The World’s Fastest Tripod is Also One of the World’s Smallest

Believe it or not, I’m a little surprised that tripods have existed for millennia, and has been synonymous with photography for over a century, but the Lumapod hasn’t existed for over a couple of weeks. A small, powerful device, the Lumapod scales down the tripod to a third of the space when closed, but retains its functionality and height when opened.

Literally the size of a collapsed selfie stick, the Lumapod comes with 3 incredibly small legs and a long pole that’s fortified by three Kevlar wires that keep the tripod upright. This arrangement not only allows the Lumapod to collapse down to an extremely tiny form factor, it also makes setting the tripod up easier and dramatically faster.

As a profession or a hobby, photography is always highly time critical. The amount of time it takes for you to set your gear up can often cost you that perfect shot. The Lumapod’s design brings the tripod setup time from minutes to a mere 4 seconds, even verbally simplifying the process to three words. Twist, pull, set. Lumapod’s aluminum frame is both light and sturdy, and the Kevlar cords hold the tripod up using tensile strength. A ball and socket joint allows you to position the camera at any angle you want, while the inherently convenient design allows the Lumapod to be used as both a selfie stick as well as a conventional tripod, making it the perfect accessory to your smartphone, action cam, and even your professional shooter!

Designer: Martin Grabner

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Lumapod is the world’s fastest tripod for smartphone, GoPro, Mirrorless and DSLR cameras, designed for speed and ultra-portability. Never leave your tripod behind again.

A quick and simple setup will empower you to take full advantage of every photo opportunity… 4 seconds and you’re ready to go.


On the right is the Go85 (85cm height). The Go85 was designed to be as compact and lightweight as humanly possible without compromising on quality or performance. The result is a perfect travel buddy for your smartphone, GoPro and cameras that weigh up to 1kg / 2.2lbs. It is also equipped with integrated terrain levelers to accommodate for those situations with uneven ground.

On the left is the Go120 (120cm height). Go120 has all the benefits of Go85 but with an overall larger height and build that will support cameras that weigh up to 2kg /4.4lbs

In addition, Go120 has modular leg extensions which creates a wide-range of possibilities for adaptability.





Lumapod is extremely adaptable (use it with your smartphone, GoPro, mirrorless, DSLR and more). Easily use it to snap a selfie and then quickly set it down to capture a self-portrait. Either way you can always be in the shot.


Lumapod is specifically designed to be brought on all your adventures.



They carefully selected premium materials like high-grade aluminum and kevlar ropes to ensure reliable stability.


There is a simple mechanical principle behind the Lumapod designs: replace compression parts (traditional legs) with tensioning components (Kevlar Ropes). Perhaps it’s easier to understand when compared to something everyone knows:


Much like how the mast on a sailboat withstands wind with its tensioned ropes, they use the same theory to achieve stability. It’s no rocket science but the key to their design is being able to lock and tension Lumapod in any position.


Lumapod’s stability isn’t just by luck. They did extensive research and testing to measure the vibrations and damping of many tripods. Their electro-mechanical test setup enabled us to optimize Lumapod and ensure it is as stable as possible.


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Porsche Design x Huawei breathe a new life into smartphone Aesthetics

I’ve been rather verbose in my appreciation of Huawei’s experimentation with smartphone aesthetics. First came the stunning metallic gradients, then came the Mate 20, with its unique square shaped 3-lens-plus-flash arrangement, and a metallic gradient that was even richer than before. Porsche Design put a spin on this particular model in Huawei’s line-up, and the Mate 20 RS was born.

