The Award-winning Wheel Reflector That Instantly Make Biking Safer

Bicycles have always been the healthier way of commuting, but there’s still a long way to go to make bicycle riding as safe as sitting inside a car. Bikes are fast, but incredibly quiet, and given their size, they aren’t as visible as a car with its flashy headlights, taillights, and loud horn. So in a world that desperately needs to re-embrace cycling as a way of commuting, the FLECTR 360 Omni wants to provide a small-footprint high-impact solution to make bicycling safer.

The FLECTR 360 Omni are superiorly engineered adhesive reflector panels that provide 360° coverage. From wherever a car headlight may hit the bike, FLECTR 360 Omni will grab the driver´s attention making the biker visible with a stunning glow. Designed to be mounted on the rims of a bicycle’s wheels FLECTR 360 Omni requires no electronics, battery, or upkeep. The FLECTR 360 Omni lights up your wheels by reflecting the headlights of all vehicles around you, making you visible to avoid collisions. The panels kick in immediately when it starts getting dark and one’s visibility begins reducing, eliminating the need to remember to switch it on. It simply works when necessary and remains inconspicuous in bright daylight. The 360 Omni comes in a unique parallelogram shape that fits well over any sort of wheel rim, and FLECTR also includes cutting guides to help trim its size to suit your wheel-type.

The breakthrough for the 360 Omni is its use of metalized cube-corner prisms for reflectors rather than relying on simple glass bead technology. The prisms help reflecting light more efficiently back to the light source, turning it into a bright shine on your wheels. Weighing in at just 2 grams, the FLECTR is lightweight and has a zero impact on the bike’s performance or aerodynamics. The FLECTR 360 Omni lights up when the bike’s static, creating distinct, visible patches of light, but things get even more interesting when you’re riding your bike. FLECTR´s rotating, pulsing and moving reflections light up the entire rim, dramatically increasing one’s visibility, making bicycling much safer.

Designers: Kai Wiehagen & Jorg Neugebauer

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FLECTR 360 OMNI wraps razor-thin around your rims and from wherever car headlights are approaching, it grabs the driver´s attention. All around, without exception.

360 degree visibility. Multi-direction reflectivity increases your safety.


Non-static light patterns. Rotating, pulsing and moving light grabs extra attention.


No air drag & no dynamic imbalance. With a set weight of just 2 grams, FLECTR 360 OMNI leaves your wheel´s performance unaffected.


Custom reflective film technology. Unique 3D conformable film with reliable bond & dirt-repellend surface.


One size design. With a simple cut along the integrated cutting aids you adapt FLECTR 360 OMNI to your rims.


Microprismatic technology. Highest possible reflection from thousands of metalized cube-corner prisms. Forget about simple glas bead reflectors.


How it works. The arched profiles of modern bike rims offer a perfect base for an adhesive wide-angle reflector as there are multiple plains for reflection. The two-piece FLECTR 360 OMNI wraps around the rim from both sides and overlaps onto the rim vertex. The advantage: gap-free reflection from all sides.


Are reflectors better than electric bike lighting? Reflectors have a big advantage over electric lighting – they do not require maintenance and are still there for you even if your lighting fails. But both, reflectors and bicycle lighting form a system and should always be used together. You decide how much safety you need to feel comfortable cycling.

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A Stovetop Like You’ve Never Seen

Whether it was cars, refrigerators, houses, or people, there was once a day and age where everything seemed to be getting bigger. Nowadays, it’s shrinking appliances designed for shrinking living spaces kinda… it kinda makes you wonder if the next generation of people is going to start shrinking too! The latest in a trend of space-saving cooking systems, MACS (Micro Apartment Cooking System) merges everything you need to cook stovetop-style into one convenient in-counter package.

Beyond the valuable space savings, the design also makes the cooking process easier. The pots, pans, hobs, and even the exhaust hood are all there. Cooking vessels of different size are recessed into the countertop to save even more space and to round out the minimalistic look. Users no longer have to worry about knocking over a pan or grabbing something too hot to touch. Better yet, you can peer into the pan or pot without tiptoeing to see over the rim!

Designers: Aminreza Shokouhi, Saba Beizaei & Sasan Ghaffari










The Foldable Dress for the Minimal Traveler

Taking the art of origami out of the limitations of paper and bringing it to fabric, Angela Wang’s Origamei project makes outfits and clothes foldable to the extent that they occupy a small fraction of the space they would if opened out. The Origamei project has two purposes. One, to make fashion much more accessible, using the art of folding as a method to reduce a clothing item’s spatial footprint… and two, Origamei sees itself as more of an empowerment tool, as most clothes do, helping women dress in clothes that feel comfortable and make them feel confident. The fact that you can carry these clothes around in the palm of your hand, or even stash them in your clutch or the glove compartment of your car, means that the very confidence and self-esteem that you get from wearing good clothes, is made portable too.

