Why cover your walls with posters when you could cover them with cyberpunk streetlights?

With a vibe that I can only describe as straight out of a Love Sex and Robots episode (check them out on Netflix if you haven’t), Neon adds a distinctly different flavor to the spaces it’s introduced in. It isn’t like your run of the mill Kurt Cobain poster, or Manchester United banner. It’s refreshingly dynamic, and adds a punky oriental touch to your room, straight from the heart Hong Kong’s street culture.

With an eclectic mix of modernity and authentic traditionalism, brought about by Hong Kong’s culturally diverse past association with the Chinese and the British, Neon captures the city’s busy, in-your-face lifestyle, with its neon street-signs that add more razzmatazz to your room than an action figure or an A2 poster would.

The Neon signs come made electroluminescent wire that mimics the effect of neon tubes, strapped to a base with a controller unit at the back that lets you either have the lights on constantly, or have them flicker, just like neon signs tend to do in their signature way! Capturing the unique authenticity of Hong Kong, Neon come in multiple variants, including signs for local Pawn Shops, Mahjong Halls, Cafes, Jewelry Stores, and even local McDonalds with their own, kitschy, local style. In fact, there’s even a Chinese Dragon Neon sign waiting to be unlocked as soon as its funding goal is reached!

Backers can choose from the existing local punkish signs, or can even have their own custom signs made if they choose! Adding a Neon light to the room livens it up, giving it a distinctly contemporary oriental flavor that’s known and loved, and has even found its way into pop culture with films like Rush Hour, Pacific Rim, and Big Hero Six!

Designer: Hui Wing Sze

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Mini Neon Signs from Hong Kong, turn homes and offices into a little cyberpunk city. Neon signboards have always been a part of city lifestyle for generations. They delivered a Hong Kong street cyberpunk culture that is now fading away due to modernization.

Rayland Industrial Company is trying to revive neon signs, not on streets, but in every home with the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign for their Mini Neon Signboard for home decoration.

There are six different traditional styles to choose from, including Pawnshop, McDonald, Mahjong Hall, Coffee Shop, Dragon, and Earl Jewelry. Backers can also choose from three modes, including no blink, slow flicker, and fast flicker.

Customization is also available for five light board positions. Each of the signs represents an aspect of the public lifestyle of the people. The signs can be used for decoration in the house, office, or even inside the car. Smaller than A4 size, the signs look great on walls, tables, and other positions depending on decoration style.



Mahjong Hall

Coffee Shop

Earl Jewelry

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A camera carrying system that keeps camera handy, supports your creative workflow.

There are things that seem so logical and so right when you see them for the first time that you wonder why they weren’t there all the time. The SPINN camera carrying system is just like that. Designed for all professional DSLRs – and for DSLM cameras that are becoming increasingly popular – this system offers the comfort and handling benefit, that standard eyelets on every camera simply do not offer.

The strap is usually attached at the top of the camera so that it swings, rotates and moves. Carrying the camera becomes a real pain, especially if you’re using a larger zoom lens. Not to mention, how the strap gets in the way of your face every time you look into the camera’s viewfinder – a problem with a high annoyance factor, as it permanently disrupts a fluid and creative working subliminally.

With the SPINN CP.01 camera plate, the camera fits your body perfectly and the straps don’t interfere with your workflow, neither when you´re shooting handheld – nor from the tripod. It shifts your cameras center of gravity from top to base, where the strap is fixed now. The optimal distance of the eyelets leads to a perfect balance on your body, and so carrying the camera will be incredibly easy. In the chosen position it rests bombproof, and in the crucial moments, you will intuitively grab it.

The Spinn CP.01 is made to perfectly fit any DSLR or mirrorless camera through its reversible and slightly asymmetric design. Multiple slots allow you to choose a configuration that fits your camera the best. It is also designed to be compatible with the internationally widespread Arca-Swiss standard, making the CP.01 work with almost all commercially available tripods. Each CP.01 comes CNC machined from aluminum, ensuring precision, reliability, robustness, without noticeably weighing down the camera.

