A Watch With Historic Luxury At Its Center


Put a unique looking watch in front of us and you’re bound to have our attention. We’ve seen concrete watches, wooden watches, clear watches with flower petals suspended in them, and Vincero’s Marble range joins that echelon of unusually beautiful timepieces with a watch that has a face made out of the finest Italian Marble.

Marble is truly one of the oldest materials of luxury and opulence, with Greek and Roman greats commissioning statues, sculptures, and even buildings out of the smooth, wonderous material. Being synonymous with luxury, style, and substance, Italian Marble now makes its way to your wrist, in the form of a spectacular looking watch dial.

A Kickstarter success story, Vincero follows the customer-first business model, building watches from the ground up with customer feedback, and assembled in-house after importing their parts from the best sources. With movements from Japan, 316L Steel and Sapphire Crystals from China, and leather and marble from Italy, Vincero’s watches combine the best of all worlds but at a price that puts Vincero’s watches in the sweet spot of ‘affordable luxury’.

Vincero’s Marble Collection sports a 316L surgical grade stainless steel body with large Roman numerals on the watch’s face, complementing its Italian Marble center beautifully. Made with historic white or green Italian marble, the watch face sports a marbling pattern that’s unique to each and every watch, just like its wearer. With a Sapphire glass on the top, the words “Veni Vidi Vici” (the immortal words of Caesar, “I came, I saw, I conquered”) on the back, and a Citizen Miyota Quartz movement on the inside, the Vincero Marble Watch screams panache and precision in the same sentence, while the price tag, courtesy of the disruptive Kickstarter B2C model says “luxury with value for money”.

Designer: Vincero Studio

Click here to Buy Now: $152.00 $179.00 (15% off by using promo code YANKO15)


Marble Collection

A beautiful timepiece with a hint of history. The Italian marble in this watch was used to build empires. Let it remind you to live your legacy.


Silver Nero

Wake up and conquer the day in a timepiece that does more than tell time. Featuring real Italian marble, each individually numbered Nero tells history.



Black Verde

The Black Verde proves that bolder is always better. Stand out with a timepiece as unique as you are. Each watch is individually numbered.



Silver Verde

This watch was designed to inspire.




The Carrara marble is a reminder that great things take time, so stay in pursuit.



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Vincero’s Process

They don’t outsource their products, they control EVERY step. Must Watch!


Click here to Buy Now: $152.00 $179.00 (15% off by using promo code YANKO15)

With the Oppo Find X, slider phones are officially back


It appears that we’ve come full circle. We went from candybar phones to clamshells, to sliders, back to the candybar (with every smartphone following that framework), and then in the pursuit to have bezel-less displays, phones are revising the slider format to hide elements like the front-facing camera. After a few companies like Vivo and a lesser known Doogee started experimenting with sliding formats, it became evident that the fastest way to a bezel-free phone would be to go for the hide+slide technique… and that’s what Oppo (the parent company of Oneplus) is doing with its Find X.

The Find X quite literally is all screen. With a stunningly high screen to bezel ratio, the Oppo Find X has only pixels on its front and a slick plain surface on its back. But where are the cameras? Oh, they’re hiding within the phone. Switch on the camera app and the top of the phone slides open (you don’t need to do anything manually) to reveal a dual camera on the back, and a pretty fancy 25 megapixel camera on the front that not only clicks amazing selfies, it also works as facial recognition device… because in the quest for purity, the Find X has no fingerprint scanner either.

While the end result is a phone that’s slightly thick (and I’m honestly fine with that), it means phones finally will be all screen and that’s marvelous… but I probably would think twice before owning a Find X. As a slider phone owner (for four years) myself, I’ve learned that moving parts on tech are usually the first to fail (Oppo should have realized this with its debut phone, the N1). The slider mechanism works on its own, without needing human intervention, which on paper sounds great, but practically, it may not be such a bed of roses. Oppo says that the slider activates within milliseconds to pop open the front camera, detect your face, and unlock your phone, but if that technology were to ever fail, it means going back to using swipe patterns, or worse still… never having access to your front or back camera. The sliding mechanism also means you can never put a protective case on the Oppo Find X, which may not always be the best idea if you’re a member of the fellowship of fallen phones (it also means the phone isn’t water-resistant like every smartphone today). However, for people willing to take that chance, the Oppo Find X does look like quite a spectacular phone. It comes with up to 256Gb of storage, 8Gb of RAM, a 3730mAh battery, and it goes on sale in China today, with a global launch in the offing… and with that, do we finally say goodbye to the notch? I don’t really know, but hell the bezel-less front looks rather marvelous!

