The SHAPL Design Contest Will Turn your Renders into Reality

SHAPL is providing industrial designers with the opportunity of a lifetime. The SHAPL Design Contest wants to take your concept designs and bring them into the real world, as real products that people can buy, own, and use!

The SHAPL Design Competition stems from a very different place when pitted against other design competitions. While most design competitions want to reward good design skills, SHAPL wants to bring them to life. The SHAPL Design Contest exists solely to give designers and their concept designs the boost they need to turn renders into reality. The process is simple. Upload your design, and it gets judged not just by a jury, but also by consumers who would love to own the product. Consumers vote for products they like, bringing the human-centric element into the competition, allowing the market to choose the most market-ready, market-worthy product… while the jury panel also help vet designs based on practicality, aesthetics, and overall appeal. Winners not only see their products turn into reality, but also get patents to their designs, and hefty cash prizes of up to $20,000. (With total cash prizes amounting to $100,000!)

Back after a successful first edition of the SHAPL Design Contest, entries for the 2nd SHAPL Design Contest are now open (and free) to everyone worldwide, whether you’re an enthusiast, student, professional, or studio. The contest is a great tool to freely gauge market interest in your concepts, and a wonderful way to launch your student projects, passion projects, or portfolio side-projects into the limelight. The design contest is open to any category of industrial/product design as long as your design can fit into a 900 cubic millimeter box (assembled or disassembled)… If you’ve been published on Yanko Design, take it from us, your designs stand an even stronger chance of being one of the 13 winners of the SHAPL Design Contest! Go ahead and participate (did we mention, it’s free)! Entries are open till the 20th of December 2018. Go give your renders the limelight and opportunity they deserve! Scroll down to check out some of the past winners!

Click Here to Upload Your Design to the 2nd SHAPL Design Contest! Hurry, submissions are open till the 20th of December 2018!



Below: 2017-18 Winners


01. Docking Dryer by Ko

Hair-dryers are usually massive ‘L’ shaped objects with bulky, wired designs that don’t embody sleekness from any angle. The Docking Dryer, however, does. With a swiveling handle, the dryer goes from being an L shaped mass to an I shaped mass that then docks into its wireless charging dock, turning into a slick, slim cylinder, making your bathroom counter or makeup table look less cluttered and more streamlined and beautiful!


02. Terra by Patrick Krassnitzer, Ferdinand Aichriedler & Manuel Hess

The Terra forms an essential part of your house, much like the fire alarm. Designed to alert homeowners in the event of an earthquake (made for disaster-prone areas around the Pacific Ocean), the Terra uses audio and light to raise an alarm when it gets wind of an earthquake in the area or in neighboring areas. Rather than rely on the internet (which may get disrupted or overloaded), the Terra receives communication via radio waves, making it much more effective in alerting people when it gets news of an approaching tremor.


03. Redline by Conreur

The Redline is part pollution mask, part emergency alert beacon. It straps to your face, filtering pollutants in the air so you have clean air to breathe as you make your exit or wait for rescue. It also comes with a red tab that activates the beacon when pulled. An LED ring around the mask lights up, blinking periodically to catch the eye of rescuers, while the beacon also beams out its GPS location to help people track you better. Quite a marvelous product to be brought to reality!

임테기 파이널

04. The Present by Byeong Jae Ha, JaeHeum Lee, Chieun Jang, Jisu Kim

The term ‘testing positive’ can be pretty ambiguous as to most people, it isn’t a clear term. Besides, the same term could be used for something as life-threatening as a disease, or as life-affirming as pregnancy. So The Present helps make things easier to understand. Essentially a pregnancy test with a tiny detail included to make things clearer, The Present comes with a display window that shows a plus sign for a positive pregnancy, but what’s really pleasing is the ribbon-esque design detail on top of the window that makes the plus sign and the display window look like a gift or a present, which truly is a heart-warming metaphor for a baby!


Click Here to Upload Your Design to the 2nd SHAPL Design Contest! Hurry, submissions are open till the 20th of December 2018!

