This sustainable toothbrush comes with replaceable miniature bristle-heads

The sustainable toothbrush started off as a rendering exercise, and turned into a pretty remarkable product. Designed by Paris-based Alexandre Touguet, the toothbrush features a three part system that drastically reduces the amount of waste generated by disposing toothbrushes. While the idea of having a toothbrush with a removable head isn’t new, Touguet’s design pushes it to its absolute limit, with the disposable part being a small, capsule-shaped unit that just holds the bristles. With a relatively uncomplicated assembly that allows you to screw and unscrew the handle to pull the toothbrush apart, Touguet’s designed a system that allows you to retain and reuse a majority of the brush, only disposing of the bristles every few months, and helping drastically cut down on plastic waste.

Designer: Alexandre Touguet for Render Weekly

The Window Solar Charger helps you charge your gadgets with sunshine!

The Window Solar Charger helps demystify and clear the air around solar panels. As simple as a wooden frame with solar panels and a battery, the Window Solar Charger is a sun-powered power-bank that lets you use clean energy to juice your devices like your phone, tablet, or other USB-powered devices.

Solar panels haven’t changed much in the past 60 years, but Krystal Persaud, the mind behind the Window Solar Charger, feels that people still haven’t globally adopted solar power in a big way. Solar power and the panels, often find themselves being used on rooftops, powering buildings and homes, or on things like backpacks, aiding people who love traveling. The regular, sit-at-home guy still doesn’t actively interact with the solar panel in a personal capacity, and the Window Solar Charger hopes to break that barrier. “Using renewable energy doesn’t have to be hard”, says Krystal, and the Window Solar Charger helps demystify the technology in an incredibly simple and useful way. Just hang the Window Solar Charger on a sunny window and you’re done! The panels absorb power through sunlight and top off the charger’s internal battery. You can directly plug your phone or tablet in, and the battery begins topping off your smart device, turning power from the sun into power you can use!

The Window Solar Charger isn’t a high-flying, mysteriously designed product either. The solar panels sit on a transparent platform, surrounded by a bamboo wood frame. A cotton cord on the top allows the charger to be hung from a hook either on a window, or even on a wall that gets ample sunlight. A 2,200 mAh internal battery gathers and stores the solar-power, helping you top off your devices using a USB output on the base of the charger. The Window Solar Charger can be used right out of the box, and is the first in a series of products designed by Krystal’s studio Grouphug, to help democratize solar power, which can be used not just on a macro level, but even in small households and offices, to charge your phone, tablet, or even perpetually power your smart-speaker, smart-doorbell, or closed-circuit cameras!

Designer: Krystal Persaud

Click Here to Buy Now: $149. Hurry, Only 6/142 left!

Window Solar Charger

A designer solar panel for people who want to be more sustainable, but don’t know where to start.

Unlike most solar panels, it’s designed to hang in any window. Now you can bring solar energy into your home, without sacrificing design.

How it Works

Hang in any sunny window. It takes 8-10 hrs of direct sunlight to fully charge the built-in battery.

Plug your phone or USB device into the included USB port. A full internal battery can charge iPhones two times & Android phones one to one and a half times.

Charge all your favorite small USB devices from the charger’s internal battery. A full battery can charge iPhones (2x), Android phones (1 – 1.5x), Tablets (0.5x), Air Pods (3x), Portable Speaker (1x), Donuts (1000x).

Small Changes, Big Impact.

At Grouphug, the mission is to inspire a sustainable lifestyle that is effortless, without sacrificing design. There is a world where renewable energy can be user friendly, and ridiculously good looking! And most importantly, they’ll reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. We’re not going to be able to go off the grid overnight, but we can take steps to getting there. Their patent pending Window Solar Charger is just the first of many Grouphug products that will shift the way we think about consuming energy.


Design Process

First, they researched the history of solar energy. The first commercial solar panel came out 60+ years ago… and it looks EXACTLY the same today. Why?!

Next came oodles of prototypes! (Left) One of our earliest prototypes taped to a window. (Right) one of many failed solar prototypes that they made along the way.

