In a Parallel Universe Where OS Didn’t Matter, We’d All Use TicPods

You know, I personally don’t really like phrases like “the iPhone Killer” or in this case “the Airpod Killer”. The assumption that something is so good it will kill the competition completely, seems a little far-fetched and unrealistic, but the Red Dot and iF Design Award winning TicPods make a bulletproof case against most wireless earbuds, especially the AirPods.

These tiny truly-wireless earbuds are smart both internally and externally, rivaling those created by massive corporations, customized for their eco-systems (Google, Apple, I’m looking at you). Built for audio, but built for control too, the TicPods come with a touch-sensitive surface that lets you tap, double tap, slide, and long press to control music playback or even run phone functions. Regardless of which eco-system you’re in, the controls work cleverly with music playing apps to manipulate playback, volume, or even answer and reject calls. Long pressing lets you talk to your phone’s voice assistant… regardless of whether you’re an Android or iOS user. This inter-OS approach lets you use the TicPods for years, regardless of what phone you own at the time!

The TicPods come with in-ear detection as well, allowing you to pause music by simply taking any one earpiece out, making them immersive when you need them to be, and cooperative when you need to take a break. They come complete with ambient noise cancellation and noise isolation, making them perfect for use on your daily commute, or even while exercising, given the fact they have an IPx5 water-resistance rating. Built with a whopping 18 hour battery life and fast-charging that gives you close to 3 hours of playtime on a 30 minute charge, the TicPods can sit comfortably in your ears all day, allowing you to travel, work, play, and then work out without breaking a sweat… and what’s truly impressive is that it does all this with an OS agnostic approach. So in a world where you’re chained to your phone’s operating system, and their anti-headphone-jack dictatorial regime, the TicPods (which come at an early bird pricing of $79) are literally music to everyone’s ears!

I wouldn’t call the TicPods an “AirPod killer”, but then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if people stopped buying any other wireless earbud in favor of them.

Designer: Mobvoi

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Ultra-intuitive touch controls

Try doing that on other earbuds. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Tap-tap. Your audio, your control.

All good things come to those who… press for two seconds.

Smart and seamless. In-ear detection allows TicPods Free to know when you’re listening. Music pauses when you take one earbud out and resumes when you put it back in.






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A Pocket Knife that Works like Panther-claws

UPDATE: less than 48 hours left, grab yours now!

The way Caswell’s Morphing Karambit knife opens and closes is a thing of sheer beauty. It uses a parallel motion linkage, as opposed to a single-point swivel. The result is a knife where the blade can slide outwards even as your palm is wrapped around the handle. The action is swift, decisive, and the blade doesn’t even have to touch your palm or fingers as it slides outwards and in. It also makes the Morphing Karambit incredibly hypnotic to look at (especially in slow motion!).

The Karambit’s award-winning design comes from asking a basic question. How can you deploy a pocket knife’s blade while your fingers are securely wrapped around the handle? The same goes for when you’re closing the blade. With regular pocket knives, the blade essentially needs to travel through your fingers, because its path was defined by its single-pivot design. The resulting Morphing Karambit does a 180 (clever wordplay intended) on the default mechanism, opting for a linkage that causes the blade to move in and out innovatively, through the front of the knife. Using a parallel motion linkage, the blade slides out like the claw of a ferocious jungle cat, clicking satisfyingly as it locks in its open position, and casually returning to its retracted position when you’re done using it.

The Karambit’s curved blade design lends itself to a lot of activities, from cutting to shearing and shredding (coming originally from 11th century Indonesia, where it was used for hunting and agriculture). Made from Steel with a Tungsten DLC coating, the Karambit is unexpectedly efficient, and can be used not only for everyday tasks and outdoor activities, but even in emergencies, cutting through paracords, seatbelts, tough clothing, medical packages, etc. With just five precisely machined parts, fasteners, and a zero-profile titanium pocket clip, the Karambit’s elegant design fits well into the hand as well as comfortably into pockets, making it ideal EDC for passionate hobbyists, outdoor wanderers, safety personnel, and first responders alike!