The Origamei comes in three different styles, all for three different scenarios. The Momo, or the t-shirt dress is for casual wearing, either at home, or to meet a friend at a coffee shop. The Yuri caters to a much more social atmosphere, even serving as a formal dress, perhaps for business or an interview. The Kiku, or the tent dress, is for letting your hair down. A perfect summer dress, the Kiku is ideal for a day at the beach, or a classy date in the evening. With Origamei’s patented folding technique, you can fold down all three dresses to a built in pouch (clutch) that’s slightly bigger than your smartphone. The outfits come with seam lines that indicate how they’re to be folded, and the fabric they’re made from is wrinkle-resistant (so your outfits always look crisp and wrinkle-free), lightweight, stretchable (10% Spandex), breathable, and moisture-wicking, making sure you look good as well as feel good.

Ideal for traveling, the Origamei can sit either in your bag, or glove compartment, or even strap to your backpack, using its discreet carabiner clip. Also built with an accessory pouch (for jewelry to dress up the style of the dress) and even hand pockets (a rarity and a necessity in women’s fashion), designer Angela Wang hopes that the Origamei will help empower women live a more minimal fulfilling lifestyle, by allowing them to chase their dreams and follow their heart with a compact outfit for any occasion anywhere on the go, anytime. The next step? A compact, foldable, effortless range of Origamei outfits for men too!

Designer: Angela Wang

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The Origamei dresses offer us women everything we want in a dress, with the versatility to carry it anywhere, anytime. It fits comfortably in the glove compartment of your car, hangs perfectly on the strap of your beach bag, tucks nicely inside your backpack, or even stows away discreetly in the side of your purse, Origamei gives women the option of carrying a beautiful dress without the hassle and worry of excessive clutter or overpacking for a business trip or a fun getaway.

Origamei’s patented fold technique makes packing light, compact, and efficient. With it’s wrinkle-resistant and breathable fabric, deep hand pockets, discreet keyring, and minimal style, it’s no wonder women who have worn our dress absolutely love it.


Three Styles for anything life throws at you. Origamei Foldwear is all you need if you’re an On The Go (OTG) woman.





Click here to Buy Now: $58.00 $80.00 (28% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left and over $130,000 raised!

The Blend watch uses color theory to tell the time


Taking the watch and mildly altering one small yet crucial detail, Rinat Aruh and Johan Liden designed the Blend Watch… a watch without traditional hands, but with a design detail that creates the perception of them. The Blend uses the subtractive color model to create color compositions that tell time. The subtractive color model is basically how we get all our pigments (for example cyan + magenta + yellow = black), and the Blend uses it rather inventively to create blocks of color. Instead of relying on two hands to tell the time, the Blend uses two sheets of tinted transparent plastic with hands cut out of them. When placed over a white watch face, the layered sheets showcase a combined color, while the hands appear as the individual colors that were used to begin with. With each passing hour, the watch face creates colorful compositions that get really interesting especially when the two hands align, to reveal the white dial underneath!

Designer: Aruliden

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Click Here to Buy Now: $175

Because traditional furniture and flat floors are too boring


The Les Angles Structural Seating brings the dynamic surfaces of the outdoors, indoors. Designed in a way that doesn’t look like furniture, but behaves like it, the structural seating add a different flavor to rooms by giving people the impression that the floor underneath is alive, and is breaking through the monotony of flatness to turn into a terrain-like surface you can sit on.

The Les Angles are made from 100% wool fabric and may look edgy, but are actually quite comfortable to sit on. Comprising different elements that take on different functions (like a backrest, a cushion, the Les Angles can be arranged on the floor or even on a wall, allowing a room to look practically alive and dynamic… because traditional furniture is much too boring!

Designer: Stéphanie Marin








Logitech’s new mouse is inspired by the handshake

The thing with mice is (and I speak from experience)… people who do use mice, absolutely can’t work without them. The trackpad is a poor alternative to the chunky, grippy design of a mouse, and after I spend a third of my day touching digital elements on a touchscreen, and typing on a godforsaken touchscreen keyboard, the mouse, in all its tactile glory, feels like functionality-heaven.