The Mate 20 RS is worth talking about because it’s no secret that smartphones are looking almost eerily similar nowadays. An industry that once prided itself in some wildly designed phones that went on to become icons of their times (the Moto Razr and Nokia N.Gage come to mind) is now filled with an eerily similar suspect line-up of phones, where the user literally spends hours trying to tell apart phones and sort the good from the bad. In getting Porsche Design on board, Huawei doesn’t just push the envelope, it also shows that smartphone companies should, once in a while, look outside their hardware design teams to work on aesthetics and detailing (take Philippe Starck’s Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 for instance). Porsche Design’s reinterpretation of the Huawei Mate 20 RS involves a leather and glass construction. With leather on two sides, you’ve got a phone that is great to grip and doesn’t slip easily off your palms. The glass strip running across the center forms a canvas for reflections and highlights to give the phone its mirror-finish appeal. It also looks like a racing stripe, giving the phone a sportscar vibe. Lastly, the presence of the glass strip allows the phone to charge wirelessly (at breakneck speeds of 70% in half an hour) too.

The Mate 20 RS makes a great case for getting product and industrial design studios and professionals (with interdisciplinary experience) on board to design smartphones, possibly making them stand out again, and ushering in the second golden era of mobile phone design!

Designers: Huawei & Porsche Design.







The SNO Quite Literally Reinvents the Christmas Light

The SNO Tree quite literally reinvents the Christmas light by not being a light you put on a Christmas tree, and instead being a Christmas tree shaped light! Its warm, soft, familiar aesthetic appeal comes from the Doolight we’ve spoken a great deal about in the past.

The SNO Tree is an ambient tabletop lamp that comes with a soft glow, courtesy the soft silicone, tree-shaped lampshade around an LED light that emits its warm glow. Fun, playful, and a perfect lamp to show your love for the Yuletide festivities, the Sno Tree gives you a warm, fuzzy Christmassy feeling when switched on! If you’re looking for something less seasonal, the SNO Heart adds a dash of love and warmth to your ambience.

The lights come powered by lithium-ion batteries that get charged via MicroUSB. Switching the light on is as simple as tapping its capacitive-touch-enabled base. Tapping it multiple times lets you toggle through its brightness settings, and a long press puts it back to sleep. Both the Tree and Heart variants come in simple and smart varieties. The simple lamp variants work purely via the touch panel on the base, while the smart variants come with a partner app that lets you toggle the light’s features via your smartphone.

Coming from the creators of the Doolight, the SNO boasts of the same quality of construction and begins shipping before Christmas!

Designer: Doosan Baek

Click here to Buy Now: $49.00


SNO Tree is the world’s first smart and portable X-mas tree!


Turn on/off and change the brightness. Set the timer and you are free to fall asleep.


Take your Christmas anywhere!


SNO works with a simple touch. Light tapping wakes the light up and changes the brightness. A longer touch puts the light to sleep.


Single control. Doolight APP is beyond just a remote control. The intuitive graphic interface requires no time to learn. You can control multi-units at the same time.



Click here to Buy Now: $49.00

With 4 cameras, the Galaxy A9 wants to be the best mid-range smartphone


With Pixel’s launch just two days back, it’s pretty evident that the war for phone cameras is clearly between two brands. Apple and Google. As much as other brands like Huawei, Samsung, Oneplus, and Motorola try, they really don’t stand a chance of becoming a mainstream favorite, so Samsung has its sights on a completely different user base. Its Galaxy A series is a flagship in its own category. Meant for the mid-range tier, the A Series in a good phone that often loses the battle to Oneplus, or to Xiaomi’s newly launched brand, Pocophone. Samsung hopes to change that with the Galaxy A9, a phone with not one, not two, not even three, but rather four cameras!

The A9’s four cameras all have their own purposes. They don’t work in unison, like other phones with dual cameras. There’s one 120° wide-angle lens for landscapes, one telephoto lens for crisp portraits and zoomed shots (with 2x optical zoom), a 24 megapixel main camera for your more demanding shots (especially low light ones), and a separate depth camera for calculating distances between foreground and background, so as to apply an effective lens blur, a feature that phones are increasingly pushing for.

While the phone isn’t technically a mid-range phone, given it’s priced at roughly $725, it’s worth noting that Samsung is now bringing the battle to mid-range companies like Oneplus (who’s phones start at $530), in hopes to overthrow the competition back at home in the east. Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh said, “In the past, I brought the new technology and differentiation to the flagship model and then moved to the mid-end. But I have changed my strategy this year to bring technology and differentiation points starting from the mid-end.”

