The Prylobite’s unusual form is a result of its combined functions

At first glance, you’d ask yourself why the Prylobite looks the way it does. It features a full-tang blade that swivels into the handle in such a way that the opposite end of the blade sticks out when shut. You’re bound to question its appearance, but that feeling lasts only a minute. When you begin using the Prylobite, you appreciate and acknowledge its appearance and the functionality it brings to the table, or in this case, your fingertips. You see, the Prylobite is a knife, but it isn’t just a knife. It’s also a flathead screwdriver, a bottle opener, a wrench, and a prybar.

With a highly tactile and sturdy, G10 fiberglass handle on the outside, and a stone-washed S35VN Steel blade on the inside, the Prylobite has a certain simplicity and elegance to it. It doesn’t feature any locking or unlocking mechanisms, relying on good-old friction tension to open and close the blade. The full-tang design prevents an open blade from closing, because your thumb applies pressure along the handle spine.

The Prylobite’s most noteworthy visual element is its blade. Designed with a pivot at the center, the blade’s always sticking out of the handle, when open or closed. Open it up, and you’ve got a nice, sharp, curved sheepsfoot blade that’s ideal for slicing, dicing, and cutting. Fold the blade inward and extension on the opposite end sticks out. This extension holds three other tools that make the Prylobite indispensable. A flat-head screwdriver/prybar at the tip allows you to tighten screws and open tightly-shut paint jars. Just behind the prybar is also a 1/4″ wrench, allowing you to tighten or loosen quarter-inch nuts and bolts. On one end of the wrench lies the Prylobite’s bottle opener, allowing you to crack open a beverage when you’re done prying off lids and tightening nuts and bolts. The other end of the wrench features a running slit that allows you to clip the knife to your pocket like a fountain pen.

The Prylobite’s just compact enough to fit on your keychain (each Prylobite comes with a S-biner carabiner), or even be independently clipped to your jeans pocket. Fitting all the right tools you’d need in your day-to-day life, the Prylobite encapsulates exactly what urban EDC should be. Useful, portable, and most importantly, eye-catchingly unique!

Designer: Michael Dickson of Pangea Designs

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $130 (24% Off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!












Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $130 (24% Off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

Ampère gives the humble power sockets a tech makeover

Ampère is an intelligent socket system that has some fantastic UI UX experience attached to it. It comes with features like magnetic locking, power consumption of individual gadgets directly fed into the accompanying app, as well as the control of each socket on your fingertips. While the design challenge has been easily solved with intuitive UI UX and sleek design, the technology implementation would be worth understanding, should this concept come to life.

Designers: Dimitris Despotidis & Holy Studio

The simplest vision-testing device ever made

Designed to combat the lack of proper tools and expertise when it comes to measuring eye power in low-resource areas, the Folding Foropter is a pretty nifty, low-cost paper device that helps anyone measure their eye power without needing an expensive setup or expert assistance. The Folding Foropter uses two paper tubes and lenses to replicate the complex eye tests done by optometrists, but simplifies it to a great degree, helping bring the gift of corrective vision to the billions who require it but don’t have access to the resources.

Developed by the LVPEI Center of Innovation in India, the Foropter is simple to make and even simpler to use. A sliding telescopic layout allows two lenses to slide towards or away from each other, while you, the user try to find the lens position at which your vision is the clearest. A gauge on the side tells you what your eye power is with an accuracy of ±1 dioptre.

The Folding Foropter’s easy to ship (it flat-packs), easy to assemble and easy to use design helps bring corrective vision to the 2.3 billion people who need it. Plus, with its colorful design, it helps gamify a process that feels slightly daunting with heavy eyegear and hard-to-read charts too!

Designer: Ashish Jain (LVPEI Center for Innovation)

Nebulite collection is the perfect party and festival gear!

