LG G7 pre-orders start this week at Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon

If you've decided that the LG G7 ThinQ is more appealing than its major rivals, you now know when and how you can get it in the US. Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are all beginning pre-orders this week, starting on May 24th for Verizon and the 25th fo...

North Korea-linked hackers targeted defectors with Android spyware

When Android malware slips into the Google Play Store, it's usually there to push unwanted ads or perpetuate a scam. McAfee researchers, however, have discovered something more sinister. A North Korean group nicknamed Sun Team recently posted three...

Samsung will debut Bixby 2.0 with the next Galaxy Note

Samsung has been teasing its upgraded Bixby 2.0 assistant for several months now, but when is it actually going to show up in something you can buy? It shouldn't take too much longer. The company's AI research center head Gray G. Lee told the Korea H...

Star Wars TIE Fighter Smartphone Car Mount

You have plenty of smartphone car mounts to chose from, but once you have seen this one, the choice is simple. You just have to go with this TIE Fighter-shaped car mount. It turns your AC vent into an Imperial fleet docking bay. A docking bay for one, but still.

This gadget has a 90-degree viewing rotation and can accommodate phones that are up to 3-inches wide. It mounts on your air vents and just looks awesome. It will definitely have you humming the Imperial March all day long too.

I really like the design. Do you think this is how TIE Fighter pilots mount their own smartphones in their TIE Fighters? The answer is, totally. It’s not like they’re going to use an X-Wing Mount. And even if they wanted to, that would get them in trouble with their superiors.

You can pre-order one now for $16.99… totally worth it, if you ask me. Just don’t wait too long, because these will sell out quickly.

[via Comic Book]

Blloc is the most minimalist full-feature smartphone ever made


With a stunning slick body, a great 5.5 inch LCD display, a fingerprint sensor, dual cameras on the back, a headphone jack, and all the makings of a great phone, the Blloc is exactly that. A great phone, but it’s a different great phone. Designed purely around simplicity and sustainability, the Blloc is a phone made to embrace minimalism and longevity in every way possible… without compromising on the smartphone experience.

First to come to one’s notice is Blloc’s OS, redesigned completely to last hours longer than any conventional phone, and to be simple, smart, and intuitive. Designed to work completely in monochrome, the Blloc’s OS saves incredible amounts of power by running everything in greyscale (something the Instagram app does too with its black white and red UI). However, were you to choose to view images, videos, webpages, etc. in color, simply place your finger on the fingerprint sensor and Blloc’s LCD display lights up with vivid colors, seamlessly transitioning from greyscale to full-spectrum color, blurring the lines between a great experience and great (read: longer) performance.

Simple and sublime, Blloc’s OS doesn’t distract with flashing dots, numbers, banners, and notifications helter skelter. Made to let you focus on the task at hand, the OS has everything you’d need, from Maps to Messenger, Uber, Spotify, Instagram, Gmail, Skype, Whatsapp, News, etc… all designed to work beautifully, seamlessly, and incredibly quick, thanks to the power saving operating system. Designed to perform, and to last, without compromise, the Blloc also lets you click incredible pictures with its dual-camera setup that’s capable of capturing RAW output and 4K video at 30fps, all boosted by the fact that your screen actually ends up draining less of your battery and memory. Simple, smart, and conceptually spectacular, I can’t wait to see the phone in action once it launches. This MAY just be the best phone to curb your smartphone screen addiction while also boosting its performance multiple-fold! Besides, would you look at how wonderful its simplistic packaging is too?!

Designer: Blloc









HTC’s ‘Exodus’ blockchain phone is made for a decentralized future

Just as HTC is gearing up for the launch of its next flagship smartphone come May 23rd, today it made a surprising announcement: it's also making a blockchain phone dubbed "Exodus" on the side. There aren't any specifics about this privacy-focused An...