To seal the deal, Spinn even offers a handmade, broad-width strap that feels comfortable and distributes the camera’s weight without letting you feel the pressure!

Designers: Kai Wiehagen & Jorg Neugebauer

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What if you could trick big corporations from stealing your data?

Ever had a conversation with a friend about holidaying in Italy and found yourself automatically getting ads for holiday packages and hotel options? My friend just had a baby and I was texting her my congratulations, and the next thing you know, I find myself getting ads for childcare products. Here’s a little piece of truth. Your phone may be private, but the apps on it aren’t. Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, or those hundreds of nondescript video-editing apps and indie games lying in your app menu are all centered around what’s called the Surveillance Economy… It isn’t based around money, but rather around the collecting, compiling, and bartering of personal information.

If there’s one thing design taught me, it’s the fact that you should never assume that a human will change their behavior to accommodate your product. It’s usually the other way around. A product should help a human without causing them any friction. That’s pretty much how Winston operates. Instagram’s ad network relies on and trades in your personal data (to sell you products it thinks you’ll buy) but when has that ever stopped you from using Instagram? The solution isn’t to delete Instagram, or Facebook, or YouTube from your life, but to rather be more protective of your data… and the problem is that not everybody is tech savvy enough to be able to protect their data. That’s where Winston and its tongue-in-cheek video comes in! Think of Winston as that car-chase scene from 2 Fast 2 Furious. You’ve got two cars being chased by the police. The cars immediately zoom into this seemingly empty garage and the shutters close as the police wait outside, covering all the exits. When the garage shutters do open, after a good minute of suspense, 200 cars come rushing out of the massive garage, throwing the entire area into chaos as the police find themselves struggling to identify the cars they were originally after. Long analogy short, Winston lets you access your internet as usual, but encrypts and scrambles your traffic and behavior with the thousands of other Winston devices being used around the world. It acts as a buffer between your smart devices like your Amazon Echo or your Nest thermostat and your Wi-Fi connection, so nobody (not even your Internet Service Provider) can collect your information on the sly, and you’re now free to use any of those apps or smart devices, and all your data gets scrambled and encrypted with multiple other data-sets, much to the chagrin of Mr. Zuck, your snoopy ISP, hackers, and everyone who aims to exploit and profit off your personal data and privacy.

Designed as a mysterious pristine looking silver box (courtesy Winston Privacy’s partnership with design studio MNML), Winston has the demeanor of a trustworthy, robust, no-nonsense device. Working with Winston’s software, the box connects directly to your Wi-Fi router, providing you a secure internet across all your devices. Winston doesn’t just prevent apps and smart-devices from stealing your data. It blocks ISPs from snooping on you, blocks ads, pop-ups, and periodically deletes cookies. Ridding your internet connection of all this excess baggage, Winston allows you to browse the internet faster, and even cuts down on your data usage. Besides, it blocks hackers from being able to tap into your webcam, doorbell, or your Wi-fi router, giving complete access to a truly private internet experience that’s absolutely within YOUR control.

Designer: MNML

Click Here to Buy Now: $209 $249 ($40 off). Hurry, only 18/50 left!

Winston: Take Back Control of Your Online Privacy

This is a plug-n-play hardware filter that reclaims your use of the Internet on ALL connected devices at home. It stops tracking, spying & hacking.

Winston doesn’t let big tech companies, advertisers, data brokers, hackers and governments access your data. Winston delivers true online privacy for safe browsing experience.

Below: Winston Puts You In Control

Winston vs Other Privacy Solutions

How Winston Protects Your Online Privacy

Winston’s Zero-knowledge technology doesn’t allow anyone to see, log or decrypt your internet activity. It scrambles and encrypts your home network, preventing anyone from watching what you are doing.

Complete Encryption

Winston scrambles and encrypts your home network, preventing anyone from watching what you’re doing.

Hide Your IP Address

Winston’s anonymous privacy mesh network conceals your location from advertisers, hackers and other snoops.