We have seen several illuminating bags in our times, but nothing as dramatic as the NEBULITE Collection of drawstring bag, jacket and fanny pack. Apart from the usual fancy of wearing an illuminated accessory on you, whilst navigating a party, the smart features of the NEBULITE series, make them a compelling buy. The problem that designer Veit Nachtmann is trying to solve is heavy and expensive illuminated bags that are currently available in the market. His research and solution has given birth to a set of illuminated bags and jacket that are lightweight, hip and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

From a stealthy black to full-on rainbow spectrum, the NEBULITE bags come with a built-in SMART controller that functions via Bluetooth and comes integrated with a motion sensor, audio detector and an 85 dB loud alarm. Constructed using fiber optics, that are directly woven with synthetic fibers, the optic fibers illuminate evenly and through the length of their strand. Six ultra-bright LEDs add more illumination to the bags. The only thing you need to be careful of is breaking the fibers by bending them too much. A standard USB power bank help power the bags, so go ahead and party hard!

While you listen to music, your NEBULITE bag automatically detects the beat and begins to flash lights accordingly, the integrated accelerometer adjusts the animations according to your moves. The fancy lights help you get spotted in any crowded dark room, however they also backup as a safety feature for bike riders. The bags have internal illumination so that you don’t have to rummage hard to find your keys. What I like about the bag is that anti-theft feature that sounds off an alarm on your phone and through the bag, when someone tries to snitch it. Features like long-range communication, machine-wash and app-controls, make this a prized possession.

Designer: Veit Nachtmann

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The world’s first smart fanny pack and drawstring backpack.

Never again will you lose your friends at huge festivals.

From a stealthy black to full-on rainbow. Only you control the spectrum of your style. Smooth, low lighting or bouncing with a beat detection? The choice is yours. With the built-in SMART controller they boast an insane range of features — all provided by the integrated motion sensor, audio detector, 85 dB loud alarm, and at its heart: the Bluetooth 5.0 capable processor.

Bicycle Safety: Automatic brake light, remote controlled turn indicator.

What is Fibre Optic Fabric?

The NEBULITE Collection comes to life with ultra-thin optical fibers, directly woven with synthetic fibers. The fibers are processed in a way that allows light to escape evenly along the entire length of the strands. Six ultra-bright LEDs then flood the fabric with glorious light that puts the galaxy to shame.

Click Here To Buy Now: $66. Hurry, less than 4 days left!

A Candle Warmer That’s Housed Within a Beautiful Design

The warm, gentle and atmosphere creating glow of a candle is often found within the domestic environment, and when paired with a sweet or seasonal aroma, their desirability elevates further. However, candles do bring with them a range of downfalls; their flames are a fire risk and the wax melts so quickly that they must be replaced regularly. These problems, and more, are solved by a Candle Warmer.

The D’audrey Candle Warmers are beautiful examples of a candle warmer, while each design may differ aesthetically, they each feature a Halogen Lamp that gently melts the wax, releasing its untainted aroma.

It’s the alluring aesthetics of the D’audrey collection that demands attention; the repetitive lines and organic forms allow the warm light to escape and cast unique shadows onto the table top. The sculpture-like forms hold themselves strongly when the light is not on, allowing them to remain a powerful statement piece within the room!

Designer: Deokhee Jeong

I could totally go for this sturdy, collapsible paper bed

Just a mere 100mm thick when folded, the Extendable Flatpack Paper Bed is quite incredible for a few reasons. Made entirely from paper, the bed uses an accordion-style folding mechanism to allow the bed to extend and collapse when needed. The paper’s vertical layout gives it incredible strength, allowing it to easily take the weight of two people (up to 300 kilos, or 661 lbs) sleeping or sitting on it (the mattress helps distribute the pressure too). The bed’s foldable nature may give it the advantage of portability, but its foldable mattress allows it to also turn into a sofa and an ottoman stool when you need. Just fold the base and mattress along and you’ve got yourself a simple, sturdy seating device, with or without a backrest!

The bed’s corrugated cardboard construction allows it to be eco-friendly (paper’s quite recyclable, no?) as well as light. Weighing in at just a mere 14.5 kilograms (32 lbs), the Extendable Flatpack Paper Bed is probably the lightest bed (or even sofa) for its category. And it can literally slide behind your cupboard when not in use.

Designer: Pro Idee

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The GameBoy lost some weight and got curvy (displays)

In the interest of nostalgia and Nintendo’s obsession with it, here’s the Nintendo Flex, a fan-made GameBoy update that gives the age old classic handheld gaming device a time-appropriate revamp. The Nintendo Flex is to the Gameboy what Daniel Craig is to Sean Connery. Same James Bond, but modern. (Sames Bond?)

