Ingenious Furniture Designs that transform to match every apartment’s need!

Modern-day apartments come with their space restraints, and to meet their new-age demands, we have these transforming furniture designs! A cocoon-based armchair that lets you fall back and separate from the noise to a student-friendly seating solution that unfolds into a futon when its time to sleep, these are some of the solutions we have in our collection. Whatever your space demands, there is a furniture design in your list that will meet your needs. So discover, get inspired and innovate some highly-functional and transforming furniture designs.

The Hush by Freyja Sewell

“HUSH provides a quiet space in the midst of a busy hotel, airport, office or library in an age of exponential population growth, where privacy and peaceful respite is an increasingly precious commodity,” explains Sewell. 

The SHO transforms from sofa to sofabed in seconds by taking control of the cushion by Pan Biwei 

The Ozzio Italia FIL8 table for 4 extends into a table for plenty by Giulio Manzoni 

Aalo 2.0 by Sejun Park

The Aalo’s system was clever, and using just a handful of parts, you could quite literally build whatever you want. The same parts could make one table or could be pulled apart and re-joined to make two benches or even a shoe-rack.

The BACK TO BED sofa is multifunctional and modular enough to be an elegant lounger or a snuggly bed for the kids by Chang Kuei Fang

The SWING 2.0 by German Smart Living 

Chart, an innovative product which is neither a wall, shelving unit or room divider, but rather a multifunctional backdrop for varied and situational use designed by Ana Relvao & Gerhardt Kellermann

The Insect Table with a dual height functionality by Godar Furniture 

Exocet Chair by Stéphane Leathead at Designarium

The Hybrid Ladder by Bcompact

Stool Designs that perfectly balance your sitting needs

Standing desks may be the rage right now, but we do spend most of our days sitting down. Staring with their initial 3-4 legged designs, the humble stool has come a long way with the designers experimenting on them. Our curation showcases all those experiments that did well, and they are so innovative! Running out of space – we have stools that pack flat and assemble without tools. Assembling is a concern – we have stools that assemble with a latch, a single screw as well as self-balancing stools for those of us worried about our health. You name it, this collection of designs has it all to keep your work, health and home space balanced perfectly.

Covered Stool by Youngmin Kang


Ovini Stool by Weronika Żytko 

The Latch Stool by Christian Juhl 

Ching Chair No 2 by Ta-Chih Lin  & Yi-Fan Hsieh 

Frida, the flat-packing stool by Zanocchi & Starke 

The Mågen stool by Pernille Løgstrup Iversen, Rikke Palmerston & Fatima Fransson of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen 

Maple Stool by Line Depping 

Stecki, the stool without glue, by Henning Marxen 

Muista Active Chair by Aurimas Lazinskas, Vainius Markelis, Saulius Sestavickas & Vilius Kiskis 

SNO stool by Torstein Bakke and Caleb 

The Pocket Chair gives you storage as well as a sense of comfort

Designed in part as a storage pouch and in part as a subconscious container into which you’d put your hands, the Pocket Chair comes with an unusual detail. Built right into the side of the chair is a leather pocket that can be used for either storing tools and equipment in (or perhaps even your phone) at most times, and at other times, can work as a pocket you put your hands into, either out of a subconscious habit (of keeping your hands in your pant pockets when you’re feeling either content or stressed) or even purposely, as a way of feeling cocooned or protected.

The unusual addition to the chair builds on its UX, giving you an element that makes the chair much more interactive as well as useful. The pouch on the chair works just the way the pockets work on pants. You could use them to either hold objects, or to put your hands into, as a subconscious way of feeling more secure, comfortable, and safe.

Designer: Kewey Loke

Chair Designs that redefine your definition of a chair!

You must have heard of the basic human needs – food clothing and shelter? Well, one of the basic needs of every shelter is a chair! Available practically everywhere on the planet, the chair is one of the most versatile designs, ranging from the standard four legs, one seat design to chairs that have no legs at all, whatever your needs, we have a curated chair design to inspire you to innovate and create a chair that rocks the legs of every other chair design out there!