They develop all of their prototypes at A/D/O, a maker space in Brooklyn. They have every tool you can imagine AND they’re only 5 minutes from the legendary Peter Pan donut shop (donuts fuel prototyping).

Then they built some beta solar chargers & had people try them out! Their early customers have been using the Window Solar Charger for a few months & give us feedback on what is working or not working.

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Effective packaging designs that you will love!

You know the saying, ‘The first impression is the last impression’, well that may not be entirely true, but in case of product designs the first impression is formed by the packaging design, and you can be sure that it does have a huge impact. Packaging design is responsible for grabbing attention in the sea of products that float the world today. And that attention is what will make people give attention to the products so they can go on and give your product a shot. From everyday product like honey to a unique packaging that makes carrying your flower bouquet a breeze, these packaging designs are sure to help you create a packaging design that will surely grab eyeballs!

Shaped like a cows udder which is not only freakin’ cute but ergonomic. 4 little teats give it a little stability and something to hold on to when you’re pouring a cold glass of milk! Designed by Muhammet Uzuntas.

The Hutchinson bottle (designed way back in 1894) with a straight-sided bottle with a bulbous neck is now being reissued as the packaging for Coca-Cola’s series of mixers by Coca-Cola & Dragon Rouge

Honeygreen+ containers designed by Vieri Design and Jorge Ros 

Egg Box by Otília Andrea Erdélyi 

1000 Acres Vodka by Arnell Group 

Fish Club Wine by Backbone Branding

IKEA’s Hilver table packaging redesigned to transform into a stool by Xiang Guan

GIGS 2 GO from Bolt Group is created from molded paper pulp enclosure, made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper

The wine bottle packaging by Egger Druck und Medien 

The Peel Saver, an all-new food packaging design created from the peel waste was created in the process of making fries by Simone Caronni, Pietro Gaeli & Paolo Stefano Gentile 

Flower packaging by Johanna Brännström that is tape and glue-free 

Miko No Yu bath powder packaging by Chiun Hau You 

An easy-to-read dehumidifier!

Taking inspiration from a clock, this domestic dehumidifier certainly stands out! Hyeongkwon Lee, the design of the appropriately named, CLOCK, recognized how easily readable clock faces are, even from a great distance, and set out to convey this minimal level of human interaction into a dehumidifier.

CLOCK has been designed with the domestic setting firmly in mind; a simplistic design and fuss-free base allows it to look just at home within a vast variety of differently styled rooms; the combination of bold symmetry and repeated patterns creates a striking device without being shouty.

The monochromatic color of the product is dramatically contrasted with the vibrant blue finish of the ‘hands’. The dial isn’t a clock, but rather an indicator of the dehumidification process’s progress; The circle that navigates the outer-recess displays how much time is left of the cycle, while the vertical LED bar is a digital water level… and most importantly, both are readable from the opposite end of the room!

Designer: Hyeongkwon Lee

HOUR HAND – It shows progress information from the current humidity to the humidity set by the user. When the hour-hand returns to its original position after rotation, the dehumidification is completed.

MINUTE HAND – Through the led lighting, it shows how much water from the dehumidification process is in the water bottle.

There are only 10 days left to enter “Design For Empathy” Competition

If the past few years have been any indication, the east is strongly embracing design culture and the power of design when it comes to shaping lives, societies, and cultures. Countries like China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan are looking to adopt design thinking and design-led innovation on a massive, government-backed scale. The TISDC, or the Taiwan International Student Design Competition, integrates their Ministry of Education’s art and design talent fostering programs, creating the very reverse of a brain drain, and bringing great design thinking to their societies and their cultural landscape.

Held every year since 2010, the TISDC is a great way to use design to create a visible impact, especially since the competition is organized closely with the patronage and support of the Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. With past themes ranging from “Embrace”, and “Circles of Life” to last year’s theme of “Breakthrough & Innovation” and this year’s theme of “Empathy”, the competition encourages participation on an international scale, while also creating a crucial information exchange between Taiwan and the rest of the design world. The current year’s theme of “Empathy” aims to get designers to take on a more user-centric approach and address problems by putting themselves in the user’s specific scenario, by “Seeing the problem through their eyes”.