The Humble Food-bag, Made Indispensable and Invincible

The average family goes through roughly 25 zip-lock bags in a week. That’s 1300 bags… per average family on earth. The zip-lock bag serves its purpose well, but it’s disposable. Meant to be used anywhere from 1-3 times before its flimsy plastic gives away and you promptly dispose of it for another one.

With everyone slowly moving to non-plastic alternatives like metal strays and opting for plastic products that are multi-use (Tupperware, for example), it only makes sense that the food-bag, the humble zip-lock, sees itself being redesigned for non-disposable usage. agooday’s Pockeat gives the zip-lock the upgrade it needs. Crafted from BPA-free TPU, the Pockeat is food-safe, sturdy, lightweight, and flexible. It ditches the fidgety zip-lock mechanism (which is difficult to open with dirty or wet hands) for a roll-top closure that not only ensures the contents of the bag are securely locked, but it also gives the Pockeat a handle, allowing you to carry your bag around with you in your hand, or even strapping it to your backpack. The Pockeat can be used for storage, shopping, or even carrying food. It holds solids and liquids, cold or hot, without a fuss, and last years, as opposed to the day/week-long lifespan of a generic zip-lock bag. It also comes with over 3 liters of storage, and its roll-top design ensures your food is packed tightly, no matter how much you fill the bag. When you’re done, the Pockeat folds down to the size of a candybar and gets tucked into its sleeve, fitting in pockets, handbags, or even backpacks, allowing you to carry your bag around wherever and whenever, making it much more accessible than tiffin boxes, much more durable than plastic bags, and a boon to the environment too!

Designer: agooday

Click here to Buy Now: $24 $40 (40% off)


Pockeat is a reusable, heat/oil resistant and waterproof food bag designed for replacing disposable tableware & plastic to-go box.

With adjustable capacity up to 3L, you can pack literally EVERYTHING into Pockeat.

Pockeat has a hook-and-loop tape which allows you to adjust the capacity as you need it.








With the patent Velcro bag handle, Pockeat could be hooked on your bag or bike, keeping your hands free.

Pockeat is foldable and only weigh 47 grams, which is as lightweight as three keys.




Click here to Buy Now: $24 $40 (40% off)

The World’s Easiest and Most Consumer-friendly Braille Printing Kit

Design, as an industry, is slowly taking accessibility more seriously. Whether it’s Microsoft releasing a redesigned XBox controller for the differently abled, or whether it’s Apple putting an ECG on their watches to allow it to be a wearable everyone can use no matter the age or walk-of-life, inclusivity, or design-for-all is something that’s really worth pursuing and appreciating.

However, complete inclusivity has always been difficult to achieve for the visually disabled. Given that eyes are the most dominant sense of all, its absence can often inhibit the way we consume information, data, and content, and designing for visual disability can oftentimes be a big challenge, and Braille still isn’t completely available everywhere. That’s notably because Braille printers are very specialized machines, and cost an absolute fortune.

The Vrailler makes a point that braille printers don’t need to be specialized, hard-to-use, inaccessible, and expensive. Vrailler’s braille printer is easy-to-use, small (it can fit into your pocket), and more importantly, affordable (imagine a personal braille printer, but $1200 cheaper). It uses two perforated slates, a third upper slate, and a set of pins that you drop into the base-slate to create indentations. When you press the upper slate and middle slate onto the base slate (with your medium sandwiched in between the bottom two slates), the indentations translate onto the paper/film, giving you printed braille. These can be used to create name-tags, labels, or even accessible business cards. You can make multiple prints on the Vrailler once you set the formation of pins in, and the Vrailler prints braille out for you without using any electricity or battery power.

The Vrailler can be used to print multiple languages in Braille, giving it accessibility on a much larger scale, and can be easily carried around and operated by pretty much anyone (it comes with a Braille Guide too) allowing you to quickly and effectively print out pieces of text in Braille, making information of any sort readable to all, whether it’s on medicine labels, or business cards, menu cards, or even in books. In its effort to make braille more accessible, the Vrailler is perfect for schools, allowing visually disabled children to have access to information, as well as in offices, to make them much more inclusive to all (just how ramps make mobility easier). Its small size means it can be carried around anywhere, allowing you to make small changes as you go, and make the world a much better place for people who need it!

