Samsung offers in-person service for Galaxy phones in the US

Ask iPhone owners why they remain loyal and they'll likely cite convenient support as one reason: they can walk into an Apple Store and get a prompt fix that's rarely available for other devices. Samsung is taking steps to level the playing field, ho...

Ditch All Your Devices for One!


I often daydream of the day I can ditch my phone, computer and tablet. It’s not that I don’t want to be connected or anything. I would just prefer to have one device that can do it all! That’s the idea behind Vision X. It utilizes a futuristic and flexible OLED screen system to instantly transform from tablet to phone in seconds.

Imagine the possibilities: Need to see more on your maps app? Want to dive into your favorite strategy game? Need to hunker down and do some work while you’re on the go? Just extend the screen! Equipped with x86 Softwares on a Snapdragon Platform by Qualcomm, it’s also as powerful as some PCs when paired with a keyboard. Do you think we’re getting close to having this far-out tech made available? Let us know!

Designer: Emad Rahimi