What to expect at MWC 2019

There's always plenty of news from MWC, and it's either entirely expected or word gets out early. This year is shaping up to be slightly different, though, as companies are preparing their version of the future of smartphones. From foldable desig...

Official PlayStation Trophy Glass Helps You Celebrate Your Small Victories

Are you the master of earning platinum trophies in PlayStation games? Congratulations, you must have a lot of time on your hands. Why not celebrate this achievement a drink from the official Sony trophy glass? You are a champion. You deserve it.

This fun glass comes complete with embossed PlayStation icons on one side and the Playstation logo on the other. Okay, new drinking game. Whenever you earn a trophy in the game, take a drink. If you are really good at the game you’ll get drunk, if not you’ll be thirsty. You could also use it to celebrate all your achievements in real life. Waking up, doing laundry, going grocery shopping etc.You know, adulting and such. I guess you could also just put it on the shelf and brag about your trophy to anyway who will listen.

While it’s not available yet, you can pre-order a PlayStation Trophy Glass from Merchoid for $20, and it should be available in June or so. You’ll even get free shipping. It looks like quantities are very limited, so get this trophy glass based on a PS4 trophy while you still can and drink up to all of your achievements in life and in the game.

[via Comic Book]

Sony’s smart-band adds smartwatch functionality to your analog timepiece


When Apple first debuted the Watch, kicking off the wearable/smartwatch trend, people (including the Swiss) thought it would spell doom for the analog timepiece industry, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. What’s worth noting is that the smartwatch could never replace the finely crafted analog timepiece, because their target audiences were completely different. A person who marvels in and pioneers the finely-tuned, hand-crafted intricate analog timepiece would never want to replace that with a hunk of pixels.

Sony’s Wena, however, allows those true-blue analog timepiece lovers to accept technology without surrendering their favorite timepieces. The Wena is a tech-filled band that can fit on any timepiece that sports an OLED screen of its own that can show you notifications straight from your smartphone. The beauty of the band is the fact that it doesn’t replace analog artistry with state-of-the-art tech, but allows them to coexist. The Wena comes with a screen that pulls notifications from your smartphone, along with the ability to make contactless payments. The band can easily fit on any pre-existing analog watch you have, allowing you to hold onto your precious timepiece but still have the future and its perks right under your sleeve.

Designer: Sony

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Canon’s next full-frame mirrorless camera is the EOS RP

Well, it looks like the recent rumors were spot on: Canon is getting ready to launch a compact version of its EOS R camera. And here it is. Meet the EOS RP, a full-frame mirrorless shooter that costs a reasonable $1,299 (body-only). For those of you...

‘Fortnite’ account merging cleans up Sony’s cross-platform mess

Sony screwed up with Fortnite. When Epic Games' blockbuster landed on the Nintendo Switch in June, it included cross-console capabilities for every platform except PlayStation 4, due to Sony's long-standing reluctance to make nice with rival hardware...