The World’s Most Innovative Company in Design for 2019, Ammunition Group, needs an ID intern

Ammunition Group has been recognized and honored by Fast Co. as the World’s Most Innovative Company in Design for 2019, and why not, especially given their inventiveness in redesigning everyday objects to perform better, be it the temperature maintaining Ember Mug or June, the computer that cooks! Founded in 2007, Ammunition is led by partners Robert Brunner (who previously led the design team as Director of Industrial Design at Apple and was succeeded by Jonathan Ive) and Matt Rolandson. Their diverse team combines expertise in physical and digital product design, service design, brand identity, user experience, graphic design, and packaging. They work across disciplines to transform great ideas into experiences that create an emotional connection with customers and achieve business success for our clients.

The Opportunity

Ammunition is an international design group providing services in product design, brand strategy and identity, UX design, graphic design, and packaging. While Ammunition’s strengths are diverse across design disciplines, our real expertise is to redefine markets by using design to create a new business territory and to communicate and connect with customers. Whether it is a product, an interface, a package or an identity, our approach is to create new, exciting experiences for customers that communicate the unique proposition and the brand of our clients, and to differentiate in meaningful ways.

Currently, the San Francisco based industrial design team is seeking talented candidates for paid internships. We are looking for candidates with a strong talent in developing unique design concepts to help bring the brands of our clients to life. An ideal candidate has practical problem-solving skills and is driven to develop thoughtful design solutions that create meaningful user experiences. Candidates should possess strong attention to detail and the ability to communicate ideas through outstanding visualization skills. Interns are fully embedded into the ID team and contribute to every step of the industrial design process, from concept generation through final implementation.

A solid ID background is necessary, a strong graphic aesthetic will be well received, and practical experience with engineering and manufacturing constraints is preferable.


• Maintain design intention from concept generation to final implementation
• A thorough understanding of design principles
• Personal commitment to quality, attention to detail
• Interface with UX, graphic and packaging designers to create seamless product solutions
• Ensure innovation by actively researching, sharing and implementing new trends and materials
• Excellent time management, organization & prioritization skills required to handle multiple projects simultaneously within tight timelines and meet deadlines
• Effective, articulate design communication and decision-making skills
• Coordinate with vendors to help define and spec materials and processes used in fabrication and assembly
• Report to the VP, Industrial Design Studio


• Industrial design experience
• BS/BA/BFA degree (or equivalent) in industrial design (or equivalent)
• 3D modeling skills – preferably Rhino, Pro/E or Solidworks
• Confidence with 2D and 3D design visualization tools
• Evidence of prototyping abilities
• Great communication skills (visual, verbal, and written)
• The ability to think quickly and problem-solve on the spot with a maturity that maintains a positive team environment
• A portfolio that demonstrates wide-ranging concept exploration, innovative solutions, a clear process and is visually appealing

How to Apply

Please send your résumé and portfolio in an email entitled “Intern, Industrial Design” to

Only those applicants who meet our stated requirements will be considered for this job. If you are a possible match for the position, we will contact you to learn more about your background and answer questions about our hiring process. Principals only. No recruiters, please.

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.


San Francisco, CA

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Transforming toys that grow with your children!

Designed to guide your child through their formative years of physical development and acquiring of motor skills, the Luma Rock & Roller is a fun, innovative toy that transforms from a rocker, to a walker, and then to a roller. At its base lies its ingenious wheel-flipping mechanism that, with a simple flip-and-fasten, allows the Rock & Roller from being a rocking-horse to a toy with wheels.

As children grow, they require new toys to match their level of learning and playing. The Rock & Roller, rather than being a toy that gets discarded after a year, grows right with the children, adapting to their needs. Designed to be played with from ages 9 months to 4 years, the Luma Rock & Roller serves first as a rocking-toy, entertaining children with its rocking motion but also developing them with balancing skills and an understanding of center-of-gravity. Once the child nears the age where they begin walking, the Rock & Roller’s rocking base flips 180° and the toy turns into a walker, allowing them to sit on the Rock & Roller and walk around aided by the wheels at the base. As the child grows in height, the Rock & Roller goes from being a walker, to being a roller-cart, allowing them to push their toys or siblings around, via a handle at the back.