Designer: Vrailler

Click here to Buy Now: $35 $50 (30% off).


Vrailler provides portable, affordable and effortless Braille printing for everyone.







Key features.

Easy to learn.




Affordable price.


Extremely portable.


Multiple printing. Once the pins are set, you can print multiple copies.


With just 6 Braille Points you can write and print any language in Braille form which makes it easy to use for just about anyone.


Above: In French.

Brailler education through Vrailler.


Vrailler is more cost-effective for braille education in school.

How it works.

User feedback.


Click here to Buy Now: $35 $50 (30% off).

The Unbreakable Hardcase Backpack that’s Inspired by a WW2 Legend

It’s quite a remarkable feat that something as simple as the Jerry Can helped us win the second world war. The Jerry Can’s original design can be traced back to Germany, which was designed for complete efficiency, and helped them execute the Blitzkrieg. Its design was the pinnacle of functionality and was one of Germany’s best-kept secrets (cans used by the Allied forces were flimsy and would leak as much as 30% of the fuel stored in them) that helped them efficiently execute their attacks while the Allied forces faced massive defeat as their resources leaked and depleted at alarming rates. An American engineer got hold of these highly elusive jerrycans at Berlin’s Templehof Airport and smuggled them across to Philadelphia. This helped the Allied forces build their own, efficient Jerry Cans that helped them win the war. President Roosevelt said, “Without these cans, it would have been impossible for our armies to cut their way across France at a lightning speed which exceeded even the German blitzkrieg of 1940.”

The cans came with a stamped X design on the sides that served two purposes: firstly to stiffen the side sheet metal; secondly to allow greater surface area for expansion and contraction of the contents with heat and cold. The Jerrybag Shield pays homage to that simple design that quite literally saved millions of lives by leveling the playing field and ending a world war. With a similar hard-shell design and the iconic, functional X stamp on it, the Shield is quite literally destruction-proof. Crafted from a blend of ABS and PC (the same plastic used to make Nokia’s indestructible 3310), the Shield is impact-resistant, and virtually damage-proof. Take a knife, hammer, screwdriver, or any projectile to the Shield’s outer surface and you’ll barely scratch the surface of the bag.

The Shield was designed as a shrunken version of the popular larger, hard-shell travel suitcase. Bringing that format to the backpack size, the Shield is perfect for work, play, and travel, whether your lifestyle is low-key yet stylish, or extreme. The hard-case protects the contents of the backpack by softening and absorbing any impact to it, securing any gadgets or expensive items from damage, while a water-resistant design protects your gear from inclement weather. An expandable design allows the bag to go from 25L to 35L in capacity, letting you carry extra items for a weekend getaway along with your regular everyday items. The bag comes with 13 separate compartments, divided between two storage zones, for optimal segregation. A padded laptop sleeve gives your laptop reinforced storage, while an easy-access upper slot lets you have items like your wallet, passport, or ticket at hand. The bag’s padded straps and lightweight design allow it to be carried anywhere with ease, while a luggage-strap let you secure the Shield to a travel suitcase for even better mobility.

The Shield serves as the ultimate crossover, bringing the advantages of hard-shell luggage design to everyday backpacks (a hybrid that’s yet to go fully mainstream). Drawing inspiration from one of the most well-designed products of the 20th Century (and a personal design favorite), the Shield promises to be a top-notch, feature-laden backpack that will withstand the most extreme of conditions, while lowkey making you look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in the process (and believe me, that can only be a good thing!)

Designer: Jerrybag

Click here to Buy Now: $98 $180 (45% off). Hurry, only 4 left!










Click here to Buy Now: $98 $180 (45% off). Hurry, only 4 left!