The Galaxy A9 comes with 6GB of RAM, a 3,800mAh battery, 128GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot that supports up to 512GB of extra storage, a 6.3-inch Full HD+ display, and… wait for it… a 3.5mm headphone jack! For $725, that’s quite a good feature list, especially if the camera matches up to Samsung flagship standards!

Designer: Samsung





The Novem Watch Shows Us You Can be Traditional yet Refreshingly Unique

We’ve covered our fair share of watches at YD, and as a design website, a lot of it doesn’t boil down to feature lists, but to how the watch aesthetically presents those features… because regardless of how good a watch is, it only connects to its users through aesthetics and emotional design.

The Novem, a moon phase watch, puts a twist on contemporary styling and tradition with its asymmetric dial, unconventional body (which looks like a combination of circular and rectangular), and mesmeric concentric circular watch-face design. A pleasure to wear and look at as light bounces off the dial and the watch’s body, the Novem tells the time, indicates the phases of the moon, and comes with two additional subdials that tell the date and month.

The Novem comes with a 706.3 Ronda movement encased in a 316L Stainless Steel case. An enlarged crown lets you change the time, while the case’s shape itself conceals hidden pushers that let you adjust the date and time. The shape of the case also attracts one’s attention with its unconventional circular yet edgy form… only to be complemented by the watch’s face, which makes use of tightly packed circular patterns that give it a moire-ish effect, making it quite literally hypnotic.

Aside from its uniquely striking design, the Novem comes with a pure sapphire glass cover that protects the watch from accidental scratches as well as gives it waterproofing of up to 5 ATM. Available in a variety of colors that explore traditional combinations like black, gold, and white (along with its ridgeback Italian leather straps), the Novem does a fine job of walking the line between classic and individualistic!

Designer: Alexis Holm

Click here to Buy Now: $238 $380 (38% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!


The SQ39 Novem is a 40mm Swiss powered moon phase Chronograph with an inimitable silhouette.


The inspiration. Novem, Latin for the number 9 refers here to the 9 phases of the moon, but has been an auspicious digit in the history of many ancient cultures. It also traditionally represents the limit or ultimate attainment, as it is the last number in the base 10 system.


Asymmetric case, hidden pushers, true sapphire crystal lens, custom moon phase and a look all its own. Scroll down to get up close and personal.


YD’s suggested case and strap combinations!


Detail shot showing the engraved intersecting lines of the dial.


Reverse detail shot showing off hidden pusher and case assymetry.


Showing off the lines of the case and the screw-in strap attachment.


Detail shot of the polished gold buckle.


Perspective shot showing both case and dial in all its glory.


Up close with our geometrically padded calf strap.


Bored of telling the time? Get a magnifying glass and solve this maze.


Dual layer dial for more depth and three dimensional detail.


The horns of Novem. A case shape as iconic as they come.


The Novem dial showcases a wealth of intersecting engraved Guilloche lines.


The collection.


The specs.




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We Found a Travel Pillow that Ticks All the Boxes!

Here are a couple of features I look for in a travel pillow. They need to be A. comfortable, B. compact, C. effortless to set-up, and D. size-adjustable. My favorite pillow boils down to how well it scores in the aforementioned rating areas, often accommodating for low scores in one of those departments because frankly, no pillow is perfect… or so I thought before I came across the Candy Cane pillow.

It’s rare, and it requires a great deal of confidence to say that the Candy Cane pillow has no drawbacks. It doesn’t compromise on comfortability, compactness, set-up time, or even size-adjustability. Probably the most portable pillow on the market, the Candy Cane folds and rolls up to literally the size of a lemon. When folded, it practically fits in your palm and can be carried in your pocket, or stashed anywhere in your bag for using later. Unfold it and the pillow opens into a flat, long fabric that’s ready to be inflated. Inflating the Candy Cane quite literally takes seconds too. You can either blow into it, filling it with one or two breaths, or hold its air-inlet near a breezy air source like an air-conditioner vent. The Candy Cane instantly takes shape, and when you’re satisfied with how inflated it is, fold the air-inlet and clamp it shut.