Designer: Joe Caswell

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Seamless, Intuitive Blade Deployment. No need to remove fingers from the tool to allow blade to pass.

User Safety is Enhanced because fingers do not cross a rotational path of a blade while the tool is grasped for use. [While safety is enhanced with this design, it should NOT be construed that conventional designs, made and used properly, are “unsafe.”]

– Convenient, Discrete “Zero-Profile” titanium pocket clip allows secure, deep-pocket carry without sacrificing accessibility. It does not create discomfort while the knife is grasped for use. It is much less likely to snag upon or damage objects encountered in close quarters compared with a conventional protruding pocket clip.


– Elegant Design including just FIVE principle parts, plus fasteners (and pocket clip). It is compact, rugged and optimized for use under demanding conditions.


–  Versatile. The MKV2 may be safely grasped and deployed in different ways to accommodate the present task.


100% MANUAL. MKV2 is NOT an automatic or assisted-opening knife! As such, it is generally legal to possess and carry anywhere a 2.5-inch locking folding knife is allowed. *Always know your local restrictions concerning pocket knives.






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Half dial, full style!


The semi-circular design allows Loyto’s L1 watch to achieve two things. A, a design that’s clean, and B, space at the bottom for branding. The result is a watch that is visually uncluttered. All the elements are just the correct size and are placed with enough of breathing space in between, resulting in a watch face that’s truly balanced.

The award-winning L1 (yes, it’s the recipient of the Red Dot Concept Award and the A’ Design Award) comes with a Swiss Part Ronda 505.24H movement sitting within a sand-blasted 316 stainless steel case (the matte sand-blasted finish goes particularly well with the watch’s minimal design by muting all the reflections and highlights). Two arcs tell you the time. The outer one giving you a sense of the hours with its arced loading-bar style design, and the inner arc telling you the minutes. The watch comes in two dual-tone color variants; a white on black version, and a black on white version, both boasting of a contrasting design that goes well against any skin color and with any attire!

Designer: Loyto Watches

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This Bag has Three-factor Security!

The guys at XD Design have a reputation of building some of the most criminal-confusing bags. Their bags are designed to cater to the user’s style statement and safety equally. These bags are not only beautiful to look at, they’re bafflingly difficult to get into, without the consent of the owner. The original Bobby backpack’s design sought to make the bag impenetrable by pushing the zipper closer to the wearer, making it difficult to access if someone was wearing the bag. The revised version, titled the Bobby Urban, puts the zipper in an even more confounding position, and secures the bag’s contents in a cut-proof fabric.

Committed to their motto of making the world’s most theft-resistant bags, the Bobby Urban comes with a concealed zipper, further made safer by a steel reinforced combination lock. The bag comes with a roll-top design that not only hides the zipper, it also allows you to control the bag’s inner capacity by determining how much you roll the top. Once the zipper is secure, snap shut the combination lock for added protection. Aside from providing a second layer of security, the combination lock can even be used to fasten the bag to an immovable object like a bench or a lamppost as you would with a bicycle. With the zip inaccessible, the lock unbreakable, and the fabric un-rippable, the only conceivable way to break into the bag would be with the aid of heavy machinery.

The Bobby Urban’s roll-top design gives it a whopping 27 liters of capacity when unrolled, making it perfect for everything from your everyday commute to long travels, allowing you to increase or decrease the bag’s size depending on need. A compartmentalized interior allows you to segregate items, while any extra/bulky items can be tethered to the outside using the additional netting provided. Looking at the term theft through a much wider lens, not only is the bag physically impenetrable, it even comes with an RFID secure pocket too, deterring digital theft as well.

With its signature combination of style, storage, and security (not necessarily in that order), the Bobby Urban may just literally be the most theft-proof backpack in the consumer market. Every single day, 400,000 incidents of pickpocketing occur worldwide. This backpack remains committed to making sure you’re never a part of that statistic!

Designer: Sheng Peng Zhao of XD Design

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This citrus juicer floats my boat!