Inspired by the formation the hand makes during a natural handshake, Logitech’s MX Vertical wants to be the chunky mouse your hand falls in love with. Tilting at an angle of 57° off the horizontal plane that is your table, the MX Vertical feels halfway between a mouse and a joystick. It can be held onto for hours, being maneuvered without strain, and is even easy on your wrist too, shifting the movement from side-side to up-down. Built with the regular left and right click buttons and the scroll wheel, the MX Vertical ups the ante with two more buttons for your thumb, and another button on the top. It even comes with a rubber gripping area with this subtle texture that looks absolutely welcoming! The only perceivable disadvantage? The lack of an ambidextrous design… but maybe I’m being a little pedantic.

Designer: Logitech







Zap Your Razor Clean


If you did a test to see what was floating around your bathroom, you might think twice about the way you clean your everyday items like toothbrushes, contact case, and razors! Designed to eliminate all those things you can’t see, the Sterilizable Razor does exactly as the name suggests. It features a built-in sterilizing system that utilizes UV light to kill potentially harmful microbes and bacteria. All you have to do is flip the razor section on the device and push it in to activate the UV. Perfect for traveling, it also keeps the delicate blades safely tucked out of harm’s way.

Designer: Minho Lee




This Cosmic Memento is a Perfect Blend of Science and Art

Using algorithmically generated data (the same data used by NASA), the SpaceTime Coordinates Memento is a snapshot of the exact planetary arrangement on any given day, be it a birthdate or an anniversary, or even a promotion. Artist Govy collates scientific data that accounts for planetary movements, being able to plot back the exact position of each and every planet in their dance around the sun on any given date. That data turns into a piece of concentric art which gets etched onto either wood or acrylic, turning a plain circular disc into a planetary portrait for a special date.

Planetary positions are just like fingerprints… they’re quite literally one in a million. On any given day, in any month or any year, the nine planets (if you count Pluto too), are rarely in the same position relative to one another. Thus, with each day, the planets find themselves in unique formations that don’t occur for millennia. Each day, the planets create a unique piece of choreography, which the Memento captures by etching the pattern onto a wooden or acrylic plate.

Unlike the Memento’s 3D printed discs from last year, the current series uses precise laser engraving technology to capture the art-pattern. Available on Bamboo and Walnut in the wood series, and on Fluoro Blue, Green Glass or Clear for the acrylic line; the Memento comes as a 25mm, 30mm or 35mm disc, and can be worn as a pendant or strapped to a bracelet, or even mounted on a platform like a trophy or framed like a medal. Simply the most thoughtful and personal gift you can give to either yourself or a loved one, the STC Memento is ideal for capturing birthdays, anniversaries, first moments, or even personal achievements! It helps highlight the event by showing you that time and space come together to create unique fingerprints of your unique memories!

Artist: govy

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Commemorate a birth, wedding, first kiss or the moon landing! Every date in history has a different and unique planetary alignment. SpaceTime Coordinates (STC) is a precise depiction of the Solar System. Take a moment to meditate on the significance of life itself and our place in space.



Custom Made with Science & Lasers

STC’s new collection of Mementos is laser cut and engraved, and this technique brings new materials they are very excited about: Acrylic and Wood!

STC designs are the most precise and accurate on the market because they rely on the same data that is used by NASA to predict eclipses or to compute spacecraft trajectories.

They can calculate the precise position of each planet on its orbital path, given any particular date in time. In fact, theur Orrery is so accurate, it has been featured by OpenNASA!

The four dimensions (x, y, z, and t) are used to represent a particular location in time and space, also known as the 4th dimension, which might come handy if you ever stumble upon a wormhole or a tear in the fabric of the Universe.



Bamboo Mementos

Bamboo is a material with natural variation, such as lighter or darker wood grain. The Bamboo sheet is made of five layers of veneer (thin slice of wood). Bamboo is 100% renewable and sustainable.


Walnut Mementos

Walnut Premium Veneer has an MDF core with real wood veneer (thin slice of wood) on each side which is sanded smooth and finished with a clear coat. It has a high grade appearance, the grain direction will change the overall appearance depending on the light direction.




Acrylic Mementos

Acrylic is hard and stiff as plastics go. It is sensitive to stress concentrations sharing a certain fragility with glass. Avaliable in Fluoro Blue or clear. Acrylic is non toxic and recyclable in some areas.

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Nailed It!

Designer Michael David Young calls the Auto Hammer his “mad scientist project” but we’re pretty sure it’s just pure genius! Imagined as an economical alternative to the nail gun, it’s highly portable, doesn’t require any electricity, and takes up a fraction of the space. Users can simply preload it with a nail strip, tap once to load, hammer once to set the nail, and continue driving the nail in. It features a nail-advancement mechanism that will prepare the next nail in line when the user is ready. Useful for everyone from construction workers to do-it-yourselfers, it’s a total time-saver and will help you avoid hitting your thumb!