The Roxxlyn Brings Marble from Architecture to Eyewear

Marble, the stone of luxury, the choice of the famous sculptor Michelangelo, and the pivotal material for the Rennaissance movement. Marble’s always been a symbol of opulence. It’s used in homes for flooring, mantelpiece sculptures, luxury bathroom fittings, and even found its way into Renault’s EZ Ultimo luxury concept car for the future. Wherever you see marble, it’s always an indication of purity and prosperity.

The Roxxlyn wants to bring that feeling to fashion too. Hitherto unused in fashion, Roxxlyn’s sunglasses take one of Architecture’s favorite materials and bring them to eyewear. To do this, Roxxlyn had to conquer one of marble’s biggest physical drawbacks. Making marble veneers is an incredibly complex process. The stone is brittle, and can’t be cut too thin as it breaks. New manufacturing techniques allow Roxxlyn to craft veneers of marble that are as thin as 0.02inches (half a millimeter) in thickness. These veneers are carefully and precisely shaped before being integrated into the filigree stainless steel frames that give them an extra bit of strength, making your sunglasses durable. Roxxlyn’s sunglasses come across various retro-modern styles and even allow for custom-building, letting you choose marble veneers and frame colors to match and suit your personality or fashion sense. Additionally, each Roxxlyn frame comes with a choice between tinted and gradient lenses, both armed with an anti-reflective coating that filter out UVA, UVB, and UVC rays while offering full glare protection.

Roxxlyn’s stones are sourced from some of the finest places in the world, from Spain to Italy. Each stone captures an earthy beauty, be it the yellow-grey of the Arabescato Orobico Grigio from Camerato Cornell in Italy, or the rich, red of the Rosso Levanto in Liguria, Italy, or even the dark, granite feel of Spain’s Nero Marquina, one of the world’s most sought-after natural stones. Each spectacle uses a unique veneer that sets it apart visually. Designed with an appeal that acetate frames can only hope to achieve, Roxxlyn’s frames showcase marble in a manner that truly brings their values of style, and of premium-appeal outside architecture, and into the world of eyewear!

Designer: Andreas Plassmann of Roxxlyn Studios

Click here to Buy Now: $134 $193 (30% off). Hurry, only 15 left!


The first Roxxlyn Eyewear collection features modern silhouettes and fine marble constructions. Its combination of high-quality stone and slim stainless steel provides pleasant comfort in polished aesthetics.


The stones, which are less than one millimeter thin and extremely light, can be shaped using a special technical process and integrate perfectly into the narrow silhouettes of the sunglasses.


The lenses are framed in filigree stainless steel combined aluminum. The functional nose pads ensure an ideal fit and individual wearing comfort. With the same eye for detail, the tinted and gradient lenses round off the collection with an anti-reflective coating and filter out UVA, UVB and UVC rays while offering full glare protection.

With the world’s first real-time configurator from Roxxlyn, choose your personal unique piece of real stone combined with your favorite lens and frame color. “You don’t just buy a Roxxlyn product, you personalize it,” Andreas Plassmann.


The Aron model is a true classic. The combination of high-quality real stone or marble and metal-colored details looks particularly stylish and smart.


Incomparable elegance is the hallmark of the Eloise model. The design captivates with its contrast of the golden metal frame and the striking acetate temples, which are held in cool black.


The Ryse noble sunglasses of the Real Stone-Eye-Wear collection inspire us with their classic silhouette and the modern rounded frame made of black and finest stainless steel.


The Yoko sunglasses from the Roxxlyn Stone-Eye-Wear collection look particularly elegant thanks to the suggested Cat-Eye silhouette and are characterized by a refined and feminine design.


The Cyrus sunglasses with round lenses and metal frame ensures optimum wearing comfort. The modern look, which already made music legends famous in the sixties, captivates with special attention to detail and the craftsmanship of Roxxlyn.

All models/variations of the Roxxlyn Eyewear collection are particularly light and yet robust. The real stones give the sunglasses a certain extra and underline the individuality and personality of their wearers.

Click here to Buy Now: $134 $193 (30% off). Hurry, only 15 left!

