Consumer Reports: Tesla’s automatic lane changes pose safety concerns

We found that Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot has its quirks, but Consumer Reports is... slightly more concerned. The publication has claimed that the latest version of the semi-autonomous driving feature poses "serious safety concerns," making automa...

A sixth of ridesharing cars have unfixed safety recalls

It's not just ridesharing drivers that merit some safety concerns -- the car might be a risk as well. Consumer Reports has conducted a study indicating that 16.2 percent of the nearly 94,000 ride hailing cars it identified in New York City and King...

Chevy’s safety feature won’t let teens drive without seat belts

Because a chiming dashboard alert isn't enough to get teens to buckle up, Chevrolet introduced a new feature that prohibits drivers from shifting out of park until their seat belt is fastened. The "Buckle to Drive" system includes visible and audible...

Xbox chief outlines plans to curb toxic behavior

Xbox head Phil Spencer has laid out some measures to combat some of the more negative aspects that pervade gaming communities such as toxicity and abuse. He wrote in a blog post that "gaming is for everyone" and people everywhere, from all background...

Amazon is building dedicated warehouses for hazardous goods

Amazon is building dedicated warehouses to store hazardous goods, with the first one it constructed from scratch set to open this summer. It follows an incident at the tail end of last year, in which an exploding can of bear repellent led to 24 worke...

The Madillo helmet’s design allows it to work as an indicator and distress beacon

Disruptive in both form and function, the Madillo helmet is quite unlike any helmet you may have seen. For starters, it ditches the regular hard-hat shell you’d expect from a helmet, for something Lukas calls an auxetic material, or a material capable of stretching in a given direction. This material and unusual pattern gives the Madillo the ability to comfortably take the shape of your head, embracing its shape. Connecting cords hold the helmet together and can be stretched through the earpiece (image above), to adjust the Madillo helmet’s shape.

Its hollow, grille-like design also allows light to pass through its crevasses, giving the Madillo the ability to work as an indicator. A thin lighting module sits under the outer material, shining to indicate when you’re turning left or right. Visible to the people beside and behind you, this feature helps fellow drivers know where you’re headed… but that’s not all. The Madillo comes with a life-saving beacon too that lights the helmet up to attract the attention of passers-by. Additionally, it even sends an SOS signal out to the nearest hospital and summons for an ambulance, while transmitting your location to make sure you’re escorted to safety.

The Madillo Helmet is a winner of the iF Design Talent Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Lukas Franz (University of Applied Sciences)

Volvo’s new app tells you what to do after a car accident

Being in a car accident is stressful -- even the smallest bump can send your nerves sky high, and in times of extreme tension it's easy to forget the usual protocols. But Volvo is here to make the whole unfortunate experience a little easier to manag...

The U Safe Is a Remote-controlled Life Preserver

Typically, when you use a life preserver, you just throw it to the man overboard and hope for the best. If you suck at throwing, the person being rescued has to swim further to get to the life preserver, and that can put them in danger for longer. If only we could guide the life preserver toward them. Well, now we can.

Meet U Safe. This remote-controlled life preserver from Noras Performance will make it easy to get the life preserver to its subject. You just toss it in the water, and guide it to a person in need using a remote control. It’s light and easy to maneuver. Once they grab on you can guide them back to safety. Its electric motors can guide it up to 3 miles on a charge, at speeds up to 15 knots.

This is something that will save lives for sure, assuming that people aren’t using them for life preserver races while someone is busy drowning, anyway. It’s for safety people. It’s not a toy.

How about that super dramatic music used in the promo video? It really gets me pumped up to save lives with this thing. I may just throw someone overboard just so I can experience the thrill of it.

[via Geekologie]

Senators urge FAA to complete remote drone identification rules

There's no question that drone sightings can be disruptive. In December, a drone spotted at Gatwick Airport in London led to the grounding and diversion of hundreds of flights, and similar disruptions have happened at Dubai International Airport and...