Microsoft will stop accepting new Windows 8 apps October 31st

Microsoft really, really wants app creators and users alike to focus on Windows 10, and it's now giving them a not-so-gentle nudge in that direction. The software maker has warned that it will stop accepting new Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8.x app...

Keep Your Online Activity 100% Anonymous with ProtonVPN

We’re all looking for ways to feel more secure online, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as the go-to line of defense. There’s no shortage of VPNs to choose from, but if you’re looking to prioritize your privacy above all else, ProtonVPN is one of the best choices.

Unlike other VPNs on the market, ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland and only routes browsing traffic through privacy-friendly countries. Other VPNs that claim to keep no logs can be legally obligated to keep logs due to laws in some countries. ProtonVPN avoids this fully and fulfills its commitment to keeping zero logs by carefully choosing its server locations.

In addition, ProtonVPN protects all your data with top AES-256 encryption and offers added security from DNS leak protection. It also has built-in support for Tor. If you’re looking for a VPN with the highest level of privacy protection, look no further than this deal.

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Firefox experiment suggests articles based on your web history

You can already save articles for later viewing in Firefox thanks to Pocket integration. That's not going to help you find articles, however, and it's all too tempting to stick to the same old sites for your reading habits. Mozilla wants you to be...

Make Awesome Graphic Designs Without Any Experience Using PixTeller Pro

You don’t need a bunch of schooling or a Photoshop tutorial to create awesome designs. All you need is the platform that TechCrunch says “makes designers (almost) obsolete.” PixTeller Pro is based entirely online so you can access its fully customizable 74,000 pre-made designs, 1.5 million photos, and 100,000 shapes from anywhere.

Whether you’re looking to make a flyer, promote a product, or building a brand, PixTeller gives you the easy-to-use tools to make remarkable designs for websites, social media, print, and virtually any other medium. Their library is continually growing with more design assets that make it easy for people with no design or technical expertise to create compelling designs fast.

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If you know how to code, you know how to embroider

Andrea Mayr-Stalder’s TurtleStitch project literally takes lines of code and transforms them into art you can wear. The innovative machine allows you to programme its path (much like a 3D printer, but on a 2D scale), as the machine then runs a spool of thread through an embroiderer, navigating it across cloth to create beautiful, intricate shapes through the medium of digital embroidery.

The programme developed by Andrea is a wonderful tool for experimenting and creating tesselations and fractals, as the code itself is simple. Arrange blocks of commands together to tell the turtle where to navigate through, and the embroidery machine follows the path. You give basic commands to the turtle, such as move “10 steps forward”, “turn 90 degrees right”, etc and it leaves a trail on the “canvas” to draw a picture. By building up more complex command sets with the blocks, you can achieve some pretty cool generative art. The tools not only result in wonderful textile creations, they also push your abilities and engage you in a way that makes you want to explore the program to see what more you can create.

Andrea’s hopes are to turn the program into a community of sorts, as people collaborate and contribute their creations to an open forum… much like a Github for embroidery!

Designer: Andrea Mayr-Stalder






Notorious Denuvo gaming cracker Voksi arrested in Bulgaria

Anti-piracy tech company Denuvo isn't messing around when it comes to game hackers. It touts its digital rights management (DRM) tool as uncrackable and for the most part, it held up for years. But in 2016, a Bulgarian games cracker called Voksi mana...