Designer Dzuy Linh created the Luma Rock & Roller specifically to be the long-lasting tech-free toy that acts as a child’s foundation for learning and growing. The Rock & Roller is, for that reason, designed to be durable, and last long, but at the same time also be eco-friendly, and as its designer Dzuy Linh points out, it has the minimum use of plastic in its construction. The Rock & Roller is built meticulously in Los Angeles, California. Fashioned from all-natural Baltic Birchwood, the individual pieces are CNC machined and then sanded, finished, and assembled by hand. The wheels are adjustable to roll faster or slower, depending on the child’s (and parent’s) needs, and have a durometer rating of 89a, much like the wheels you’d find on most good skateboards. The Rock & Roller was specifically designed to be a playful toy that is, at its heart, durable and natural. Not using any plastic in the construction of the Rock & Roller’s body, Linh’s focus is on building a toy that will last a child for as long as it wants, and even skip into the next generation (like good furniture), but should you choose to discard it, the Rock & Roller will have no negative impact on the environment.

Designed to go from a toy the child plays on, to the toy a child plays with, the Luma Rock & Roller rocks, rolls, and transports. Aside from the seat on the top, the Rock & Roller even comes with a lower shelf that stores toys, functioning as both a pushcart when in motion, or a shelf when stationary!

Designer: Dzuy Linh of Luma

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The Rock & Roller is the most brilliant 3-in-1 rocker for kids! The eco-friendly rocker, walker, and roller converts between rocker and roller in seconds.

Designed for 9 months to 4 year olds, it first starts out as a rocker to help develop gross motor and balancing skills. As the child starts walking, it becomes a push walker to help with steady, evenly paced steps. After walking has been mastered, it becomes a ride-on roller car to sit on and push – either by someone else or with their own legs.

The Rock & Roller is designed to quickly and easily switch back and forth between roller and rocker mode. Unscrew the locks, flip it over, and lock it back into place. It uses a locking screw on both sides for additional safety and avoids any accidental unlocking. The design is patent-pending.

Their all-natural hardwood baltic birch is as good as it gets. It provides incredible strength and durability and critically important to them, it’s not plastic. The wheels are adjustable to roll faster or slower, depending on the child’s needs. They feature ball bearing hubs with a wheel durometer rating of 89a for a long-lasting, sturdy ride.

Has a built-in shelf to store and transport their favorite toys as well!

Click Here To Buy Now: $119 $200 (40% off). Hurry, only 3/10 left in Super Early Bird!

The newest, most efficient, and oil-saving way to lubricate your bike-chains

Ever tried painting a wall? If you had to choose between using a paintbrush and a roller, chances are you’d choose the latter, right? It’s incredibly fast, does a uniform job, and is just simply mess free. Paint doesn’t trickle or spill from a roller onto your hands, the floor, or worse, your clothes. The roller’s sponge holds the paint, distributing it in a perfect coat on the wall without any hassle. You end up wasting less paint, coating your wall evenly, and staying mess-free. Now imagine having an experience as perfect as that for oiling your bike’s chains.

The FLECTR LUBRI DISC replicates that paint-roller experience onto the experience of lubricating your bike chains when they start getting stiff. The disc holds the lubricant within a sponge roller that uniformly coats your bike chains with oil. There’s zero spillage, and you end up oiling your chain perfectly while saving on as much as 90% of your oil. The LUBRI DISC comes with an inner microporous sponge roller, and an outer hard-shell for you to hold onto, preventing the oil from ever getting on your hands. To oil your chains, simply hold the LUBRI DISC down against your bike chains and rotate the chains as they automatically brush against the sponge and get evenly coated with the lubricant.

The LUBRI DISC even comes with its own proprietary Bio Chain Lube (although you can use any chain oil with the disc). Designed to be great for the bike and great for the environment, the Bio Chain Lube is made out of all natural materials and provides very good lubrication and adhesion, giving you better, friction-less movement for long. The lube is designed to be eco-friendly too, causing negligible impact on the environment as it eventually makes its way into the ground, like most lubricants do.

