant part of his life to this hobby of his, turning it into a profession of sorts. The creator behind the Tanuki Tenkara fishing rods, Tam makes some of the most sophisticated fly-fishing rods in the business, relying on tradition as well as advanced material sciences, to make his rods lighter, stronger, and better.

The Tanuki Ninja is Tam’s best one yet. Designed to be telescopic, the rod folds into itself, becoming a mere 59cm (23 inches) when closed, and turns into a rod that’s at a glorious full length of 350cm (11 and a half feet). Tam’s rods also use a special Japanese Toray high modulus carbon fiber that allows the Tanuki Ninja rods to be incredibly resilient, bending into a 180° arc under stress without a sweat. The material also allows the Ninja to weigh a mere 63 grams (2.2 ounces), making it possibly the world’s lightest fly-fishing rod ever built. It packs an EVA foam grip at its base too, to make working the rod easier and more comfortable.

The Tanuki Ninja comes in its foldable, easy to carry avatar, along with two lines: a high-visibility floating line, and a lighter, stronger fluorocarbon line. Built for recreational as well as professional use, the Tanuki Ninja brings the joy and the centuries-old art form of Japanese Tenkara Fly Fishing into the mainstream.

Designer: Luong Tam

Click Here To Buy Now: $140 $240 (40% off). Hurry less than 4 days left!


The Tanuki Ninja-Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod makes fly fishing more fun and more effective in catching fish due to its extreme flexibility and sensitivity.

The flexibility of the rod helps cast a very fine line without much effort and the sensitivity gives the fisher additional indicator to detect a fish bite in deep water. Tanuki Ninja makes casting with a very fine line truly effortless.


The rod is super light, it weights about 2.2 oz or 63 grams. It is possibly the world lightest tenkara rod.


Keep the wrist vertical, tip section bend not the rod, and relax holding the grip. Cast with speed and no force because the line is very light and the rod tip is very flexible. It is a continuous casting without pause on backcast because the line is too line and short, there is no mass on the line.

Dry Fly Manipulation

Let’s dive into the technicals below. Fishing rod action is a combination of Power Flex and Casting Flex.


Rod PowerFlex

Power Flex is defined by line weight or lure weight. To define power flex, rod maker hang a weight on the tip of the rod, to find out how much weight for a rod bend down to a third of the rod. More weight means heavier line. Tenkara rod is new and the line is so fine, there is no standard for it.


Rod Action Flex

Casting Flex is defined by Fast, Medium and Slow. The rod bend close to the tip will be faster. When it is casted, the air resistance bends the rod.


Tenkara Line Comparison

– Monofilament is best for keeping the line above water, or sink fast for nymphing but low visibility.
– Furled Line is easiest to cast with but it absorbs water, fixed – length and easy to get tangle.
– Tanuki Floating Line is a high quality floating line. It is in between monofilament and furled line. It is a Hi-Vis, light, water resistant and no memory.


Big Fish Landing

Bring the fish closer to surface water if you can.


Click Here To Buy Now: $140 $240 (40% off). Hurry only 11 units and 4 days left!

An ambient-music-playing ambient light

Now this is a purely personal opinion so don’t @ me, but when I think of a good smart-light or a good smart-speaker, I’m thinking of a product that’s ingenious and creative, not internet-connected. I personally think Alexa-enabled speakers are great, but they’re not something I’d own. I don’t need myself a speaker or a camera in my house that spies on every single thing I do or say in the interest of ‘internet connectivity’ and convenience. I’m saying, if I want to play a song, I’ll play a song. If I want to switch my lights on, I’ll use a switch, not run my voice commands through an off-shore server.

So what’s my definition of a smart-speaker then, you ask? Oh, just a speaker that’s more useful than most, but doesn’t keep detailed logs of all my conversations. Or a smart-light is a light that does much more than light up, but also doesn’t spy on me. The Dal light is that kind of smart. It’s smart to look at, it’s a great light, and it’s also a speaker. Designed in a way to give you the best of both worlds (I mean best because it’s a dapper ring-light and a pretty high-end audio playback device).

Shaped like a large 15.7-inch wide ring, the Dal casts a beautiful ambient halo in the room. Designed in a way that can be suspended or even used as a floor lamp, the Dal’s dimmable ring light adds flair to spaces. Its design is almost minimal-chandelier like, so it doesn’t need to be diffused or hidden behind a lampshade. The light physically looks great in most spaces. The ring-light also works great because it provides space for a high-end speaker to sit right in its center. This 2.3-inch wide cylindrical column packs a 10W speaker with a passive radiator and also a ‘sound shower’ that basks the space in light waves and sound waves alike. The Dal comes with a remote that controls the light as well as the speaker’s Bluetooth connection. The halo-light comes with a dimmable setting and can even be temperature controlled to go from warm to cool white lighting. The centrally-located speaker connects to your playback device via Bluetooth, working as a high-end wireless speaker that plays music from your phone, iPad, or any other Bluetooth-enabled playback device.

