Keep Your Pencils in a Shark

Despite what the Discovery channel, JAWS, and Sharknado might have us thinking, most sharks are pretty decent creatures, and aren’t in the ocean just to chomp off your legs. They’re also very useful creatures, providing a home for your sushi, fruit salads, coffee and tea. It turns out that shark mouths are also a good place to store your colored pencils.

These adorable fabric shark pencil cases come to us from Minnebites, who makes them in a wide variety of colors and patterns, most of which don’t occur in nature. I particularly like the rainbow polkadotted one with pink fins. I like to think that’s a color scheme that James Cameron came across when he descended to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Each shark zipper pouch is handmade to order, and costs between $44 to $49(USD). You can also have your shark personalized with hand-embroidered initials or a name for $15 extra. I’d like one that says “Jabberjaw,” but that exceeds the 7-character limit.

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