The Taiwan International Student Design Competition is held across various categories, spanning Product Design, Visual Communication, and Digital Animation, and is judged by a jury panel for their creativity, interpretation of the theme, expression of concept, and aesthetic approach. Winners are awarded a trophy + certificate along with a hefty cash prize of up to $13,000. Organized specifically to foster and nurture student talent, the awards program is made for students, prospective students, and immediate graduates, and requires no registration fee.


– No Registration Fee
– Grand Prix (1 winner): $13,000
– Gold Prize (1 winner for each category): $8,000
– Silver Prize (1 winner for each category): $5,000
– Bronze Prize (3 winners for each category): $2,000
– Last Date for Submission: June 30 at 24:00 Taipei Time

Click Here to Submit Your Designs Now. Closes on June 30th.

Below: Winning Designs from TISDC 2018

Easy-Pull Barrier by Jhe-Wei Lin, Jui-Feng Tang

Much like how a QueueMaster makes it really easy to organize crowds and manage queues at airports, movie halls, concerts, and museums, the Easy-Pull Barrier quite easily creates specialized paths on roadways for cars to follow. Relying on the existing barricade design, the Easy-Pull Barrier just puts a convenient collapsible gate within it, giving it extra purpose. Use the barrier as is, or extend the metal gate within to give you more control, the Easy-Pull Barrier is a much more effective way of cordoning off, or outlining roadways during construction, or emergencies. A single barricade can now block off an entire road, when in the past one would need multiple barricades to block out a road. Plus, given their linked-metal construction, these collapsible gates can bend too, giving you full control over how you want to lay the barriers out!

Smart Gloves by Xue Hou, Ying Zhao, Qiu-Shi Zheng, Yue Wang

The Smart Gloves aren’t your ordinary prosthetic. Using an induction-chip/sensor the Smart Gloves can perceive the skin and skeleton changes of nearby fingers to analyze the movement path of the missing finger. The glove’s chip picks up on tiny actions on the backside of your palm to intelligently predict how your prosthetic should behave, giving them the dexterity and nuance you’d get from any normal fingers.

Breathing Barrier by Tsung-Ying Hsieh, Hsuan-Ting Huang

Designed to play multiple roles in making cities better for residents within cities, the Breathing Barrier does the job of an aesthetic, audio, and pollution barrier, making city-life much more liveable. The moss barrier is pleasing to look at, and adds a touch of greenery to our lives, while the barrier itself helps block out noise pollution caused by vehicles on the roads. The barrier comes with multiple layers on the inside which trap dust, dirt, and particulate matter, which the moss uses as nutrients, feeding off the pollution and emission caused by automobiles. The Breathable Barrier is a clever way to turn cities green without changing the transportation setup to an emission-free electric one. The emissions from cars end up nourishing the barriers, causing them to flourish, and in turn, naturally purify our air. It’s a win for everyone!

Safety Protection by Zhi Li, Jia-Yuan Zhao, Yun-Qing Wang, Si Liu

With a collapsible shield that unfolds when in use, the Safety Protection fire extinguisher not only fights fire, it protects the firefighter too. The collapsible shield comes with a window that the firefighter can look through, and guards the fighter from any flames that may approach them. The shield even acts as a thermal barrier, keeping the waves of heat from reaching the firefighter, effectively allowing them to fight fire without experiencing the burning effects of the proximity to high heat.

Easy Take by Zhou-Quan Song, Xing-Ting Liang

A simple solution for a simple problem, Easy Take introduces a strip of fabric/plastic to packaged tins, making them easier to pull out, rather than having to dig around to get your fingers in and pull a can out from a full row. A simple string, made from recycled plastic, zigzags its way around the cans, and pulling on the string can disrupt the cans’ order, allowing you to easily grab a single can out of a tightly packed box. Worthy of an honorable mention, I’d say.

