A modular dog leash that is actually pet-friendly

Unless you are a dog owner, you really don’t care about advancements in dog leash-design, and understandably so. For most of us, it’s just a lead that you hook your pet on, and take them out for a walk. In reality, dogs find leads very uncomfortable and folks like me melt when we have to maneuver them on the streets – it just feels very restraining. The Nestle Purina Lead is a modular lead that hopes to make the leash a lot more comfortable both the pet and the pet owner.

Crafted from stainless steel, the lead features a quick-release system, that allows you to open up the loop in a jiffy. Anchor it around a pole and then open the T connection or slide it along the rope, to increase or decrease the size of the loop.

This premium looking lead also comes with a running grip crafted from silicone molding, so that you can use it with ease when you run with your pet.

Designer: Sam Weise for Purina


A single-push dog harness that’s easy for you and comfortable for your buddy!

Whilst harnesses provide a comfortable, secure and most importantly, a reliable attachment point for the lead, they can be a struggle for the owner to apply, as well as possibly painful for the dog. This is where the Purina Dog Harness really shines! Using a quick-release system that is reminiscent of harnesses that are used in racing cars, the owner is only required to press a single button to release the harness from the dog, resulting in a quick and fight-free removal process that both the owner and their four-legged friends will appreciate.

In addition to this ease-of-application, what makes it so desirable is its focus on in-car safety. The car tether, which is a piece of nylon webbing that is positioned on the seatbelt, provides a reliable and safe point for the owner to secure their dog, from!

Designer: Sam Weise

Tats for Rats!


I’ve never really considered how lab rats are organized. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it! SensaLab makes it simple! This truly innovative animal identification system enables fast and accurate data collection and management for research laboratories.

Designed with lab rodents in mind, the Ai.Ink module uses sensors to automatically apply a tattoo at the precise depth of each rodent’s tail, ensuring the permanent, clear and consistent visual identification of each animal. Modular, colour-coded inserts allow Ai.Ink to be quickly adapted to mice, pup or rat. Up to five Ai.Ink modules can be linked to allow concurrent application of IDs, making this the fastet visual ID system in the world.

Furthermore, the AI.Inject uses uses patented injection technology to safely implant the world’s smallest RFID tag into the tail of the rodent. The device consists of a reusable handle and single-use cartridge, with the needle retracting into the housing after use to avoid the need for sharp object disposal.

Designer: Sam Weise