Star Wars TIE Fighter Smartphone Car Mount

You have plenty of smartphone car mounts to chose from, but once you have seen this one, the choice is simple. You just have to go with this TIE Fighter-shaped car mount. It turns your AC vent into an Imperial fleet docking bay. A docking bay for one, but still.

This gadget has a 90-degree viewing rotation and can accommodate phones that are up to 3-inches wide. It mounts on your air vents and just looks awesome. It will definitely have you humming the Imperial March all day long too.

I really like the design. Do you think this is how TIE Fighter pilots mount their own smartphones in their TIE Fighters? The answer is, totally. It’s not like they’re going to use an X-Wing Mount. And even if they wanted to, that would get them in trouble with their superiors.

You can pre-order one now for $16.99… totally worth it, if you ask me. Just don’t wait too long, because these will sell out quickly.

[via Comic Book]

This Custom Star Wars Rey’s Blaster Fires Glowsticks

If you’ve ever wanted a blaster that looks like it is actually firing lasers, Joerg Sprave is your man. He has come up with a clever way to simulate blaster fire. There are no actual deadly lasers here, so no worries about shooting your eye out. Instead, he uses glow sticks in his replica of Rey’s blaster from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

As with all of Sprave’s builds, this replica is completely custom, so it won’t be for sale. But he does go over the details of its construction if you want to build one for yourself. It looks like all you need is basic woodworking skills—and access to some good elastics. Put in a little hard work and you have yourself a cool laser shooting blaster, and an awesome cosplay accessory.

Obviously, it especially looks great in the dark. You can build two of them and have a kick-ass laser blaster fight in the backyard when the sun goes down so that your neighbors think there’s an alien invasion. Hopefully, they aren’t in the mood to fill aliens full of buckshot. Good job as usual, Joerg!

[via io9]

Tweed Chewbacca Blazer: Laugh It up, Fuzzball

I think the best part about being a Wookiee would be that you never have to wear fancy clothes to anything. All you need is a bandolier and maybe an occasional trip to the groomer. On the other hand, we humans do occasionally have to dress up. At least you can do it geekily if you must. This Star Wars Chewbacca Blazer looks like a version of a jacket my dad had back in the ’80s, complete with elbow patches.

The jacket is made from tweed, the itchy fabric of all the formal affairs I can remember growing up. It has a pair of buttons on the front, pockets with a flap and a left chest welt pocket, and the lining is embellished with headshots of Chewie. Its most noticeable nods to Chewbacca are the rebel crest, and the bandolier detailing on the back.

The jacket is 80% polyester, 20% rayon, and has 100% polyester lining. It is dry clean only, and will set you back $119.99 at ThinkGeek.

Millennium Falcon Sneakers: Walk or Run the Kessel Run

The solo Han Solo standalone movie is arriving soon, and to celebrate, Po-Zu is releasing these cool Millennium Falcon sneakers. These low-cut lace-up sneakers look amazing and are made with organic cotton.

They have a technical drawing of the Millennium Falcon that wraps around the back. These kicks also have a removable memory-foam Foot Mattress, which will make sure that they are comfortable. Will they make you faster? Probably not. Will they help you smuggle cargo? Nope. They won’t help you hit hyperdrive speeds during a marathon either, but they will look awesome on your feet. Which reminds me, they really should have a marathon for Star Wars fans called The Kessel Run. Maybe they do. I have no idea.

You can order them here for £59/$82. They probably should have some pockets on them , since the Millennium Falcon is all about smuggling cargo. At least a pocket on each side for my Han and Chewy action figures. Someone other than me has to pilot these sneakers. My feet can’t do all of the work.

They look pretty sweet. Order yours quick, because they won’t be around forever. I really hope they make a Lando shoe with a cool cape design.

Millennium Falcon Pedicab Cruises Around NYC

May the 4th was a hot day in New York. It felt like Tatooine. Luckily, fans who didn’t want to walk around in the heat had the option to take a leisurely ride around Bryant Park in a LEGO version the Millennium Falcon. Sadly, this version would suck at the Kessel Run, but it’s a great way to take in the sights of the city at a slow pace.

This 9-foot long, 6-foot wide ship took 20,300 bricks and 396 hours to build. That’s 16-and-a-half days. I wish I could have taken a ride in this thing. Aside from just being fun, this was also to raise awareness for a great cause. The guy pedaling this thing really should have been dressed like Han Solo though.

The LEGO Group is also helping to promote charitable campaign Roar for Change, which “supports UNICEF’s lifesaving work for children around the world.” Until May 25, Star Wars: Force for Change will donate one dollar for every public “post, like, or share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that includes #RoarForChange,” up to one million dollars. Pretty awesome.


Star Wars Conference Table Made from over 28,000 Pushpins

Check out this cool Star Wars-inspired conference table. It was made using thousands of individually pushpins. You may not have that 28,800 pins handy, but luckily that wasn’t a problem for the employees at Viking, a UK-based office supply seller.