‘Lost in Sofa’ armchair by Daisuke Motogi Design And Architecture

Filicudi chair by Marcantonio for Qeeboo

Babu Chair by TORU

V1 chair by ODESD2

Mochi Chair by Roberth Kwok

The Ombre Glass Collection by Germans Ermičs

LP10 Plateau Chair by Lukas Peet for Division 12

The Wabi lounge by Guilherme Torres

Arch Chair designed by Martin Hirth

Chips Lounge Chair by Lucie Koldová 

Folding furniture you can hang on the wall!

In this age of cramped, tiny apartments but larger-than-life social circles it isn’t difficult to imagine a scenario where you’ve got 10 friends coming over, but just 4 chairs. I know it’s happened to me.

That’s when flat-pack folding furniture like the Hanging Stool come handy. Its nifty design can flatten up into a rather nice looking ornate form that you can hang on the wall. When you need a stool, take it off its wall-hook and set it up in roughly 5 seconds with a simple flip of the seat and the legs.

The Hanging Stool’s novel approach to the folding mechanism (we’ve seen loads of folding stools, none like this) and its quirky hang-able nature (thanks to the two leather straps on each side) give it a slight visual edge above others. Besides, that bright blue does wonders for bringing a splash of freshness to your space… even if it’s hanging on your wall!

Designer: Leadoff Studio

Sofa designs so good, they’re impossible to resist

Rather than a statement piece, sofa designs have become a piece of comfort. Many of us (consider me guilty too) have surely ended up eating, sleeping, crashing and basically just living out on our sofa. But the designs we have collected here will ensure you treat your sofa as the beautiful and central part to your home that it should be. Scroll down to see designs that will inspire you to innovate, reimagine and create some truly unique sofa designs.

Lawless Sofa by Evan Fay

Cloverleaf sofa by Verpan

Soriano sofa by design legends Afra & Tobia

De Medici by Ihor Havrylenko 

Pebble Furniture by Igarashi Design Studio for Musashino Art University 9th Building 

Bob modular sofa by Stefan Borselius and Bernstrand for Bla Station

Borghese Sofa by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance & Cara Woodhouse Interiors

2018 Outdoor Collection by MINOTTI

The incredible OCEANIA Couch by Simon Haeser

Povarskaya Street Couch by Aiya Design

The Shell sofa explores volume without weight, and is perfect for humans and cats!

With a voluminous yet hollow frame, the Shell sofa is instantly visible. It is, in a strictly physical sense, minimalist (because it’s mainly hollow), but visually, the Shell sofa is almost pillowy, spacious, and a treat to look at. The sofa is a frame that curves from the left to the back and to the right, with space in between for cushions, or even two side tables if you remove the cushions at the extreme ends. It’s visually imposing, but still manages to look light and airy, thanks to its wickerwork of metal rods. The interwoven rods also create this moire effect that creates a dynamic optical illusion, making the Shell sofa’s body incredibly interesting to look at… and while we’re on the subject of interesting, the sofa comes with two small openings at the beginning and end of its structure, making it perhaps the most entertaining play area for a domestic cat. Good luck getting it out though once it goes inside!

The Shell Sofa is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Natalia Komarova

The Weave stool creates volume out of hollow spaces!

The Weave stool creates volume using metal strips and hollow spaces

It almost looks like the Weave Stool has strips wrapped around an invisible air-balloon! Designers Hyeongkwon Lee, Sanghee Yoo & Seong Bin Kim took inspiration from the motif of Korean traditional handicraft called ‘Jukbuin’, a type of bolster/cushion made by using a unique structure of overlapping layers in three directions.

The Weave replaces those bamboo pieces with black metal strips, giving the stool much more strength, durability, and even flexibility. Mounted on a metal tripod frame, the Weave stool looks and feels incredibly light and inviting, with the way it creates a sense of mass and volume out of practically thin air!

Designers: Hyeongkwon Lee, Sanghee Yoo & Seong Bin Kim

The Weave stool creates volume using metal strips and hollow spaces

The Weave stool creates volume using metal strips and hollow spaces

The Weave stool creates volume using metal strips and hollow spaces

The Weave stool creates volume using metal strips and hollow spaces

The Weave stool creates volume using metal strips and hollow spaces

The Weave stool creates volume using metal strips and hollow spaces

The SSD Chair proves that more designers should take to crowdfunding

If IKEA pioneered the flat-pack furniture industry, the SSD Chair brought it to crowdfunding. You see, a lot of designs get abandoned as concepts because there’s no easy way to manufacture and sell them without having distribution channels, marketing teams, and retail partners. IKEA is what it is today only because it’s a phenomenal force of retail and has warehouses and brick-and-mortar stores in a number of countries… most independent designers do not. Creating a chair is easy. Selling it isn’t. So the guys at Tiptoe design figured out a nifty way of solving this problem. Crowdfunding and flat-packing. Crowdfunding helps reach customers and consumers in a way that’s absolutely unprecedented from a traditional business standpoint; and flat-packing helps make your design easy to ship, assemble, use, and disassemble… and that’s what the SSD is pitching.