Designer: Oppo







Image Credits: The Verge

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The Fitness Wearable That’s Replacing the Human Fitness Trainer

It’s rare when a product does a job so well you don’t need a human expert around. If anything AI has indicated that there’s still a long way to go before it replaces humans. Stories written by machine learning algorithms are far from comparable to those written by humans, so when a product comes along that replaces the need for a trained human entirely, it’s worth noticing.

Sitting quietly inside your shoe, gathering data from 32 sensors on the underside of each of your feet, the RUNVI is a smart insole insert that comes with an AI that not only gathers data, but accurately assimilates it and gives you feedback on your run. Working in real-time, while giving not only visual but audio feedback, the RUNVI is your digital coach, being able to analyze your run from head to toe, and not only give you feedback to improve your technique but also being able to craft a routine that works the best for you.

A smart insole that fits inside any existing running shoe, the RUNVI comes with the sensor embedded insole, and a plug-in wearable that captures data from the sensors, sending it to your phone/watch/earphones in real time. It measures basic metrics like distance, duration, pace, calories, but also goes ahead to calculate much more advanced metrics like cadence, power, foot-strike pattern, impact, gait, and asymmetry. The RUNVI doesn’t just calculate how far you’ve run or how much energy you’ve expended, it even lets you know if you’re putting too much weight on one foot, or if your posture needs correcting, or if you’re in the danger of exerting yourself too much or causing an injury. Within the time frame of one single run, the RUNVI can give you real-time feedback, telling you to straighten your back or stretch your legs more, and can even craft a run-plan that’s suited to your style or fitness level. Working with much more data than a fitness band, or a fitness app, the RUNVI is much more accurate to the extent that it eliminates one’s need to have a human coach/trainer analyze your exercise technique. Its combination of 64 sensors, an incredibly smart AI algorithm, and device-based connectivity all coupled into a product that’s sleek enough to fit within your shoe without you noticing, makes RUNVI a fitness wearable that may have successfully replaced the need for human expert feedback!

Designer: Daniel von Waldthausen

Click here to Buy Now: $139.00 $229.00 ($90 off)



RUNVI is your personal digital running coach, designed to help you achieve your full running potential.

With the RUNVI SMART INSOLES, they define the next-generation of running wearables, delivering the most accurate data on the market.

They make sense of your data to produce a tailored training plan that continuously adapts to your goals, performance & progression and to deliver personalized coaching in real-time – so you get better with every run.

RUNVI improves your running technique, reduces your risk of injury, and coaches you to experience the running performance you’re truly capable of.


What Does RUNVI Give You?

Data is gathered in the RUNVI SMART INSOLES, right where the action happens – beneath your feet.

They analyze and interpret every little detail of your running technique and overall performance, building a full profile of your running biomechanics.


Beyond the basic key running metrics, we feature advanced running metrics, such as Cadence, Foot-Strike Pattern and Symmetry.

They bring the best of a professional running lab to your regular running shoes – making it available to you every time you run.


Power Measurement

Power is a performance metric that’s made a breakthrough in the running world. It’s the most sophisticated way to control your running intensity.

RUNVI features power measurement, to coach you to run more efficiently. You’re given a continuous measurement during your run which will help you to run more effectively any distance and on any terrain.

Learning how to run with power will result in running better, further and faster.

Real-time Coaching

RUNVI collects and analyses your data every step of run, to drive personalized voice & audio coaching in real-time.

Just like a personal trainer, RUNVI can tell when you’re running into the risk of injury or fatigue, or when your running technique isn’t optimal.

They deliver very simple, actionable instructions to improve your technique and coach you to run better — while you run.

Coaching includes:

– Feedback on body posture, harmony and efficiency of movements
– Reduced risk of injuries
– Indications of fatigue
– Increased effectiveness of training
– Real-time updates and feedback provided by a constant measurement
– Inactivity alerts
– Determining personal limits
– Coaching content and videos

Once they start gathering enough of your data and learning more about the way you run, they can start building Artificial Intelligence – to deliver an even higher phase of accuracy, personalization, and optimization for you to experience.

Adaptive Training Plan

RUNVI features adaptive training programs based 100% on you, the goals you set, your individual running technique and your historical & real-time performances.

The training plans are dynamic, meaning they continuously optimize with your running technique and improvements.

They’ll be integrating AI and machine learning to tailor your training plan even more. The more you use RUNVI, the smarter it will get.


Running Related Injuries

RUNVI empowers you to really get to know your body and its limits. With an improved running technique and all the knowledge that they have to offer, you can start reducing your risk of those common, yet preventable, running injuries. They aim to keep you in the game!