The AHOI showcases an abstract combination of two identities, turning them into one form. On the one hand, it’s a pretty cute looking toy boat. It has the origami-style edgy design too, and comes in a wonderful set of colors, reminiscent of the colorful paper we used to make boats out of as children. While it visually represents a boat, it’s functionally a citrus juicer. The sail of the boat is shaped like a traditional juicer head (although it doesn’t look out of place with the rest of the boat’s design) and works against a cross-section of a citrus fruit, gathering all the juice in the boat’s concavity. The boat’s design not only collects the juice, its pointed sides also let you pour the juice out easily. Makes sense all around, doesn’t it?! The AHOI comes in two sizes. A slightly larger version for oranges, and a smaller one for lemons and limes.

The AHOI by Koziol is just brilliantly playful, and whether you’re a child or adult, you’re going to love using the juicer… in fact, the only way it could be possibly better is if there were a citrusy, Yellow Submarine edition!

Designer: Koziol

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This Seamless Kitchen Knife is a Work of Ergonomics and Art!

Streamlined, ergonomic, and with a silhouette that’s memorable, almost like a brand logo, the Achilles Knife is powerful, but unlike its namesake, shows no point of weakness. Made from a single piece of German stainless steel, the Achilles is blade and handle, all in one. Following a quite unique form factor whether viewed from the side or the top, the Achilles was designed to be an all-purpose chef knife that could be used to chop, slice, and dice any type of food, under any circumstances, and be handled equally effectively whether held with a wet or dry hand.

The German Design Award-winning Achilles knife has an unusual design that looks quite characteristic. Made from a single piece of steel, this unibody knife has a thin, sharp blade that gradually grows thicker near the handle. Look at the top view of the blade and you’ll see the transition that allows the blade to have mass and weight, allowing you to grip it firmly and control the blade with ease. It also sports finger grooves along the bottom for an ergonomic grip, and a hole at the hilt of the blade that reduces the overall weight of the knife, while also giving you much more control by allowing you to slip a finger into it to get a better grip when you’ve got a wet hand. It also gives the Achilles a sort of signature look, that would allow people to identify the blade and the brand by just looking at its silhouette. The blade of the Achilles comes with a nano-coating and liquid nitrogen treatment, for sharpness and durability that’s difficult to rival.

While the Achilles is an all-purpose knife, it also comes as a part of a collection of three. Aside from the Achilles all-purpose, you’ve got a smaller paring knife, rather ideal for cutting and peeling small fruits, etc. You’ve also got a serrated-edged bread knife that cleanly slices through loaves. Along with the set of knives, you’ve also got a wooden stand that lets you put them on display, because aside from being instruments of a rather artistic profession, the knives are works of art themselves too!

Designer: UBUTT Design for Sternsteiger

Click here to Buy Now: $125.00 $305.00 FLASH SALE, only for 24 hours!






The blade of Achilles is formed like a traditional western all-purpose Chef’s knife. It is ideal for all kinds of chopping, slicing, and dicing.


The Achilles handle is uniquely shaped and fits perfectly into your hand to provide the best possible grip even if your hands or the knife itself is wet.


The most noticeable feature of Achilles is the hole in its handle. It is a point that provides balance and grip to the knife. The hole sits at the knives point of balance and allows you to put a finger into it for optimal pressure distribution while cutting.


The full Achilles knife series.



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Turn your smartphone into a real polaroid!

How often do you scroll through your camera roll to relive your moments from the past? Rarely I bet. That’s the problem with digital storage. Stuff gets lost in the binary code… because with unlimited digital storage on the cloud, you now click a thousand pictures, edit just three, and probably post just one online. Then the moment disappears into oblivion, after two days of gathering likes and hearts and retweets.