Designed to be placed anywhere in your house, the Dal can be placed either in a vertical floor-lamp setup, or be suspended from the ceiling. An ideal light for spaces that usually see a lot of activity or time spent, the Dal can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, or even in the living-room area, giving you not just a light, but also a speaker too. With a remote control and a Bluetooth audio playback connection, the Dal isn’t what the techies in Silicon Valley may term as ‘Smart’, but it looks great, is made to sound incredible, and transforms empty, silent rooms into well-lit, musical spaces.

Designer: Jay Lee

Click Here To Buy Now: $475 $999 (50% off).


Merging sound with lights, Dal is the first “Sound Shower” that envelopes you in music and light, as a fully integrated home system and ‘showers’ you with bliss.


If you want to blend music and light within every aspect of your home life, then Dal is exactly what you need. You can harmonize music, lighting, and atmosphere.

Featuring the perfect fusion between top class home lighting and acoustics. It allows you to incorporate Background Music (BGM; just like Original Sound Track in movies) into all elements of your life.






A seamless, anodized aluminum unibody construction (just like Apple MacBook Pro) gives the Dal a refined finish that’s perfect for any room. Elegant simplicity. Just plug & play.


Grab a remote to turn on/off the lights, play, pause or skip tracks. Adjust your sights and sounds to your preference. Sync and Pairing control your Dal right from your mobile device.


Magnetically attaches to its holder.





Designed to be placed anywhere in your house, the Dal can be placed either in a vertical floor-lamp setup, or be suspended from the ceiling. An ideal light for spaces that usually see a lot of activity or time spent, the Dal can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, or even in the living-room area, giving you not just a light, but also a speaker too.




Click Here To Buy Now: $475 $999 (50% off). Early Bird Special For Limited Time.

Re:ease doesn’t organize your desk. It redesigns it.

Here’s my desk scenario. I have a pencil holder from Amazon, a stapler from Maped, a hole-punch from Kangaro, and an off-brand planter with a mini succulent in it. It’s a collection of products I love individually, but combine them together and they end up making my workspace look like there’s a whole lot going on. That’s where the problem lies. Desk items aren’t always designed to be a part of a family. They’re just made to be good products that look wonderful on shelves, and perform well enough for you to not have any complaints… and often become a decorative element in your overhead #workspace photo on Instagram.

Marc Stueber recognized that this mild annoyance wasn’t just visual. It ended up reflecting his mindset and affecting his productivity. The stationery on his desk, even though hardly used in a paper-and-pen-less world, were necessary at some times, and a hindrance at others. This led him to develop a more concise, well-organized family of products that would sit on his work-desk. Each product followed a similar design language, and looked good too. Together, these products would form an organized block on the workspace, clearing it of all the clutter, and making you feel much more positive and productive.

Re:ease channels a minimal Scandinavian/Nordic design, with its use of wood and white, and of geometric shapes that come together perfectly. A modular block of all your office necessities, the Re:ease features hole-punch, sharpener, stapler, tape-dispenser, planter, a charging dock for your smartphone, and a rather well-organized pen-stand that holds pens, pencils, highlighters, and notes, all in individual slots. All these elements look great individually, but more importantly, come together on the same workspace to create a clean, modular unit that gives you all the functionality you need without the visual clutter. Moreover, each unit even boasts of a magnetic base that lets them snap together to form arrangements that suit your needs, and ultimately the clean, organized workspace that YOU want to build.

Designers: Marc Stueber & Laurent Hartmann

Click Here To Buy Now: $109 $169 (35% off). Hurry only 3 left in Super Early Bird!


Re:ease is a Modular Desk Organizer with 11 features. This all-in-one workspace organizer comes with a wireless charger and all essentials to stay organized and productive.


Re:ease wants to “release” your desk from all unnecessary stuff and motivate you to only have those items at your workspace that you really need.


With a beautiful and simple design Re:ease adds into every existing workspace and delivers all the redesigned office tools you need for your everyday work.


Working at a disorganized workspace also creates a disorganized headspace. Re:ease channels a minimal Scandinavian/Nordic design, with its use of wood and white, and of geometric shapes that come together perfectly.


Re:ease Features Include:

Wireless phone charger.

