Democrats aim to subpoena Apple, Twitter over private chats

The House of Representatives' investigation into Russia's election interference may have ended, but Democrats are still discussing what they'd like to do if and when they regain a House majority -- and it could have significant repercussions for the...

China’s law enforcement expands use of facial recognition glasses

Police in China are expanding their use of facial recognition glasses. Last month, law enforcement in the country used LLVision Technology's facial recognition glasses to spot criminals evading the law or train and plane passengers using fake IDs amo...

‘The Future of Secrets’ is a digital confession booth

"I feel like I can justify the worst things I've done." "My initial connection to the majority of my partners is based on superficial sexism." "I once bumped someone's phone when it was charging and it feel off a table and cracked and I just walked...

Protect Your Online Privacy with VPNSecure

In the wake of many news stories about high-profile hacking and spying scandals, many people are making Internet privacy and security a real priority. After all, the Web isn’t a crime-free place, and using the Internet on a public Internet connection can expose your personal data to prying eyes. That’s where VPNSecure can help keep you safe.

With VPNSecure, you can browse the Internet safely, without worrying that someone is trying to steal your information or identity. VPNSecure doesn’t log any of your activity, and it encrypts everything you do so that hackers cannot do anything with your information, should they intercept it. Plus, you can bypass annoying geolocation restrictions, meaning you’ll be able to stream your favorite streaming shows no matter where you are in the world.

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How Huawei plans to fight webcam hackers!


Huawei’s response to the tape-over-your-webcam phenomenon is nothing if not very James-Bondian. Hidden discreetly in your keyboard, right between f6 and f7, is a bogey key. Press it and the key rises above the surface to reveal a webcam pointing at you. Press the camera down and you’re protected from people remotely hacking into your camera and your life.

The physically moving webcam would ensure you don’t have a camera pointing at you without you knowing what’s happening. When the camera docks into the keyboard, it doesn’t film anything (or rather, anything of consequence). What this also enabled Huawei’s MateBook X Pro to do is follow the rising trend of obliterating bezels around screens. Removing the webcam from the top of the screen, the MateBook X Pro as a result, has a 91% screen to body ratio, with the upper half having a bezel only at the bottom end (where the hinge begins).

However, there are a few complaints that the camera, while looking super cool, captures you from a rather unflattering angle. I believe the term “nasalcam” was coined for this purpose. A small price to pay for protecting your privacy??

Designer: Huawei




Image Credits: Vlad Savov