Car-charging Drones of the Future


I love the concept of e-cars for their environmental friendliness but, honestly, my advice would be to never date someone who drives one! My partner’s e-car can travel a whopping 100 miles between each 8 hour charge which means I’m always the one stuck behind the wheel. If only he had access to a Volt drone, then I might actually get to chill out in the passengers seat for once!

The design takes portable charging to the next level. In fact, I can’t recall ever seeing a mobile car charger let alone one that flies. The subscription service is accessible via app. Whether it’s on long road trips where there are few charging stations or simply between spots in town, users can order a charging Volt drone to ensure their vehicle always has enough power to get them from point A to point B.

Designer: Inyeop Baek








World’s tiniest life-jacket

The Ploota is remarkable for a lot of reasons. The Sensor Controlled Swimming Safety Device sits around your neck, and will trigger when it comes in contact with water, but even comes with a manual trigger. Sitting around your neck, the Ploota is compact, innovative, reusable, and like I mentioned earlier, remarkable. Here’s a bunch of reasons why. A. Unlike most life-jackets that keep you afloat all the time, the Ploota can be used underwater or in the water too. It means you can go swimming, snorkeling or deep sea diving with it on and trigger it only when you need to be brought to the surface. In that manner, the Ploota can be worn by more people and therefore it can save more lives. B. Probably 1/50th the size of a regular foam-based life jacket, the Ploota is compact, allowing you to carry/store 50 times more life-jackets with you in the same space, hence saving more lives in the event of a disaster. C. Its tiny form factor (it weighs only 280gms) allows you to do more without being weighed down by a bulky chest-strapped jacket. Designed to look sleeker and honestly, cooler, the Ploota is something more people will want to wear.

The Ploota sits relatively snugly around the neck. When it inflates, thanks to the refillable-CO2 cartridges in the front, two bags on the side (above the shoulder) inflate immediately, bringing you to the surface of the water. The Ploota is reusable, as the bags can easily be rolled back into their enclosure and the CO2 cartridges replaced. Given that as many as 372,000 people drown every year, the Ploota’s ability to be used in any and every scenario and its small size can literally ensure MANY more lives are saved.

Designers: Rainer Fakesch, T. Storti & C. Rummel (Ploota)








Fold is gold!


As pretty as a picture, the Fold Pendant Lamp uses origami and repetitive geometry to charm, and to hypnotize. Made out of wool, the structure uses a series of bends and folds to create a pattern that looks stunning regardless of whether the light is on or not, making it a decorative piece in the day, and an absolutely beautiful light-source post sunset.

Made for Scandinavian retail company, Northern, the Fold is designed to complement minimal homes with its almost-centeripece-ish style. The lamp, available in three pastel hues, comes made from wool (a result of several years of experimentation and development, making it a unique hybrid of hand-craftsmanship and fibre innovation), that not only diffuses the light beautifully, but also acts as a sound absorbing panel, allowing you to have a nice, peaceful, well-lit zen-spot right under the lamp.

Designer: Foldability for Northern





For when your ideas are worth gold

Here’s a pen you’ll definitely not want to lend! The Gold Rush Pen has, on its cap, a piece of gold suspended in a transparent housing. Designed with the need to capture the spirit of the Californian Gold Rush in the 19th century, the Gold Rush pen truly makes your writing priceless.

The Gold Rush pen, with its golden headpiece, is almost akin to the finest swords which had jewels encrusted in them. Treated not just as a writing instrument, but as an instrument of change, a product that has been responsible for the rise of modern civilization, the pen gets its due credit with a crown that shows to you and everyone around you how both precious and powerful it is at the same time.

All the gold sourced for the Gold Rush pen comes from America, and is made to go through strict quality testing to ensure that all the gold is of the best quality, and the most optimal size and shape. When embedded in the pen, the nugget is showcased in its most natural form. The Gold Rush pen comes four types. A fountain pen, for the connoisseur, a ball-point for the classic, a roller-ball for the perfectionist, and a mechanical pencil variant for the creative. The pens come made in Black Resin or Sintered Titanium, and boast of a lifetime guarantee!

Designer: James Glass (Pen Infinity)









Pickling. It’s not just for hipsters.


We have hipsters to thank for bringing back pickling as a hobby but the Japanese have been enjoying “tsukemono” or preserved vegetables and fruits for ages! The key to great tsukemono is a heavy stone or other object to place pressure on the contents, however, traditional containers are much too large to keep in today’s modern kitchens.

Designed with this in mind, the Picklestone is a portable pickler that makes it possible for anyone to put it in their refrigerator at home. (Say that 10x fast!) Just add the leftover veggie cuts of your choice and pickle brine (typically salt, chili pepper, and konbu kelp) to the jar, seal it with the stone and wood lid, and voila! You’ve got a sustainable, savory snack.