Much More than your Usual Wireless Charger

I love it when gadgets disguise themselves as decor. If you look at any of Google’s home products, they make use of domestic-friendly colors, soft forms, and even fabric clads. The design team feels that a device (electronic or not) that sits in your home should blend into its homely atmosphere, not look like something from Blade Runner. Edgy, futuristic products don’t sit well in cozy homes. The Lucis 3.0 follows that thumb rule by making tech more domestic and versatile at the same time. The result is a product that doesn’t just look beautiful in an apartment, it serves its multiple purposes wonderfully too, making it a great product in both departments.

The Lucis 3.0 is essentially a battery with multiple components attached to it, most perceivably, a lamp. However, the Lucis 3.0’s battery also serves as a power bank, and comes with a wireless charging surface too, so the Lucis 3.0 can not only illuminate rooms, it can juice your phone too.

Styled to look primarily like a lighting device, the Lucis 3.0 comes with a capsule shape that either sits independently or on a quaint three-legged wooden stand. Designed with contemporary styling, the device fits well in most modern homes, serving as a neat table lamp that can be carried around with you and placed anywhere in the house. With a dimmable LED on the inside, the Lucis 3.0 can set the mood while also allowing you to choose between 16 million colors. The 8000mAH battery on the inside gives the LED 88 hours of power, or can even fully charge your phone twice.

With a light at one end, the other end of the Lucis serves as a wireless power bank. Invert the Lucis and place your phone on top of the flat surface and it instantly begins charging. The bank comes with a built-in outlet too, allowing you to use a cable to charge your phone. Its robust casing is made to be splash proof, so you can use the Lucis at the poolside, the dining table, or even in the bathtub. Choose between a Simple dual-color lamp variant, or the Twist Color with a dimmer dial and a 16 million color LED bulb to light up your life and power your phone. You’ve even got a wide choice of stands and accessories that allow the Lucis to blend into your decor as well as stand out as a well-designed, home-friendly piece of tech!

Designers: Simon Koop & Bob van Houten

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $135 (41% off). Hurry, this is exclusive for YD readers!


Lucis™ introduces 4 brand new wireless, touch-activated mood light with built-in power bank and wireless charging functions.


Lucis 3.0 Simple Models


Lucis 3.0 Twist Models


The all-new Lucis 3.0 is equipped with strong RBG full-Color LEDS that have a maximum output of 180 up to 250 Lumen (30watt).


Packed with an enormous battery capacity Lucis™ 3.0 will give you up to 88 Hours of continuous lighting!


Lucis is equipped with special touch sensors that control the brightness and dimming. Touch the sensors and play with light. All Lucis lamps are made from high quality matt plexiglass upper housing and solid aluminum ring. Lucis is the ideal splash proof portable lamp.


Indoor or outdoor; you determine the atmosphere. This Dutch-design LED lamp produces over 16 million colors that can be enjoyed in any setting.



Click here to Buy Now: $79 $135 (41% off). Hurry, this is exclusive for YD readers!

This is the World’s First Digital Piggy Wallet for your Kids

We’ve made a pretty seamless transition from hard cash to digital money, but there’s still one form of payment that hasn’t really changed yet. The allowance. Unless your kid owns an ATM card and a bank account (I didn’t until I was 18), allowance has always been handed in banknotes or coins that found their way into the symbolic piggy bank.

As we move into the digital age of virtual currency and cashless payments, Pigzbe ditches the piggy bank in favor of their new ‘piggy wallet’ virtual realm too, allowing parents, relatives, and other elders to go cashless with their children… but the Pigzbe is much more than just a digital wallet for children. It’s also an education in finances, budgeting, earning, saving, and making sensible expenditures.

Designed to look like an abstract pig, Pigzbe is a small rectangular card-shaped device with two buttons (that double up as the pig’s cheeks) and an LED screen between them that lights up with a pig’s face on it. The Pigzbe accepts international currencies as well as cryptocoins, and comes powered by Wollo, a secure blockchain based token that allows you to send money globally and quickly. When you transfer money to a child’s Pigzbe, they get notified as the money gets deposited in their account, to be used digitally. The wallet actively tracks transactions, letting children know, through the display on the front, how much they’re earning, spending, and saving.