Protective Stretcher by Qiu-Shi Zheng, Yun-Qing Wang, Jin He, Shi-Chun Yu

The Protective Stretcher combines the benefits of a stretcher with that of a makeshift cast, by cushioning your body in place using airbags. The bags hold the injured patient in the supine position as the medics carry them out, avoiding any secondary injuries or paralysis that could occur during an emergency evacuation or transit. The airbags are laid out according to ergonomic and medical specifications, gently cushioning bones and joints to keep them in shape, while also keeping the head slightly elevated to prevent blood from rushing to the head.

Wathield Bucket by Ming-Sheng Shih

Ever tried to fill a big bucket in a tiny sink? If so, you know that it’s impossible to use the bucket’s full capacity because of the tilt. Even worse, if the sink is too small, you might not be able to fill it at all. Designed with these issues in mind, the WATHIELD bucket aims to make this everyday task much easier.
Shaped like a traditional bucket, it sports an additional feature in the form of an extended lip that funnels water into the bucket with ease. Better yet, it can be tucked away when it’s not being used. Simply unfold the lip and run it under the sink to capture water even if the space is compact.

Nipple Dust Mask by Jin-Ho Chae, Na-Yeun Kim

The Nipple Dust Mask is an unusual product that may just become a necessity in a few years, with rising environmental concerns about unchecked emissions. Designed to pacify as well as protect the baby’s young respiratory system, the Nipple Dust Mask keeps a child pacified, via a BPA-free polymer nipple, but also surrounds the nose and mouth with a HEPA filter that traps particulate matter, ensuring the child is breathing contaminant-free air.

Click Here to Submit Your Designs Now. Closes on June 30th.

The copyright of all works and pictures are owned by the winners of 2018 Taiwan International Student Design Competition.

Bone conduction earphones that monitor your health

Meet Duo, the earphones that offer so much more than your regular pair of earphones. These earphones are designed to boost the intriguing technology that is bone conduction while also using this technology to bring more to the user than just the enjoyment of music.

Taking the bone conduction technology further, Duo has an abundance of features and capabilities being crammed into its compact casing. The integrated Na+ ion sensor monitors hydrations levels and can inform the user of their metabolism. This, paired with the heart rate and blood pressure sensor, makes it an ideal companion for sporting actives! However, it’s the add-ons that really elevate Duo’s functionality; the Aid Loop uses bone conduction and wired earbuds to amplify environmental sounds in an efficient manner, whilst the Glass Adapter allows for the device to be used comfortably with glasses- something that some earphones don’t allow for!

But it’s the careful consideration to the varied target uses that really makes Duo a desirable product. They can choose if they want to stand out amongst a crowd or unobtrusively blend in by choosing the loops that best suit their individual style!

Designer: Louis Berger

About Duo

Duo is a set of modular wireless bone conduction headphones with built-in LTE connectivity. The concept builds upon the observation that more and more key features of smartphones transcend into smaller more independent health and activity focused wearable devices.

Duo looks into a future in which mobile personal computing evolved from mainly GUI based interactions into audio and motion-based interactions.

The headphones are designed to be expressive yet unobtrusive, making them a reliable, neutral tool, as well as a personal object that is customized through colors, materials and a variety of wearing options.

Volume Up, Volume Down, Dismiss

Confirm, Double Tap, Touch & Move

Heart Rate & Bloodpressure Sensor

The arteria temporalis superficialis located in front of our ears is among one of the best places to get accurate heart rare readings. Using an imaging process that not just monitors the frequency of blood flow, but also the changes in arterial volume could allow Duo to measure blood pressure with good precision.

Advanced Fall Dectecion

The two Duo drivers constantly communicate with each other, in order to understand your heads movements in space. In combination with other body-worn sensors and personalized digital movement patterns, Duo could detect falls while they happen and users using neuro haptics.

Made for You

Duo can adapt to individual tastes and demands by offering an open system that can be used with other personal accessories like glasses and headbands. The goal is to optimize the device for daily wear and all day use. Duo Loops features a variety of different colors, sensors and specific user-centric solutions.

Ear Loop

The standard Ear Loop is made from a robust, water and UV light resistant elastomer with shape memory. All Ear Loops double as antenna elements. Flexible, three-dimensionally interlocking wires inside the Loops allow for easy adjustments and an optimal fit.