Below: Winston’s Encryption & Anonymity Functionality

The Hardware

Plug in your Winston between your router and your modem, and within 60 seconds, it will protect every internet-connected device in your home network.

The Software

Once plugged in, Winston routes your web traffic through 20-30 other Winston units, which are selected randomly several times each hour. This makes it impossible to correlate individual users to their IP addresses, and it does so without logging any data.

The Online Dashboard

Winston’s online dashboard lets you dig into your network analytics and see exactly how Winston is working for you. You can:

– Inspect blocked ads and trackers
– View your network health
– Monitor activity
– View detailed usage reports

This is a demonstration of cookieless surveillance methods that can be used to track your browser, even in incognito mode.

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Jigxels are for people who want something more challenging than LEGO bricks

If you’ve ever seen a product built using LEGO blocks, or played Minecraft, you know that the cuboid forms a very essential part of the construction. Structures tend to look pixelated because you’re layering block upon block, forming actual, three dimensional pixels in an X, Y, and Z axis. Jigxels are building blocks too… but they’re nothing like the LEGO.

Rather than a pixel-based construction method, Jigxels rely on creating forms through wire-frames. Comprising three parts that form the heart of every Jigxel model, Jigxels come together to form shapes that look vastly different from ones you’d see made from LEGO, and almost comparable to the kind you’d see made from Meccano.

Jigxels come in three ‘block’ types. Two linear blocks of varying sizes, and a Y-block, that allows you to bifurcate your designs and add variety. The patent-pending blocks also interlock using a positive and negative toothed-gear shape that allows you to interlock individual pieces at different angles, creating uniquely complex structures that look incredibly enticing and interesting! The nature of Jigxels impart a very interesting design aesthetic to the structures you create, while giving you an uncompromising, limitless approach of being able to join two or more pieces at multiple angles to make interesting structures! Patent-pending Jigxels come made from an FDA-approved non-toxic surgical grade PolyCarbonate polymer, in a box set of 240 pieces that are sure to let your imagination roam wild!

Designer: Ali Aboud

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.95

About Jigxels

Jigxels are unique patent pending multi-angle interlocking building blocks. A first to market, Jigelx are created by award winning architects for all designers and innovators to create complex and never seen before structures certainly not possible with the traditional building block systems.

Beautiful Structures

With Jigxels unique 30-degrees incremental assembly system, you are able to create intricate and functional structural combinations for your robotic, architectural and artistic projects.

Superior Quality

Jigxels interlocking building blocks are made with 100% FDA approved non-toxic surgical grade high quality polycarbonate polymer so you can be sure it is safe to use for all family members.

Endless Fun for the Entire Family

Each Jigxels bag comes with a set of 240pc of pure fun and creativity time for all family member ages 4 and up.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.95

The Jibbon keyring allows you to make your own army-knife-style EDC multitool

Imagine having an army-knife-style multitool, but instead of a corkscrew, it has your car-keys. Instead of a fish-scaler, you’ve got your house-keys, and in the place of a butter knife lies your work USB drive. Imagine a multi-tool that’s pocket-friendly, and just like a Swiss-army-knife, it has all the essentials… but they’re YOUR essentials.

Developed in Australia, this is the Jibbon, a customizable key-organizer that uses a specially designed enclosure that snaps open and closed to hold all your keys and other EDC. Designed to hold anywhere from one to 9 keys, the Jibbon comes with a swivel-to-reveal design that’s reminiscent of a Swiss army knife. When you need a specific key, swivel it open… when you’re done, swivel it back into its safe, leather-clad enclosure that gives the Jibbon a touch of class, while preventing your metal keys from accidentally scratching your phone’s display or periodically poking against your thigh through your pocket lining (honestly the real problem here!)