Pigzbe comes with an educational component too. Developed by Primo Toys, the guys behind Cubetto (the toy that taught preschoolers the basic tenants of coding), Pigzbe comes with a partner app too that helps visualize the child’s finances in a gamified way. The app introduces children to much more advanced financial concepts like saving, currency-conversion, and even setting budgets. They can earn money either through allowances, gifts, or even by completing tasks. The Pigzbe device stores and keeps track of everything that comes in and goes out, while the app allows kids to be financially aware and even learn to be fiscally responsible, from as young as six years old!

Designer: Jon Marshall

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $139 (40% off). Hurry, for only 24 hours!


Pigzbe is a hands on piggy-wallet that will help your kids learn digital money management through adventure and play.


Saving, earning and sharing. Pigzbe future proofs learning about modern digital finance with something fun, tangible, and for the whole family.


Does It Work?

Pigzbe emerged from years of research with kids, parents, teachers, economists and product designers on a quest to reinvent pocket money in the 21st century.

Since January 2018, over 30,000 people from across the globe have come together to make the Pigzbe project come to life.


Inside the Box

Pigzbe comes with all the necessary parts to begin playing and learning about saving, earning, and managing digital money right out of the box:

A – Pigzbe Device
B – Pigzbe App
C – USBC Charging chord


The Pigzbe Device hand-held home for digital money. It’s your screen-less window into a world of savings, making digital money tangible and fun.

Lights! Sound! Touch! Ⓓ 128 LED lights, combined with a Ⓔ speaker, a Ⓕ haptic engine, and Ⓖ 2x buttons, provide a magical experience with pocket money.


The Pigzbe App lets the adults in the family connect and send money to Pigzbe from anywhere in the world, instantly and securely, and cost effectively.

For kids, the app is an adventure that enhances the hands-on experience, helping them learn through connected play, stories and fun.


Powered by Wollo

Pigzbe runs on Wollo, a blockchain based token that allows you to send money globally, quickly and cost-effectively (It costs $0.000001 to send as little as $0.005).

Every Pigzbe comes with enough Wollo to play and interact with right out of the box, and complete over 10,000 transactions, so you don’t have to buy any to start!


What Can Children Do?

Earn and save – Pigzbe makes it easy for children to earn money and learn how to save it. Set goals for presents, get rewards for chores.

Visualise and play – Watch your money grow, literally! Your digital wallet is an interactive money-tree that you nurture and grow through savings.

Spend and share – Send your savings in and out of your account. Spend it on the things you want, online from the app, or in the real world with a card.


What Can Parents Do?

Create a family network – Invite family members and friends to connect with your child’s Pigzbe from anywhere in the world. Pigzbe is global!

Send allowances – Anyone in your network can send recurring allowances or one-off gifts, quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

Set tasks and chores – Set chores and tasks for your children to complete. Keep track of progress, reward good behaviour, help them form good habits.


Why Financial Education?

The piggy-bank served us well. It taught us, and our parents before us, financial values like earning and saving, one penny at a time. But it’s become outdated.

Primo Toys believe that managing digital money is a basic 21st-century literacy, and one our children can’t afford to miss out on, yet widely overlooked in elementary education.

Research shows that good – or bad – money habits are learned by age 7, and that kids can understand concepts like price and value as early as age 5.

Primo Toys believe that financially curious children can become financially literate adults, and be designed Pigzbe to achieve just that.

What are Kids Actually Learning?

Earning – Pigzbe allows children to earn money through chores. Financial empowerment comes from knowledge of our own self worth, and the worth of our hard work.

Saving – Saving money makes Pigzbe’s environment richer and more playful. The more you save, the more possibilities you have, which is true in real life too!

Budgeting – Children visualise their pocket money benchmarked against savings goals. Knowing where you want to be is as important as knowing where you are.

