You can make your own low-poly sith lord!


Studio66Design’s Darth Vader and Stormtrooper busts aren’t just a treat to look at, they’re life-size too! Standing at a whopping two feet, these busts are completely made out of paper, in an extremely hypnotic low-poly style.

If you’re a Star Wars geek and love having memorabilia but know exactly how expensive it is, these paper low-poly models are just perfect for you! They come as a paper net and require some assembling (difficulty: moderate) and with just a few hours of work and liberal usage of glue, you’ve got yourself a life-sized paper bust of Lord Vader, in brilliant low-poly glory! There’s a 20% discount if you get yourself the Stormtrooper paper model too!

Designer: Studio66Designs

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Disney’s Streaming Service May Not Offer The Original Star Wars Movies

Just like every other major company and network these days, Disney is launching its own standalone video streaming service. And why not? The company has a large catalog of content. They own Marvel, The Muppets, Star Wars, and have decades worth of their own movies. Unfortunately, there may be a slight problem with showing the original Star Wars trilogy on this streaming service.

Back in 2016, Disney sold exclusive television broadcast rights of the original trilogy, the prequels and four newer films to Turner Broadcasting, and those rights last until 2024. Ooops. Of course, now the company wants the rights back. Disney has already made inquiries about repurchasing those rights, but Turner is resistant. Naturally. They have to get both money and programming that is equal in value to the films. They’ll probably want something extra for the inconvenience too.

Hey Disney, if you were thinking about launching your owns streaming service, you shouldn’t have sold exclusive rights, right? It’s almost like they are making things up as they go along and have no plans – which is also how they seem to be handling the new Star Wars movies, so I guess that’s the case. Disney, what are you thinking these days?

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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LEGO Star Wars Porg Set Commemorates Stupid Little Birds

Look, I don’t have even one good thing to say about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I thought it was terrible on nearly every level. The acting, the directing, and the political agenda that seems to permeate the film. I’m not a fan. The Porgs, though kind of cute, I guess, didn’t help at all.

These stupid little creatures now have their own LEGO set, at least according to a Ukrainian store listing. If the listing on the is legit, the LEGO Star Wars 75230 Porg Set really is in the works. But does anyone really want to build a Porg? This LEGO set is scary looking too. It’s guaranteed to frighten young children in the same way that Rian Johnson frightened adults with The Last Jedi.

Did I mention that these creatures are so stupid? Chewbacca is eating one them and the rest just hang out like, “Oh that’s cool”. They just hang out like one of their own isn’t being roasted on a spit and eaten by a giant Bigfoot. They are so stupid that a few of them even become buddies with Chewbacca after this and go with him in the Falcon. Sure, whatever, I’ll go for a ride with you. When you get hungry you can just eat me too, because I brought enough friends to watch. How did such dumb creatures evolve?

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Star Wars Gaming Chairs: For The Dark Side of Your Backside

If the Dark Side played video games, these would be the chairs that they would sit their evil butts in. You can sit your butt in them too, regardless of which side of The Force you’re aligned with. Whether you are playing Star Wars Battlefront or watching the original trilogy, now you can do it in style.

These comfy looking Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Gaming Chairs are for fans who want to show off their love for all things Star Wars. The curvy, low-to-the-ground seats feature a plywood and hardwood frame with polyurethane, PVC, and polyester upholstery over a cotton cushion with foam fill. They each have four built-in speakers, Bluetooth 4.1 technology for wireless audio streaming, a control panel, and an audio output and audio input jacks.

They will cost you $335 each from PBTeen. Not bad for an Imperial chair. I would get both because Vader should always have a Stormtrooper sitting around to do his bidding. Obviously, these chairs are for serious Star Wars fans only, given the price and the fact that these are huge Star Wars toys to have in your home. I would love to get both.

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Just How Aerodynamic is an X-Wing or TIE Fighter?

Have you ever wondered how aerodynamic Star Wars ships really are? Well, wonder no more. EC Henry decided to give us some answers. He used AutoDesk’s now discontinued Flow Design software to analyze the aerodynamics and drag coefficients of ships from the Star Wars universe. I know, they don’t travel through air, they travel through space, but it’s still fun to see how aerodynamic their designs are anyhow.

As you may have guessed TIE Fighters are pretty useless when flying through the air. A TIE Interceptor is not much better than a standard TIE Fighter. X-Wings are better, but still not all that great. It turns out that A-Wing fighters are pretty fast.

Boba Fett’s Slave 1 would totally suck in the atmosphere and I’m guessing the Millennium Falcon would too. So basically Star Wars ships flying through the air are not a good idea and if they did, the Empire would never catch the rebels anyway. It doesn’t matter anyway because spaceships are for space.

I would love to see this done with Star Trek ships because I’m pretty sure that the Federation’s ships would be terrible in the atmosphere. The worst ship ever? The Borg cube. You can’t just fling a brick into the air and expect it to do much.