The Jibbon doesn’t just hold keys, it works with other pocket-friendly tools too. Available as separate accessories, you can even store Jibbon’s USB drive and metal multitool along with your keys, giving all your important pocketables one true home. You can choose between adding a 16gb or a 32gb pen-drive to the mix, while the multitool gives you a knife, flathead screwdriver, nail-file, and bottle opener, all in one, compact form-factor that practically occupies as much space as one of your keys. Just like your keys, the attachments snap right into Jibbon’s enclosure thanks to their proprietary mechanism that allows you to swap keys, drives and multitools with incredible ease, eliminating the need for any screwdrivers, coins, or fingernails to access individual elements.

Jibbon may have the soul of a multi-key multitool device, but it comes clad in premium Italian leather… a material choice that not only gives it a touch of finesse and class, but protects your phone’s display from the pointed keys stored within the Jibbon. Sourced from the most revered tanneries in Italy, the Jibbon comes in 4 tanned color options, and organizes all your highly functional keys, tools, and drives within a form that’s truly flawless… and even backed by a 3 year warranty!

Designers: Jack Graham & Matthew Sherwen

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $43 (28% off). Hurry, 4/35 left!

About Jibbon

A minimalist, anti-scratch key organizer made from genuine Italian leather and marine grade stainless steel.

What’s Different with the Jibbon?

The patented locking mechanism allows for easy micro-adjustment. No tools or coins are required to change the keys.

Adjust On The Go & Guaranteed Not to Loosen

They wanted to put an end to the noisy, sharp key bundle. Most people carrying keys find it uncomfortable in their pockets. It scratches their phone and wears holes.

Protect Your Gear and Devices

Can’t stand having your keys and phone in the same pocket? Your phone screen will love the genuine Italian leather covering the metal parts. Your phone and other belongings will stay protected.

No Loose Parts

Unlike other key organizers, Jibbon doesn’t include any loose wave washers, springs or spacers.

Made With 316 Stainless Steel

High quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel is used for all metal parts. We have strength tested each element to meet the needs of the user. Every part of the design has been refined to eliminate unnecessary parts, ensuring reliability.

Customize Multi-tool & USB Options

Each key organizer includes an extension, allowing you to fit between 3 to 9 keys.

Add in the multi-tool when traveling – TSA safe.

Include the 16GB USB when you need files on the go.

Removable D-ring with a matte PVD finish.

Monogramming – up to 3 uppercase characters.

Italian Leather Sourced Direct

Sourced directly from tanneries in Italy, the leather is top grain, dyed by skilled artisans. Traditional processes are used to enhance the rich color and soft texture.

Available in 4 distinct colors, choose the perfect match for you, your loved one or friends.

The Design Process

Each element of the Jibbon Key organiser is designed by them. There are no “off the shelf” parts.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $43 (28% off). Hurry, 4/35 left!

This invincible pencil and notepad will work for eternity! Even in space!

Roughly 10 seconds into the above video, I was a combination of curious and impressed. This is the nuka, a pencil and notepad combo that the designers claim will work forever. The pencil never finishes, and the notepad is eternally recyclable. They work in the sun, rain, snow, perhaps even underwater, and even in space! Ten seconds into the video, this sounds like borderline witchcraft… but in reality, it’s just top-notch product design and material engineering!

nuka comprises of an eternal pencil, made of a specialized alloy tip that can oxidize a paper’s surface without a residue, essentially making it run forever (and not need sharpening either). While that, in itself, is pretty marvelous, it comes with nuka’s invincible notebook. The notebook is waterproof, tear-proof, and works wonderfully in conjunction with the nuka pencil. Together, you can take notes practically anywhere, anyhow. Write in the rain, in the snow, upside down, or even in a hurry. nuka’s notebook is capable of being your canvas in practically any scenario without ripping, tearing, or affecting your line-quality. What do you do when the notebook gets over? nuka also comes with a specialized eraser fluid that lets you wipe the entire book clean, leaving not even a trace of your lines and notes. The eraser fluid comes in both spray and wet-wipe form, and wipes the oxidization/lines/notes off the paper, making it brand new, something even water or an eraser can’t do.

