Festo BionicFinWave Is a Creepy Robotic Fish

Biomimicry is the art of making technology and robots that mimic attributes of real-life animals. Festo is all about biomimicry. Take a look at this eel-like robotic fish called BionicFinWave. It swims like a cuttlefish and is mighty creepy to behold. Its fins go from head to tail and the wave-shaped movement of the fins allows the faux-fish to push the water behind it, creating a forward thrust. Creatures with this design can also swim backward in this way. Pretty weird, huh?

BionicFinWave can communicate wirelessly, transmitting sensor data, temperature, pressure, and more to researchers. It operates on the principle of a crankshaft, driven by servo motors, which facilitates the undulating fin movement. The robot is an experiment that allows them to see how this movement could serve as an effective propulsion mechanism.

It is effective alright, and is also eerily life-like. Why did they have to give it those creepy eyes? It already has a camera on the nose. Apparently, they want it to be as life-like as possible, not caring how it creeps out humans like me.

[via Mike Shouts]

NES Controller Pool Float: Press “Start” to Swim

It’s getting a bit too cold here in Chicago to even think about going for a swim, but I’m pretty sure lots of us will be heading to warmer points South this winter for vacation. And if you’re going somewhere with a swimming pool, you’ll want to bring a pool float. It’s dangerous to float alone. Take this.

There are lots of cool pool floats out there, but they often sacrifice utility and comfort for their design, with strange and awkward shapes like bananas or poop emoji. On the other hand, this pool float takes advantage of the rectangular shape of the classic NES controller. Sure, it wasn’t the most ergonomic shape for a gamepad, but it makes a great floating mattress. Plus, it looks cool doing it.

If you’re a Nintendo fan, you must have one of these the next time you hit the pool.  It’s just $24.99 over at Craziest Gadgets. Now if only they made this Super Mario swim suit for adults…

‘Seal’ swim analyzer measures your stroke form and power

Samsung and Speedo aren't the only companies targeting swimmers with new products at IFA 2017. In addition the mobile giant's Gear Fit 2 Pro and Gear Sport earlier this week, Platysens, a startup based out of Hong Kong, is doing something different w...

This Pool Noodle Float Looks Like a Giant Sharpie


BigMouth Inc’s Giant Shnoodle pool float has a name that sounds like a mix of a schnauzer and a poodle, but I think that’s just so they can avoid Sharpie’s lawyers from sending them a nasty letter. You’re not going to be able to lounge on this thing in the same way you might float on an inflatable slice of pizza, but you’ll definitely have fun bonking your little brother on the head with it when he wanders onto your side of the pool.

You can grab one over on Amazon for just $9.99(USD).

Keeping the water out and the sound in

Water in the ear is a literal and figurative headache. However, wearing earplugs in the pool has its pros and cons. You keep the water out, but it also means you hear pretty much nothing because earplugs keep EVERYTHING out.

While I imagine it must be calming to hear absolutely nothing while you swim, most professionals say that being able to hear the whistle, or your opponents while swimming may just help mold your strategy and win you the game. The Swimears were designed to allow sound to pass through, keeping everything else out. The Swimears help keep water, chlorine, etc at bay, preventing ear blockages or infections, but at the same time, also keep you aware, letting listen to your coach’s feedback and even know if your swimming technique isn’t up to the mark (by listening for splashing sounds) eventually going on to help swimmers in races (by being able to listen to how close or far their opponents are, etc).

The Swimears are like traditional earplugs, except for a proprietary mesh that lets sound pass through, but blocks water entry. They fit snugly into your ear with a secure fit only to be reinforced by the stabilization wing that locks into the indents on your ear, making sure the earplugs don’t come undone while dashing in and out of the water. Developed by professional surfboarders, the Swimears are ideal for all water-based sports, from swimming, to scuba diving, to even kayaking or surfing… because when someone yells “Shaaark”, it would help to have your ears open, right?

Designer: Finis Inc.










Aquatic Fitness Made Easy


Leave it to a lifeguard to perfect professional swimmers’ training methods! All that time on the stand paid off for designer Pratik Bendale who created the Hydra resistance trainer after observing a few problems with his college team’s techniques.

Unlike awkward parachutes and bulky weights, Hydra utilizes an innovative pulley system connected to a resistance machine on land. Athletes only have to attach the standard waste harness and set their desired resistance. Designed to be set on the edge of the pull, users will find that it’s easy to access even from the water. While swimming, it frees the user of cumbersome equipment so they can focus on technique while giving their muscles much needed resistance.