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Hot Toys Darth Vader Special Edition 1/4 Scale Figure: The Dark Side Wants Your Dollars

Of all the Star Wars characters, the most iconic is probably Darth Vader. Lots of people who grew up on the original films were super mad when the updated version was released and our man Sebastian Shaw had his face replaced with shitty Hayden “#NotMyVader” Christensen. Hot Toys made this amazing special edition Darth Vader figure that is gigantic, highly articulated, and #IsMyVader.

The premium figure is nearly 20-inches tall, has 30 points of articulation, and includes ten different hands. Of particular note is the removable helmet, so you can see Sebastian Shaw’s face just as you did in the original cut of the film back in the day when Luke takes off Vader’s mask. One of the coolest things is that with the helmet off, you can see the battle damage to Anakin’s head, something you really didn’t see in the original film (at least not on the back of the head).

Vader comes with his armor suit, black cape, chest panel with LEDs, a functional belt with lights, and boots. You get the iconic red lightsaber in three forms and a Death Star Diorama. The Special Edition includes a helmet stand with lights. The statue will set you back $575 over at Sideshow Collectibles, with delivery expected in Q4 2019.

Gigantic Millennium Falcon Drone Has it Where is Counts, Kid.

This certainly isn’t the first Millennium Falcon drone we have seen. We talked about one years back, but that one was relatively tiny. This much more impressive Millennium Falcon drone is gigantic and has four rotors inside holes in the spaceship’s body to make it fly.

It’s made by Air Hogs and promises to be highly detailed. It measures 27″ x 20″ and is controlled using 2.4 GHz communications for a range of 250 feet. The drone also has two things Han and Chewie’s ship didn’t have: 6-axis gyro stabilization, and a barometric pressure height lock system. I assume that the height lock system keeps it from flying off when you play outdoors.

While it does look really cool, most of the reviews out there say that it’s really difficult to fly due to its awkward balancing and aerodynamics. So I wouldn’t expect stable flight here. On the plus side, it’s already deeply discounted from its original $300 price tag, and you can pick on up on Amazon for just over $100.

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LEGO BrickHeadz Darth Vader: Come to the Block Side

We all know that the Dark Side is where you can let your anger flow. We also know they have cookies, and now we now know they also have LEGO. In other words, the Dark Side sounds like a cool place to embrace. This LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz Darth Vader collectible is further proof that the Dark Side doesn’t seem so bad.

The toy is based on a real Vader from The Empire Strikes Back. You do have to build the toy, sort of like the Emperor built Vader after he got burnt up in Episode III. There are 104 pieces in this kit. It measures 4.75″ tall, 3.0″ wide, and 3.5″ deep.

You can order one from Entertainment Earth for $9.99 and it is in stock now.

Death Star Beanbag: That’s No Chair!

I once bought my son a bean bag chair. ONCE. He and his friends jumped off the top bunk bed onto it and it exploded. I knew something was wrong when I heard the massive boom on the upstairs floor. It was like the voices of millions of parents cried out in terror. It took FOREVER to get those damned electrostatically-charged foam beans off of everything. They cling to surfaces worse than the stickiest of boogers. So I have mixed feelings about this Death Star bean bag.

I know it won’t blow up Alderaan, but give a kid enough alone time with it, and a bunk bed and it will explode like that time Luke took aim on that exhaust port. It’s cool mind you, looking all squishy and cute and Death Star-y. Plus, its cover is machine washable so you can get all those Doritos fingerprints off of it.

The beanbag measures 31-inches in diameter, and can be yours for $149 from Pottery Barn Kids. If you already have an appropriately-sized beanbag, you can buy just the slip cover for $79. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you are on all fours with a shop vac trying to get foam beans off the cat.

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The Force Is Strong with This AT-AT Bunk Bed

We’ve seen our share of AT-AT beds around here and they are all very cool. This one is no exception. As Star Wars fans we have dreamed of sleeping in one of these bad boys, but most of them are just for rich kids or kids with really crafty parents. Well, Rooms to Go can help you make this dream a reality with this simple, but fun AT-AT Walker Twin Bunk Bed.

It isn’t a fully detailed AT-AT build of course. But this fabric covered tented bunk bed is the next best thing for your own child. This heavy gauge steel twin bunk bed has a huge 1:15 scale print of an AT-AT covering one side, making it a perfect Star Wars fort type bed.

Your kid will sleep like a sloth on Hoth. This All Terrain Armored Transport will fire your kid’s imagination and give them some great memories to relive when they are older. It’s one of the Empires coolest weapons and now it is in the hands of your child. I hope they use their power wisely.

Best of all the bed is available at a discounted price of $499.99 – $100 off the regular price. We aren’t sure how long this discount is going to last, so you better grab one while you can.

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