See where they race ahead of the competition.

How RUNVI Works

With each pair of RUNVI SMART INSOLES, you have 30 pressure sensors, 2 advanced accelerometers, and our unique CORE technology running across your feet. Collaborating together to communicate with the RUNVI iOS App.

RUNVI tracks your activity and stores that data in the CORE, which use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to send all of your data to the app. From there, you can view your performance history, your training summary, and access all of the awesome features we’ve included.


The Smart Insole

Each insole is designed with an ergonomic shape to ensure that you have the comfort and support of a premium insole. The lightweight material of RUNVI allows you to flex and exercise with natural motion.


Inside the insole, our CORE communicates with 15 pressure sensors (Flex PCB) to track and store your daily activity. The insole is in a default sleep mode and is only woken up when the accelerometer detects motion.

The default sleep mode helps guarantee RUNVI’s impeccable 3-week battery life – this is if you walk (not run) in the insoles all the time. Without walking in them, and leaving them in sleep mode, the battery lasts much longer.


The Core

The removable CORE concept allows you to change the insoles while keeping the same CORE. If you have separate insoles for different shoes or purchase a replacement pair, all you have to do is change the CORE from pair to pair and your data stays the same.

The battery lasts up to 8-10 hours of intensive running, – so you have your marathon training covered!


The iOS App

The app is where your raw activity data from the insole is analyzed and presented to you in an easy-to-use format. In the app, you can see the LIVE-VIEW, your daily activity overview, and access your training plan.

In addition, you can get real-time coaching updates through the app based off of your personal data. All of your data is available in the app, so you can access your history, set goals, and measure your progress over time.

A native Apple Watch app will be available in the future.

Click here to Buy Now: $139.00 $229.00 ($90 off)

The Sock That Heals Your Feet

The Parasole may be called a sock because the correct term for it hasn’t been invented yet. A hybrid between a sock and shoe, the Parasole wraps itself around your feet but gives them support and structure, letting your feet breathe, while giving them the compression and protection they need. These socks can be easily worn with shoes, or even as shoes, letting them massage your feet and prevent everyday fatigue.

Designed to be much more than just a fabric sock, the Parasole was made to be a recovery sock that would do the work of an athletic sock, giving your feet support while compressing them to relieve pressure points. Made from a sweat-wicking fabric, the sock comes with 360 degrees of breathability, making sure your feet never get sweaty or smelly. The socks even come with a breathable/flexible sole of their own, created using 3D generative design. Wearing them gives your feet support, allowing you to use the socks with regular shoes for added comfort, or even without shoes, like you would wear socks around the house. The polymer sole resists abrasion too, letting you wear the Parasole outdoors, or even at the gym, for the most comfortable sock/shoe experience.

The Parasole was designed with the properties of an athletic sock, to relieve foot pain caused by daily activities. As many as 51% of Americans end up limiting their daily activities because of foot fatigue, and the Parasole was created to tackle it. Whether worn as is, or even inside a shoe, the Parasole hugs your feet, cushions your sole and gives support to the arch of your foot, while remaining completely breathable. Its Ultra-Fresh coating contains anti-microbial and anti-odor properties, making sure your feet and the sock stay healthy and odor free at all times. Washing the Parasole is just as easy as washing a regular sock. The sole can either be dusted off, rinsed, or the entire Parasole can be easily machine washed, making it as good as new!

Designer: Tony Hendrix

Click here to Buy Now: $35.00 $49.00 (30% off).


Parasoles are the world’s first 3D recovery footwear that combine the comfort and freedom of a compression sock with key properties of a supportive insole, and traction and protection of an outsole.


Their Patent Pending technology is engineered with a generative designed polymer sole providing dynamic arch support, improved pressure distribution, and micro-cushioning.


Foot pain can have a profound impact on quality of life. A recent survey by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) found that 77% of Americans have experienced foot pain and 51% have limited activity because of foot pain.


Many turn to insoles or prescription orthotics to help alleviate the pain, which is great, but what happens when we take off our shoes? We are left with an unsupported fatigued foot, which causes us to walk awkwardly while trying to avoid the pain, or look for the closest place to sit down and get off our feet.


Perfect for after training and recover.


On-the-go / travel.


Office and after work.


Casual wear outside.

Features & Benefits




Click here to Buy Now: $35.00 $49.00 (30% off).

A Humidifier That Calms Your Senses

Most products strive to be aesthetic and functional. The SanSui does both, but also has an elegance and flair to it that goes beyond being aesthetic and functional. It looks good, performs well, but ultimately, soothes one’s soul too.

