Switch-up the way you listen to music

The simple and intuitive operation of a light switch has been intriguingly integrated into this compact, portable speaker. Appropriately named, Switch Audio, offers a comfortable user experience that makes listening to music even more enjoyable. The center of the device pivots to allow it to accommodate both positions; when in the ‘off’ position, the audio is stopped and the power is conserved, the ‘on’ position allows music to be streamed and devices to be paired, whilst simultaneously allowing access to the controls that were previously concealed.

Don’t be fooled by its compact and visually light design, it has been said to still offer a good balance between low and high notes. All of this whilst remaining waterproof- making it perfect for those unpredictable outdoor adventures.

Designer: Yongha Yang

IP67 grade waterproof

Two speakers on the back.

Altice’s smart speaker uses Alexa to control your TV set-top box

You probably don't associate cable giant Altice USA with the cutting edge of smart home technology, but it's determined to change your mind. The company has unveiled a smart speaker, the Amplify, that can serve as a complement to your existing cable...

This isn’t a smart speaker… it’s a smart boombox!

The Fooks looks like an iPod decided to grow a pair of speakers. Designed to deliver your music to you with absolute finesse, Fooks isn’t a smart speaker… it’s a smart boombox. It owns all its music, so you don’t need your smartphone or tablet to play your music via Bluetooth, and it packs a touchscreen interface that lets you swipe through your music just like you would on your iPod… except you don’t hook the iPod to a dock or a pair of headphones, because this boombox is well equipped with all the audio drivers necessary to pump your music out in full glory.

At its heart, Fooks isn’t a service-providing speaker. It isn’t designed by a large company to harvest your data… it’s just a good speaker for cranking out tunes from your music provider. The display on the Fooks allows you to install music apps and access tunes across different services you may be subscribed to. Additionally, it displays relevant data like the time, weather, and temperature information. Its touch-screen interface is more than enough to let you control playback features like pausing or skipping to the next track, while a good old-fashioned volume knob gives you control over the decibel level of your music. A convenient combination of the best of the old worlds and new!

Designer: Onurhan Demir

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar review: A full bag of tricks

Sennheiser has spread the gospel of its Ambeo tech for years. The broad pitch is incredibly immersive audio for AR, VR and your living room. As far as consumers are concerned, though, Ambeo is just a headset that records 3D audio and headphones for M...

This side table is a speaker by day and phone charger by night

Table Objet nails the brief for me. Every night it’s a struggle between stowing my phone (while it charges), my watch, wallet and night lamp – all on my bedside table. This struggle is real, and hence the Table Objet offers the perfect solution. Designed to be your bedside table, this innovative furniture is a combination of clever tech and design. It integrates a speaker, a wireless charging hub, an ambient night lamp and a space for stowing your essentials for the night.

I love the marriage of tech with furniture, and I see that increasingly designers are looking at providing such solutions. Designs like these, not only take care of the unnecessary wires that clutter, but also provide an aesthetical value to the whole piece.

Designer: Jongwon Choi