Designers: Kunihiko Nakata & Tomonori Tanaka of Harmoniqua

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Sleep Tech for Your Smartphone Addiction


It’s hard to believe that, for some people, this is what it takes to get a little shut eye! The smartphone struggle is real! It’s called MoDi and it transforms your precious device from something that disturbed your sleep cycle into a sleep aid that combats smartphone addiction.

Placed next to your bedside, you first dock your smartphone in MoDi. (Placed in its holder, the glow from the screen is diffused through a screen, creating ambient light.) Engage the sleep system by using your voice. MoDi will guide you through a breathing meditation to put your body and mind at ease. You’ll begin to calm and slowly drift off to sleep. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, you can ask for the time rather than glance at a bright screen which could end up keeping you awake for hours.

At your scheduled wake-up time, a soft LED will slowly brighten along with your designated alarm sound. It’s smart tech to kick off your day and help you wind down!

Designer: Jay Kim















AR glasses Steve Jobs would be proud of


Even though this product doesn’t exist (yet), the Apple Glasses Concept is as Apple-esque as it gets. Taeyeon’s observations and execution help make a product outside Apple’s catalog (yet) appear so innately Apple, you probably wouldn’t question any of his design choices.

The Apple Glasses are a conceptual pair of AR glasses that marry AR technology (an area Apple is a pioneer in now) along with product design that’s truly representative of what Apple stands for. Simple, sophisticated, and stylish, the Glasses truly make Apple look like the fashion tech brand it is. The circular lens shape and minimal styling is hipster and also pays tribute to the spectacles Jobs wore. It employs a play between matte and gloss, using colors iPhone users are familiar with, while also borrowing the detaching-templepiece detail from the Apple Watch. While Apple has made no indications to move into the headset space, and even if they did, they probably wouldn’t make something that looked like this… but if anything, the Apple Glasses are truly a culmination of the body of work Apple has produced in the past few years!

Designer: Taeyeon Kim












A Sticky Twist on Solar Power


Solar power has come a long way from the original gargantuan grids in the desert. Advancements in nano-materials and microtechnology now offered unparalleled portability and convenience for the average person. The Energy Tape concept pushes the limits of portable solar power by offering a reusable strip that works a lot like a roll of tape!

It can instantly transform just about any object into a solar power plant. It’s perfect for campers who can charge GPS devices or light, great for picnickers who want to keep their music devices running, and even better for all of us who regularly run out of battery for our smartphones! Its reusable adhesive back can cling to canvas, glass and almost any other surface without needing to lay entirely flat so you can use it in a limitless number of places.

Designer: Lei Yang


Design by subtraction


Designers of our favorite Home Aquaponics Tank, San Francisco based Daylight Design come to us with a rather astute observation. Anything you rest on a flat surface should have a flat surface to match right? That’s the reasoning behind a tiny yet rather pleasant design detail in the Lean Glasses.

The glasses boast of an incredibly minimal language. Fitting every part of the spectacle into the width of a slim black pipe, the Lean Glasses look uniform throughout, except for the slight truncation on the top and bottom of the frames around the lenses. The reason? To give the glasses a flat surface to coincide with the flat tabletops they rest on. That’s officially one less problem that’ll bother me now!

Designer: Daylight Design for Vistoso







By popular demand, an iPhone with an audio jack!

I love my Google Pixel 2. I, however, hate the absence of the audio jack. I don’t understand why phones are embracing this absolutely unnecessary trend… well actually I do. It’s solely to boost wireless earphone sales. Unfortunately, I’m the person who’d rather spend 30 seconds untangling a wired earphone than 30 minutes charging a wireless one.

The iPhone was the first to set the trend that every consumer hates but every manufacturer loves. Inconvenience the population into needing an expensive add-on… and undeniably, it’s the new status quo. Which is why I present to you the resistance, aka the Audiomod! The Audiomod is a case that snaps around the unfortunate, disabled iPhone, and gives it its 3.5mm port again. Not just that, it also acts as a secondary/external battery (doubling your iPhone’s battery life) and uses the same lightning connector your iPhone uses.

The Audiomod comes with a 3200-4600mAh battery backup that automatically switches to power-saving mode once your phone reaches full charge, and begins using the external battery for power when it senses your phone needs a boost. What’s more, better than any dongle, the Audiomod offers a pretty remarkable 24-bit high-resolution audio quality. With its slick form factor and the much-needed 3.5mm jack, you won’t physically notice the difference, but you’ll experience the difference for sure!

Designer: Encased