Health Loop

The Duo Health Loop allows for a series of advance health tracking features. With an integrated Na+ ion sensor and with help of a digital medical reference profile, Duo could help you to keep track of your hydration, blood sugar levels or inform you about the metabolization status of your medication.

Neck & Head Loop

The Duo Neck & Head Loop are designed to have a very secure fit, made for the use during sports.

Aid Loop

The Duo Aid Loop uses bone conduction and wired earbud to amplify environmental sounds in the most effective and specific method possible. With this loop, your virtual assistant, your headphones are hearing air are combined into one device.

Glass Adapter

Wearable technology has to carefully find an individually and socially acceptable place. With the Glass Adapter, the Duo headphones can fuse with an object that you already wear. Different Adapter side frames for various types of glasses allow you to be connected without noticeably changing look.

The Woolnut sleeve for the MacBook is premium on the outside, protective on the inside

Nothing is more gut-wrenching than to see a scratch or crack running across the front of your phone after it falls from your hand. Rasmus Englund, the founder of Woolnut, had a similar experience, having dropped his iPhone only to pick it up to see the camera module had a crack on its glass. The painful part about that experience was learning that Apple didn’t have a way of fixing the glass on the camera bump. The glass was permanently fused to the frame, and the only way to fix it was to replace the phone (for a pretty hefty sum of cash).

Millions of iPhones and MacBooks see their fair share of unavoidable accidental damage, and truth be told, an expensive-and-sleek device warrants proper protection… Which is what the guys at Woolnut set out to do. Combining fine vegetable-tanned full-grain Nappa leather with pure natural wool felt, Woolnut’s sleeves for the MacBook and cases for the iPhone are beautiful, bespoke, and most importantly, capable of protecting your expensive equipment from irreversible physical damage.

Pairing perfectly with the slim perfection of Apple’s MacBook, Woolnut’s laptop sleeve aims at adhering to the highest Scandinavian design standards too, with its precisely designed sleeves that fit the MacBook like a glove. Measured to the nearest millimeter, Woolnut’s sleeves are made specific to each MacBook model, given their thickness and dimensions over the years. This precision results in a sleeve that absolutely hugs your laptop, protecting it with a sheep wool interior, while giving it the sheer class of a premium cognac leather outer clad.

Woolnut’s sleeves even allow you to charge your laptop inside them, giving you functionality and protection in one cover-case… And the slim design is perfect for carrying either under your sleeve or even in your bag. Custom-built for each MacBook model, Woolnut’s sleeves age over time, as the leather develops a signature patina with use, giving the outer sleeve an antique finish, while your laptop remains as good as new!

Designer: Woolnut

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MacBook Leather Sleeve by Woolnut, is made from the best vegetable tanned full-grain Scandinavian leather, using an interior of the finest 100% natural wool felt.

The sleeves come in black and cognac brown leather colors and covers the entire MacBook series.

Wool & Leather Sleeve – Two Materials Meet

The Woolnut MacBook leather sleeve uses two of the most robust, natural and historically important core materials of all time; wool and leather. The source of the wool felt used in the leather sleeves from a specialist company in Germany. The designers have selected a slightly light natural grey color of wool felt, and this truly blends perfectly together with the vegetable tanned leather.

A high-end vegetable tanned leather that ages beautifully to create a lovely patina, has been used. Vegetable tanned leather is produced through the most traditional, characteristic and environmentally friendly tanning method of them all. All the MacBook covers are unique in its texture and character, since any variations in the leather are symptoms of life and time.

All our wool & leather sleeves for the Macbook series are manufactured in a small factory located in Chennai, India. The factory came to see the light of day as a part of a Swedish SIDA project many years ago.

All The MacBooks Covered

– MacBook Air 13 & Pro Touch Bar Sleeve Case (late 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019)
– MacBook Touch Bar 13 inch and 15 inch
– MacBook Pro 13 inch (late 2016 to 2019) without the Touch Bar
– MacBook Air 13 Retina Display 2018 and 2019
– MacBook 12 inch
– MacBook Air 13 inch
– MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch and 15 inch (2012-2015)
– MacBook Pro Touch Bar sleeves (late 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019)

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A Porsche fit for the dark lord

Although one wouldn’t imagine Lord Commander Vader to drive around the Death Star in one of these vehicles (keen Star Wars fans would even point out that none of the vehicles in Star Wars even have tires to begin with), this Custom 60′ Porsche 356 RSR seems to perfectly capture Darth Vader’s inner spirit, with its matte-black bodywork and Vader-esque trims on the front as well as the back.