Designer: Michael David Young










How to display Emotional Intelligence in a Job Interview

267_6_ JB

Interviews are difficult, and sitting through one does make most of us sweat up. However, there are some things we can do to make this crucial step easy to surmount. Emotional intelligence or EQ has become one of the top job skills and the write-up below (initially published on Fast Co. by Harvey Deutschendorf) talks about how we can display EQ in our interview session!

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Yes, having solid design skills is important in landing a job, but maybe not as important as you might think. In fact, in a recent survey of more than 2,600 hiring managers and human resource professionals, 71% stated they valued emotional intelligence in an employee over IQ. What’s more, 75% said they were more likely to promote a highly emotionally intelligent worker; and 59% claimed they’d pass up a candidate with a high IQ but low emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is going to be even more relevant for job hunting in the future too, the Future of Jobs Report from The World Economic Forum ranked emotional intelligence in the top 10 job skills required for 2020. Since more companies are paying attention to hiring people with high emotional intelligence, if you’re looking for a job it’s an important skill to demonstrate in your interview.

Here are 7 ways that to demonstrate emotional intelligence in a job interview

267_2 _ JB

Instead of focusing on a response to the question being asked, give all your attention on the question itself. Don’t give in to the urge that you have to answer the question immediately. Interviewers are looking for a thoughtful response, instead of an immediate one that indicates that you are giving them an answer that you have rehearsed. Repeat the question back in your own words to make sure that you understand it the way that it was intended. If you are not sure if you are answering the question ask the person asking it.

Many interviewees, due to nervousness, can came come across as wooden and tightly controlled. It’s not only okay to show some emotion, but the right emotions will form a connection between the interviewer and you. Smiling, as long as it doesn’t appear forced or inauthentic, is always good. Showing enthusiasm and some excitement is also good if it is real. The caveat is not to force any emotions. If the interviewers get a whiff that you are coming across as someone other than yourself, it will cause them to mistrust you and decrease your chances of getting the job.

Take a cue from professional athletes when they are interviewed after a win or achievement. They always credit their team mates, their team, rather than taking personal accolades. When asked about a project that you are proud of, or that was successful, be sure to share credit with the team, unit, and others who were involved in the project. Make it clear that you are proud to be a member of the group that was involved in the success. This gives more credibility to you being a team player, than if you simply claim that you are, which everyone does.

267_3_ JB Copy

The typical advice for answering a question about your weakness is to frame it as something that is actually a strength. For example, claiming to be a perfectionist, or becoming too involved in your job, which can be seem as strengths by an employer. These answers do not cut it any more, as interviewers are looking for something more substantial. When disclosing a weakness be sure to indicate what you are actively doing to work on it and give examples of making progress. Interviewers know that we all have weaknesses and suspect that we may try to hide those in the interview. As long as your weaknesses do not raise any red flags, being honest, open and genuine will help gain their trust and respect.

For the question about your strengths, rather than only focusing on your qualifications or technical ability, talk about your ability to work well with others in a teamwork setting. Your ability to adapt to change or setbacks and work well with coworkers and customers is important to bring up. Instead of simply mentioning these things, be prepared to come up with examples of when you had to use those skills. Perhaps there was conflict within your unit or you had to deal with an irate customer. Talk about how you used your soft skills to effectively deal with these situations

When the interviewer asks about a situation where things went off the rails, the worst thing you can do is to blame others for the situation. State what happened but avoid casting blame. Before answering this question, it is okay to acknowledge some emotions through your expressions and body language. It will send the message that the situation was real and not something that you made up that was of no real consequence because you had to answer the question. Let it be known that it was a difficult time and you struggled if that was the case. What the interviewer wants to know is how you reacted and if you did anything to improve the situation. If asked what your part in it was, be prepared to accept your share of the responsibility but speak in terms of what you would’ve done differently looking back on the situation. Interviewers expect people to make mistakes, but want to know if you are someone who learns from mistakes and took away the lesson.

267_4_ JB

At the end of an interview, we are typically asked if we have any questions. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your emotional intelligence. Ask questions about the culture, values of an organization and what it takes for people to be successful in it. Bring up any positive experiences with people in their organization or their customer you have had in the past and your observations. It will show that you are not only interested in a job but are looking to see how you will fit into the company. This indicates to them that you are aware of yourself and the importance of matching their needs with those of your own. They are also trying to assess this, and your awareness will help them in deciding. If you are a fit, it will work in your favor. If not, you are better off knowing at this point and spending your time and energy looking elsewhere.

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The original write up by Harvey Deutschendorf published on Fast Co. can be found here.

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