LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS Kit Can Also Build a Lancia Stratos Stradale

One of the coolest cars ever made is the Lancia Stratos Stradale. It was rare and very fast in its day. If you happen to own the awesome LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS construction kit, there are some new instructions out that will let you build the Lancia with the same kit.

The build requires 2197 parts altogether – about 500 shy of the Porsche. If you want your LEGO Stratos Stradale to work perfectly, you will need a 32187 Technic Driving Ring Extension to enable reverse gear. If you don’t care about reverse gear, you can build the Lancia with only the parts in the kit with five working forward gears.

You can buy the full instructions via Rebrickable for 15 euro (or about $17 USD.) I wonder who the genius was who came up with this build was; they deserve a beer and a round of applause.

[via Hooniverse via Motor1]

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What if two car companies merged their design styles?


We’ve looked at a lot of design-semantic switches where we imagine one company designing a product out of their usual catalog (but with their design style)… cases in point, a lot of PDF Haus’s work.

Today we look at a design-language-fusion, if you will. Created by rendering firm NeoMam Studios, this series looks at cars that are a result of two companies coming together to fuse their styles. You’ve got a BMW + Lamborghini mashup right above that combines the Italian supercar manufacturer’s edgy style and signature yellow body-color with BMW’s signature kidney grille. At the end of the day, the car’s still a stunner!

Scroll down below and you’ll see, in order, a Bentley + Ferrari mashup that combines British class ant Italian fervor and passion. Followed by a Nissan + Porsche harmony that would truly be a feat of engineering. Next, we have a Volkswagen + Ford mashup that combines the strategic sensibility found in both companies. Following that is a strange combination of David and Goliath, Smart and Range Rover. This alliance gives smart-cars their much-needed rugged makeover, allowing them to look less puny and more dominating on the asphalt. Lastly, and a personal favorite is the combination of two classic American Muscle brands, Dodge and Chevrolet. Looking like a Charger and a Camaro had a beautiful love-child, the car is quite literally the ultimate mash-up automobile!

Designer: NeoMam Studios