A simple humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser, the SanSui comes with a hollow wooden box and slits on top, much like a toaster. Sitting within its hollow space is a diorama in felt. The felt diorama (a depiction of Mt. Fuji and some clouds) floats when you pour water into the wooden box through the slits. As the day passes by, the water gets absorbed by the pieces of felt, and released into the air, acting as a natural humidifier. The water level gradually drops over time, and the mountain and clouds descend back into the wooden box.

The SanSui (Japanese for Mountain and Water) is a functional sculptural piece that emits moisture into the air with a poetic beauty that’s unparalleled. The mountain and clouds rise from above the surface as you pour water into the reservoir, and gradually descend into the hollow space through the day, letting you know that the reservoir needs refilling. A simple device inspired by Zen practices, the SanSui calms the mind with its simple yet exquisite design. Working as a natural humidifier, the SanSui can even be used as an aromatherapy device by simply adding a few drops of essential oil into the water. As the water evaporates, the oils get absorbed by the felt and diffused into the air, making your room look great, while completely transforming the atmosphere and making it peaceful and more relaxing.

Designers: Xiaoxi Shi & Moe

Click here to Buy Now: $25.00 $50.00 (50% off). Hurry, only 90 left!


SanSui is inspired and designed with the rules of dynamic physics and utilizing absorption and evaporation to create an elegant humidifier and aroma diffuser to add some zen to any home or office space.


To Use:

Simply fill the SanSui reservoir with water, secure the felt silhouette slides onto the foam float, place the SanSui lid on top.



Then add a few drops of essential oils as needed. It is also designed as a modern ornamental piece to be appreciated as traditional culture is creatively integrated into a modern living environment.

Inspired by: Simplicity in chaos


Zen: When their team traveled to Japan in 2016, they had the opportunity to discover Zen in depth. They were inspired by Zen’s interpretation of life balance and to have dynamic in peace and simplicity in chaos. Zen philosophy inspires them as designers to discover simple solutions for today’s chaos; they want to focus on most obvious and important thing: Air.


Air: Human have been trying to make “suitable” air for thousands of years. We want to cool air down when it gets hot. We want to be warmed when it is cold. Today, we also want to have air with more moisture to comfort us.


Chaos: Our lifestyle today is surrounded by so many technologies that make life convenient but at the same time creates chaos because most of devices need to be connected by a cable. This small cable has actually restricted our life dynamic much more than we think as we start to spend more time nearby a power plug than anywhere else at home. They wanted to design a humidifier that can be used anywhere we wanted to be.


Design solution: As a design team, they spent the last 2 years observing lifestyle and developed many concepts and prototypes for a beautiful and simple humidifier solution. SanSui is the result of 2 years of research and development: a creative humidifier and aroma diffuser that can be placed in any space you like, fully powered by natural physics, regardless of the space restrictions.

Bonsai with Function


Besides functioning as humidifier and aroma diffuser, SanSui is also designed as a beautiful home decorative piece, a contemporary Bonsai with peaceful functionality.

Modern Craftsmanship


The wooden reservoir and lid are beautifully crafted from one piece of solid wood and polished to create a sleek surface.


The natural wood growing ring texture in the wood makes every single piece unique. It is coated with a high quality and food product level clear coating to protect the wood from water and moisture.


Click here to Buy Now: $25.00 $50.00 (50% off). Hurry, only 90 left!

A Supersuit for Your Phone Camera

The phone camera isn’t going anywhere. We’ve slowly done away with almost every other element barring the camera and the screen. First the external antenna, then the tactile keyboard, the MicroSD card slot, the headphone jack, the home button, and with wireless charging being adopted everywhere, the charging port may just make its exit too… but the camera and the display aren’t going anywhere. From a recreational photography tool to now a depth-sensing/object-sensing device to even turning into a facial-recognition-security tool, the camera is too valuable to be expendable. But speaking strictly in camera terms… it still isn’t powerful enough.

Because the phone needs to be much more than a camera, there are massive constraints on what you can push for. With a dizzying number of components, a battery that fights for space, and a need to be sleek, phone cameras have major lens and sensor constraints. There are two solutions to this problem, aside from waiting for tech innovation to do its thing. A. Carry a phone camera for recreation and a professional camera for heavy lifting… or B. Upgrade your phone’s camera system with external lenses to help the camera see further, wider, or closer.