The Vadermobile (sounds like an apt name, no?) was the result of a 4 year project of reimagining a Porsche 1960 356B T5 coupe, by adding hand-formed removable aluminium tail and nose details that take heavy inspiration from the Dark Lord’s black suit, along with a one-piece aluminium hood with an oil cooler air outlet, and stainless mesh grills for the cooling ducts, giving the car it’s signature dark-side appeal. The car’s paint job is bespoke too, a matte finish that Emory calls Meteorite Matte Metallic.

On the inside, the custom automobile holds a 393 horsepower Emory-Rothsport twin-turbo Outlaw-4 engine, an 18-gallon fuel safe fuel cell, and a Radium PCST fuel delivery system. The interiors are a testament to the designers’ love of MOMO products, with the brand’s steering wheel, harnesses, and even custom seats, modelled after the 911 RSR, wrapped in flame-retardant Spanish Red Veltex fabric, complete with embroidered MOMO logos.

Emory Motorsports debuted the Vader-inspired Porsche 356 RSR at Luftgekühlt in Los Angeles last month, and just like Lord Commander Vader himself, this automobile is one of a kind!

Designer: Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports

Get inspired to declutter with our collection of minimal designs: Part 2

Whether we agree to this in public or not, but all of us have spent some time watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and promising we will declutter just after the next episode! My personal experience was that I have too many items that ‘spark joy’ for me. Keeping this aside, minimalism is a trend that took the world by storm some time back. Be it Scandinavian, Danish or Japanese, there is something very unique and calming to see a design with clean, simple lines placed in a clutter-free environment. And as we did with the Part 1 of this series, we are sure this collection of minimally designed products will inspire you to enter this zen space.

The Stretch Board by Taijiro Ishiko 

Helios Lights by James Vanderpant 

The Brick Light from Paolo Rizzatto 

Personality TV stand by Blond Creative for Samsung TV 

Usetool Toothbrush holds a complete sterilization center, by Jiyoun Kim Studio

Hive View Smart Indoor Camera by fuseproject for Hive 

Outdoor seating designed by Patrick Norguet and Alias Design for McDonalds

Minimal Jewelry by Mara Paris

The field minimal shelving system by Dmitri Kozinenko 

The storm tray from 24d-Studio 

Respiro Light by Philippe Nigro 

Loved these designs? Discover more minimal designs with our Part 1 of this series.

Scandinavian watches that are giving back to bolster Sustainable Design

You can only go so far with designing a good product. The product also needs to echo the values of a brand. People who buy products don’t buy them only because of their aesthetics or functionality. A major underlying motive is emotional connect… and that happens with a product, but more strongly with a brand. It’s probably why iPhone users are still iPhone users, or people who drive Teslas aren’t probably going to buy a Hummer any time soon. A brand’s core values, paired with good design, can often form an unbreakable bond with its users… and it’s rare in the fashion, apparel, and accessory industry, but Nordgreen’s carving its niche there too, as a brand which embodies the Scandinavian values of minimalism… and also of charity.

Nordgreen’s watches, designed by Jakob Wagner, embody simplicity and symmetry that’s typical of Nordic design. Nothing is out of place, everything is structured, with a role to play, and has an overall visually calming effect on oneself. Nordgreen’s latest watches, the Pioneer, and a redesign of its popular model Native, embrace that minimalism as their true identity. The watch’s aesthetics take inspiration from Nordic values as well as Wagner’s work for past companies like Bang & Olufsen, Muuto, and B&B Italia. Pioneer and Native both speak of different aesthetics within the broader domain of minimalist design.

