Today’s technology in yesterday’s avatars!


A perfect post for throwback thursday, these products show us how far we’ve come in just a matter of two decades. Each product you see is branded with an app or a service we, collectively, use and can’t live without. Making the point that we had alternatives (albeit less addictive) to each of these technologies is Thomas Ollivier’s set of old-world products with new-world branding… or rather, reimagining the very services we can’t live without, if they existed long before Y2K.

You’ve got a Spotify-branded Walkman (with a voice-activated system! How cute!), a Netflix View-master, a Facebook pager that takes a subtle dig at the company and at humanity’s addiction to likes/validation, an Instagram disposable-cam, a Whatsapp walkie-talkie, a Google toy-computer, an Adobe Illustrator etch-a-sketch, and if anyone knows what the Snapchat product is, do hit us up, my memory fails me… and if that isn’t proof that we’re all growing old, I don’t know what is!

Designer: Thomas Ollivier








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