The SSD chair stands for Simple, Strong, and Durable (and not Solid State Drive, as one might think). Designed to be an alternative to flimsy, cheap, run-of-the-mill plastic or wood chairs, the SSD Chair has a simple, classic appeal, and is made to last for decades. The SSD is strong too. Designed with a metal tubing structure that is more than capable of years of everyday use, the SSD gives you the advantage of strength as well as the comfort of having European-made plywood seats and backrests. The SSD is durable too. Designed to be sustainably manufactured, the SSD uses strong components, ethically and sustainably sourced wood, a simple design, a minimal number of parts, and even uses 80% recycled packaging.

At the heart of SSD, and our prime focus, is its design. With an appeal that is absolutely classic, I could possibly see the SSD in a Herman Miller showroom. It has a silhouette that is recognizable and iconic, and a rather innovative design that comprises of exactly 6 parts. The SSD uses two metal pipes that make up the legs and the backrest support, a wooden seat, backrest, holding plate, and a single screw that joins the entire chair together. The metal pipes come in powder-coated variants, and the wood comes in Oak, Walnut, and Ash, to complement the metal pipe’s colors. Lastly, the SSD’s packaging and assembly absolutely deserve their own separate mention. The 6-part design is flat, symmetric, and easy to ship. Putting together the SSD requires absolutely no user manual, and can be done by practically anybody with zero support. The chair takes literally less than 2 minutes to put together, and lasts for at least 20 years.

Ultimately, the SSD comes from a single designer’s vision to make furniture that is great for users, great for the environment, and greatly designed to be efficient in terms of production, shipping, and assembly. The SSD is proof that more and more designers should take to crowdfunding to make products that can positively impact the lives of users!

Designer: TIPTOE

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The SSD Chair is the perfect chair for everyday life! Designed to be SIMPLE, STRONG and DURABLE, this easy-to-assemble, long-lasting chair is made with sustainable high-quality materials.

SIMPLE: 5 parts and assembles in less than 2 minutes with one screw.

STRONG: so strong you’ll pass it on to the next generation.

DURABLE: long lasting, 100% made in Europe with sustainable high-quality materials. Not to mention the SSD chair is also elegant, comfortable, light and stackable up to 7 chairs.

The SSD chair is super comfortable. The inclination of the legs, the height of the seat and the curves and width of the seat and backrest along with the soft edges of the wood, all of it ergonomically designed.

The wood only comes from sustainably-managed European forests (certified with the PEFC label). The team partners with highly-skilled woodworkers, so every SSD chair feels like a unique piece of design.

The steel tubing is nearly indestructible and is manufactured by some of the best European metalworkers.

The SSD ships in flat pack and takes at least 3 times less space than most chairs once packed.

The SSD chair is available in 3 wood finishes (ashwood, oakwood and walnut) and 4 leg colors (Graphite Black, Cloudy White, Ash Pink and Sage Green).

Oakwood – Cloudy White

Oakwood – Graphite Black

Oakwood – Sage Green

Walnut – Ash Pink

Walnut – Graphite Black

Ashwood – Cloudy White

Ashwood – Graphite Black

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A plywood stool with some bounce!

Exploiting plywood’s ability to be flexible but hold its shape rather well, designers from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen created the Mågen stool, a stool that takes inspiration from Sori Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool, but adds some bounce to it! Comprised of six individual molded plywood pieces, the Mågen stool allows you to sit on it, and the two upper plywood layers flex under your weight, giving you the feeling of sitting on a cushion. The flexible layers not only make the Mågen a stool that’s comfortable to sit on, they also create an element of interaction that will surely have you bouncing up and down with a feeling that’s 80% delight and 20% curiosity!

Designers: Pernille Løgstrup Iversen, Rikke Palmerston & Fatima Fransson.