Windows 10 is adding an Ultimate Performance mode for pros

When you're creating 3D models or otherwise running intensive tasks, you want to wring every ounce of performance out of your PC as possible. It's a good thing, then, that Microsoft has released a Windows 10 preview build in the Fast ring that inclu...

Embark on a Software Engineering Career with This Training Bundle

Do you dream of building the next big thing in apps? You could learn how to turn that dream into a reality with the Software Engineering Mastery Bundle. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry – this series of online courses was designed specifically with you in mind.

For example, this bundle includes beginner’s courses on C++ programming and Ruby, which are highly versatile languages in the world of app development. You’ll also learn how to perform more efficient tests on the code you write, and you’ll nail down the art of building websites quickly and efficiently using PHP CodeIgniter.

With these skills and more under your belt, you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful software engineer in no time. The Software Engineering Mastery Bundle is yours for just $35 in the Technabob Shop.

Microsoft releases its LinkedIn resume helper for Word

Microsoft is now ready to polish your job applications -- the company has released its LinkedIn-powered Resume Assistant for Office 365 subscribers. The AI-based helper sifts through LinkedIn profiles to find prominent examples of work experience an...

Microsoft to drop Windows 10 S as a stand-alone product

Windows 10 S was supposed to be Microsoft's firm answer to Chrome OS, offering comparable security (by limiting you to Microsoft Store apps) while running more powerful software. However, its implementation for home users has been ham-fisted: you hav...

Red Hat buys the creator of a Chrome-based OS for servers

The underpinnings of Chrome OS have found their way into the server room in a very roundabout way. Red Hat has acquired CoreOS, the creators of an operating system for containerized apps (Container Linux) that shares roots with both Google's Chromiu...

Microsoft’s Slack rival helps you find and use apps

Microsoft is determined to make Teams a strong alternative to collaborative chat apps like Slack, and it's now targeting one of Slack's strong points: apps. The company is rolling out a major update whose centerpiece is a new app store that lets you...

Die With Me Lets You Chat Only with Strangers Who Also Have Less Than 5% Battery

Your smartphone’s battery running out is very frustrating. We can never have enough power. We’re always topping off and charging up. It’s an endless cycle. Our smartphones are always on the cusp of dying. Well, if you want to chat with other people about your smartphone’s battery life, the Die With Me smartphone app will cost you a $1 and it only works when your battery life is less than 5%.

Once you have met that requirement, you can open the app and enter a chatroom with other strangers whose phones are also about to die. So you can all chat away and have a pre-death wake as your smartphone dies.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices. It’s worth a chuckle, but some people have expressed concern that this comical idea will morph into an app for people wanting to make suicide pacts. Of course, they don’t have long to talk before their phones die, so if that happens they better make plans fast.

Belgium artist Dries Depoorter and Montreal interactive developer David Surprenant worked together to create this app. I wonder if they did so when their phones were under 5%.

[via Laughing Squid]

DesignEvo Free Logo Maker: Free Design A Professional-Look Logo for Business

Logo means too much to a company or business. Once you have an effective logo for your brands, your business is on the way to success. Logo speaks too much for its products. To some extent, a well-designed logo brings the vision of brand quality to the mass audiences, i.e., […]