Someone Built a 15-Minute-long Alien Roller Coaster In a Sim Game

The original Alien movies were definitely rollercoaster rides in their own right, but now you can go for a ride on an amazing Alien themed thrill ride, courtesy of Hin Nya. He built the elaborate ride using amusement park construction and management simulator Planet Coaster.

It’s a 15-minute nightmare, but one that I would love to take a ride on. If a theme park built this for real they would make millions on ticket sales. It is visually amazing. The coaster is packed with cool and creepy imagery based on scenes from the movies. It definitely keeps you watching, because you want to see what comes next. The ride starts out slowly, but picks up speed, and eventually comes to a fitting climax featuring the Alien Queen. How else would you end it?

Theme park building games have come along way since the original Roller Coaster Tycoon, that’s for sure. You can build some really amazing coasters as you can see here. And the fact that it goes on for 15 minutes is just crazy. In real life, you would be begging to get off after about 5 minutes. All I can say is that the real world ride would have a lot of poop and pee in those seats. Some people just can’t hold it for that long. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day.

[via Eurogamer via Geekologie]

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