The Flex comes with a few very welcome updates. Bigger screen on a device that’s the same handy size (albeit thinner). The screen’s also mildly curved, giving you a slightly panoramic experience and adding just a tiny couple of more display inches into the same framework. The Flex retains the same keys and controls, but gives them a makeover too, opting for flushed surfaces rather than the original GameBoy’s chunky keys that stood out from the surface. There’s even a contrast slider on the side of the Flex.

The Flex’s biggest overhaul, however, is the change in Nintendo’s cartridge system. Flex ditches the large squarish cartridges for something much sleeker and thinner, looking almost like a stylus. The stylus-sized cartridge slides conveniently into a slot in the Flex’s base, locking in place and becoming impossible to remove while in the middle of gameplay. You’ll be happy to know that the Flex also packs a Type-C charging slot and a (hallelujah!) 3.5mm audio jack, just like old times. And it also comes in the same classic old-world white color! (P.S. Brownie points to the designer for also designing a curved packaging box for the curved device!)

Designer: YJ Yoon

Weela makes working out at home a breeze

Back in the days, working out at home was all about the Jane Fonda videos and fancy leotards. Times have changed, and with fitness being the core of smart-devices, it’s only natural to have complimentary gym equipment and apps at our disposal. The Weela Pro Gym and Personal Trainer App is a step in this direction. It is basically an efficient home-training equipment that comes with about a hundred workout programs to choose from.

I’ve tried home-training for several years and the one thing that I’ve found that works, is setting up of accountability. You need to train with a sense of purpose, and Apps with achievable goals, help you stay on course. What differentiates the Weela from the rest of the brigade is its compact packaging, making it very easy to store. This basic mat, handle and pulley system can help you get a full-body workout at different intensities. Along with this, your virtual personal coach keeps you motivated and clued into your health regime.

The Weela comes with three changeable handles that enable training the whole body thoroughly. It takes up only one square meter of space and thus very easy to store or transport from one room to another. The Weela App is very easy to use and your gateway to the hundred workout plans. Start gymming right-away!

Designers: Miikka Kurunlahti & Tuomas Lehto

Click Here To Buy Now: $599 $999 (40% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

Click Here To Buy Now: $599 $999 (40% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

Twelve South made this discreet looking picture frame that also charges your phone

Turning a pleasant, memorable piece of home-decor into a useful product seems to be this year’s general consensus. Twelve South’s PowerPic is, outwardly, a photo frame, but it also happens to hide a wireless charger within it. The PowerPic sits on side tables, mantelpieces, workdesks, or coffee tables, and can hold any 5×7 photo of your choice within it. When not in use, the PowerPic is just another photo frame with a picture of your dog, parents, kids, siblings, or favorite artpiece. However, place your wireless-charging-compatible phone into the PowerPic’s thick-lipped frame and your phone instantly begins charging. Twelve South even went the distance by programming your phone’s screen to stay awake and display your wallpaper while charging, so your photo frame doesn’t get covered by a blank, black smartphone. The frame even uses authentic black or white New Zealand pine to look absolutely dapper, and conceals all unnecessary wires and cables into the photo frame’s footstand at the back. The things people think of these days!

Designer: Twelve South

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Own the Slopes With The Knot Helmet!

Second to protection from the elements and surroundings, snow-sport gear is used to express the individual’s tastes, style and most significantly, personality… and their helmet is no exception to this! This is exactly what drove the design of the KnOt Snow Helmet!

Inspired by the boldness of climbing ropes and the distinctive forms created using the Macrame technique, KnOt uses its fixation method to drive the aesthetics! Traveling through the translucent exterior skin of the helmet is a network of rope, which meet at the fastener position under the user’s chin. It uses this structure to add visual interest to the item of safety equipment, and create a product that stands out!

The ropes weave in and out of the skin, revealing its vibrant color and tactile texture intermittently, adding depth to the design and leading to a helmet that we can’t help but want to own!

Designer: Marine Demeyere