Lemuro’s founder Eric Bohring, clearly tired of carrying his phone along with his DSLR and GoPro, set out to create a series of external lenses that sat above the phone’s camera, giving it the ability to capture images that rival those of his professional shooter and action camera. Lemuro’s set of four lenses allow you to see wide, see far, observe up close, and view the world in quirky fisheye. The lenses screw into Lemuro’s phone case, that not only holds the lenses precisely above the camera, but also protects the phone from accidental slips and drops. Designed with German precision optics and timeless Italian aesthetic sensibilities, the Lemuro is a classy alternative to universal store-bought external lenses, while also making sure you get crisp, clear photos and videos without shelling extra bucks for a professional camera and having to lug it around wherever you go. The Lemuro comes as a set of one 18mm/110° FOV Wide Angle lens, one 25mm 10X Macro lens, one 60mm 2X Telephoto Portrait lens, one 8mm 238° Fisheye Lens, and the protective case made of genuine leather on the outside, soft protective suede on the inside, an robust polycarbonate midsection, and a soft, impact-absorbing TPE bumper. With a secure, lens-locking system, precise German optics, the ability to quickly switch lenses, and a design that fits into your pocket, the Lemuro wants the camera you have on your person to be the only camera you ever need to carry.

Designer: Hamid Bekradi of HBD Studios

Click here to Buy Now: $88.00 $135.00 (35% off)


Whether you are a Creative Professional, Photographer or Videographer or Social Media Enthusiast. LEMURO enables you to capture professional images using only your smartphone.


They offer a set of 4 detachable lenses and a protective phone case, available for iPhone X, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7plus/8plus.


Mount their lenses fast and securely onto your phone, thanks to a durable aluminum interface.


Click here to Buy Now: $88.00 $135.00 (35% off)





Click here to Buy Now: $88.00 $135.00 (35% off)




Genuine Leather

All of the leather used in their products is organically sourced and naturally dyed. Our supplier is a leading European leather company that is based in Southern Germany.


Case Construction

Their Photo Cases are constructed from 6 different elements that are all optimized for maximum performance.

Dual Lens Compatibility

Their lens interface is designed to accommodate our lenses on both cameras of the dual camera system on iPhones X/7plus/8plus.


High Impact Rib System

Their high impact rib system will reduce the impact surface should an accidental fall occur on your photo adventures.

Lanyard Hook

Our lanyard hook will allow you to attach a strap to your phone case to wear it on your wrist or neck.

Click here to Buy Now: $88.00 $135.00 (35% off)

The Clock That Doesn’t Measure Time, But Captures Its Endless Journey

Time isn’t circular, but clocks are. You look at a calendar and it depicts time in a linear fashion, but the watch on your hand or the clock on your wall breaks down the concept of 24 hours into a loop in which you live your life. The Time Since Launch clock isn’t like that. It sees time for what it truly is. Something that’s always moving, never stopping, and more importantly, something that doesn’t come a full circle, but rather is on an endless, infinite journey. The Time Since Launch is a count-up clock, allowing you to measure the time since a certain event, like a birth, anniversary, launch, etc. The Time Since Launch takes an event in time and begins its journey from there, running for years, and even millennia after the event.

The Time Since Launch is a timekeeping device in the broadest sense possible. It counts hours, minutes, and seconds, but it also counts days, months, years, centuries and millennia. It’s the equivalent of adding a bookmark in time, allowing you to appreciate how far you’ve come since the moment you began the clock. Meant clearly for special events, the Time Since Launch can be launched by simply pulling out a pin from within the device to get it running. Built with two LCD screens encased in a borosilicate tube with aluminum caps at each end, the Time Since Launch breaks time down into two parts. One screen reads hours, minutes, and seconds, while the screen to its left captures as many as 999999 days, or 2739 years.

Made for occasions that hold great relevance in one’s life, like the birth of a child, a marriage, a company launch, or personal goals of great significance like the day you gave up smoking, the Time Since Launch begins its countdown, or rather a count-up the minute you pull the pin out from the clock, marking the length of your journey since that moment when your life changed completely.

Designers: Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy of CW&T

Click here to Buy Now: $150.00. Hurry, less than 9 days left and over $80,000 raised!


It’s time to launch your personal epoch. Time Since Launch is a single-use, long-scale launch clock. Pull the pin to begin counting for 2,738 years.

Use this very long-scale timepiece to mark the beginning of your epoch. It could begin when you get married, have a baby, quit smoking, launch a rocket, or on an ordinary Tuesday morning.

Your epoch is safeguarded within this unique timepiece designed and over-engineered to outlive you. Suspended in a durable borosilicate glass tube and sealed with gasketed aluminum end-caps, two LCDs show days, hours, minutes and seconds since launch. This timepiece is built to count for 2,738 years.


