Share Your Underwater Adventures!


Introducing, Octospot! It’s a compact camera (and much more!) for scuba divers everywhere. The t-rail click mounted system installs in seconds to transform your ordinary dive into one you can remember and track. In addition to images and video, the design features dive log data recording for post-dive review and it’s waterproof up to 200 meters. As for the camera itself, it captures 4k video, 15 second snap recordings, and 12 megapixel stills and uses a pressure controlled auto white balance that adjusts as you move further or closer to the water surface. After a dive, simply link it up with your computer for shareable content and an easy review of your experience!

Designer: Octospot




Share the Noise in Your Life

Tchotchkes, photos & other tangible objects are all effective when it comes to reflecting on our memories, but what if you could hear your memories rather than see them? The Backtrack concept explores this alternative sensory approach to preserving memories. Equipped with GPS, the device detects the user’s location & records audio when specified. Users then define the precise emotion they were feeling at the moment. The device saves each recording with an “emotional tag” that can then be shared on social media to let others in on the sound of your experience!

Designer: Maria Romero Pérez

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Sparkup Book Reader Adds Your Voice to Children’s Books: Once Upon a Time, All of the Time

Reading books with kids can be a fun bonding activity, but you can’t always be there to engage with the little ones. With Sparkup, even if you can’t be with your kids, they’ll still be able to read along with you. The “magical book reader” lets you record your voice as you read a book, so in the future your kids can hear your voice as they read the book.

sparkup magical book reader 620x425magnify

Sparkup works with books that have large pictures and are more than 7″ wide. Its camera helps it detect which page is being read so that it can play the appropriate recording. It has 256MB of storage, enough for 250 minutes of audio or about 50 books. You can store multiple recordings for different books, but as of this writing each book must only have one recording associated with it. Sparkup says it will release a software update so that you can load multiple recordings for the same book and let the reader choose which recording to hear.

Because the device doesn’t actually care what you record, you can use it to add sound effects or leave messages instead of reading the text. Here’s a brief demo and instructional guide for Sparkup:

You can order Sparkup from its online store for $60 (USD) each. The store also sells books that already have audio recordings.

[via Re/code]

Womb Sounds Recorder

womb recorder Womb Sounds Recorder
Pregnancy is an exciting time for mothers-to-be. There’s a natural curiosity about what’s going on with that baby inside your belly. The occasional ultrasound gives you a brief visual peek but what kind of noises is the unborn baby making? Find out and save them with the Mama’s Womb Sound Memory Recorder. This device creates a “sound diary” that no only includes the sounds from inside the womb but also the sounds from outside the womb.
womb recorder in action Womb Sounds Recorder
Yes, it’s from Japan. It also has six types of womb melodies that it can play (whatever that is). The theory is that you can calm an upset newborn baby by playing back the calming protective sounds they heard just a short time ago when they were in the womb. How effective that actually will be is anyone’s guess. And just what does it sound like inside the womb? I’m guessing like whales under the ocean. It also has slots to insert photos of the baby or your favorite basketball player or whatever.

Womb Sounds Recorder
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