This Cutter Turns Sandwiches into Tetris Pieces

Your mom always told you to stop playing with your food, but I’m here to encourage the exact opposite. You only live once, so why not have fun whenever the mood strikes? For instance, the next time you make a sandwich, go ahead and play some Tetris at the same time. You have my permission.

The guys at Fred have got you all set with their Bites and Pieces sandwich cutter. Simply set this plastic cutter atop your PB&J or any other regular sandwich, push down, et voilà… edible Tetris blocks! Of course, once you start eating these, I’m not sure how to stack them in your stomach. Let them pile up too much, and it’ll be Game Over for sure. But arrange them just right in your gut, and you’ll digest them, one line at at a time.

Like the idea? Then hum a little Russian tune, and select “A-TYPE” over on the Fred website, where you can grab the Bites and Pieces sandwich cutter for just $10.

Cheesy Grin Bread Cutter Makes Happy Little Sandwiches

Kids like food shaped like stuff. I’m rather famous around my house for making pancakes that are shaped like butts. Everyone likes to eat food shaped like something. Enter the Cheesy Grin Bread Cutter.

It’s sort of like a cookie cutter, only it’s meant to cut your bread. It punches two eyes and a mount into your sammich, and adds in dents for the dimples and eye brows. The cutter is made from BPA-free plastic if you’re worried about those sort of things.

You can pick it up at Amazon for a mere $8 with free shipping if you are on Prime when you get it as an add-on.

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Star Wars Sandwich Shapers: Sandwich Wars

Why serve your sandwich on ordinary bread, when it can look like Darth Vader instead? Hey, I made an unintentional rhyme. Thanks to the guys at Japanese geek toy company Kotobukiya, we now have some fun Star Wars sandwich shapers!

Simply stick your ordinary bread and fillings between the plates of these sandwich molds, press them together, and you’ll get a delicious Star Wars sandwich in a pouch. It’s like a DIY Hot Pocket – but not hot. I’m guessing it’s best for stuff like peanut butter and jelly sammies for the little ones. Or maybe stuff ’em some with nutella, and then hand ’em over to me.

Amazon has R2-D2Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Millennium Falcon, and BB-8 versions, though for some mysterious reason the prices vary wildly from about $9 to $19(USD).

The Sandwich Knife Slices Perfect Sammies

You can cut your fresh bread with any knife, but only one knife cuts it into handy pockets that make your bread sandwich ready. The Sandwich Knife gives you a single piece that consists of two slices connected at the bottom.

sandwich_knife_1zoom in

It is accomplished with a simple, but ingenious design. The vertically offset blades only cut through the bottom of a loaf of bread on one side and that creates a handy pocket that you can stuff with anything you like so stuff doesn’t fall out of your sammie.

This is a sandwich lover’s dream come true. I imagine this would be a real time saver for certain eateries who serve sandwiches on fresh bread as well.

You can pre-order the knife through their Kickstarter campaign for $49 – though early birds can still get one for $38.

[via Laughing Squid and The Awesomer]

Smart Box Keeps Grilled Cheese Crunchy and Melty for 30 Minutes

I like sandwiches with crunchy and toasty bread. Take a nice grilled cheese for instance, it’s great when the bread is crispy and the cheese is hot, but wait a few minutes and you end up with a soggy coagulated mess of bread and cheese. This is a big concern for a California restaurant chain called The Melt, who specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches.

smart boxmagnify

You can imagine how challenging it is to deliver grilled cheese sandwiches that don’t suck. To solve this issue, The Melt decided to invent its own delivery system to keep the sandwiches warm and crunchy. The solution is called the Smart Box. It was invented by The Melt founder, and former Flip camera founder, Jonathan Kaplan.

crispy grilled cheese the melt 620x465magnify

He created a box for the sandwiches with holes for airflow and an outer box that has microprocessor controlled heating elements and fans. That tech ensures the proper moisture in the air and heat for delivering a perfect sandwich within a range of 30 minutes from the grill. Now if only they’d deliver outside of California.