58 days 14 hours 39 minutes 46 seconds


1796 days 17 hours 06 minutes 50 seconds


64 days 12 hours 10 minutes 15 seconds


10 days 17 hours 25 minutes 03 seconds

Inspiration. 1962. MA-6. John Glenn. A stopwatch. A shared global timezone.


When John Glenn became the first American astronaut to orbit earth, the only piece of technology on his body, other than a spacesuit, was a 12-hour stopwatch. Soon after launch, Glenn started his stopwatch in sync with tracking stations across the world. At that moment, Mission Elapsed Time (MET) began counting up from zero. A launch timer was not only required for a successful mission (ie. to calculate position), it also created a shared global timezone.

Quietly situated at the center of a tremendous collaborative feat of human innovation, the launch clock marks an arbitrary Moment Zero. A moment shared by humans scattered all over the world and one hurling through space.

Elevate an otherwise arbitrary moment to super awesome status.









What’s your Moment Zero?


You might pull the launch pin when you drop everything and join the peace corps, or when you stop drinking, or when you and your best friend move to different cities and want to maintain closeness through a shared timezone. It’s also ok to launch on a random Wednesday morning, making that moment special, simply because you want to make it yours.

Make time your own.

We keep time, consume, and organize around it. Time rules us and we don’t own it.

Time Since Launch was originally conceived at MIT Media Lab as part of Che-Wei Wang’s Master’s thesis. In this work, Wang proposes several devices to give people power over their time.

Be present.

Time Since Launch is as much (if not more) about presence, than it is a reference to the past. Beginning with a single moment, Time Since Launch is a continuous reference to our brief existence on a continuum far greater than we’re used to imagining every day.

On launch.

When you’re ready, pull the stainless-steel launch pin to initiate the timer. You can only do this once! This action begins a chain reaction burning that instant into the chip’s silicon, making it yours forever.

Time Since Launch does one very specific thing. It does that thing well. And it does that thing for a very very long time.

Technical description and design overview.


Building a 2,738 year timepiece. Time Since Launch is off the grid, both in terms of power and its ability to keep accurate time. Unlike your phone, it doesn’t rely on a surprisingly fragile external multi-billion dollar timing and power infrastructure.

Made with precision machined metals, over-engineered and over-specified electronics, Time Since Launch will outlive you. This assembly of parts – from physical materials to electronic components – were selected with longevity in mind.

Time Since Launch ships with its LCDs in pre-launch mode, this rhythmic cycling through each of the segments ensures even wear and tear.

On launch, Time Since Launch burns your moment into the chip’s silicon and begins counting. The displays indicate elapsed time in your epoch, counting up to 999,999 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

If anything ever happens to your Time Since Launch, as long as the chip is physically intact, you can recover your Moment Zero and transplant it into a surrogate.


Materials selected for durability and legibility. Time Since Launch is made from machined aluminum endcaps and a durable borosilicate (Pyrex) tube. The electronics are suspended and deliberately made visible. The enclosure is easy to take apart. If ever something breaks, you can easily identify what went wrong so it can be fixed.

Electronics specified for longevity and low power consumption. Time Since Launch consists of only essential electrical components to mitigate potential failure points. Mounted on a matte black PCB with gold plated traces, Time Since Launch has 2 chips, a few passive electronic components (resistors, diodes and capacitors), two 6-digit LCDs and batteries. That’s it.

It draws less than 6uA (microamps) of current running at 3.3 volts. This gives us an energy usage of about 20 microwatts (millionths of a watt).

A 20+ year battery life. Time Since Launch ships with 2 x AA Energizer L91 Ultimate Lithium batteries. These batteries have a capacity of 3,500mAh, and a 20 year shelf life, which means they are guaranteed to have 95% of their original capacity after 20 years of sitting on a shelf.

To arrive at our 20+ year battery life estimate, we take Energizer’s stated capacity of 3,500mAh and round down to 3,000mAh (to be conservative), divide by 6uA and then take off another 30% (to account for external factors). This gives us an estimated run time of 40 years.

A real time chip with ±2ppm accuracy. To keep time, Time Since Launch uses a DS3231 chip. This real-time clock chip with a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator is accurate to ±2 parts per million (ppm). This level of accuracy is 10x better than a normal wristwatch crystal which, with an accuracy of ±20ppm, can loose or gain up to 1.73 seconds per day.

If you were to shoot a basketball from a court in NYC to a hoop in Philly with ±2ppm accuracy, you’d miss by less than 10 inches.

Safely change batteries without losing time. About 6 months before it is time to change the batteries, the display indicates your batteries are low. During the swap, backup capacitors keep the real time chip powered and running without losing time.