Designed to be as immortal as the ideas you note down in them, nuka can be used and reused for centuries… and the stationery set even comes with an app that helps you actively capture and document notes you’ve taken in the past. Designed to be carried everywhere you go, the nuka notebook comes with a magnetic spine that allows the eternal pencil to snap to it. Made to be your forever journal, the nuka captures all your notes, ideas, concepts, sketches, doodles, and secrets in its everlasting, indestructible self… giving you the most apt set of tools to capture your immortal thoughts!

Designer: Evgenija Medvedeva

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 ($30 off). Hurry, only 35/800 left!

About nuka Eteneral Stationery

The rewritable notebook and metal pencil. The notebook is waterproof, tear-proof, and works wonderfully in conjunction with the nuka pencil.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2019.

Completely Rewritable

Write, erase, and write again and again on the same page with any type of pen, pencil or marker. Make the slightest of motions and all inscription will fully disappear thanks to nuka magic eraser.

Wipe Off All Unnecessary Information

Self-developed non-toxic liquid is available in 2 forms: wet wipe & spray can.

Writes With Metal

Eternal pencil’s tip is made of unique metal alloy. It writes like regular pencil, but you can forget about sharpening or broken leads. Just write and enjoy of smooth writing experience. Forever.

Different Pressure Sensitivity

Press harder for thicker lines, lighter for thinner. And yes, you can wipe off eternal pencil’s writings by nuka magic eraser.

Totally Waterproof

Notebook components are made of waterproof materials which haven’t been used in other stationery before. Don’t worry about safety, the notes can’t be destroyed even if you spill water or any other drink on it.

Tear Resistant Paper

Next generation paper which you won’t be able to tear. Because of the quality, the notebook is durable and stays as new for a long time.

Magnetic Fastner

Never again old fashion notebook rubber bands. One easy motion to open the notebook and full safe closure when you carry it, thanks to embedded magnets inside cover.

Connect With Notebook

No way to lose the pencil as it attaches magnetically to the eternal notebook by one easy touch.

+nuka App

Perfect extension of eternal notebook on your phone. Scan the page with nuka app and get digital handwritten notes of good quality.

Create virtual notebooks and keep separate scans by categories projects, sketches, ideas and more. All notes are organized, safe, and always with you.

Three Layouts

Self-developed smart-dots is multipurpose for all your needs. Use it to write down notes, make sketches, spreadsheet on the same page.

Truth is that your tasks never end, like nuka to-do list. Erase completed tasks and write new.

Plan your month, erase and plan again. Unlimited times.

Scan tasks and it will be added to to-do list inside the app. You will never forget about unfinished tasks thanks to reminders.

Scan the page and plans will be added to calendar inside the app. You will get notifications about your schedule as per the scanned pages.

Still, Soft and Tactile

They save all tactility pleasant touch feelings of regular paper, because they love it. nuka paper is matt and soft to touch.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 ($30 off). Hurry, only 35/800 left!

Klipsch is challenging European designers to visualize products for their iconic heritage line!

I go on and on about design competitions, but honestly my motivation as an Industrial Designer myself is truly just one simple thing. Seeing my designs translate into real products! There’s no bigger joy than knowing that your concepts, sketches, design directions have influenced the end-design of a product that now sits on display, waiting for people to look at it, fall in love with it, and purchase it. Awards, honestly, are nice, but to a designer, there’s nothing more rewarding than having your ideas help create new, beautiful products… and the Klipsch European Design Competition is a great way to have your ideas form the backdrop of Klipsch’s line of hi-end audio products!

Klipsch is challenging industrial/product design and engineering students and young designers under 30 from France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy to visualize products in their heritage line. Winners are entitled to a cash prize of up to €5,000, along with the opportunity of bringing influence to Klipsch’s design direction with your winning work.

Tapping into young design talent for Klipsch’s Heritage Line is perhaps one of the best ways of getting a completely new and redefined perspective on a timeless collection of products. The hi-fi audio company is looking for young designers to develop new aesthetics and design details of products that have formed Klipsch’s 73 year old legacy. The brief is simple… redesign the outer form of the speakers and headphones of tomorrow, with a form language and CMF that one would consider premium and timeless (wood, rose gold, matte black metal, fabric, any CMF that’s regarded as a classic).