The LUBRI DISC comes in its own tin-case that you can easily carry around with you on your rides. When refilled, the LUBRI DISC can be used up to 10 times before needing a refill… and when you need to change the inner microporous sponge, feel free to discard the old sponge any way you please, because that’s a 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable too! The LUBRI DISC does a remarkably efficient job of oiling your chains in the best way possible. It keeps your hands and clothes oil free, uniformly coats your chains with a single swift motion, prevents oil wastage, and finally, doesn’t harm the environment!

Designers: Jorg Neugebauer & Kai Wiehagen

Click Here To Buy Now: $21. Hurry, for limited time only.

LUBRI DISC helps you lube your bike chain in seconds. It keeps the process clean and is eco-friendly. The best part is that you will not have to dirty your fingers.

LUBRI DISC delivers the lube reliably and evenly to your chain in just seconds! It is an incredible tool for the basic care of your bike chain.

Smart, small and always with you – whether on the bike tour or in your commuter bag.

Simply hold the LUBRI DISC between your fingers, press it slightly onto your chain and let your crank rotate backwards. Everything else happens automatically. Two to three turns of the crank – that´s it.

Lube first the inside of the chain, then the outside (or vice versa) – that’s it.

LUBRI DISC´s semi-soft lubricator wheel adapts perfectly to the shape of the chain – surrounds it – and lets the oil penetrate between the plates and over the rollers up to the pins. It stores any type of low to medium viscosity chain oils in its microporous and fluid-conducting body. Once filled, its capacity is sufficient to lube your bike chain up to ten times, before you just refill a little oil.

By applying slight pressure, the lubricator disc adapts to the chain and transfers the oil from the inner reservoir.

Ride green with FLECTR BIO CHAIN LUBE. This organic chain oil not only cares for your chain, but also protects the environment. It is produced with basic components based on plants and degradable additives. Environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable without missing excellent wear protection.

FLECTR BIO CHAIN LUBE has an extremely good adhesive power and guarantees a low-noise and smooth running of your chain.

The refill is extremely simple. Both case shells close magnetically and can be opened easily.

LUBRI DISC works perfectly with any type of common chain oil – so you can use your oil, or switch to a really eco-friendly system with our FLECTR BIO CHAIN LUBE.

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The JBL Jr Pop is a wireless bluetooth speaker just for the kids

“Big Sound for Music’s Tiny Fans” is perhaps the best way to describe the JBL Jr Pop, a conceptual speaker created by Shenzhen-based Kim Hyojin.

A winner of both the Red Dot Design Concept Award and the iF Design Award for the year 2019, the JBL Jr Pop is a junior speaker, designed to be child-friendly, and give children their dedicated music-listening device. The Jr Pop is small, light, rugged, and comes with a leash that the child can use to carry their sound with them. A comforting ring of light around the speaker gives it a halo, illuminating the branding, and captivating the child with dancing light visuals as they listen to music.

The Jr Pop is loosely based on the JBL Clip speaker design, sans the carabiner clip. It pairs via Bluetooth, probably to the family iPad or to a parent’s smartphone, playing music for the child, and is designed to give them the joy of having a personal musical experience, powered by JBL’s remarkable audio technology!

Designer: Kim Hyojin

Amazon is looking for an Industrial Design Engineer for their Robotic Fulfillment division!

You’ve heard of Amazon, right? One of the world’s largest retailers? Run by the world’s richest man (even after his divorce settlement!)

Amazon is an absolute behemoth. Going from being a book-selling service in 1995, to being one of the biggest names in online retail, and even reaching a trillion dollar valuation along the way, Amazon is famous for investing heavily in research and development. For the longest time, all of Amazon’s profits went right into their research and development team, allowing it to become the immovable force it is today. While Amazon’s most profitable service is its web-server service, Amazon is most well known for its e-commerce, logistics and delivery. Having experimented extensively with unmanned delivery methods, including drones as well as self-driving robots, Amazon is looking for a Lead Industrial Design Engineer to join their Robotics team in North Reading, Massachusetts.