Unlike most doughnut-shaped travel pillows, the Candy Cane comes in a much longer shape that allows you to adjust its size as well as supports your chin (something that is an oversight with most other travel pillows). An elastic band on one end secures to the other end of the cane, sliding up and down, tightening or loosening the pillow around your neck while also giving you the ability to adjust the way the Candy Cane is placed, letting you use it to sleep sitting, or lying down, or even against a wall. The pillow’s extension even lets a partner sleep comfortably against your shoulder, making the Candy Cane the only travel pillow that can be used by two people at the same time.

On the comfort front, the Candy Cane performs just as well as most other pillows. With a moisture-wicking outer fabric that prevents sweaty cheeks and necks, the Candy Cane stays cool and comfortable through your snooze, while an inner polymer lining adds durability to the pillow’s construction. The Candy Cane holds its shape depending on how much air is inside it, allowing you to customize how stiff or cushioned it is, and effectively decide the level of softness you want from your travel pillow.

It’s rare to have a product so effectively tick all the boxes. The Candy Cane is unbelievably compact, and doesn’t even require effort to set up. It’s comfortable for one person, and can adjust in size and orientation to work for two people too. Besides, its unusual shape allows it to be used virtually in any way possible, because true comfort doesn’t lie in rigidity, it lies in allowing you to choose what suits you!

Designer: Nisnas Industries

Click here to Buy Now: $41.00


The FIRST EVER 100% modular travel pillow with 20+ modes that FINALLY let YOU get real healthy sleep on the go.


It’s also the world’s most compact travel pillow.




The only pillow on earth that instantly inflates with one breath.

Just open the air intake and the Candy Cane will deflate.

Chin support is crucial for a good night’s sleep. We got you covered.

Smallest most compact pillow in the world once deflated.

So easy to inflate with your personal A/C vent.

100% modular, this means that all size heads will fit.

So comfortable on your layover…

Even better when camping as an adjustable pillow.

Your head won’t flop around, we have you covered, 360 degrees.

The only travel pillow to be completely washable.

With a double wall inside and outside layers, this pillow is spear sealed and super strong.

Made with a moisture wicking fibre borrowed from sports attire.

The only travel pillow made to be shared.

This is the strongest pillow we could make, hense the layering.

You blow into it from 10 inches away, no need to put your lips to the pillow to blow it up.

So easy to use the A/C vent to blow up this pillow.

Adjust the softness by rolling up and back the main latch.

The main air intake is magnetically sealed for a one snap seal.

This is how lite this pillow is, hurray.

Comes with a handy handle or tail.

So snugglable!

Completely modular to fit against a wall.

Click here to Buy Now: $41.00

The OPPY is an Ultra Hi-Def Action Cam from a Parallel Universe

In a universe or a dimension where the GoPro didn’t exist, I believe the Oppy would be the camera that’s ubiquitous with recording events, stunts, and life. The camera comes looking quite unlike most action cams, sporting a design where the lens and battery are different units, connected by a flexible gooseneck. The gooseneck acts as a strap, mount, support, and even a selfie stick, and with the way the lens looks, it imparts a rather fun, ET-ish personality to the camera as a whole.

The Oppy comes built with a 13 megapixel Sony Exmor RS camera module. The camera, in fact, sits in the left eye of Oppy’s ‘face’ while the right eye serves as an LED indicator. Built with the ability to capture images and videos in 4K, the Oppy matches up to your go-to action cam… however, with the gooseneck detail, the Oppy adds an element of playfulness and versatility to the mix. The gooseneck allows the Oppy to be wrapped around objects, or used to avoid obstacles. The flexible neck makes mounting the Oppy on any object much easier, allowing you to wrap it around your hand, or the handlebar of your bike, or even around a drone, eliminating the need to own a separate mounting mechanism, and also opening up a world of possibilities. The camera comes with the ability to shoot 4K at 24fps, or even go as high as 120fps at 720p, for some remarkable slow-motion shots. Conversely, the camera even boasts of a time-lapse mode that lets you shoot stop-motion footage.