Small magnets make sure everything stays in place and allows you to combine all modules into one beautiful work station.

Pen, Note and Business Card Holder.



Plant Pot.



Choose from locally grown ash wood or hand crafted concrete.

Re:ease package.




Click Here To Buy Now: $109 $169 (35% off). Hurry only 3 left in Super Early Bird!

The ZIN18 Reborn Clock brings skilled artisanship back to technology

This year is, for all intents and purposes, the year of the retro wave. The Moto Razr is relaunching, Disney is practically remaking all their glorious movies, and nixie tubes may just be making a full comeback too!

The use of Nixie tubes dates back to the 50s, being used as light-up numeric indicators in various technical equipments. These tubes were hand-crafted, and required a great deal of technical expertise to manufacture. Needless to say, the tubes were soon replaced by flipboard displays, and then eventually pixels. The Nixie Tube still remains a lovable piece of technology that is reminiscent of a time when things were made by hand, and adored for its steampunk aesthetic.

The ZIN18 Reborn Clock is a modern-day throwback to that time. Designed by the designers and craftsmen at Millclock Company, the ZIN18 Reborn is a six-tube clock that features Millclock Company’s ZIN18 nixie tubes. These tubes are crafted entirely by hand, and use better materials and manufacturing processes than the tubes made half a century ago. They also run on incredibly low energy.

A delightful combination of old and new, the ZIN18 Reborn Clock does a hat-tip to the 70-year-old nixie technology while remaining a pretty sophisticated clock in its own right. It can be controlled via a smartphone app, and even features a touch-sensitive control panel to set the time. The clock has the ability to synchronize its timekeeping via the internet, and even features an alarm! The ZIN18 Reborn clock comes with a polished metal base and 6 individual nixie tubes that can be fitted into their individual housings. To protect these tubes from dislodging, or any accidental nudging, the clock comes with a glass hood that encases all six tubes, giving you a clear view of the time while also indicating the precious quality of these expertly handcrafted tubes.

Nixie tubes today are hard to find, given that nobody mass-produces them anymore, especially since they’re incredibly difficult to manufacture and require a skilled hand. Determined to bring this heartwarming piece of technology back, Millclock Company is working to evolve the craft, resulting in tubes that are stronger, safer, and have a lifespan of as long as 20 years of continuous usage. The ZIN18 tubes boast of the craftsmanship one would expect from a jeweler or a watchmaker, and the company also plans to make these tubes readily available to hobbyists and designers who want to use these tubes for their own projects in the future.

Designer: Millclock Company

Click Here to Buy Now: $97


ZIN18 is a modernized and most compact Nixie tube that has been produced. These tubes are crafted entirely by hand, and use better materials and manufacturing processes than the tubes made half a century ago. They also run on incredibly low energy. The Reborn ZIN18 Nixie clock works for about 20 years or 200.000 hours of uninterrupted time-telling, 24/7.

Determined to bring this heartwarming piece of technology back, Millclock Company is working to evolve the craft, resulting in tubes that are stronger, safer, and have a lifespan of as long as 20 years of continuous usage.


Conceptually, the name ZIN is a blend of the Z class and IN class Nixie tubes. The design of transformation of two classes into one new variety took us profound research and hard work.


The Millclock team modernized a beautiful base that is used in the Z class lamps. Then, they elongated a small IN18 Nixie tube, by only 44mm and mount it on the base.


The team manually assembles 47 best quality components of the envelope. Then, they create the glass tube and the thread in special machines and put the whole piece in the “ovens” with temperatures more than 600 degrees Celsius. Next, the team anneal’s it and infuses the mixture of pure gasses, and finally test it on the stand. This process results in a highly strengthened glass of the tube and leak-free seal at the bottom part of the lamp. And those are the two main check points of the tube’s long service time.


Reborn ZIN18 tubes are available with three varieties of bases to meet your aesthetic vision in projects making: polished aluminum, black anodized and sand blasted aluminum.


In ZIN18, the cathode digits can be easily programmed to show exact time and other valuable data. The digits can run diverse visual effects. They can slowly slide or quickly switch with adjustable speed that looks phantasmagorical, especially in the dark premises.


To create a mood-light effect at home, you can switch on the under lighting. The software allows for a vast range of colors and visual effects of under lighting that can create any mood in your home – party, romantic or relaxing.

ZIN18 Nixie clock works via Android and Apple iOS, it also supports censor communication through the embedded touch pad.

The manufacturing of this beautiful nixie equals to art-making, as making mechanical clocks, perfume, or gem jewelry. The process is quite intricate but mesmerizing and has the following milestones.



Click Here to Buy Now: $97