What if two car companies merged their design styles?


We’ve looked at a lot of design-semantic switches where we imagine one company designing a product out of their usual catalog (but with their design style)… cases in point, a lot of PDF Haus’s work.

Today we look at a design-language-fusion, if you will. Created by rendering firm NeoMam Studios, this series looks at cars that are a result of two companies coming together to fuse their styles. You’ve got a BMW + Lamborghini mashup right above that combines the Italian supercar manufacturer’s edgy style and signature yellow body-color with BMW’s signature kidney grille. At the end of the day, the car’s still a stunner!

Scroll down below and you’ll see, in order, a Bentley + Ferrari mashup that combines British class ant Italian fervor and passion. Followed by a Nissan + Porsche harmony that would truly be a feat of engineering. Next, we have a Volkswagen + Ford mashup that combines the strategic sensibility found in both companies. Following that is a strange combination of David and Goliath, Smart and Range Rover. This alliance gives smart-cars their much-needed rugged makeover, allowing them to look less puny and more dominating on the asphalt. Lastly, and a personal favorite is the combination of two classic American Muscle brands, Dodge and Chevrolet. Looking like a Charger and a Camaro had a beautiful love-child, the car is quite literally the ultimate mash-up automobile!

Designer: NeoMam Studios






Let this coffee-maker ‘fuel’ you through your weekdays!


If an 18-carat gold-crafted V12 engine-shaped coffee maker is perhaps a little too opulent for your tastes, maybe a Porsche 993 GT2 Cup flat-six engine replica coffee maker might just do it for you. Styled to be a spitting image of the 993 GT2’s flat-six engine, this coffee machine from Super Veloce goes for the mess-free capsule-based coffee dispensing system. Just pop a pod in the back, and place your espresso cup at the location of the clutch and out comes a spectacular brew that’s just waiting to fuel you through your day… and given that it models itself on the 993, the coffee machine is limited to just 993 pieces!

Designer: Super Veloce



This 911 Writing Desk is clearly for die-hard Porsche-lovers


The Porsche 911 Writing Desk by 3 GJB 17 gives you one more reason and opportunity to correct those commoners who pronounce it “Porsh” by telling them it is, in fact, “Por-shuh”…

Made from original Porsche 911 body parts, coated in Arctic Silver automotive paint, and finished with Custom Made American Walnut attachments that complement the car’s contours beautifully, the 911 Writing Desk takes the iconic car’s rear end, converting its boot hood into a writing surface that doubles up as a cabinet for storing your stationery (using a spring-loaded hinge that lifts the boot lid up).

There’s no reason you’d NEED the Porsche 911 Writing Desk over any other writing desk (an IKEA or Pottery Barn one, perhaps), but its design may sure leave you lusting after it anyway. Definitely the kind of furniture to be the focal point of your workspace, the Porsche 911 Writing Desk is unusual in every way, from its unlikely inspiration and material source, to the way the boot lid turns into a desk/privacy-partition, to just the surprisingly complementary combination of metal and wood styled to work together marvelously well… and when I say unusual, I mean unusual in a good way!

Designer: 3 GJB 17










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