[via C|NET]

‘Bites and Pieces’ Turns Sandwiches Into a Game of Edible Tetris

Tetris Bites

It’s difficult to get kids to eat their food sometimes. Parents have to constantly innovate and find ways to make mealtimes interesting. Bento boxes and rice balls are some good examples. But what can they do when it comes to boring-looking sandwiches?

Turn them into a game, that’s what! The whole process is made quick, easy, and painless thanks to the Bites & Pieces Sandwich Crust Cutter. Just prepare the sandwich, press the mold over it, and you have a bunch of Tetris pieces ready to go for both playing and eating. The box-shaped pieces are notably missing, but those are pretty easy to cut out from scratch anyways.

Tetris Bites1

The Bites & Pieces Sandwich Crust Cutter is available online for $13.99.

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Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker Cooks up a Full Breakfast in Five Minutes

How many times have you skipped breakfast because you woke up later than you should have? If it’s a figure above zero, then I’d say that’s too many. You could start going to sleep earlier so you can wake up earlier, or you could just get the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker instead.

It’s the ultimate small appliance that’ll let you cook up an entire breakfast sandwich in just five minutes.

Hamilton Breach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

It has various levels where you’re supposed to pop in your fresh ingredients. The top plate toasts your bread of choice, be it a bagel, biscuit, or muffin. The slide-out egg plate comes next, followed by the bottom plate where you can toss in some pre-cooked meat. Leave the sandwich maker for five minutes so it can get cooking, and voila – breakfast is served!

Clean up is a breeze, too, because you can just wipe the non-stick surfaces clean and stick the removable parts into your dishwasher.

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is available now for just $29.99(USD).

[via Gadget Review]

Space Invaders Sandwich Bags Protect Lunches By Firing Projectiles at Thieves

These Space Invaders reusable sandwich bags are not only awesomely geeky, they are also environmentally friendly. It’s a great way to indoctrinate your kids into classic arcade stuff – and PB and J sandwiches just taste better in a classic arcade packaging anyway.
space invaders sandwich bag
While most of the aliens represented aren’t the original Invaders, at least one of them is, and the rest get the point across just fine. These bags have a washable, BPA free and food grade compliant lining on the inside which makes the bag more durable, while the white hook and loop velcro-like seal keeps your food fresh and safe.

The Space Invaders bags come from Etsy shop Random Sacks of Kindness who has a bunch of cool handmade sandwich bags in their shop as well. Much to my dissapointment, it looks like this one was sold, but you can bet they will list more and then you can wrap your sandwich up in a cool 8-bit design soon enough.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

Ice Cream Sandwich takes a bite out of Gingerbread, represents 15.9 percent of Android devices

Ice Cream Sandwich takes a bite out of Gingerbread, represents 159 percent of Android devices

Two major updates later (three if you count the tablet-exclusive Honeycomb), and Gingerbread is finally starting to falter. According to Google's latest two week survey of devices accessing the Play store, Ice Cream Sandwich is on the rise, filling out 15.9-percent of the Android user base. That's a full five points ahead of Android 4.0's July score, and it's eating into the OS' other flavors: Gingerbread (Android 2.3) dropped by 3.4-percent, Froyo (Android 2.2) by 1.8 and Eclair (Android 2.1) by a meager half a percent. Google's latest confectionery update, Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), made an appearance as well, eking out a shy 0.8-percent of the market. Check out Google's collection of charts for yourself at the source link below or let us know where your devices falls in the comments.

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Tokyo bakery’s visual recognition checkout sorts the sandwiches from the croissants (video)

Tokyo bakery's visual recognition checkout sorts the sandwiches from the croissants (video)

We've seen food recognition tools in the past, but none as slick as this one being trialed at a Tokyo bakery. Co-developed by Brain Corporation and the University of Hyogo, the camera-equipped, automatic checkout is not only quick, but also accurate -- it's even able to distinguish different types of sandwich. And, if it can't tell exactly what's on the tray, it'll give you a list of suggestions and then use your selection to inform later scans. Currently, the system is said to be particularly useful for part-time staff that aren't completely familiar with the bakery's offerings, but it also has potential in all kinds of retail situations, much to the disappointment of the trusty barcode. Combine this system with Bakebot, however, and staff won't be needed at all. If you're hungry to see the checkout in action, head past the break for a visual snack.

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