Darth Vader Stovetop Kettle: Tea, Earl Grey, Dark.

Need some hot tea to stay warm on Hoth? Are you an Ewok who wants to make hot tea from some humans? Maybe you’re a Stormtrooper on a break. No worries. No matter who you are across the galaxy, we have found your new tea kettle. Your stovetop is about to join The Dark Side.

The Star Wars Darth Vader Stovetop Kettle is styled to resemble the silhouette of the Sith Lord’s iconic helmet. In this case, his helmet has a lightsaber attached to its side that you can use as a handle. This bad boy is officially licensed and made of stainless sleel, and will boil 1.7 liters (about 7 cups) of water.

It makes a damn fine cup of tea that even Captain Picard would admire – and he’s in a different universe. Search your teacup, you know it to be true. “Your father’s tea kettle. This is the kettle of a Jedi Knight. Not as random or as clumsy as a standard tea kettle. It makes an elegant brew for a more civilized age.”

It’s just too bad they couldn’t make the whistle sound like Darth Vader’s breathing. Or even have him cry Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! But it’s still an awesome tea kettle that every true nerd must have. Grab one today over at The Fowndry for $70.


Make yourself some Darth-jeeling tea!


How does Vader like his tea? Burning hot! Although he doesn’t complain if it’s Luke-warm either…

The Fowndry’s hilarious, quirky kettle pays tribute to one of cinema’s most popular villains. Designed with a silhouette that uncannily resembles Vader’s helmet, the Darth Vader Kettle comes made in Stainless Steel and Plastic, has a 1.7L capacity, and a whistle that the creators describe as being powerful enough to “awaken the Force”!

We’re loving every bit of the adaptation, especially the handle that was designed to resemble the grip of Darth Vader’s lightsaber. Great for brewing up some tea or boiling water “with barely suppressed rage”, the Darth Vader Kettle is an officially licensed product and becomes available from the 19th of March, although pre-orders are open right now!

Designer: The Fowndry

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17-Foot-Tall AT-AT Invades a Church

It’s amazing when you think about how many Star Wars statues are around the world, some in the oddest places. Kyle Gilbert is one of the people responsible for bringing just a bit of that galaxy far, far away into our world. You see, Kyle created a 17-foot-tall replica of an AT-AT Walker. Well, half of one, which he mounted to a wall as a piece of installation art in his church.

I’m sure it knows if you didn’t put anything in the donation basket, so you better pony up some money. Otherwise, it will fire on you on your way out. Okay, I made that up, but it would be great to see in action and it would make the church a lot of money.

The sculpture was created over the course of four weeks using household materials. “As people walked into the building, I wanted to do something that felt totally unpredictable and surprising,” Kyle says. “AT-ATs have this huge and menacing feel to them—totally iconic.” It’s not every day that you see an AT-AT at a church, that’s for sure.

[via Star Wars via io9]

These Cool Displays Turn Your Wall into a Star Wars Museum

It’s not easy to display your cool Star Wars stuff. Your figures don’t really look good in those protective plastic bubbles and display cards just sitting there on a shelf. Even if you buy two of everything so you can display one, it’s still hard to make this stuff look good while on display. Well, Faraway Vintage is here to help.

They offer some unique themed displays, offering pieces of screen-used props, set decoration swatches, film location elements, vintage Kenner action figures, Micro Machines, original Topps trading cards, and first-run 35mm film. Each display is nicely put together and themed as a mini collection suitable for an art gallery or toy museum wall. I used to have all of these as a kid, except for the 35 film, so I would love to see some of these on my wall.

This all started as a personal project when creator Lloyd was looking for a way to show off his Star Wars collectibles and props in a neat way. So he made a few to start. Soon enough, other fans saw these and wanted some for themselves. They’re not cheap – at about $600 to $700 each, but they really are great way to display some Star Wars memorabilia in your home.

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Millennium Falcon Bed Touches Down in Boy’s Bedroom

This Millennium Falcon bed may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts. This kids mom and dad made a few modifications themselves. Actually they built the whole thing. A guy going by the name Dericrw and his wife built this amazing Star Wars bedroom for their son, hoping that he would sleep in his own room for a change.

This bedroom is just awesome. The sleeping pod of the Falcon is the size of a twin bed and is bolted to the ceiling joists. So basically when you enter hyperdrive, the whole house falls down, but that’s okay because you’ll be long gone. The rest of the ship is painted on the wall behind it. The inside looks like the best kid fort ever. It even has a fan for air circulation and LED lights. There’s even a TV that the kid can see from the bed. Under the screen is a weapons cache with his NERF guns and lightsabers. And the LED lights on the side glow in different colors.

Hmmm. Maybe I should visit my mom and dad and sleep in their room until they give in and build me one of these too. It might just work. But I doubt it. Not at my age.

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Dad Builds Kid Awesome Star Wars AT-ST High Chair

Man, kids get all of the cool stuff. Check out this amazing AT-ST high chair that Matthew Regonini from Never Not Making built for his kid. I really wish it was acceptable for an adult to sit in a high chair. Unfortunately, I can’t go out and buy one of these for myself so I can look ridiculous at the dinner table. It’s one of a kind, built by Regonini and scaled to his child.

