The all-in-one USB adapter that’s bursting with personality

We love it when products with a functional purpose carry a characterful and quirky aesthetic; it brings an element of playfulness to what would conventionally be a rather boring and uninteresting product. This is exactly the case with Cable Pets, where humor and personality have been placed at the forefront of the design requirements, therefore greatly influencing the design!

Cable Pets function is a rather handy one; it is an all-in-one USB adapter that allows power banks to charge all types of smartphone. The cables make up the friendly-creature’s arms and legs, giving them an out of proportion and dynamic appearance. It’s certainly a wonderfully simple yet functional accessory that is just bursting with characterful design!

Designer: Suki Lee

Pet Power


Meet Teddy, Lucky, and Frank – 3 friendly Energy Pets that will accompany your smartphone for an extra boost of power just when you need it!

The wiener dog, elephant and teddy bear companions have intuitive ports at the bum for quick connecting. As a bonus, each will suction onto your device and serve as a prop for your phone, making it possible to tilt into the perfect position for watching videos, gaming and more!

Designer: Suki Lee