To change the batteries, pull the aluminum caps out of the glass tube to expose the battery holders. Pull out your old batteries and put in new ones.



Dimensions 174mm (6.85”) x 38mm (1.5”)

Weight 285g (10oz)

Materials Anodized aluminum (6061-T6), stainless steel (303) launch pin, borosilicate glass (Pyrex) tube with a 4mm (0.1575”) thick wall, Buna-N o-rings, PCB and electronic components.

Ships w/ 2 x AA Energizer L91 Ultimate Lithium batteries.

Click here to Buy Now: $150.00. Hurry, less than 9 days left and over $80,000 raised!

This Coffee Brewer is Smart and Elegant at the Same Time

Using materials like ceramic, leather, and wood, you wouldn’t expect the Cora Coffee Brewer to house technology within it too, but you’d be surprised. Elegant and smart at the same time, the Cora brews coffee with remarkable precision, while sticking to materials and a form factor that looks traditional.

With a ceramic hourglass-shaped body, a leather waistband for easy gripping, and a wooden base that magnetically attaches to the ceramic carafe, the Cora lets you brew coffee while controlling aspects like weight and time. The wooden base houses a weighing scale within it which connects to your phone through Bluetooth. Measure out your beans, watching their weight on the app on your phone, before grinding them and placing the grounds and a filter within the carafe. Place the carafe on the wooden scale and measure the amount of water you pour too, this time, while running a timer to control the intensity of the brew. Once done, remove the filter and you can directly pour the coffee into your mug knowing fully well that the brew is going to taste exactly how you want it to be!

A portmanteau of the words Coffee and Aura, the Cora is elegant and looks more like a traditional pour-over coffee maker rather than a fancy hi-tech coffee machine made of metal, glass, and circuitry. The Cora sits wonderfully in most homes, complementing the space, and filling it with the aroma of caffeine when you’re ready to brew, and filling your cup with delicious, calibrated, home-brewed coffee when you’re craving some!

Designer: Aaron Freyer

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The Cora Coffee Brewer is a ceramic brewing Carafe perched on a precise Bluetooth Smart Scale.


Nearly two years of refinement have delivered the Cora Coffee Brewer. Her gentle form and premium materials define the essence of good coffee. Gently tucked within these organic materials lies an extremely efficient Bluetooth connected scale, so amazing coffee can be made at home.


Her name is a portmanteau: coffee + aura. We want Cora to give your home the aura of perfect coffee every morning.


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Say goodbye to plastic, batteries, and buttons. Each Smart Scale is unique– CNC milled out of a solid piece of cherry hardwood. Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy, the scale seamlessly links with iOS and Android devices to display real-time weight in grams or ounces. The bottom of the scale is covered in laser engraved vegetable-tanned leather for a gentle and beautiful base. Magnetically clip the scale to the Cora Coffee Brewer Carafe, or use it for tea, shipping, cooking, and more.


Coated laser engraved leather covers the bottom of the Smart Scale, providing a gentle touch with counters and table tops.





The Cora App seamlessly connects to the Smart Scale via the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Real-time weight is displayed to the Cora App for the most precise brew possible. A timer functionality lets you dial in your brew to perfection. Available for iOS and Android.

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The mim X Turns the Watch’s Glass Top into an Invisible Display

Normally, being two-faced is a bad thing, but that’s exactly the thing about the mim X watch that makes it so awesome. This traditional looking smartwatch steps far away from tradition with its transparent levitating display (TLD), a technology that allows the glass above the watch dial to become a transparent screen. When not in use, the mim X looks exactly like a normal watch with an hour and minute hand, but it hides innovation in plain sight, as the glass above it lights up to display everything from messages, notifications, a digital step monitor, your heart rate, or time from a secondary time zone. Once you’re done, the display goes back to becoming innocuous and transparent, giving you literally the best of both worlds!

The great thing about the mim X is that it’s an analog watch and a smartwatch together, rather than being an analog smartwatch. It does this via a transparent levitating display that floats above the regular watch face. This transparent display gives the analog watch a screen, allowing it to behave like a smartwatch, displaying menu items, messages, notifications, time, and even acting as a battery indicator. This dual face nature allows the mim X to behave like a perfect analog watch and transform into a rather capable smartwatch with a virtually negligible learning curve. With controls around the bezel, you can access the smartwatch’s features like the alarm, activity-tracker, sleep-tracker, notifications (from any of your phone apps). You can even set a secondary time zone to be displayed on the TLD, or use the smartwatch as a remote camera shutter button, or even to locate your phone.