Living up to its reputation of being an action cam that’s capable of wiggling its way into any scenario, the Oppy even comes with a splash-guard that sits around the camera lens like a scuba diver’s helmet. With an IPx6 rating, the splashproof case enables the Oppy to be used in the pool, while surfing, and even in the rain.

With a 950mAh battery, the Oppy can record video for a good 90 minutes, storing everything on a MicroSD card that fits in the back of the camera module. Built with a single-button function that lets you toggle between photography, video-recording, time-lapse, and slow-mo modes, the Oppy comes with a small learning curve, but makes up for it with its unique and supremely versatile design. And oh, there’s an app for it too!

Designer: BOUD

Click here to Buy Now: $89.00 $129.00 (31% off). Hurry, for only 48 hours!


OPPY is the world’s first Ultra High Definition flexible camera.


Find the perfect frame for your shot with OPPY’s one-of-a-kind bend and pose design. Twist to fix OPPY in place, help OPPY stand with no tripod necessary or stretch OPPY straight to mimic a selfie-stick.

Never miss a happy moment with OPPY.


Let OPPY be your Travel Buddy

Never missing a trip, OPPY helps to experience and explore the wondrous world around you.


Let OPPY be your Family Companion

Best friend to your child, capture imagination and daily life’s special moments.

Let OPPY be your Creative Muse!

Never let a creative moment be forgotten. For those who create, OPPY can commemorate every stroke of genius, every brush stroke, every light-bulb moment of innovation!


Watch time pass you by…

Slow Motion

Enjoy & record every passing moment!

OPPY is no Landlubber!

Equipped with a splash proof helmet, OPPY is splash proof.


Record your life Anytime, Anywhere with your OPPY.


All the Specs you Want, All the Specs you Need!

Excellent image + video quality, Digital Image Stabilization, Long-lasting battery life, Ample memory capacity…


Inserting SD Card.


Connecting Charging Cable.



Click here to Buy Now: $89.00 $129.00 (31% off). Hurry, for only 48 hours!

Google’s Pixel 3 is all about Google flexing its algorithm power

This year’s Made By Google keynote began with the familiar sound of Help by The Beatles playing as the visuals on the stage screen cycled through how Google’s objective in life is to ‘help’ its users. Over the past 20 years, Google has evolved from a search engine, to a browser, to an OS, and spanned into a variety of industries. Email, conferencing, storage, maps, translations, office tools, and conquering the final frontier with the smart home. Google’s mission has been the same throughout. Collect data and process it in a way that empowers and helps you, its user.

Data processing is Google’s secret sauce. Its signature combination of AI, software, and hardware makes Google the giant it is… and with the Pixel 3 (as with the other product launches) Google wants to show how good it is at collecting and assimilating information, in order to be of help.

The phone, which itself was one of the worst kept secrets in the tech industry with its multitudes of press leaks (a little ironic, given that Google is supposed to know a thing or two about protecting data) debuts in two sizes and boasts of larger screens, better speakers, and a whole variety of features that come courtesy Google’s incredible data-assimilating AI (or as Google says, being designed from inside out). Even though last year’s Pixel 2 is still considered the golden standard in phone photography, the Pixel 3 manages to push boundaries with a single lens. The portrait mode is better, and you can now adjust the blur as well as change focus, and now the camera even comes with a feature called Top Shot which allows you to take a burst of incredible pictures and select the best one (or let Google’s AI recommend the best photo to you). The camera still uses Google’s incredible HDR shooting algorithm which helps create beautifully crisp images by taking multiple shots and combining the best bits together, and is now made much better, boasting of an extremely impressive low-light performance, so much so that Google says you’ll never need to use your flash again. The camera software comes with Google Lens built right into it, allowing you to identify people, objects, places, and even fashion. The Lens allows you to click pictures of items of clothing you love and identify where you can purchase them too (nifty!). The new phone also comes with unlimited photo storage (Google really loves its data!), and a new set of AR stickers along with collaborations with Marvel Studios and Childish Gambino. We’re yet to see what experts and reviewers have to say about what may be the new best phone camera in the world, but Google’s managed to partner with photography legend Annie Leibovitz, and we honestly can’t wait to see the images she clicks with them! Also releasing this year are seven magazines (courtesy a tie-up with Condé Nast) with cover photos clicked by the Pixel 3. Even its front cameras sport more heavy-lifting power, with its ability to capture as much as 184% more content in its frame thanks to the new wide-angle lens.

