A Personal Pod of Air Purification


OQLAR offers personal air purification you can take with you just about anywhere. It utilizes the latest in advanced tech and materials to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. The air vents features a TPE material coating that acts as a flexible silicone-like structure that sucks in air and closes when not needed. The flexible vents also help to keep the air purifier clean. As for its form, the vertical unit fits comfortably in any car cupholder and only takes up a small footprint on any workspace. Aesthetic details like integrated lighting are also functional as a feedback indicator and signal that the device is working. No larger than a thermos, it’s a convenient solution for breathing clean wherever you might be!

Designer: Subinay Malhotra














Sustainable Milk Flask

Flasso is specifically intended for countries like India, where milk is usually sold in packaged plastic bags. Glass milk bottles are redundant here and the Tetra Pak varieties are too expensive. The Flasso is basically a milk flask designed eliminate the need of transferring the milk from the pouch to a utensil and then heating it. Easy to manufacture, distribute, maintain and use, this bottle flask will keep the milk fresh and hopefully curb tampering as well.

Designer: Subinay Malhotra

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