Matthew used a CNC machine and some other tools to slice up a few sheets of plywood into the parts needed. He then layered and attached the pieces using glue and fasteners. He really did a great job, and included a ton of details. Now this kid just needs a wookiee costume and he’s all set. He’s already got the BB-8 costume for that The Last Jedi scene. I bet this thing stays in the family and gets passed down to several generations.

Does this kid even know how lucky he is? I hope so. I’m just really jealous right now. I guess I have to take up woodworking if I want one of my own.

Hopefully Matt’s next project is to make one that actually walks to the kitchen table on it’s own.

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Hasbro Is Crowdfunding a Crazy Star Wars Toy

Hasbro has unveiled HASLAB, which is their take on Kickstarter. The new crowdfunding program is starting with a huge and crazy toy. That would be a 4-foot long, 14 pound, detailed recreation of Jabba’s Sail Barge from Return of the Jedi. No doubt about it, serious toy collectors are going to love HASLAB.

The new program gives Hasbro’s passionate fans the opportunity to be more directly involved in the production of premium toys. The project will initially focus on stuff that is too crazy to be a part of the mainstream toy line. It works like this: Hasbro will announce a potential project, and if enough fans preorder the toy by a certain date, it will get made and released exclusively to backers of the project. This is a great idea and it is the only way certain toys would see the light of day.

The Khetanna Sail Barge replica is designed to be in scale with the 3.75″ “Vintage Collection” of Star Wars action figures, which makes this thing 49.35″ long, and just over 17″ high. It has a fully-detailed interior accessible by removable panels and includes a special figure of Jabba himself. Buyers will also get a production booklet detailing how the vehicle was translated from the movie to a toy.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering Jabba’s Barge, head over to the HASLAB website now and pledge your interest (and your $499.99). If they get 5000 backers 4/3/2018, the ship will go into production, with Barges going out around the end of February 2019.

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The Last Jedi Lightsaber Battle in 16-Bit

Star Wars: The Last Jedi really polarized fans. Whether you loved or hated it, most people would probably agree that there were a few great scenes, like the lightsaber battle in Snoke’s throne room for instance. And like any great Star Wars scene, this one must be translated into 16-bits so we can appreciate it as if it were a classic video game.

This fun clip comes from Mr Sunday Movies, who also brought us The Last Jedi’s final battle in 16-bit animation. I always say that these videos make me want to play Super Nintendo versions of the movie, because those SNES Star Wars games from back in the day were awesome. If you haven’t seen the movie yet for whatever reason, obviously there are spoilers. But really you should have seen this movie by now. It’s a Star Wars movie. And no matter what the naysayers say, at least there’s no Jar-Jar, no Jake Lloyd, and no pod racing.

I guess it won’t be long before we get some 16-Bit videos from the Han Solo movie, which comes out in May. Now someone please deliver a playable version of this game so I can play it.

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We Bet this Color LEGO Millennium Falcon Can Do the Kessel Run in 11 Parsecs

Why is it that spaceships in science fiction have a tendency to be grey or other blah colors? It makes little sense to me, given the fact that we love colorful cars. Heck, I drive an orange car myself. That said, it would have been nice if some of the ships in Star Wars were more vibrant. Take, for example, this brightly colored Millennium Falcon, built from LEGO bricks.

Artist and LEGO fanatic Mike Marrocco of Funk Blast Art created this amazing model, which does away with the drab shades of grey and replaces them with oranges, blues, yellows, greens, purples, and more. He says the build took about 25 hours, and cost him about $500 using parts he bought over on bricklink. I’m thinking if I tried, it would take me at least 100 hours and $1000.

Frankly, it seems much more likely that the Falcon would have looked like this, being cobbled together from bits and pieces of other ships, and other salvaged bits and bobs.

I’d love to see an entire Star Wars film populated with brightly colored ships like this. Can you imagine a full-color Death Star? That would be sweet – especially when it blows up. Amazing build, Mike!

You can check out a few more of Marrocco’s cool and colorful builds in the Instagram gallery below:

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R2-D2 World Power Adapter: No Need to Go to Toshi Station to Pick up Some Power Converters

While BB-8 might be newer and more adorable, R2-D2 will always be our #1 droid. He’s always been a highly versatile member of robot society, offering up just the right tool at just the right moment. Need a holographic projection of a princess in need? Check. How about an interface for hacking into an Imperial destroyer? Got it covered. Need a periscope for negotiating bogs on Dagobah? No prob. Now it turns out R2 has another trick up his robotic sleeves – he’s can help your electronic devices work all around the world.

Inside this R2 unit, you’ll find power adapters for converting between US, UK, AUS, and EU-standard wall outlets, so you can travel without worrying that your gadget will work around the globe. Since most modern gadgets support multiple voltages automatically, you should just be able to plug your power brick into the appropriate adapter inside of R2’s footless chassis. You’ll still want to double-check that your devices are multi-voltage compatible before plugging them into a strange outlet and frying them like that time R2 got fried in the back of Luke’s X-wing fighter during the battle of Yavin.

The R2-D2 global power adapter is available from Brando for $42.