The Klipsch heritage line comprises their One and Three wireless speakers, as well as the HP-3 headphones, and the company is looking for fresh design talent to help redefine the company’s brand aesthetic. If you’re up for the Klipsch European Design Challenge, head to the website down below and register to participate! The last date for entry is 15th June, enough time to create a series of very intriguing renders! Besides, who can deny the absolute sense of pride one gets from pointing at a product on display and saying “I helped make that”!

Click Here to Submit Your Designs Now. Ends June 15th at 11:59pm CET.

1st Edition Klipsch Design Competition

In 1946, Paul W. Klipsch, genius, madman and maverick designed and hand-built the legendary Klipschorn loudspeakers with the goal of bringing life music into his living room.

The Klipsch design contest is part of the brand DNA (avant-gardism, innovation) but it also perpetuates the will of Paul W. Klipsch which was to offer a unique audio experience while using beautiful products. With this contest, the goal is to ask students to conceive the future « Heritage » products.

Theme is « HERITAGE »

Young talents will have to revisit their roots to imagine the products which could fit in our Heritage line of products (only the look of the products, not the technology inside). They are looking for products that their customers want to hear and feel.

The 2 Categories: Active Speaker & Headphone

– Active Speaker: create tomorrow’s speaker in the line of the One and the Three.
– Headphone: imagine the new Heritage headphone (over-ear)

Heritage The One Speaker

Heritage HP-3 headphone

Prizes & How to Submit

– 1st Prize 5000€
– 2nd Prize 2000€
– Participants must have undertaken their studies and lived in one of the following countries: France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.
– Open to: Students in Engineering, Product Design, Industrial Design.
– Under 30 years old who graduated from one of the above fields.

Click Here to Submit Your Designs Now. Ends June 15th at 11:59pm CET.

Ferris aims to revolutionize our EDC with a unique magnetic system

Problem solving is a skill set that can, for the most part, be taught. Problem spotting, however, isn’t something you teach. It’s an innate ability to be able to detect an area of intervention upon which you can exercise your design-thinking skills to make life easier. The Ferris system, designed by Distil Union, takes on a persistent problem of constantly misplacing your personal belongings and EDC, and comes up with a streamlined, elegant solution that, simply put, just works to perfection.

The thing with forgetting your keys or glasses or smartphone is that it isn’t a product design problem, it’s a psychology/personal-trait problem. However, Distil Union has a product-design-centric solution. Magnets! The Ferris system builds on a product that Distil Union designed in 2017… a magnet-embedded pair of sunglasses that could be secured around your shirt collar firmly, preventing them from falling off by accident. The magnets now find themselves in a wide variety of specially designed everyday products, integrated in a way that allows you to constantly be in control of your life and your belongings.

The Ferris system comprises a series of magnet-embedded keychains and wallets, along with a docking platform that holds your belongings (so you never have to go searching for them again). The ModStation lets you simply snap your wallet, keychain, keys, and even things like the Apple Airpods or Distil Union’s sunglasses to its magnetic surface, while also giving you a place to rest your phone, and even store your mail. The ModStation forms the epicenter of the Ferris experience, making sure you have a singular place to store and stash all your important stuff… while Distil Union’s KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and ModWallet, become, in fact, the important stuff.

Layered with the patent-pending MagLock magnets, the KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and ModWallet are an all-accommodating, easy-to-organize set of EDC that let you carry your essentials whenever and however you feel. They feature a leather construction, and come with strong magnets that let you attach keys, thumb-drives, key-fobs, multitools, to them. Based on your needs, you can add or remove keys/components, even swapping them out with other stuff (or exchanging them with your roommate) whenever needed. The magnets bring about an undeniable convenience to carrying your items around with class. Together, the products form Ferris, a system that lets your wallet and keychain adapt to what you need to carry, and eventually rest in a singular docking space in your house, so you never misplace your essentials again.