While the Pixel 3’s main focus has been its camera, and the software behind it, Google also debuted its highly anticipated Screen Call feature that lets the Google Assistant answer your calls for you, talking to your callers to let them know you’re busy and taking down messages they may have. CEO Sundar Pichai showcased this revolutionary bit of tech at Google’s I/O keynote and Pixel 3 devices will begin sporting this feature in a month or two. On a side note, the Pixel 3 is also the first Pixel phone to come with built-in wireless charging.

Google’s never been a hardware company. Yes they make an incredible phone, smart speaker, tablet, etc., but its hardware almost always plays second fiddle to Google’s magnum opus, its software and its massive bank of user data that helps it refine its services, and in turn, allows those services to help you.

Designer: Google

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No one will probably buy Facebook’s video-chat camera… but here it is anyway


As I try to provide an unbiased coverage of Facebook’s latest Echo Show rival, the Portal, I’m constantly reminded of events in the past where Facebook was clearly on the wrong side of user privacy and data protection… ever since 2011 when its very CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile was hacked and deleted, to the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the past, and more recently, when over 50 million Facebook accounts were left compromised after a massive data breach (if you were automatically logged out of your Facebook account in the past week, you, like me, were one of them). However, putting history aside, Facebook chose to launch their first Facebook-branded piece of hardware today, the Portal.

The Portal comes in two variants. The smaller one looks like a complete rival of the Echo Show, featuring a similar design with a 10-inch screen in the middle, a camera at the top, and a speaker unit at the base. The larger variant looks more distinctive, with a swiveling 15.6 inch screen that lets you orient it in landscape or portrait. Made as a smart-speaker with a strong focus on video chatting, the Portal lets you play music through popular streaming services, and chat with friends using Facebook’s Messenger. It’s worth noting that you can’t browse Facebook, the social network, on the Portal.

The Portal features a large, wide-angle lens that definitely seems a notch or two above the Echo’s camera. Designed specifically for video-calls, the hi-def camera has the ability to detect how many people there are in the room, and focus on them, panning and zooming on the subject’s face as they move around. If the video call has multiple people in the frame, the camera shifts to a wide-angle mode, keeping everyone in its bounding box.

The camera’s top-notch specs don’t, however, change one thing. Facebook is one of the most untrusted companies when it comes to protecting or even being ethical with its user’s data (it practically pioneered the quote “if you’re not paying for it, you’re the product”). The Portal was set to launch much sooner but was put off till today, given that Facebook is still reeling from its biggest data-breach yet, just a week ago. Apparently though, Facebook is well aware of how little its consumers trust it. VP of the Portal’s hardware team, Rafa Camargo, says that the biggest concern with the Portal is obviously the security aspect. The Portal comes with a manual camera cover that covers the lens, physically blocking it from broadcasting video when you don’t want to, and additionally has a button that turns off the mic and camera, physically cutting the circuit, so it can’t be compromised by hackers who want to tap into your video feed. Most of the Portal’s chatting features are opt-in, which means the user is shipped a device that gives them the power and onus to choose what features are enabled and disabled. The Portal also doesn’t record any of the chats you have on it, online or offline, making it safer, on paper, than the Echo. While FB realizes that its reputation precedes it, it’s worth noting that a simple update to its terms and agreements could change practically everything.

