Indian City to Get Robotic Traffic Cop

This robot here looks like some kind of mask-wearing bandit, but he’s actually one of the good guys. If you can consider robots good guys that is. Apparently, this robot will soon be turned loose on the streets to help manage the chaotic traffic in the Indian city of Chennai.

Chennai is going to be the first in the country to get a robotic traffic officer. Will it be the last? We will see.He’s going to relieve other officers who are already managing the insane amounts of pollution-spewing traffic on the narrow roads in the area. Is it a good idea to let a robot direct traffic? We are about to find out. I just hope that it doesn’t take the opportunity to make humans crash into each other for sport. Things could get very messy.

The robot will regulate traffic on the roads, help school children cross and more. It’ll probably snap pics of people doing bad things too. The Chennai Commissioner of Police A K Viswanathan introduced the robot at the exhibition on road safety recently where the robot explained road safety rules in a way that children could understand.

Aw. Look at him with his little stop sign. What could possibly go wrong? Let’s find out.

[via News Today]

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Googly-eyed Robots Are Coming to Grocery Stores

Pay no attention to the robots that want to wipe out humanity and enslave any survivors. Instead be distracted by this silly looking googly-eyed robot. Isn’t he adorable? Giant Food Stores, a supermarket chain popular in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, will soon getting some silly looking robots in their stores. Within six months time, each of the 172 supermarkets will be working with these robots who are each called “Marty.”

Giant’s parent company, Ahold Delhaize USA, based in the Netherlands, also owns Martin’s and Stop & Shop locations, hence the name. These stores will also be getting robots, so Marty is going to show up in 500 locations all told. My question is this: How long until someone paints one of these so that it looks like that hot dog from Sausage Party? Because that’s what it kinda looks like already.

Each Marty will alert humans to problems spills or other trip hazards with voice warnings. What else can it do? I have no idea, but I’m sure that small kids will grab onto it and go for rides until it eventually tips over, crushing someone while its googly eyes go crazy. They’ll have no choice but to take it out back and put it down at that point. Sad really.

[via The Washington Post via Popular Mechanics]