Autonomous delivery drone network set to take flight in Switzerland

Matternet has long used Switzerland as a testing ground for its delivery drone technology, and now it's ramping things up a notch. The company has revealed plans to launch the first permanent autonomous drone delivery network in Switzerland, where i...

What Is My Purpose? You Light Things, Pozebot.

Do you need to light up something you’re working on and need both hands free? Well sure, you could get a lantern, or maybe one of those lights you wear on your head, but I’d much rather have a robot hold the light for me. Thank goodness for Pozebot!

This little guy’s sole purpose in robotic life is to aim the light for you. He’s got a pair of bright LED eyeballs, and a flexible body which lets you position the lights however you need them. The only thing better would be if he could actually walk on his own and bring the light to you.

Best of all, Pozebot is one of the cheapest robots you can buy. He’s just $7.59(USD) over on Amazon. So why not buy a bunch of Pozebots, and use them to light up all the corners of your room?