The Pioneer, a completely new offering, celebrates Danish innovation and science for humanity. With a 42mm body that sports 2 subdials, the Pioneer is as beautiful as it’s informative. The two subdials help you count down the minutes and the seconds with accuracy, while a date window at the 6 o’clock position provides perfect visual balance between all the components. The subdials hands come with red tips too, reminiscent of the Danish Windmills. The Pioneer, in its own way, speaks of the Danish pioneering spirit, and captures the sustainable future the Danes are constantly working towards. Nordgreen’s second watch in this series is a remodeled variant of their classic offering, the Native… a watch that serves as a hat-tip to Copenhagen’s ‘disruptive aesthetic’. Designed to be in the balanced image of the city, the re-modeled Native comes in a new 32mm casing, and sports a combination of metallic as well as see-through markings, indicative of the fact that the people of Copenhagen live in the moment, rather than count the minutes.

Both watches feature a 316L Stainless Steel body with a Japanese Miyota Quartz movement on the inside and a domed sapphire crystal covering the watch’s sheer simplistic beauty. The watches, available in a variety of classical color schemes, come with interchangeable metallic mesh and Italian leather straps, giving you a watch that’s truly a modern Scandinavian classic.

A strong aspect of Nordgreen’s brand is also its commitment to charity, a core value that Danes uphold with tenacity. As a part of their Giving Back Programme, with each purchase, Nordgreen allows users to select one out of three charities that Nordgreen will support on their behalf. All watches come with a custom tracking number engraved on the back that allows you to see the progress made by your donation.

Nordgreen, as a brand, embodies values that most watch brands do not. Deep in an industry that deals with status symbols and luxury, Nordgreen’s watches look absolutely stunning, but are backed by more human values, of social awareness, minimal living, and a charitable outlook… and that brand of humanity helps Nordgreen be much more than just a watchmaker.

Designer: Jakob Wagner

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About Nordgreen

Nordgreen redefines minimalist design, making it accessible and creating a better world through sustainability. Designed by renowned designer Jakob Wagner.

Pioneer Watch

The Nordgreen take on the Chronograph is a celebration of the Danish tradition of Science for Humanity, a concept established to create positive change for humankind and nature, thus celebrating the sustainable future that we dream of.

They as Danes are proud to be one the Pioneer’s in sustainability, and through the Chronograph they are inviting others on a journey for a better future.

The clean space around the dial is a reflection of the environment that we want to live in, while the third hand stopwatch (Chrono second hand), which has a red tip inspired by windmills, is a reminder of the bond between Nordgreen and the sustainability of its motherland.

Color ways

The watch comes in three dial colors – blue, black, and white – and three case colors – gun metal, silver and rose gold.

Product specs

Remodeled Native Watch

Jakob has re-imagined the Native which is inspired by Copenhagen and the unpretentiousness of the Danish way of life.

The re-modeled Native comes with invisible minute marks, because in Copenhagen, we don’t count the minutes, we enjoy quality time. We also bring you the Native Lille, a smaller 32 mm version for the female audience, in addition to the existing 36mm and 40mm watch faces. The new models will be available with white, blue and black dials, as well as a new gold and gunmetal case option, adding to the current silver and rose gold case colors.

The Native remodeled brings with it domed glass, transparent minute marks, as well as the new 32mm Native Lille.

Color ways

Product specs

The Pioneer

Quick-release Straps

With every watch you are able to swap your straps out with a different one, allowing you to define how your express yourself and your outfits. Simply detach the straps on your watch, and you are ready to change to any style you are in the mood for.

The Remodeled Native

Meet their designer

Jakob Wagner is an award-winning designer with over 25 years of experience, working with the likes of Bang & Olufsen, Hay and Muuto. Nordgreen’s sustainable approach was one of the core reasons he chose to work with us: “What has become really important to me is to work solely on something… on conscious projects; ones that mean sustainability is a given. To make something that has intrinsic value and that we want to keep for a long time.”

Giving back program

They are determined to contribute to sustainable change in the world. When you choose a watch, you will also choose one of three sustainable causes. Use the serial number from the back of the watch and the unique identification code from the Certificate of Authenticity to choose a cause and track the results on our website.

Click Here to Buy Now: $105 $250 (59% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left & over $400,000 raised!