The Kiipix helps turn those digital captures into tangible memories that you can place on your desk, or hang on your wall. The ingenious bit, however, is that you don’t need a polaroid, or a printer, or even an electronic device. Just your phone. Open the Kiipix up and place your phone, with the image you choose, on top (make sure your phone’s screen brightness is optimally set). Then place a piece of instant-developing polaroid paper in the paper slot of the Kiipix and press the shutter button. The Kiipix cleverly uses the phone’s screen brightness to burn the image you’ve selected on the polaroid paper. Easy, and just unbelievably smart, the Kiipix gives you prints of your photos (with a nice vintage touch) using the camera you use and love the most. Your smartphone camera!

Designer: TOMY International

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Roasting your Coffee is a Beautiful, Tasty Act of Rebellion

Coffee roasting has a pretty interesting history. There was a time when the Arabs had control over pretty much all the coffee cultivation in the world (Arabica beans come from Ethiopia, where they were originally cultivated) and in order to maintain their monopoly, the Arabs would export coffee beans worldwide but would roast them beforehand. These roasted beans would be packed with flavor, and would create the coffee craze we’re familiar with around the world, but it would also mean heavy dependence on Arabia because you couldn’t grow the roasted beans. This was until a few lucky people managed to smuggle raw beans out of Arabia and to places around the world (like Baba Budan who would carry beans to India in the 14th century where he would set up a massive plantation in and around the Malabar region). The practice, however, of roasting beans before shipping them stuck around (in order to preserve them better and increase their shelf life), creating a sort of brand dependency in the modern world.

Coffee connoisseurs believe that the beans are best consumed immediately after they’re roasted, and while they do last longer after roasting (resulting in a higher shelf life), their flavor gradually deteriorates. Kelvin hopes to change the status quo, by letting you roast your beans just minutes before you consume them… giving you not just the freshness you deserve, but also the freedom to choose how strong you want your roast to be. Roasting your own coffee also helps you directly support the coffee-growers by buying the raw beans from them, and giving them their share of the profit.

The tabletop roaster uses air to evenly cook your raw coffee beans to a beautiful toasty brown consistency. Occupying a palm’s width of space, the Kelvin (named rather appropriately after the unit of temperature) allows you to be in control of your roast, choosing your roast time. A simple knob is the only UI on the device. Twist it to set the roast time and the Kelvin takes care of everything else. It heats the beans right up to the correct temperature, giving you a well-balanced roast, filters out any of the chaff/husk that comes off during the roasting process, and even cools the beans down post-roasting, making them ready for the grinder.

Partnering with various farmers, Kelvin also delivers the green beans straight to your doorstep. Designed to be an ecosystem rather than a simple product, Kelvin gives you the freedom of choice, letting you choose beans from different regions and having them delivered to your home. The freedom to roast the beans to a desired level is the second step in enforcing customer choice, so you don’t need to rely on store-bought beans anymore. In doing so, Kelvin claims that you won’t just have better tasting coffee at your fingertips, you’ll end up saving money too, by not pandering to big-brand-markups and their packaging/logistical charges, while contributing directly to the livelihood of the coffee growers, who often live at the mercy of these big brands.

The Kelvin Coffee Roaster is a winner of the iF Design Award, the IDEA (International Design Excellence Award), and the American Good Design Award, for its innovative and compact roasting process, clean design and interface, as well as its holistic system design.

Designer: IA Collaborative

Click here to Buy Now: $229.00 $329.00


Kelvin lets you custom roast fresh beans, explore new flavors, save money, and reduce waste. Kelvin helps to unlock the advantages of home coffee roasting for even the most novice coffee drinker.


Try new types of beans, styles, and intensities of roasts. And blend them.

Kelvin is the first home coffee roasting system that also provides a curated selection of green coffee beans delivered straight to you. By putting the entire process into your hands, you have the control and range to experiment with multiple bean origins, roasting times, blends, and flavors to experience a new side of coffee from first crack to French roast.


Save money. Unroasted beans are often half the price of craft roasted beans. Unroasted beans also stay fresh for months, while roasted coffee can lose its flavor in days. No more trashing stale beans. No more wasting money.

With Kelvin, fresh green beans are brought directly to you, without the costs of professional roasting and handling. This leads to significant savings that helps Kelvin pay for itself in less than a year.