Spending – With Pigzbe children are in charge of their own money. They spend it on the things they want, and learn about independence.

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $139 (40% off). Hurry, for only 24 hours!

These Smart Rotary Phones have Alexa on the other line!


Imagine it’s sometime in the 1940s. You’re alone at home and it’s snowed heavily. You crave some Frank Sinatra, but instead of going to your record player that’s in the opposite room, you lift up the receiver on your telephone and say “Hey Alexa, play me some Sinatra”. This magical Alexa accepts your command, and somewhere in your house, the radio starts playing some of Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits.

That obviously wouldn’t be possible in the 40s, but it is now. Grain Design’s vintage telephones aren’t, in fact, telephones, but are actually repurposed Echo devices. Lift off the receiver and you’ve got Alexa on the other line. Ask her about the weather, tell her to play music, or order in some food or groceries. Alexa listens and obeys. Put the receiver down and click, the command line is over and Alexa’s disconnected.

That’s the beauty of Grain Design’s telephones. Repurposed from actual vintage phone-pieces, the people at Grain Design very cleverly integrate Alexa into the device, so when you lift the receiver, you’re literally speaking to your virtual AI as if she’s on the other end of the line. When you do eventually hang up, the phone’s microphone gets fully disconnected, making sure that Alexa doesn’t listen in on you. This prevents accidental communications with your Amazon assistant by ensuring that, whenever the receiver is on its hook, your conversations are completely private. Each telephone (Grain Design has modified certain models) is bespoke, and rewired with its new hardware by hand. They’re also incredibly limited in numbers and cost quite a bit!

Designer: Grain Design





Design-driven Building Sticks for the Curious and Aesthetically-inclined

Lego blocks build your curiosity. The TiKA builds curiosity as well as a sense of aesthetics. The TiKA modular design kit is a seriously fun kit that helps you exercise your sense of structure, geometry, and aesthetics. Comprising a base, magnetic balls, and sticks that attach to these magnetic balls/joints, the TiKA is just the sort of toy anyone between the ages 12 to 112 could use.

Tika allows you to build and test structures, make abstract skeletal frameworks, create trellises for plants, and even create abstract LED lighting! The metal balls act as joints, while the TiKA’s sticks come with a neodymium magnet insert running through and through. This enables the TiKA to conduct electricity, and introduce TiKA’s LED rod to the mix and the abstract structure turns into abstract lighting at an instant!

The TiKA comes in a variety of formats. A regular structure-building kit, a planter building kit, and a lamp building kit. These kits are optimized for both floor-standing and hanging variants, letting you create pretty much anything you choose. Building your TiKA structure starts with its base, to which you add the metal balls. You can then start snapping the magnet/wood sticks to these balls (the sticks make a tik sound as they snap, giving the product its name, TiKA), adding as many sticks as you want, testing the structure’s integrity, and adding more ball joints anywhere you see fit.

The TiKA sticks are designed to last a lifetime. Each stick is made from beech wood, and comes with powerful neodymium magnets. The bases differ from variant to variant. The regular kit provides you with a regular wood base, while the lamp-making kit comes with a wired base that even includes its own dimmer-switch, allowing you to set the mood by building your own lamp and then adjusting the intensity of the light accordingly.

Ultimately, the TiKA tests and fosters two things. Your ability to create stable structures, and your skill to create unique, visually alluring designs. The possibilities are practically endless with the TiKA, and you can optimize and change the design whenever your mood changes, or as your plant grows, if you’ve opted for the Planter-kit. They’re also a great way to build geometric structures, creating and testing out skeletal forms like buckminsterfullerenes, or just building anything your heart desires! The TiKA is more than just a toy or a planter, or a lamp. It’s one of the greatest visual tools to foster creativity and an eye for aesthetics!

Designers: Florin Cobuz & Adrian Enache

Click here to Buy Now: $124 $165 (25% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!


TiKA is a modular creation kit suited to build an unlimited number of amazing structures, such as lamps, holders for your plants or just jaw-dropping design objects for your apartment, office or anything in between.


