Amazon’s Geek Squad-like service installs your smart home gear

Geek Squad is supposed to be one of Best Buy's few clear advantages over internet retailers: you can ask for help from a real human being if you're not sure how to set up your devices. Even that edge is disappearing, however. Recode has learned that...

Apple now insures your Mac in case of spills and drops

AppleCare is Apple's extended warranty program for almost all of its products, while AppleCare+ covered iOS devices specifically. That little plus sign is important, too, since it protects your beloved iPhone and iPad against accidental damage. So it...

Duck Tape Turns up at WonderCon with Cosplay Repair Booth

We like cosplay around here, despite the fact that I am not much for dressing up (I even shun pants). People who like to go to conferences like ComicCon or WonderCon are a bit more enthusiastic about getting dressed up than I am. The catch homemade costumes is that they aren’t always the most durable clothing items.

Enter the folks from the Duck Brand Tape. They teamed up with the Syfy’s Cosplay Melee to provide tape repair services up at this year’s WonderCon, offering to enhance or fix costumes at no cost.

They brought a wide variety of colors and finishes to take on any cosplay emergency at hand. These guys should consider doing this at every convention where there are cosplayers on hand.

[via Fashionably Geek]

You’ll Never Have to Go to the Phone Repair Shop Again with This Nifty Toolkit

Broke your phone or another gadget? Save on the handyman costs and fix them yourself with the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit, which we have on sale in our shop.

This versatile toolkit has all the bits and precision tools you’ll need to handle common cellphone repairs, like screen breaks and battery swaps. But that’s only the beginning. You’ll also be able to fix door knobs, broken eyeglasses, and much more!

The toolkit comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll never need to worry about replacement costs either. Try it out today for only $19.95 (USD) in the Technabob Shop.