Are you inspired by invention? Is problem solving through teamwork in your DNA?

Do you like the idea of seeing how your work impacts the bigger picture? Answer yes to any of these and you’ll fit right in here at Amazon Robotics. We are a smart team of doers that work passionately to apply cutting edge advances in robotics and software to solve real-world challenges that will transform our customers’ experiences in ways we can’t even imagine yet.

We invent new improvements every day. We are Amazon Robotics and we will give you the tools and support you need to invent with us in ways that are rewarding, fulfilling and fun.

The Global Fulfillment and Transportation Solutions Team seeks a customer obsessed and innovative Lead Engineer to lead in the designs for our next generation Robotic Operations. The Lead Engineer provides technical, operational and analytical design leadership for a multi-disciplinary team. This role requires you to scope and design highly automated operations and supply chain workflows that scale, provide technical guidance on current generation designs and technologies that step towards the future vision, influence our technology R&D roadmap, and deliver on significantly complex programs often starting before the problem is well understood.


As a successful candidate you will have a passion for designing high-performance digital-physical systems leveraging your background developing industrial automation solutions and/or leading highly automated high-volume, high-mix, and short lead time operations. You will lead, develop, and/or contribute to cross-functional teams of passionate engineers to conceptualize, design and implement robotics technologies in next generation facilities and network designs all the way through facility construction and startup. You must have strong fundamentals in Industrial Engineering, Lean systems, technical problem solving ability, financial acuity, and the ability to effectively communicate with and influence decision makers at all levels.
You are eager to get into the weeds to deeply understand your customer’s driving metrics using a variety of financial and data analytics techniques. You’re able to pull yourself out of the weeds to provide a holistic vision and cohesive strategy for next generation designs and network strategies. You have an intrinsic motivation and innate ability to simplify problems to deliver results in a fast-paced and often ambiguous environment. Amazon’s culture encourages innovation and expects engineers and managers alike to take a high level of ownership in solving problems.
You will build a network of relationships with business, technology, and engineering leaders, product managers and systems architects across Amazon to align towards simple and coherent designs. At the same time you will bridge gaps you find between partner teams in order to build holistic integrated systems and architectures crossing multiple technology teams. You’ll advise executives and the broader tech community on solutions that resolve global system architecture opportunities that trade-off robustness, stability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, complexity and business value. You will lead and implement mechanisms to “force multiply” yours and the team’s collective technical knowledge, provide technical guidance, and be a resource for technical review across Robotics.
This role is located in North Reading, Ma. Expect to travel up to 10%.


Basic Qualifications
• Proven outcomes of your socially responsible business knowledge and strong technical insight to address customer challenges. Ability to anticipate and develop business priorities for future action. Ability to assess broader and deeper impact of decisions on the business.
• Proven experience with Design for Operations and process design based on Lean Principles. Mastery of fundamentals in Industrial Engineering including Lean/Toyota Production Systems (TPS), value stream engineering, statistical process control (SPC), business case analysis, and ergonomic and safety assessment.
• Demonstrated understanding of supply chain strategy, network architecture and business planning. Have detailed knowledge of global supply chain infrastructure and how different architectures scale.
• Minimum of 10 years of relevant experience with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, operations, or a related field required; MBA or advanced degree preferred. Alternatively 2+ years of Amazon experience as a Principal Engineer preferred for internal transfer.
• Minimum of 5 years of experience leading and managing relevant cross-functional programs.
• Experience using CAD and commercial off the shelf data manipulation technologies.

Preferred Qualifications
• Experience working with the designs of complex automated material handling systems including robotics and high-speed manufacturing in high mix and short lead time environments.
• Experience working with Architects, General Contractors, and Engineers on greenfield and brownfield construction projects to integrate life safety, regulatory, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and low voltage requirements into the full project lifecycle.


North Reading (Massachusetts), USA.


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Earphones for when you don’t want to be disturbed

Earphones are a great tool to use when we want to close ourselves off to the outside world and for those time when we are just feeling a little less talkative. However, some people just don’t get this hint as they persistently try to be heard over your music. This issue led to the development of Gem; the wireless earphones that communicate your desire to not be disturbed.