Designer: Pratik Bendale











14 Ridiculously Awesome Pool Floats You Want to Get This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and that means it’s hot outside! With those 100 degree days upon us, it’s time to hit the pool! And what’s better than relaxing poolside? Relaxing inside the pool! On a float of course. I love pool floats; they’re comfy, fun, and perfect for sunbathing on.

I’m so excited for all the summer fun that pool floats provide and I’ve made a list of my favorite 14 pool floats that you should try out this summer! If you can’t find one you love here, remember there’s lots more out there to look at! You can find pool floats anywhere and everywhere during the summer!

Watermelon Pool Float

Fruity and fun, this round pool float is a summer treat. Make sure you’re sipping on a watermelon smoothie or munching on a watermelon slice while you sit in the sun in the pool while lounging on your pool float.

Unicorn Pool Float

This float is absolutely fabulous! It’s really hard to pick an absolute favorite on this list, but if I had to pick one, it might just be this unicorn. It’s perfect for kids with an active imagination and those of you adults who just want some fab fun in your summer.

Tiger Pool Float

Another animal float, this time better suited for those with more adventurous sides. It’s cute, wild, and perfect for floating down the lazy river at the water park. Pretend you’re in the jungle, surrounded by real tigers. (Unless you’re scared of real tigers, maybe it’s better to just keep thinking of it as a lazy river.)

Pretzel Pool Float

Yum, another food float! I know I get hungry when spending an afternoon at the pool. Perhaps a good, salty, savory pretzel is in order? Someone go get me pretzel bites, those things are delicious. Ever go to the mall and get a cup of those? Sorry, I’m getting off-topic. This pool float is twisty fun.

Popsicle Pool Float

What’s better than floating in the pool? Floating in the pool while snacking on a popsicle! For the really burning hot days, popsicles are a perfect treat. Jump off your popsicle pool float and get into the water to cool off if you’re still hot. Or dump a box of popsicles on your head. That should do the trick.

Pizza Pool Float

Who doesn’t love a nice slice of pizza? It’s hot, greasy, and melts in your mouth. All that delectable cheese, pepperoni, sausage, sauce, yum yum. I’m not so sure I’d want to eat a slice of pizza in the pool, but maybe this pizza pool float will suffice.

Pineapple Pool Float

Raise your hand if you like pineapples! Sorry, my hand’s not raised. I don’t really understand the appeal of this yellow fruit, and I definitely don’t understand the people who put it on pizza, but I’m a huge fan of this pool float. It’s absolutely adorable!

Pegasus Pool Float

Pegasus vs unicorn, they’re both fictional, mythical creatures. They’re both majestic and I wish they were real, but which one is better? Well, the pegasus can fly, so it’s obviously better, right? Whatever your choice is, you have to admit that this pool float is amazing. It will automatically transport you to a fictional land.

Giraffe Pool Float

I can’t wait to jump in the pool and wrap my arms around this giraffe. It’s so lovable looking, like it just needs a great big hug. Take this lovable giraffe to the watering hole in the Savannah (or your local city pool.)

Flamingo Pool Float

This one is a classic. I see flamingo pool floats everywhere, and for good reason! They’re bright, pink, eye-catching, and they’re sure to be the talk of the pool. Your neighbors will be envious when they see you on this flamingo pool float. While you’re at it, get some flamingo lawn ornaments. Those are still popular, right?

Donut Pool Float

Mmm, there’s so much good food on this list. I mean…good pool floats. Who can resist this donut? It’s too eatable looking to be a pool float right? I’m going to go grab a donut and I’ll be right back. Someone finish inflating this float for me.

Cactus Pool Float

Be careful, you don’t want to get poked. Oh wait, it’s just a cactus pool float! Keep it away from a real cactus though, or you might be in for some trouble. Keep some duct tape on hand, you know, just in case…you don’t want to get into a prickly situation.

Banana Pool Float

Bananas are by far my favorite fruit. They’re so sweet, and as far as food aesthetics go, I think they’re pretty good-looking. Until they get too spotty though, and by the time they’re brown, it’s time for banana bread! Anyway, since I’m on the subject of bananas, take a look at this banana pool float. It’s banana slammin’ goodness.

Avocado Pool Float

Avocados are one of the healthiest foods on the planets, and unlike some other healthy foods, they actually taste great! Put them on sandwiches, burgers, salads, toast, even eat them all alone! They’re that good! And while you’re at it, eat an avocado while lounging in the sun on this avocado pool float! Are you being extra healthy if you lounge on an avocado? Do you absorb the avocado’s powers? Just kidding.

Did you see a pool float that caught your eye? Yes? Well, what are you waiting for? Go out and grab that thing and get in the pool! Get off the couch and stop reading this! It’s time to go outside, summer is calling! I hope you have a wonderful summer and lots of fun at the pool on your brand new awesome pool float.