Kelvin is for everybody; designed for the first-time explorer to the seasoned do-it-yourself coffee aficionado. It’s now easy for everyone to experiment and discover the amazing complexity of craft coffee with set-and-go, perfectly roasted beans at any time of the day.


Roast with confidence —We’ve engineered Kelvin to roast and bring out the best quality from any raw coffee beans, using a vortex-drive bottom-up air roasting technique that will lead to a more even roast — so your cup is delicious no matter how you brew.

Roast for a pot, or just a cup —The ideal batch size for Kelvin is 100-120g of green coffee beans— enough to brew about 4-6 cups of coffee— so you can roast just enough for your morning pour over or for a whole pot. This flexibility enables you to make fresh coffee for any occasion, and all in under 10 minutes.


Unlimited outcomes — Set the roasting time by simply turning the control knob, push to start, and Kelvin does the rest. You can also add or remove time mid-roast, to make it easier to personalize your flavor. Combine different beans from around the world with varying roasting times, and the flavor possibilities are endless.

Roasting to different levels allows for coffee beans to express different qualities, based on how lightly or darkly they’re roasted. It’s easy to uncover each variety’s range of flavors by experimenting with small batches.

Simple cleanup —Collecting chaff is no hassle with Kelvin’s built in filter. It easily slips into the roasting chamber, capturing chaff efficiently and in one place. Bonus—you can even compost chaff for an eco-friendly cleanup.






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Most Buzzed Designs of March 2018


Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in March 2018.


Created by a worldwide team of nearly 2000 designers, developers, and engineers, the polygonal Karlmann King SUV is based on the Ford F-550 chassis and packs a 6.8-Liter V10 gasoline engine.


Designed to spin at a break-neck 3600 RPM, plated with real gold, and with not one, but two halos, the Halospheres isn’t some lowly fidget toy.


Skateboards are cool. Electric cars are cool. Smash them together and you have the Mellow Drive!


The Keego is a squeeze bottle… but it isn’t made out of HDPE or PET, it’s made of titanium.


The cable, which is inspired by the tassels often found on women’s bags, means that the user needn’t worry about ever losing the cable on this powerbank.


This compact pressure cooker leaves little room for a large user interface, so it’s equipped with a holographic UI that displays on any countertop.


Elago’s leather Airpods case has a divine design. It wraps the case in high-quality natural cow-hide leather, available in both brown and black.


Mobile phones, and this is irrefutable, have always been about screens. Adding the camera to the mobile phone just catalyzed the screen race… and well, honestly, the race is close to its end… and with it, the golden age of smartphones.


This wireless charging design utilizes rare-earth magnets to cling on to your device so it can be removed quickly and easily as needed.


Why do phones and calculators have different numpads?


This case has an integrated UV light and heating system that sanitizes, disinfects and dries the utensils, ensuring they’re prepped for use the next time you need them!


Designed to be the thinnest and lightest wallet we’ve ever seen, the Micro Wallet is just 2.3mm thick, is durable, waterproof, eco-friendly, comes with space for 8 cards and cash, and even integrates RFID protection.


Designer Gao Yang decided to pay homage to Braun’s legacy in the form of type!


This plug-and-play system requires no major installation and can be connected in a jiffy to power all the onboard creature comforts of home like electronics, cooking appliances and climate control you need to stay comfy.


This design sports over 20 unique functionalities built into one compact unit you can take with you just about anywhere. You can literally throw out an entire toolbox in exchange for one tiny, titanium key!


Samsung’s latest series of QLED TVs come with what’s known as an ambient mode, that through the power of image capturing and incredible algorithms, turns the TV invisible, barring the beautiful thin bezel that you barely notice!


Is it a bike? A trike? A scooter? The TF1 is actually all three!


The Ovini Balance Stool relies on a hemispherical cushion and a series of ball bearings to give you a seat that allows you to shift and adjust your sitting angle to keep your spine active and engaged.


Designed to rest against a wall, this turntable comes with a mesh door that holds the vinyl in place, and the needle is built right into the door itself.