Gem’s method of showing this derives from the technology used within electrochromic smart windows; its outer-shell changes from being translucent to opaque as a voltage passes through it. This change in state is a beautiful synonym to privacy which only elevates the product’s function in a subtle and intriguing manner.

This technology aside, Gem carries a beautifully sleek form that features immense levels of detail; simplistic branding has been laser etched into the Aluminium core, whilst the capacitive control strip elevates its functionality and the user experience!

Designer: Robbie Lillquist

If you aren’t feeling talkative, you can also manually set the headphones to appear opaque.

Earlier charging case iterations aimed open by sliding forwards, but resulted in a relatively large case to account for the depth of the earbuds. The final concept features a spring-loaded core that rises vertically.

Staircase designs that will uplift any space

We recently read an article where the staircase of a restaurant was demolished by the local authorities, because it was constructed illegally. What this meant was, that the seating area on the first floor was inaccessible. Ingenuity struck the owners, and they hired a de-commissioned Double-decker bus and parked it in such a way that the patrons could climb up the stairs of the bus and reach the top floor seating. The point here is to look at staircases as more than just means of getting up and down between two floors. Designers put in a lot of thought and craft behind their staircase vision. We have curated some iconic staircases for you, so let us know what you think about them.

Sculptural wavy staircase in SMD Apartment designed by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

Building for the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment by ARGE Sauberbruch Hutton

Escalera Staircase by Giraldo Arquitectos

Spiral Staircase at Antinori Winery by Archea Associati

Staircase at BarentsKrans by Hofman Dujardin

Light Bulb Staircase at the Museum of Czech Cubism

Duplex Apartment in 5th Avenue by JGSK Design & Workshop APD

The Boston House Staircase design by Steven Harris Architects

Spiral Staircase shot by Morgan Smith

Circular Shaped Staircase at Wiedeb+Kennedy by WORKAc

This Smart Mini Projector is literally the size of a VHS Tape

You know you’ve come far when you can actually measure progress… like physically measure it. The iPod, when it launched, was roughly the size of an audio cassette, and it held almost a 1000 times more songs than the cassette ever did. The Konka Smart Mini Projector concept shows off a projector that’s about the size of a VHS tape, fitting an entire movie experience into the palm of your hand.

The Smart Mini Projector was created as a concept by Shenzhen-based designer and Konka’s industrial Design Director ‘c www.h’, and highlights how far we’ve come in the past few years. Konka, virtually a pioneer of television technology in China, has its own line-up of pocket projectors, and the Smart Mini Projector is poised to be the sleekest and most advanced of the lot, with an in-built smart interface, controlled by the projector’s own remote control. The projector comes with its fair share of ports, including a USB, Type-C, HDMI, SD Card Reader, and headphone aux, and has a press-to-activate base that lets you adjust the projector’s angle for optimal viewing… and given its incredibly compact size, the projector can be carried around with you, giving you a great viewing experience wherever you go because Netflix on a 6-inch screen is absolute blasphemy.

Designer: c www.h

‘Mesa’ Combines a Planter and Hand-held Vacuum Into a Surprisingly Elegant Solution!

One’s designed to hold dirt, the other’s designed to eliminate dirt. Sam Lavoie says there’s no reason the two of them can’t get along! The Mesa, designed as an entry for Render Weekly’s design challenge, combines a planter and a hand-held vacuum cleaner into a singular form. The result is a design that’s decorative, utilitarian, and creates a pretty harmonious partnership between two unlikely categories and products.

The Mesa makes for a pretty decorative planter to be placed inside your house, along with a nice indoor plant. Sam capitalized on the fact that planters are usually placed against walls and near power outlets, giving you a product that can easily be plugged into a socket in the wall quite inconspicuously. The vacuum fits right in the planter and charges once docked, and can be easily used by pulling it out and powered using the standby button on the base. The vacuum’s design elegantly complements the planter, and while home appliances usually come in pretty standard glossy finishes and in black or white, the Mesa explores earthy terracotta as a potential color and texture for the vacuum and the planter. Needless to say, it clearly works!