The beauty lies in mim X’s simplicity. With a regular round dial, a plain watch face, and two hands, the mim X looks minimal, and classic, however, the transparent display, hiding in plain sight, gives the mim X a secondary, smarter avatar that coexists wonderfully with its classic one. The watch’s transparent display can be used above the regular watch face, allowing you to read the time at all times while working the smartwatch’s features. It comes with a metal body that features a heart-rate monitor on the back, along with a choice between metal, leather, or PU straps, all having a charm of their own. With the mim X you don’t have to worry about adopting new technology, because everything seems extremely simple and familiar. It means not having to choose between an analog watch that just shows the time, or a smartwatch that deviates from classic timekeeping. The mim X was designed to do both… at the same time… with 100% ingenious innovation and zero compromises!

Designer: Arvid Lindberg

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mim X incorporates the patented* Transparent Levitation Display (TLD). When switched on, information is shown on the glass without being obscured by the watch arms. And when not in use, it becomes completely transparent. You can also clearly see the display at outdoor occasions or under strong light. It is also considerably more battery efficient then traditional displays.





1. Groundbreaking TLD Technology

Customize With Notifications

mim X can help with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts, so you will never miss any important events. The messages will also display on the TLD, you won’t even have to take out your phone.


Users will be able to easily select the notifications they want to show on mim X. Users will be able to easily select the notifications they want to show on mim X.

2. Auto Sync Dual Time Zone

3. Your All-rounded Activity Monitor


Taking advantage of the TLD technology, mim X can show two time zones independently. One is shown on the display and the other is shown with the hands. mim X can also detect the current time zone, and will automatically start time adjustment. You will be able to select either the display or the hands to commence auto time sync.


Despite having the look of a traditional analog watch, mim X has all the features you can expect from a modern smartwatch. For starter, mim X carries a heart rate monitor (HRM), which can measures your heart rate throughout the day, no matter you are working out or just seating still. Combining with the step counter and other sensors, mim X can do much more. From counting how much steps you take in a day, to notifying you for sitting too much. Our app can also integrate with Apple Health, so you can store all your health data in one place.


mim X comes with two finishing, Steel and Stealth. Both finished in surgical-grade stainless steel, providing great dirt and scratch resistance for everyday use. We also offer a variety of band collections to suit your mood.

mim X – Active



The Active straps are made of rugged Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU). TPU is tougher than both silicone and rubber and is also highly resistant to chemical and temperature changes, the material is durable and highly breathable. That’s why the Active strap is the best choice for all conditions.

mim X – Classic



The Classic strap is designed to give you the timeless look. With the finest Italian leather, the mim X Classic band will patina over time, creating a unique and yet handsome look.

mim X – Modern



The Modern bracelet is crafted from surgical grade 316L Stainless Steel with an elegantly brushed finish, the mim X Modern collection is the designed for the modern hustler.

mim X Packaging


Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock come with each mim X

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Kandao’s QooCam will be whatever camera you want it to be

With three fisheye lenses, a swiveling 45° joint, and a lens cover that turns into a stand, the Kandao QooCam can be a regular action camera, a 360° camera, a 3D Stereoscopic camera, and even a webcam.

It seems like camera tech has surpassed all possible goals and the QooCam’s definitely testament to it. Designed to be the one camera you’ll probably ever need, the QooCam can shoot regular hi-res pictures and 4K video, 3D Stereoscopic content (that you can view on a VR headset), and even fully immersive 4K 360° video, thanks to its clever array of lenses.

The slim camera that literally fits into the grip of your hand comes with stabilizers on all the lenses to make sure that your videos are jitter-free. Aside from capturing in 4K, the camera can even record at 120fps, albeit at a lower resolution. Switch to the stereoscopic mode and things get even more interesting. Capture 3D stills and videos that can be later played back on a VR headset, or better still, use QooCam’s 3D depth-sensing technology to capture regular 2D stills, but with the ability to focus anywhere within the picture AFTER clicking it, giving you the effect of using the portrait mode on a dual-camera phone, although with much better quality and much more control. Another trick up its sleeve is its lens-cover, that doubles up as a rather useful stand for the QooCam, allowing you to prop it up on a flat surface (there’s even a tripod mount, for better control).

The QooCam even comes with an app that allows you to browse through content, edit images, and even livestream video to your social networks! With cutting-edge technology behind the workings of the camera, and a multitude of design and technology awards (the QooCam has Red Dot, iF Design, and CES Innovation Awards under its belt), the QooCam is like no camera we’ve ever seen, while also being every sort of camera we’d ever need!

Designer: Kandao