Cane Meets Scandinavian


Mid-Century-ish in form and traditional in pattern, Mauricio Ercoli’s wicker/rattan chair concept combines both styles for a seating solution that looks right at home just about anywhere. It’s woven back makes for an elegant and complex detail in contrast with its simplistic, bent wood body and frame. The material combination comes together by utilizing natural elements like bamboo, straw, wood and leather. In a selection of fine finishes and color combinations, there’s bound to be one stylish wicker option to suit your personal style!

Designer: Mauricio Ercoli




silla con rattan y cuero vector

VW will debut cars with autonomous parking in 2020

Automakers are fond of experimenting with self-parking cars, but VW intends to make it a practical reality. It's promising that vehicles in the company group (which includes brands like Audi, Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini) will start including au...

A Lifetime of Design

As people become more aware of the environmental impact their design decisions have, so does the need for lifespan-focused furniture. The Wonder Chair by Lee Wen De is a perfect example of a design that takes into account the changing needs of the user to extend its usability. All you have to do is flip it!

By setting the orientation in one direction, it can be used as a kid’s chair for eating or a child’s desk for drawing or writing. Flip it over, however, and it becomes a full-size chair for any adolescent or adult. With a simple turn, it can actually grow up with you!

Designer: Lee Wen De

A Stool with a Headdress


The Turk Head Stool marries a minimal material combination with seemingly complex construction. It takes inspiration from the decorative Turk’s head knot in which a variable number of interwoven strands form a closed loop. While its resemblance is just as artistic, the knot makes for a functional, tight seat with a tad of cushion for comfort! It’s paired with a simplistic, raw wood base consisting of 3 legs for support. This peculiar piece is sure to be a conversation starter in any room.

Designer: Mauricio Ercoli




VW’s Seat unveils the first fully electric touring-class race car

You've seen electric Formula cars, Le Mans racers and even a Pikes Peak machine, but there's still room for more firsts in EV racing. VW's Seat brand has unveiled the Cupra e-Racer, which it says is the first completely electric touring-class race ca...

This Chair’s No Ugly Duckling


Every so often you stumble across a furniture design just a tad too late and kick yourself for not coming across it sooner. I just purchased a new desk chair, so that’s exactly what I’m experiencing right now as I’m admiring the Swan chair. Grrrr.

It takes elegant inspiration from the creature of the same name. Though contemporary in construction, its atomic legs give it a familiar mid-century feel. It’s not so far out that it won’t fit in with the rest of an eclectic collection of furniture pieces.

Unlike other designs with a full back, it offers support only for the essential lumbar and dorsi muscles. While its sectional construction makes its material and color combinations limitless, the grey felt, clear acrylic and raw wood is our favorite by far. Don’t miss out like me – contact MIIO Studio to see how you can get your hands on one!

Designer: Baptiste Maingon





Sunny-Side-Up Seating


Just like the name suggests, the Yolk chair takes inspiration from the everyone’s favorite part of the egg! Just like the egg yolk, it can wiggle, move side-to-side and swivel 360 degrees. Crafted from super-cushy foam, it’s an eggonomic ergonomic and comfy place to both chill out or perform work. With its playful shape and familiar, signature yellow color, this silly seating is sure to put a smile on your face!

Designer: Ji Eun Kang







Good Bones


The Patricius 1 chair by Sergey Senchin is a tribute to the golden age of the Roman Empire in which individuals paid great attention to the quality of objects, especially those within their home. It also repeats the archetypical form of furniture as it was in ancient Rome. The metal rod forms the body of the chair and creates a balanced, sculptural quality that can be appreciated from any angle. The seat is made of oak veneered plywood. Together, it intentionally looks like the bones of a chair… what lies beneath, if you will… but it’s expertly executed to stand on its own.

Designer: Sergey Senchin for ODESD2