Designer: Sam Lavoie for Render Weekly

This RFID-blocking key-fob case works like a faraday cage to protect your car from theft

Just like your contact-less payment cards stand a chance of being tapped into by a miscreant with a POS device, your car’s key-fob stands a risk of being hacked into, its signal being boosted or duplicated, and used to unlock your car. Ever since the introduction of remote-controlled key-fobs, car theft hasn’t decreased, but rather has seen a 56% spike according to the office of national statistics.

The problem with key-fobs is that security for this is easy to compromise. People have been known to use jammers, replicators, boosters, and other easy-to-make devices that capture the codes your key-fob sends to the car, allowing hackers to replicate it to gain access of your vehicle, a practice known as key-fob spoofing. Now while automobile manufacturers are only catching up to these hackers, there’s a simple way of mitigating this problem entirely. A good old Faraday Cage.

Designed to protect your key-fob from physical damage as well as digital theft, the KeyBlock is an RFID-blocking case that you can store the fob and keys in. The fob sits inside a compact, specialized hard-case enclosure, while the keys hang from it. Practically the size of your key-fob itself, you can carry the KeyBlock around with you. The RFID-blocking housing prevents spoofers and hackers from replicating the signature key-code your fob generates, and therefore denies them access to your car. When you DO need to use the fob, just open the box and slide it out using a slider built right into the KeyBlock’s side. An internal spring mechanism keeps your fob in place, preventing it from sliding out if held upside-down, and a small leash holds your keys too, letting you open your car the old-fashioned way, should you choose.

Designed to be compact, the KeyBlock fits right into the palm of your hand, and can slide right into your pockets without adding any bulk. Crafted from fine leather, the KeyBlock can be customized to match your car style, allowing you to choose between different tans, finishes, from Tesla’s signature blue, to Aston Martin’s carbon-fiber print. It even comes with a customizable base, letting you engrave your name and phone number into the base of the KeyBlock, if it ever gets lost or left behind!

Designers: James Whitfield & Sean Sykes

Click Here To Buy Now: $39 $46 (15% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

About KeyBlock

KeyBlock is the world’s ultimate RFID case for your keys! KeyBlock not only keeps your keys safe from hackers, it prevents damage, keeps things together, has free personalization and will instantly upgrade any car key.


Two thieves with commercially available transmitters can boost the signal from your key inside your house and gain access to your car in under 60 seconds.

More Than Just a Key Safe

You wouldn’t buy a car that barely held together. Or shoes. Or windows. You lock your house door at night, not just roll a boulder in front of it. This is an elegant solution to an increasing problem.

Push Button Ejector

Unlocking your car at a distance is a convenience we don’t want to deprive you of. KeyBlock is easy to use single-handed, leaving your other hand free to carry the shopping, open the door for your partner or keep your child close.

Carbon Leather

Why settle for some plastic or polyurethane cover? They have the actual leathers used in Aston Martin and Tesla models to cover your keys. You don’t compromise on security, so why compromise on looks?

Composite Construction for Maximum Signal Blocking

Multi-layered RFID shielding within a modern polymer housing, wrapped in wear-resistant leather. Security that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Keyless Ignition

For keyless ignition the key is ejected and held halfway with our patent pending internal mechanism. The single-button operation makes it a dream to use, so you can get on the road quickly and easily.

Buttoned Cap

They have incorporated a leather cap to hold your key secure. Simply pop it open, use the slider button and your key fob is there. Stainless steel as well, so it isn’t going to wear out.

Split Ring

But what about your other keys, the ones that can’t be scanned (as easily, anyway)? A built-in split ring allows you the option of keeping all your keys together.

Stands Up for You

They wanted this to look great even when on the side board in your house, so they designed it to stand wherever it was placed, keeping your keybowl organised.


Put your name on it, phone number, a message or a date. Whatever you like. Probably avoid your registration though. Gives the game away too easy.

Mint Condition

Now you can keep the key in as good condition as the day you bought it, all while keeping it safe.

Pocket Sized

KeyBlock is sized to fit neatly in any pocket, whether suit, trouser or otter.

Click Here To Buy Now: $39 $46 (15% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!