TiKA’s modular system opens a world of possibilities through its five different sized wooden building sticks and small magnetic metal balls that act as connectors with flexible joints. You can also choose from 3 different, but connectable, bases to build upon.

With TiKA, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can create. Just look at some of these awesome designs below:






How Does TiKA Work?

TiKA’s modular system opens a world of possibilities through its 5 different sized sticks, metal balls that act as connectors and flexible joints, along with 3 different bases to build upon.


How to Build with TiKa

1. Start with the base.
2. Begin to simply connect the TiKA sticks with the metal balls to build mesh-like structures.
3. Display your creations around your home!


Click here to Buy Now: $124 $165 (25% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

VEARK’s Sleek Chef’s Knife is Reminiscent of Tool-design

Ask any chef worth their salt what their most precious tool is and the answer is invariably the knife. The knife is such an important and personal tool for a chef that most professional chefs carry their knives around with them as one of the most essential tools of their trade.

VEARK’s CK01 gives the knife blade the reverence it deserves. Literally designed to be a tool-of-trade, the knife’s design embodies aspects of tool-design, with a unibody construction, and a handle that feels firm and comfortable like the grip of a spanner. Each blade is drop-forged, giving the handle its unique, wonderful, grippy texture, and is then manually hand-finished to produce a blade that’s remarkably pure, sharp, and long-lasting.

The CK01 blades are all manufactured in Solingen, Germany, the holy grail of knife-manufacturing and bladesmithing in all of Europe. The drop-forging technique results in each knife handle having its own individual texture, each one unique like a fingerprint. After some high precision machining, experienced craftsmen then take the drop-forged piece of metal and grind and sharpen it by hand to bring out the blade’s smoothness and phenomenal sharpness. The finished stainless steel knife measures a stunning 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale, which means the knives are much more resistant than most stainless steel knives, and will hold their sharpness significantly longer than even high quality stainless steel kitchen knives that usually measure up to 55 on the Rockwell scale.

And the unibody design has more to offer then just great looks: The open handle design invites your thumb to rest on the blade and pinch grip the knife like a pro. The metal blade also provides a counterbalance that allows you to maneuver the knife with ease. A singular body also means the knife is easier to maintain, with no place for food, dirt, and dust to get wedged into. A simple rinse makes the CK01 as good as new!

The VEARK CK01 is perfect for using anywhere in the kitchen. Designed to be the one blade you gravitate towards for any cutting needs, the CK01 comfortably slices through fruits and vegetables, scores and carves meats, and even opens boxes, cartons, and plastic packaging. Made with a design-conscious approach, the CK01 is a rare knife that your eyes will fall in love with first, immediately followed by your hands. Preparing a meal to absolute perfection with this sharp blade, and hand-loving sleek design will be an utmost enjoyable experience to anyone from the cooking enthusiast to the seasoned chef!

Designer: Daniel Ronge

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The VEARK CK01 is a single piece 20cm stainless steel chef knife made in Solingen, Germany.


“Our aim was to create a piece that will generate its beauty and character from its raw appearance rather than by adding features like wood and rivets – less is more,” designer Daniel Ronge told Yanko Design.



Looking at how professional chefs hold their knives they developed the open handle design: it invites you to slide your thumb onto the blade and grab the knife right at the balance point – making it a pleasure to work with.


The manufacturing is done in a classic drop forging process which takes place in the traditional knife forging town of Solingen, Germany.


The drop forging process leaves each knife with its individual pattern on the handle, just like a fingerprint. So each knife is a unique piece – no two are alike. A beautiful detail that gives each knife its own character.


The CK01 features a 20cm (7,9″) blade while the overall length is 32cm (12,6″). It is drop forged from stainless steel (X50CRMoV15) and weighs 200g (7oz.).

The typical Solingen knife has a hardness of 55-56 Rockwell, they even exceed that at 58 Rockwell. What that basically means is: a harder knife can get sharper and remain a sharp edge for longer.


Click here to Buy Now: $102 $115 (10% off)