A Bluetooth keyboard can enhance your work but lugging two separate devices around isn’t ideal either. Designed with this in mind, the Cover Bluetooth Keyboard doubles as a place to safely store your tablet.


Thinking of studying industrial design? This post is a must read.


This pen’s non-cylindrical design provides a good amount of positives as a result. Fingers don’t cramp from holding something flat that doesn’t press into your skin, the pen doesn’t roll off flat surfaces, storing the pen with something as flat as a notebook seems much more comfortable.


The Whale fan, named after its ridges that resemble those on a whale’s belly, it’s ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in the hand while safely concealing its fan blade safely.


Now you can channel your inner Thor superhero every morning with the Hammer alarm clock! Grab the hammer and slam it down on the rubberized base to shut off the alarm.


This fan literally blows and sucks! As more urban-based companies lean toward work-from-home policies, so does the need to have better indoor air quality at home.


The Cone mouse is a whole lot more aesthetically appealing if not entirely more ergonomic than the traditional mouse.


Check out YD’s top 25 designs of February 2018.


Check out YD’s top 25 designs of January 2018.

Does your Wallet do Magic Tricks?

I remember owning a pencil-box in my childhood that did this magic trick. It had no hinge, but these three straps that ran from the base to the lid. Flip the lid open, and then over, and the lid would do a complete swivel and come back to the front, and doing so would change the color of the box. It’s a little complicated to describe in text, but visually, it was remarkable, and everyone I knew loved playing with it.

Garzini Cavare’s magic wallet does something quite similar. It doesn’t change colors, but it uses that strap layout to secure your cash within the wallet. Place your cash on top of the strap and close the wallet, opening it from the other end and voila! Your cash is now sitting securely under the leather strap! Do it a second time to secure more banknotes under the other two straps! Cavare’s Magic Wallet brings a certain joy to a methodical experience. While we’re so used to just stuffing notes and sometimes bills and receipts into our wallets without really paying attention to them, the Magic Wallet makes the experience something you’d actively participate in. You’ll segregate your notes and bills before putting them in, and each time you swivel the wallet over, it’s an experience that you’ll never want to miss.

The magic wallet comes with two magic banknote slots and two card slots. The magic slots can store a bunch of folded banknotes, while the card slots can fit up to 5 cards each. Card slots are also built with an elastic pull-tab to make them easy to access, while also enhancing the wallet’s interactive element. Granted the Garzini Cavare Magic Wallet isn’t as slim as some of the other wallets we’ve featured, but it stands at a decent 0.4 inches in thickness when empty, and not more than 0.7 inches when full (although we highly doubt you’d carry 10 cards AND banknotes together). The wallet comes in a wide range of colors across four leather types (Vintage, Nappa, Brushed and Croco). The leather adds a layer of magnificence over the magical construction of the wallet. Built also with RFID protection, the wallet isn’t just innovative, it’s secure too.

Designed to be as different from other wallets as possible (you’re not going to see anyone else with this sort of wallet, and that’s pretty much a guarantee), the Garzini Cavare was built on a moderately baffling, but extremely engaging user experience. Made to be interactive and fun, using the wallet is almost always a pleasure, and showing it off… even more of one! Not just a great wallet, but also an incredible conversation starter, the Garzini Cavare, like most wallets, is designed to make a statement… The only difference is that it does so with the theatrics of an illusionist.

Designer: Christophe De Smet of Garzini

Click here to Buy Now: $37.00









Available in four leathers.

Vintage leather is a top grain buffalo calf leather with a unique mat finish. Plenty of colors to choose from for urban adventurers with style.

Nappa leather is a natural milled full grain cow leather with glossy finish. Carefully selected colors to match your business wardrobe with ease.

Brushed leather is a full grain cow leather with a distressed look. Available in black and brown, this leather appeals to the rugged man!

Croco leather is a full grain cow leather, enhanced by a stamp imitating crocodile skin. Very elegant and sophisticated, this is for the dandy guy.

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