Ferris gives you an unprecedented level of control over your belongings. If you’re likely to forget your keys, how about you snap them to your wallet? If you REALLY need to carry that USB thumb drive to work tomorrow? Just attach it to your keychain today so you don’t forget them… and most importantly, if you have a tendency to leave your wallet, keys, phone, and other stuff lying around, the ModStation should easily help by holding onto all your stuff for you, so you never find yourself worrying where you left those damned car keys again!

Designers: Nate Justiss & Lindsay Windham

Click Here to Buy Now: $34 $49 (30% off) for the Ferris KeyLoop

Shown: Ferris KeyLoop, KeyFolio, ModWallet & ModStation

What is Ferris

Ferris is a series of secure magnetic components that easily come together and quickly reconfigure as needed. Powered by MagLock, you can slim down and carry only what you need in an instant – no more, no less, and no tools required.

Ferris KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and ModWallet in action.

Built for those of us always on the go, Ferris makes life a little bit easier by improving the things you carry and how you store them.

Streamline your routine. Walk out the door with lighter pockets, and leave the rest neatly organized on the Ferris ModStation– a modern catch-all for your most common out-the-door items.

Ferris lets your wallet and keychain adapt to what you need to carry– eliminating clutter and increasing peace of mind.

Ferris is all about customization– there’s no longer a need to carry different solutions. Instead, make what you carry work for you.

Ferris KeyLoop

Carry up to 6 keys + included FobRing holds your car fob, tracker, etc.

Scale up or down. Carry only what you need– no more, no less, and no tools required!

Ferris KeyFolio

Carry up to 10 keys + included FobRing holds your car fob, tracker, etc.

Ferris ModWallet

Comes with one CardSleeve to carry up to 12 cards, and a MoneyClip for your cash. Also carries add-ons like additional CardSleeves, KeyMods, USB and MultiTool.

Grab a cover that suits your style and accommodates your carry, or pick a combination that adapts to meet your specific needs from day to day (this is the ideal solution for those of you who have multiple sets of keys, but you don’t need to have them all on you all the time).

The Ferris ModStation

It all comes together with the Ferris ModStation: A sleek and modern catch-all that gives everything a proper place. Cutting visual clutter not only saves your sanity, it helps you stay organized, reduces the likelihood of lost items, and makes your out-the-door routine much quicker and easier.

Ferris ModStation is so much more than a mail-catch. They call it a “catch-all” because the slim tray is designed to accommodate your phone, a Kindle, a notebook, and anything similar. ModStation will even hold onto your phone’s charging cable so it’s always there when you need it– instead of falling behind your desk or getting lost entirely.

ModStation is made with steel, and features a smooth powder-coat finish. Easy to mount where you need it, all ModStations include a set of screws as well as a panel of 3M removable adhesive that’s also magnetic (so you can mount ModStation to any magnetic surface, like a fridge or steel door).

KeyMods shown with USB, FobRing, MultiTool, MoneyClip and a ModWallet cover.

KeyMods Powered by MagLock

Ferris leather goods work with KeyMods– the heart of the Ferris family. They are made with neodymium magnets and Cordura, a nylon well-known for its durability and abrasion resistance. Behind these small mechanisms are years of development and testing to achieve a connection that is:

– SECURE: In your pocket, your bag, dropped on the ground, taking a tumble down the stairs… Your keys will remain securely snapped together.
– FLEXIBLE: Magnets join together quickly and easily. They rotate smoothly for key access without removal, and allow for sharing without the need for a tool.

The KeyMods work like double-sided magnetic snaps: Nesting magnets with a male/female construction make a magnet-to-magnet connection that’s incredibly strong and allows for rotation. This new MagLock works differently than our MagLock Sunglasses, redesigned and optimized for keys to snap together and rotate.

Click Here to Buy Now: $34 $49 (30% off) for the Ferris KeyLoop