Conspiracy theories aside, it’s good to see that there’s a department in Facebook that’s putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to user data protection… but the way the Portal is built can also be perceived as an extremely limiting experience too. By purposefully excluding many features, the Portal becomes purely a music-playing and video-chatting device. You can’t browse Facebook or Instagram on it, or even visit the web (you also can’t watch video content on it via Youtube). This limits how a consumer would use the product as compared to the Echo, making it less appealing from a feature-list standpoint too. It also shows that when it comes to using its services to collect data, Facebook’s policy is ‘if we can’t have it, no one can’.

Designer: Facebook







Here’s How Ten Thousand Islands Built Probably the Best Multi-purpose Shoe

The ‘best multi-purpose travel shoe’ is, if nothing, a very bold claim. In an industry that pumps billions into material research as well as human research, being able to step out and claim to have built arguably the best leisure shoe, period, takes a lot. Ten Thousand Islands claims that the Freestate is the best of all worlds. It’s comfortable, flexible, stylish, low-cost, high-endurance, and fits seamlessly into both work and casual scenarios.

The hybrid shoe (I give it that title for its multipurpose nature) looks and feels comfortable. The elastic construction in the heel expands and contracts to hug your sole, allowing the Freestate to be worn comfortably with or without socks, while the shoe itself fits like one, wrapping around your food much like a second skin. Built with breathable neoprene and flexible TPU, the Freestate can quite literally be worn anywhere in any time of the year. Designed to be waterproof, the Freestate comes with an inner lining built from a proprietary material called Freeflow, that helps your shoe dry fast. The TPU, Neoprene and Rubber construction remain unaffected by water, allowing you to practically go swimming in the Freestate shoes. With a sole crafted from Phylon, the shoe feels like an extension of your foot, allowing you to bend and flex your foot naturally with abandon, while giving you great grip, thanks to Phylon’s non-slip ability.

Ultimately, the superiorly functional Freestate is also lighter than conventional shoes/sneakers, given that it’s built using the state-of-the-art Strobel sewing technique. The resulting shoes are durable, flexible, and much lighter than other shoes. The Freestate shoes are also washing-machine friendly, and its Freeflow inner lining will dry the shoes out almost instantly.

Built with both vivid and conventional color schemes, the Freestate serves well as a holiday shoe, or for leisure wearing at home, or even for a casual day at work. Whether worn for extensive travel, outdoor use, or just simply lazing around, the Freestate can perform under all conditions… and given that they serve well both indoors and outdoors, on land and in water, and at both work and play, one might just be able to say, with a good amount of conviction, that the guys at Ten Thousand Islands built the best multi-purpose travel shoe.

Designer: Nicola Marshall-Jones of Ten Thousand Islands

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $134 (41% off).


Ultra-lightweight (8oz/227g), water friendly and quick drying, Freestate by Ten Thousand Islands is the very first resort shoe. A shoe created for hot summer days and cool summer nights.


Its classic design, rooted firmly in the sneaker culture combined with their unique heel design in a range of traditional and summer colors that take you from Pool to beach to bar in comfort and style.


Freestate is made using a shoe construction method called Strobel, which gives the shoe its amazing flexibility and helps to reduce its overall weight.

Combined with the lightweight mesh and their signature Freeflow lining it gives you one very light and very flexible shoe that allows the foot to remain cool at any temperature. It also dries much faster than a regular sneaker.


Feel comfortable on and off the plane, and have a spontaneous dive into a pool. It’s also Vegan friendly – no animal products have been used in the manufacturing process.

With Freestate you can put away the band-aid when you decide to go sockless – they removed the regular shoe heel and replaced it with a soft feel elastic that holds and cushions the heel of your foot and it won’t distort or lose grip no matter how many times you wear them.


In Jet Black.


Steel Grey.


Pristine White.


Vacation Blue.


Split Sun Yellow.


Holiday Pink.


Midnight Navy.


Military Green.


Click here to Buy Now: $79 $134 (41% off).