While they could have hired a robot to do the work, instead, the image was composed entirely by hand. It took multiple employees about 39 hours to complete. When it was finished, the table was covered with a raised glass surface to protect the stormtrooper. The glass also makes it a usable conference table. It also helps to discourage people from stealing one push-pin at a time, until there’s nothing left. And you know that there are some sick people out there who would really do that.

Watch the video and see the tabletop turn into a very neat stormtrooper mosaic before your eyes.

This is probably the coolest conference table ever created. I would never be able to concentrate on the actual conference though, with this table in front of me. Great job, Viking. I wish I had a table like that.

[via Gizmodo]

Celebrate May the 4th with a Porg-ish Hen Dinner

I’m just going to say it, I didn’t care for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I feel like the franchise has lost the magic that made it such an integral part of my childhood. Still, it has some cute parts, not the part where Luke milks that creature’s teat and drinks from it, mind you. On the other hand, those little porgs were pretty cute. Today being May the 4th (be with you) aka Star Wars Day, you might want some themed edibles. This recipe over on The Gluttonous Geek is inspired by those cute little bird critters from the movie.

Fortunately, no actual porgs were harmed in the making of this dish. It’s actually a Cornish game hen marinated in green milk, made partially from pistachio pudding mix. It is said to tenderize the meat and leave a sweet, nutty flavor behind.

To enjoy this dish tonight, you have to be willing to eat green pudding and small birds off the bone. I’m not a meat on the bone person personally, but this might be right up your alley. Get the full recipe here.

Star Wars Trench Run LEGO Sculpture: Stay on Target!

This animated LEGO scene depicts Darth Vader’s TIE fighter chasing Luke’s X-wing during the Death Star trench run in A New Hope. It is both calming and mesmerizing. Jason Allemann built this kinetic sculpture and it is a super cool desk toy that I need in my life.

Jason used moving LEGO Technic parts that are hidden just below the surface to make the ships rock back and forth. There are also a pair of ion cannons that move as he turns the crank. I just love this piece. It’s so simple and elegant. You might say it’s a LEGO build for a more civilized age.

The model is an alternate version of another set, “Pursuit of Flight,” that Allemann has shared to the LEGO Ideas site. That sculpture has a pair of WW1 fighter planes instead of Star Wars ships.

Actually, idea would work for any ship chasing another. You could have a jet chasing a UFO, or the Enterprise chasing a Klingon ship and so on. Maybe he could make it so you can replace the ships at will. There’s no doubt about it, Jason is super talented and has an amazing geek mind.

[via Gizmodo]

Give in to The Dark Side with The Emperor’s Throne Armchair

If you are more aligned with the Dark Side than the Light Side of the force, I just found your new office chair. Just sit your butt on the Emperor’s Throne Armchair and you can watch space battle from your throne room, with your withered face and evil smile.

This is a great replica of the Emperor’s throne from Return of the Jedi. Be comfortable as you watch father and son fight with lightsabers as you egg them on and laugh. You can live out all of your Dark Side fantasies. Hopefully, it won’t all end with you being thrown down an endless shaft, which is actually a very bad design flaw for a throne room. What’s up with Imperial engineering always leaving fatal flaws in their stuff? I guess they have more than one saboteur among their ranks.

If you are any kind of evil at all, this is the chair for you. It’s available now from Regal Robot’s Custom Studio. It swivels, has a polished chrome base and two-tone faux leather in black and purple. It will cost you $1,499, a mere pittance for an evil Emperor such as yourself, right?

Sit back in this chair and rule the galaxy in comfort and style. Do you feel a disturbance in the force? That’s just your wallet crying out in agony.

[via Scifidesign]

Noodle on This Chewbacca Noodle Roll Recipe

If you’re looking for a new food to impress your friends with during a Star Wars marathon, check out this recipe for Chewbacca noodle rolls. These guys were created by Jenn Fujikawa of justJENN Recipes, and they look ferocious and delicious.

They’re spring roll wrappers filled with buckwheat noodles with Chewbacca faces and bandoliers made from cut nori and fish cake. They may not roar, but they will make your stomach growl. Just don’t let Chewie see you eating these or he’ll rip your arms off and dip them into the sweet and spicy chili sauce that Jenn recommends with this dish.

I like how the noodles do a good job of replicating wookiee hair. Either that, or Chewy needs a de-wormer. I’m hoping it’s the former. This will be a fun treat for that Star Wars marathon like I said. It will wow your buddies and everyone will make a joke about how you have way too much time on your hands, but they’ll love it.

I can’t help but wonder if this is what a wookiee fetus looks like. Gross, I know, but check it out. The arms and legs aren’t formed yet, plus it’s transparent. But wookiees aren’t born with bandoliers. They have to earn them.

[via Laughing Squid via Geekologie]